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Maine Militia, War of 1812: Lieut. Col. Robert Day's Regiment

Source: Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the war of 1812-14 (Boston, Mass.: Wright & Potter printing co., state printers, 1913).

Some forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching. The format of the list has been altered.

[p. 192]
Lieut. Col. Robert Day's Regiment
From June 30 to July 1, and Sept. 6 to Sept. 23, 1814. Service at Wiscasset, Bristol and vicinity.
Field and Staff.
Robert Day, Lieutenant Colonel, Bristol
Charles Clark, Major, Newcastle
Daniel Cate, Major, Nobleborough
Joel How, Jr., Major, Nobleborough
William Jones, Adjutant, Bristol
Ephraim Rollins, Quartermaster, Nobleborough
Daniel Day, Paymaster, Nobleborough
Lot Myrick, Surgeon, Newcastle
Harry Hazeltine, Surgeon's Mate, Nobleborough

Noncommissioned Staff.
Joseph Glidden, Sergeant Major
Ephraim Clark, Quartermaster Sergeant
Daniel Quinnam, Quartermaster Sergeant
Simon Dodge, Fife Major
Samuel H. Pool, Drum Major

[p. 193]
Capt. John Sprowl's Detachment, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From June 20 to June 22, June 30 to July 1, and Sept. 10 to Sept. 15, 1814. Raised at Bristol. Service at Bristol and vicinity.
Rank and Name.
John Sprowl, Captain
Arthur Cox, Lieutenant
James Sprowl, Ensign

John Clark, Sergeant
Jerry Bean, Sergeant
William Cox, Sergeant
Thomas Foster, Sergeant
Henry McGuire, Musician
Thomas Calderwood, Musician

John Avery
John Barton
Samuel Blunt
Joshua Brackett
Jesse Bradley
John Brewer
John Calderwood
Samuel Clark, Jr.
Peter Curtis
Rufus Curtis
William Curtis
Nicholas Davis
William Davis
Alex Fossett
George Fossett
Henry Fossett
James Fossett
Thomas Fossett
Alex Foster
John Foster
Daniel Gamage
Joshua Gamage
Thomas Gamage
William Gamage
Eben Greenlaw
Thomas Alexander Greenlaw
James Hackelton
Joseph Harding
Robert Harvey
Jacob Humphries
William Johnson
Joel Libby
Hugh Little
John Little
William McCobb
William McKown
George Miller
William Miller
James Morton, Jr.
Thomas Morton
William Morton
Charles Nichols
Thomas Nickels
John Otis
Ebenezer Pool
Moses Rogers
George Russell
James Russell
Robert Russell
William Russell
Benjamin Simonton
Amos Sprowl
James Sprowl
John Sprowl
John Sprowl, Jr.
William Sprowl
Benjamin Thompson
Daniel Thompson
David Tibbetts
Ephraim Tibbetts
Samuel B. Tibbetts
Samuel Tibbitts, Jr.
Benjamin Tukey
Edward Young

Capt. James Robinson's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
Four days, June 21, 22, 30, July 1, and from Sept. 6 to Sept. 23, 1814. Raised at Newcastle. Service at Newcastle and vicinity.
Rank and Name.
James Robinson, Captain
Robert Catland, Lieutenant
Ephraim Taylor, Ensign

Eben D. Robinson, Sergeant
Ebenezer Webb, Sergeant
Jesse Jones, Corporal
Thomas Little, Corporal
Richard Wilkinson, Musician
Abner Stetson, Musician

Alexander Barstow
Nathaniel Barstow
Benjamin Clark
Elisha Clark
John Clark
Nathaniel Clark
Thomas Codd
Alexander Dodge
Benjamin Dodge
Francis Dodge
Isaac Dodge
James Dodge
John Dodge, Jr.
Josiah Dodge
Washington Dodge
Andrew Elliott
Ebenezer Farley
William Glidden
David Gorham
Ezekiel Hall
Frederic Hatch
Zacheus Hatch
Solomon Hutchins
Thomas Jackson
Edward Kavanaugh
Alexander Little, Jr.
Henry Little, Jr.
David Moody
William Moony
Paul Morgan
William Otis
Daniel Perkins
Ebenezer Perkins, Jr.
Daniel Siders
Joseph Teague
John Tilton
Stephen Whitehouse
Stephen Young

