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Widows of Portland, 1806

Source: The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 1 (Portland, Me.: S. M. Watson, 1884).

[p. 55]
Mrs. Mehitable Preble, the widow of Brig.-General Jedediah Preble, who deceased August 5th, 1805, in her will, signed and sealed Sept. 7, 1804, and admitted to Probate December 11, 1805, bequeathed the sum of three hundred and thirty-three dollars and one-third to the poor widows of Portland, as follows:

"I further give and bequeath to the poor widows of the town of Portland, three hundred and thirty-three dollars and one-third, the sum to be distributed and paid to so many poor widows of Portland, and in such proportion as shall be named and designated by the Rev. Docr Deane, Mr. Kellogg and Mr. Milliard, and my will is that the several sums bequeathed as aforesaid shall be paid within one year after my decease, and with interest after the expiration of that time."

The following paper, the original of which is in a very dilapidated condition, shows to whom this bequest was paid:

We the subscribers have received of Enoch Preble the sums as are against our names, viz.:

Joanna Ingersol X mark 15 dollars

Abigal Cox 10 dollars

Lydia Freeman, King street 15 dollars

Elleanor Clough X mark, Plumb street 12 dollars

Rebeckah Mitchell, Plumb street 7 dollars

Betsey Poland X mark, Free street 10 dollars

Rossena Sweetser, Back street 10 dollars

Sarah Price, Turkey lane 12 dollars

Mary Wyer, Back street 10 dollars

Susanna Thrasher X mark, King street 7 dollars

Mary Lowell, in Mrs. Enoch Ilsley's house 6 1/3 dollars

Mrs. Kezia Pinco, Clay cove 7 dollars

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Cathesin Bowers, Union street 7 dollars

Elisa Kelly, Spring street 10 dollars

Lydia Waistcoat X mark, Robinson street 10 dollars

Mary Cunningham, at Mr. Christy's, Middle street 10 dollars

Deborah Ingersoll 10 dollars

Esther Woodman, Silver street 7 dollars

Sarah Brazier X mark, School street 8 dollars

Hanner Cox, Love lane 7 dollars

Sarah Procter X mark, Maine street 10 dollars

Abigail Dean X mark, Fish street 7 dollars

Elizabeth Whitney X mark, Willow street 12 dollars

Elizabeth Stevens X mark, at Wm. Stevens' 10 dollars

Lydia Gates, near King street 15 dollars

Nancy Treat, near Col. Wait's 8 dollars

Lois Owen, Court street 7 dollars

Anna Waterhouse X mark, at Mrs. Fernald's 7 dollars

Mary Plumer, Clay cove 12 dollars

Elizabeth Day for Maria Pearson, Fore street 10 dollars

Mary Blake X mark, Fiddle lane 7 dollars

Elizabeth Brown X mark, Moose alley, Middle street 8 dollars

Alice Swans X mark, Love lane 10 dollars

Nabby Noyes recd for Mrs. Huston's mother, Main st 10 dollars

Anna Knight X mark, Federal street 10 dollars

The above agreed on and made by the subscribers.
Samuel Deane,
Elijah Kellogg,
Timothy Milliard.
The foregoing list is a copy of the papers now in my possession.

Geo. Henry Preble.
Brookline, Mass., Aug. 4, 1884.