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Heads of Family on Penobscot River, 1776

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 4 (Bangor, Me.: Benjamin A. Burr, Printer, 1888-89).

The lists have been reformatted.

[p. 126]

Below is given the names of heads of families on both sides of Penobscot River above Bald Hill Cove, with the amount of Province Tax on each as assessed June 1, 1776. This tax list shows the actual settlers here at that time. They have been located as near as could be in the towns as they now exist.

James Ginn, £1 14s. 8d.
Jona Pendleton, £0 9s. 3d.
Eliphalet Nickerson, £1 1s. 7d.
Ephraim Downs, £0 18s. 6d.
Robert McCurdy, £0 12s. 4d.
Charles Blagden, £0 15s. 5d.
James Shirley, £0 3s. 1d.
Simeon Smith, £0 3s. 1d.
Phineas Rice, £0 3s. 1d.
Peter Sangster, £0 6s. 2d.
Jonathan Peirce, £0 3s. 1d.
Joseph Arey, £0 6s 2d.
James McCurdy, £0 3s. 1d.
John Salley, £1 1s. 7d.
Abraham Preble, £0 3s. 1d.
Simeon Gorton, £0 9s. 3d.

Jacob Bussell, £1 4s. 8d.
Simon Crosby, £2 0s. 1d.
Stephen Bussell, £0 15s. 5d.
Widow Elis Smart, £1 4s. 8d.
Robert Mann, £1 14s. 8d.
Andrew Webster, £1 4s. 8d.
Robert Treat, £0 9s. 3d.
Timothy Blake, £0 15s. 5d.
Nathaniel Mayhew, £1 10s. 10d.
Gustavus Swan, £0 18s. 6d.
Jedediah Preble, Esq., £1 7s. 9d.
John Thoms, £1 4s. 8d.
Jacob Dennett, £0 18s. 6d.
Silas Hathorn, £1 10s. 10d.
Widow Rose, £1 6s. 6d.
Robert Campbell, £1 13s. 11d.
Thomas Howard, £1 1s. 7d.
John Smart, £1 7s. 9d.
Samuel Low, £0 6s. 2d.
Caleb Goodwin, £1 1s. 7d.
James Dunning, £1 1s. 7d.
Archibald McPhetres, £1 7s. 9d.
Joseph Page, £1 1s. 7d.

John Brewer, £1 1s. 7d.
James Budge, £0 3s. 1d.
Emerson Orcutt, £0 18s. 6d.
Geo. Gardner, £0 3s. 1d.
Solomon Hathorn, £1 4s. 8d.
John Holyoke, £0 15s. 5d.
Kenneth McKenzie, £0 15s. 5d.
Josiah Brewer, £0 9s. 3d.
Simeon Johnson, £0 9s. 3d.
Henry Kenney, £0 9s. 3d.
Samuel Kenney, £1 7s. 9d.
John Mansell, £0 16s. 6d.
John Mansell, Jr., £0 15s. 5d.
Joseph Mansell, £0 19s. 3d.

[p. 127]
Benjamin Wheeler, £1 7s. 9d.
Elihu Hewes, £1 10s. 10d.
John Emery, £1 1s. 7d.
Abner Crosby, £0 6s. 2d.
Samuel Kilman, £0 9s. 3d.
Joseph Walker, £0 12s. 4d.
Andrew Grant, £1 7s. 9d.
James Philbrook, £0 18s. 6d.
Andrew Patterson, £1 10s. 10d.
Benjamin Higgins, £0 9s. 3d.

Stephen Rowell, £1 1s. 7d.
Michael McMahon, £0 18s. 6d.
Patrick Mahoney, £0 12s. 4d.
James Nichols, £0 16s. 2d.

Joshua Ayers, £1 7s. 9d.
Jeremiah Colburn, £1 1s. 7d.
Joseph Page (?), £1 1s. 7d.

James Neal, £0 9s. 3d.
Samuel Wilson, £0 3s. 1d.
Phineas Jones, £0 3s. 1d.
John Carraway (?), £0 6s. 2d.
Reuben Goodwin, £1 1s. 7d.
Ehenezer Haynes, £0 15s. 5d.
Samuel Kidder, £0 3s. 1d.
Samuel Elvin, £0 3s. 1d.
Samuel Runnels, £0 9s. 3d.
Ebenezer Higgins, £0 15s. 5d.