Capt. R. Hiscock's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
Four days, June 21, 22, 30, July 1, and from Sept. 7 to Sept. 23, 1814. Raised at Bristol. Service at Bristol.
Rank and Name.
Richard Hiscock, Captain
James McNear, Lieutenant
Alexander Cox, Ensign

James Woodward, Sergeant
Patrick Hanby, Sergeant
Isaac Howland, Sergeant
John Harris, Sergeant
William Hunter, Fifer
Isaac Rust, Drummer

James Askins
John Askins
Richard Askins
William Askins
Ebenezer Bearce
John Bearce
Samuel Bearce
William Chamberlain
Israel Chapman
James Curtis
James Davis

[p. 194]
David Farnham
Harvey Hall
Charles Harden
Thomas Hatch
James Hiscock
Daniel Huston
James Huston
John Huston, Jr.
Robert Huston
William Huston
Baker Hutchings
Thomas Hutchings, Jr.
James Jones
John Jones
John Killsy
Washington Knowlton
Thomas Little
David McMichel
James McMichel, Jr.
John McNear
James W. Page
John Page
John Richards
John Sidelinger
Samuel Sidelinger
Cornelius Sprowl
James Sprowl
Thomas Sprowl
William Sprowl
George W. Stratter
Artemas Sykes
Benjamin Thompson
Ephraim Thompson
Paul Tomlinson, Jr.
John Wiley
James Wintworth
John Wintworth
John Wintworth, 2d
Samuel Wintworth
Israel Woodbery
John Woodward

Capt. J. Winslow's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From June 29 to July 1, and Sept. 7 to Sept. 29, 1814. Raised at Nobleborough. Service at Bristol and vicinity. In skirmish at Bristol June 29, 1814.
Rank and Name.
John Winslow, Captain
Nathaniel Bryant, Ensign

Nathaniel Winslow, Sergeant
Daniel Moody, Sergeant
Nathaniel Webber, Sergeant
James Waters, Sergeant
Asa Densmorr, Sergeant
Snow Winslow, Fifer
Timothy Hall, Drummer

James Benner
Joshua Benner
Samuel Borland
Nathan Chapman
William Chapman
David Clark
West Clark
Joseph Dunbar
Jacob Engby
Samuel Genthmer
Nathan Goodenow
Daniel Hall
Daniel Hall, Jr.
Elijah Hall
Isaac Hall
James Hall, Jr.
Mark Hall
Stephen Hall
Davin Hatch
Elijah Hatch
Samuel Hodgdon
Frank Hodgkins
James Hodgkins
Benjamin Hussey
John Hussey
Nathaniel Hussey
Samuel Hussey
Samuel Jameson
Ephraim Keen
James Keen
Samuel Keen
John Knowlton
Enoch Merrill
John Merrill
Samuel Merrill
Thomas Merrill, Jr.
Ezekiel Moody
John Moody, Jr.
Richard Moody, Jr.
Tolford Morgan
Church Nash
Samuel Nash
Daniel Ross
John Ross
Samuel Ross
William Ross
George Varner
Henry Varner
John Varner
David Whitehouse
Benjamin Wols

Capt. J. Glidden's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From Sept. 7 to Sept. 23, 1814. Raised at Newcastle. Service at Newcastle.
Rank and Name.
John Glidden, Jr., Captain
James Barstow, Lieutenant
John Hussey, Ensign

Daniel Flint, Sergeant
Joseph Glidden, Sergeant
James Turnbull, Sergeant
Moses Tibbits, Sergeant
Daniel Purkins, Corporal
Jeremiah Russell, Corporal
Nathaniel Meservey, Musician
Josiah Winslow, Musician

John H. Brown
Daniel Chapman
Stephen Chapman
Jesse Dunbar
John Dunbar
Daniel Fly
Charles Folinsby
John Genthmer
Nathaniel Glidden, Jr.
Zenas Groton
Joseph Grunlow
James Hall
Timothy Hall
Oakes Hatch
Perez Hiscock
Job Hussy, Jr.
Joseph Knowlton
Abner McFadden
William Milcher, Jr.
Josiah Myrick
Jonathan Oliver, Jr.
Jacob Sidelinger
Elisha H. Stetson
Robert Turnbull
William Turnbull
Charles Varner
Samuel Walts
Daniel Weeks
Joseph Winslow

