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Petition for the Incorporation of Gray, 1777

Source: The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 8 (Portland, Me.: S. M. Watson, 1895).

[p. 185]

Copied from Mass. Archives by Dr. J. F. Pratt.

To the Honorable Council and Representatives of Massachusetts Bay.

The Petitions of the Settlers of a place called New Boston in the County of Cumberland Humbly Sheweth That whereas your Petitions having undergone great difficulties in erecting a House of Divine Worship and settling a Minister of the Gospel in this place, and are still attended with peculiar embarrassments in their endeavours to finish said House and support said Minister together with many other difficulties arising from want of Town priviledges. These are therefore to pray your Honors to take our distressing Circumstances under your wise Consideration and grant us the privileges of an Incorporated Township and your petitions as in duty bound will ever pray.

Dated at New Boston August 1777.

N. B. The number of families exceed 60.

Daniel Heaney,
Richard Merrill,
Isaac Foster,
Nathl. Young,
Elijah Jordon,
Nathan Morse,
Nathan Knight,
Samuel Nash,
Jabez Matthews,
Jonas Stevens,
Wm. Webster,
John Nash,
Jereh Notts jr.,
Joseph Stevens,
Jossph [sic] Weeks,
Daniel Cummings,
George Douty,
James Davey,
Nathan Merrill,
Samuel Libby,
Thomas White,
Nichols Mains,
______ Hayden,
Jeremh Hobbs,
Jael Stevens,
Abraham Young,
John Jinks,
Mark Merritt,
Richard Hayden,
John Mors,
Wm. Greele,
Samuel Thompson(?),
James Russell,
Richard Merrill,
James Humphrey,
David Orne,
Joseph Cummings,
Reuben Noble.