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Proprietors' Map of North Yarmouth, 1741

Source: A. W. Corliss, ed., Old Times [later The Westcustogo Chronicle]: devoted to the publication of documents relating to the early history of North Yarmouth, Maine, including Harpswell, Freeport, Cumberland, and Yarmouth, all offshoots of the old town: also genealogical records of the principal families in each town, Vol. 4 (Yarmouthville, Me.: A.W. Corliss, 1880).

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On the opposite page is a plan of the ancient town of North Yarmouth, Maine, copied from the Town Records. For this very valuable contribution to the history of our town the readers of "Old Times" are indebted to Mr. William M. Sargent.

Mr. Sargent writes, "The tracing I have very carefully made from the Proprietors' Plan of the sectional part thereof showing 106 "Home Lots." Although the writing on the Plan has been so defaced and torn off that the Surveyor's name does not appear, I am convinced from evidence inherent therein, that it is the original "Resurvey" made by Samuel Jones, in 1741, and I

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point out the error still existing in the original numbering of Nos. 52 and 70, and the correction thereof in these minutes from the Records, as one ground for my conviction. The three numbers (52), (70), (103), in black circles, I have added myself."

Memoranda from the Proprietors' Records, accounting for the changes in location and numbering of various Lots on their Plan, as made by Samuel Jones, Surveyor, in 1741.

Page 162: "Each to have a Ten acre House or Home Lot, Except No. 47 being a Sixty Acre granted in ye first Settlement."

Page 43: "William Scales, deceased, * * * * his representatives to have Lot 59, * * * * * * * * *. And the Committee do Agree & Consent that a Lott Containing ten Acres lying next to the lott Assigned & Confirmed To the Representatives of the dec'd bordering on the Salt water, to be in breadth by the water side twenty rod and of the Same dimensions in the back or Rear thereof, be Assigned to Susannah Scales, widow and relict of the said William Scales, to her, her heirs and assigns, in fee, exclusive of all and any after divisions or rights."

Page 276: "No. 59, 60 & 61, as also a Lot without number, Granted to her that was at the time of Granting Susannah Scales, now Susannah Soul, wife of Lieut. Cornelius Soul, the whole of which four Lots lying in one inclosure, &c."

Page 43: "The Lot number 52 having a Stream Running through the Same, the Committee ordered and declared the aforesaid Stream should not belong to the person that Should draw that lott, but be left for the use and Accommodation of the Community and disposed of as hereafter Shall be thought adviseable."

Page 57: "Whereas Samuel Baker, the Owner of the Lot number 52, through which there is a stream of water Running belonging to the Town, the Situation of the sd Lot is like to prove a hindrance to the Settlement of the Town, & also hurtful to the Interest of ye sd Samuel Baker. Wherefore It is agreed & Voted That the said Lot be anew laid out in some other Place where the said Baker shall make Choice of, on ye Land not already taken up, on Yarmouth Neck, lying between Felt's Falls & and the West side of Royal's River, & be numbered 52, and that upon Return of ye said Lots being new laid out, the said Baker's Right & Title to the Lot laid by sd Stream shall be disallowed of, made null, void & of none Effect, and the new Lot shall be confirmed to him, the said Samuel Baker."

Page 266: Report of the Committee appointed to examine and compare Jones' Plan: "We also Report that we find by Said plan that Lot No. 52, lying on Said plan between Lots 51 & 53, bounded South Easterly on Broad Cove, ought to have been numbered

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70, and that Lot No. 52 lies as prickt of[f] on Said plan without number near the Meeting-house [lot ?] in the present possession of Mr. Ammi Ruhamah Cutter, on the back or Northerly part of
Lot No. 38 & 39."

Page 57: "To the Farm formerly Walter Gendall's, & that ye sd Farm be reckoned & accounted the One Hundred & Third Lot."

Page 57: "Whereas the Sub-Committee of North Yarmouth have represented to us that the Lots number 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 99, 100, 101 and 102, are some of Them laid out remote, and some of them Ill convenient, which will retard & hinder the Settlement of the Town, and that by a Reform or New Surveys being made there will be a Sufficient Quantity of Land on Yarmouth Neck, between Felt's Falls & the West side of Royal's River, for to lay out the said Lots better for the Interest of the Owners of said Lots, and more Compact & beneficial for the Town, and ye Sub-Committee & ye Owners of the said Lots desiring & requesting us that a Situation of the said Home Lots may be removed and anew laid out on Yarmouth Neck aforesaid. Agreed, Voted & Ordered That ye aforesaid Lots, each of them Containing Ten acres, be anew laid out on the said Neck of land, as regular & compact as may be, and numbered with the same numbers as above, & that upon the Return of the new Survey & Laying out of the Lots, the other Survey & laying out of the Lots shall be disallowed of, become null, void, & of none Effect, to all intents
& purposes."

"No. 79, and one half of 78, in one enclosure; No. 72, 102, and one half of 78, in one enclosure." (374)