[p. 195]
Capt. J. Yeates' Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment
From Sept. 7 to Sept. 24, 1814. Raised at Bristol. Service at Bristol.
Rank and Name.
James Yeates, Captain
Joseph Richards, Lieutenant
James Yeates, 2d, Ensign

Samuel Bryant, Sergeant
Charles Wilmanhouser, Sergeant
Barker Ozier, Sergeant
James Elliott, Sergeant
Wait Keen, Corporal
Jonas Woodbury, Corporal
William Elliott, Corporal
Thomas Brackett, Corporal
James Blen, Musician
Alexander Palmer, Musician

Enoch Barton
Peter Brown
George Bryant
John Bryant
Reuben Bryant
Thomas Burns
Davis Collamer
Nathaniel Collamer
Thomas Dockindorf
Simmons Eggan
Simon Elliott
Edward Farrow
William Farrow
John Fountain
Samuel Fuller
John Genthners
William Hastings
Benjamin Hinds
Frederick Horn
Ebenezer Humphrey
Jesse Humphrey
George Hyer
James Johnson
James Johnston
William Johnston
Howlen Keen
Mark Keen
Timothy Kimball
John Lanter
Charles Little
William Martin, Jr.
Thomas Morton or Norton
Oliver Nash
David N. O'Res
Thomas Ozier
Nehemiah Poland
Benjamin Richards
James Richards
Paul Richards
Timothy Richards
Joseph Smith
John Stephens
Thomas Stephens
Nathaniel Studly
John Stutson
Samuel Trowent
Benjamin Webber
Gilbert Wellman
Samuel Wellman
Eliphas Weston
Joshua Weston
William Wibly or Wilby
Frederick Willmanhouser
James Wilton
Joseph Wilton
George Yeates
George W. Yeates
John Yeates
Thomas Yeates
Zinas Yeates

Capt. Benjamin Flint's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From Sept. 10 to Sept. 23, 1814. Raised at Nobleborough. Service at Nobleborough.
Rank and Name.
Benjamin Flint, Captain
Robert Chapman, Lieutenant
William Hiscock, Jr., Ensign

Lucas Barnard, Sergeant
Anthony Chapman, Sergeant
Nathaniel Clapp, Sergeant
Joseph Flint, Sergeant
Ephraim Palmer, Corporal
Michael Chapman, Corporal
Jesse Chapman, Corporal
Frank Rollins, Corporal
Ephraim Chapman, Musician
William Rollins, Musician

Benjamin Barstow
Abraham Chapman
Israel Chapman
Jacob Chapman
John Chapman
Joseph Chapman, Jr.
Nathaniel Chapman
Nathaniel Chapman, Jr.
Orris Chapman
Robert Chapman, Jr.
Thomas Chapman, Jr.
David Dennis, Jr.
Jesse Flint, Jr.
Arad Haseltine
Crowell Hatch
Benjamin Hiscock
John Hiscock
William Hiscock
Joseph Hussey
David Knowlton
William Linscot
Joseph Merrill
Samuel Oliver
John Palmer
Joseph Perkins
Joshua Place
John Plummer
Thomas Prichard
Abiel Reed
John Rollins, Jr.
Robert Rollins
Charles Sidelinger
Francis Tufts

Capt. A. Richardson's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From Sept. 10 to Sept. 23, 1814. Raised at Jefferson. Service at Wiscasset.
Rank and Name.
Abiathar Richardson, Captain
Elias Hasket, Ensign

John Waters, Sergeant
Henry Bond, Jr., Sergeant
Abiel Noyes, Sergeant
Henry Folsom, Sergeant
Ephraim Packard, Corporal
Ezra Richardson, Corporal
John Eames, Corporal
William Bond, Corporal
Joseph Weeks, Musician
Alexander Jackson, Musician

Alexander Clark
John Clark
John Clark, Jr.
Alpheus Day
Eben Day
Elijah Day
William Day

