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Petition for the Incorporation of Penobscot, 1785

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 3 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1888).

[p. 77]
To the Honorable the Senate and House of Representatives of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, in general court assembled:— The Petition and Memorial of the subscribers, inhabitants of and living on a track of land in the County of Lincoln, bounds as follows, viz:—Beginning at the southwest point of the peninsular of Majorbigwaduce; then to run up Penobscot river to the northwest line of Joseph Basteens claim; then an eastwardly course until it comes northeast of the Third Narrows on Majorbigwaduce river; then to run a south course across said river to Buck's Harbour so called; then to run on Penobscot bay to the bounds first mentioned, making a track of land about six miles square.

Humbly sheweth that they have taken up said land and improved the same for a number of years. That they have with great labour, difficulty and expense, brought to the said land, in doing which they have undergone many hardships, and that more than forty of us have had quiet possession, ever since the years one thousand seven hundred sixty-one as will appear by our state of the claims given into the committee for examining the eastern claims. Should your petitioners be turned off their land or delivered over to proprietors, they humbly conceive that they should be ruined. Aud that there now resides on said track more than six hundred souls. They further say that they are heartily willing to bare part of the publick charges so far as their abilities will enable them, could they be quieted in their possessions and incorporated into a town.

They therefore humbly pray that the Honourable Court would take their very singular difficulties under their wise consideration and quiet them in their possessions and incorporate them into a town by the name of Penobscot.

Your petitioners as in duty bound will ever pray.

Jeremiah Wardwell
Charles Hutchings
Solomon Littlefield
Isaac Perkins
Sparks Perkins
Daniel Wardwell
Josiah Wardwell
Thomas Bonney
Samuel Hersey
Elijah Winslow
Elisha R. Winslow
Alexander Gut
John Snowman
Thomas Nutter
William Nutter
Reuben Grindell
Perlatiah Tapley,
Daniel Perkens,
Stover Perkins,
John Perkins,
William Wescut,
William Wescut, Jun.,
David Moor,
William Webber,
Moses Blake,
Daniel Blake,
Sanford Goodin,
Estes Rods,
Thatcher Avery,
William Stover,
Andrew Blake,
Nathaniel Stover

[p. 78]
James Taylor,
Matthew Varnom,
Seth Blodget,
Samuel Borden,
Daniel Wardwell,
Jacob Pearkins,
John Conor,
Ichabord Grindol,
John Grindol, Jr.,
Nathaniel Veazey,
Daniel Grindol,
John Bray,
John Bray, Jr.,
Daniel Webster,
Samuel Westcot,
Andrew Westcot,
Paul Bowden,
Paul Bowden, Jun.,
Caleb Bouden,
Eldad Heath,
Abraham Seaver,
Isaac Webber,
Joseph Hibbert,
John Bouden,
John Lee,
Thomas Bouden,
William Bouden,
Abaram Bouden,
Moses Veasey,
William Dolever,
Ebenezer Bouden,
Joseph Curtis,
John Willson,
David Willson,
Joseph Basteen,
Jothern Stovel,
Jeremiah Souder,
Andrew Webster,
Samuel Matthews,
Samuel Matthews Jun.,
Daniel Lee ?
Oliver Parker,
Simeon Parker,
John Moor,
John Moor, Juner,
Daniel Moor,
Benjamin Curtis,
Nath. Perkins,
Pelatiah Freeman,
Joseph Binney,
John Grindle,
Peltiah Leach,
Gershom Varnom,
Jeremiah Wardwell,
Mary Wardwell,
Joseph Wardwell,
Abraham Perkins,
Joseph Perkins,
Benjamin Lunt,
Joseph Webber,
Robt. Innis,
Cunningham Dearborne, ?1
Liflet Lowel,
Peter Bogrige,
Charles Curtis,
Joseph Lowel,
Joseph Lowel, Jun.,
Israel Webber,
Jonathan Carlton,
Jonathan Carlton, Jun.,
John Carlton,
Joseph Young,
James Crawford,
Mary Crawford,
Lydie Avery,
Aaron Banks,
Aaron Banks, Jun.,
Michael Dyer,
George Woodhouse,
John Day,
Mark Hatch,
Samuel Moulton,
Elisha Hopkins,
William Turner,
William Markes,
Ephraim Lawrence,
Benjamin Howard,
Gills Johnson,
Gills Johnson,
Samuel Howard,
Malaco Drew,
Benjamin Curtis, Junr,
Nathaniel Perkins,
Abigil Webber,
John Condon,
Rogers Lawrence,
James Robinson."

Feb, 17, 1785. Leave to bring in a bill but not to effect ye right of soil.
[1Surname was undoubtedly "Lymburner."]