[p. 196]
John Dow
James Folsom
Abiel Hall
Alexander Hall
Ebenezer Hall
Joseph Hall
Robert Hall
Charles Hatch
James Hilton
Nathaniel Jackson
Samuel Jackson
Alexander Jones
Alexander Jones, Jr.
Gardner Jones
Hawkes Jones
James Jones
Michael Jones
Alexander Kennedy
John Kennedy
Nicholas Kennedy
William Kennedy
Elijah Linscot
Ephraim Linscot
Jeremiah Linscot
Thomas Linscot
William Linscot
Andrew McCobb
Philip Morey
John Noyes
Joseph Partridge
James Ripley
Archibald Robinson
Charles Robinson
James Robinson, Jr.
Robert Robinson
William Robinson
Jesse Rowell
Cullever Sheppard
Francis Sheppard
James Sheppard, Jr.
Samuel Sheppard
William Sheppard, Jr.
Benjamin Weeks
Daniel Weeks, Jr.
Ephraim Weeks
John Weeks
Joseph Weeks
Joseph Weeks, Jr.
Josiah G. Weeks
Thomas Weeks, Jr.
James Whitehouse
John Whitehouse
William Whitehouse
Josiah Witham
Johnson Young

Capt. David Boyton's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From Sept. 11 to Sept. 23, 1814. Raised at Jefferson, Service at Wiscasset and vicinity.
Rank and Name.
David Boyton, Captain
Nathan Boyton, Lieutenant
Isaac Noyes, Lieutenant

John Murphy, Sergeant
Charles Gray, Sergeant
Nathan Fourd, Sergeant
Jonathan Berry, Corporal
Enoch Plummer, Corporal
David Trask, Corporal
Enoch Wicks, Musician
Joseph Henry, Musician
Rufus Boynton, Musician

John Boynton
John Clary
Robert Clary, Jr.
Peter Clifford
Daniel Cunningham
William Cunningham
Joseph Decker
Gideon Ford
William Ford
Israel Hayward
Robert Henry
Bradford Hopkins
Marcus How
Benjamin King
Daniel Knight
Benjamin Noyes
Daniel Noyes
Jonathan Peaslee, Jr.
Isaac Reeves
Samuel Tole
Enos Trask
Jonathan Trask
Thomas Trask

Capt. J. Winslow's Company, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From Sept. 30 to Nov. 15, 1814. Raised at Nobleborough. Service at Bristol.
Rank and Name.
John Winslow, Captain
Robert Catland, Lieutenant
James Yates, Ensign

Thomas Little, Sergeant
Nathaniel Winslow, Sergeant
Daniel Moody, Sergeant
David Varnum, Sergeant
Alexander Jackson, Musician
Joseph Weeks, Musician

Alexander Barstow
Reuben Briant
William Chamberlain
Benjamin Chapman
Nathan Chapman
Amasa Clark
Nathaniel Collomore
James Curtis
William Davidson
James Davis
Francis Dodge
Josiah Dodge
Patrick Doyle
Joseph Dunbar
Asa Dunsmore
Jacob Engley
John Erskins, 3d
William Erskins
Charles Follansbee
John Gates
Samuel Gentner
Daniel Hall, Jr.
Ephraim Hall
Isaac Hall
James Hall, Jr.
Jesse Hall
Marks Hall
Stephens Hall
Zenas Hall
Charles Harding
Elijah Hatch
Frederic Hatch
Francis Hodgkins
Ebenezer Humphrey
Benjamin Hussey
Lemuel Hussey
Henry Hutchings
Thomas Hutchings
William Hutchings
William Jamerson
Benjamin Jones, Jr.
John Jones, 2d
Shadrack Jones
John Knowlton
William Little
John Merrill
David Moody

[p. 197]
Thomas Osyer
Elnathan Parmer
Daniel Perkins
Isaac Richards
John Ross
Samuel Ross
Saul Ross
Daniel Siders
Thomas Sprowl
William Sprowl
John Stephens
George W. Stratton
Ephraim Thompson
George Varner
Benjamin Wall
Frederick Willmanhouser
John Wintworth

Ensign James Yates' Detachment, Lieut. Col. R. Day's Regiment.
From June 29 to June 30, 1814. Raised at Bristol. Service at Bristol.
Rank and Name.
James Yates, Ensign

James Elliott, Sergeant

Enoch Barton
James Blen
Thomas Brackett
Thomas Burnes
William Burnes, Jr.
Davis Collomore
Simon Elliott, Jr.
William Elliott
Samuel Fuller
Benjamin Hinds
Joseph Osgood
Daniel Richards
John Stetson
Benjamin Webber
Daniel Weston
Eliphas Weston
George Yates
Thomas Yates