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Hallowell Marriages, 1763-1797

Source: Charles Elventon Nash, The history of Augusta; first settlements and early days as a town, including the diary of Mrs. Martha Moore Ballard, 1785 to 1812 (Augusta, Me., Charles E. Nash & Son, 1904).

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YEARS 1763 TO 1796.

Solemnized by Wm. Brooks, Esq :

Jason Pierce and Prudence Price, both of Hallowell, September 15, 1793.

Samuel Fall and Abigail Mills, not of any incorporated town, but within the County of Lincoln, March 5, 1794.

Samuel Cony and Anna Fletcher, both of this town, June 19, 1794.

Asa Blanchard of Pittston and Lydia White of this town, December 4, 1794.

Robert Abbot and Sally Gilman, both of this town, January 25, 1795.

Jabez Clough of Readfield and Rhoda Palmer of this town, Feb. 25, 1795.

Charles Gill and Betsey Barton, both of this town, March 1, 1795.

Barnabas Lambert to Dolly Ballard, May 14, 1795.

Peter Kitteridge to Sarah Church of Hallowell, May 20, 1795.

Cornelius Howard to Dorcas Freeman, August 14, 1795.

Liba Hall to Eunice Fletcher of Hallowell, October 6, 1795.

Caleb Tinkham to Mehitable Houstin, October 18, 1795.

Solemnized by Daniel Cony, Esq :

Jacob Bradbury to Rebecca Quin, both of Hallowell, May 20, 1792.

Moses Pollard to Hannah Ballard, both of Hallowell, October 28, 1792.

Switliff Lawson and Milla Ingraham, both of Hallowell, May 12, 1793.

Amos Partridge and Hannah Rockwood, both of Hallowell, May 28, 1793.

Laban Prince and Beulah Ephraims, of color, both of Hallowell, June 23, 1793.

James Gow and Lucy Gilman, both of Hallowell, August 27, 1793.

Hartson Cony and Patty Norton, both of Farmington, September 26, 1793.

Rowland Smith and Nancy Clark, both of Hallowell, November 24, 1793. (Rowland Smith was a soldier of the revolution; he was b. 1761, in Middleborough, Mass.)

John Phinney and Elizabeth Edson, both of Hallowell, November 28, 1793.

Thomas Metcalf and Sally Smith, both of Hallowell, March 20, 1794.

William Sprague and Polly Keaton, both of Hallowell, November 12, 1794.

Eliab Lyon of Winthrop and Rachel Fought of Hallowell, October 17, 1790.

Edmund Fortes and Lydia Ulmer (negroes), both of Hallowell, July 30, 1791.

Seth Jewet Foster and Hannah Thompson, both of Hallowell, Aug. 25, 1791.

Jeremiah Powell and Margaret Fox, both of Hallowell, Nov. 24, 1791.

James Kenny and Nancy Gilman, both of Hallowell, April 8, 1792.

Doctor Samuel Colman of Hallowell and Miss Susanna Atkins of Newburyport, joined in marriage by the Rev. Edward Bass of Newburyport, October 14, 1787.

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Solemnized by Henry Dearborn, Esq :

John Molloy to Martha Clark, January 24, 1793.

Solemnized by Nathaniel Dummer, Esq :

John Odlin Page to Sally Kilton, June 8, 1794.

Stephen Hinkley to Lucy Nye, October 5, 1794.

James Toward to Sally Carr, October 3, 1794.

Francis Stilfin to Betsey Fuller, December 9, 1794.

David Philbrook to Hannah Crosby, August 12, 1795.

Isaac Livermore to Eliza Whitwell Kenny, November 12, 1795.

John Stratton to Therasea Gilman, March 15, 1796.

Solemnized by Sam'l Dutton, Esq :

Shubael Pitts and Parthenia Barton, November 18, 1792.

Wm. Matthews and Betsey Groves, both of Hallowell, May 14, 1795.

William Moore to Susanna Clark, May 31, 1795.

James Colbath to Abigail Smith, July 2, 1795.

Joseph Young to Katharine Fitch, August 2, 1795.

Solemnized by Brown Emerson, Esq :

Capt. Benjamin Stickney and Nabby Jackson, July 24, 1788.

James Black and Abigail Pollard, January 20, 1789.

Solemnized by Rev. Isaac Foster:

Nathaniel Shaw and Mary Davenport, November 2, 1786.

Jonathan Gouding and Martha Savage, December 1, 1786.

Ebenezer Hewins and Zilpha Comings, April 19, 1787.

Joel White and Melatiah Cumings, April 19, 1787.

Benjamin Wade and Rachel Pettingill, June 10, 1787.

John Shaw and Rachel Kennaday, October 24, 1787.

Jotham Smith and Mary Kennady, November 19, 1787.

Daniel Branch and Rachel Blake, November 11, 1787.

Thomas Kenny and Hannah White, November 29, 1787.

Philip Norcross and Nancy Hussey, January 31, 1788.

Solemnized by Eliphalet Gillet:

Ansel Nye to Dolly Bachelder, September 10, 1795.

Nicolas Wilson to Hitty Slocum (negroes) September 20, 1795.

Samuel Damren to Sarah Williams, November 12, 1795.

Cornelius Thompson to Phebe Hinkley, February 2, 1796.

Daniel Hartford to Mary Livermore, March 13, 1796.

William Palmer to Anna Bullin, March 17, 1796.

James Burns to Sarah White, April 4, 1796.

Joseph Graves to Rebecca White, June 80, 1796.

John Pickford to Alice Livermore, July 10, 1796.

Shubael Pitts to Sally Cocks, July 28, 1796.

John Cyphers to Hannah Powers, August 14, 1796,

James Partridge to Polly Winslow, October 4, 1796.

Moses Bedell to Betsey Dinsmore, October 16, 1796.

Benjamin Page to Abigail Cutler, November 20, 1796.

Joseph Dummer to Betsey Winslow, November 27, 1796.

Andrew Goodwin to Patty Easty, December 11, 1796.

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John Getchel to Mary Williams, December 22, 1796.

Samuel Hinkley to Sarah Bedell, February 2, 1797.

Scip Moody to Lydia Fortes, negroes, February 16, 1797.

Jonathan Church to Charity Daniels, April 2, 1797.

Solemnized by James Howard, Esq., Justice of the Peace in Hallowell, Province of Maine:

Capt. James Patterson and Margaret Howard, m. February 8, 1763.

John Saley and Jane Savage, m. March 23, 1763.

David Hancock and Susanna Fish, m. December 18, 1763.

John Estis and Eleanor Thorn, m. July 7, 1764.

James Bacon and Abigail March, m. September 23, 1764.

Levi Powers and Mary Chase, m. October 2, 1764.

Benjamin Fitch and Nancy McCausland, m. December 8, 1764.

John Gazlin and Eunice Brown, m. July 5, 1765.

Paul Kenny and Elizabeth Tibbets, m. July 8, 1765.

James Saley and the widow Day, m. August 1, 1765.

Zacheus Flitner and Lucy Colburn, m. November 5, 1765.

William Blake and Abigail Girdy, m. December 26, 1765.

Capt. Samuel Howard and Sarah Lithgow, m. March 4, 1766.

David Stanly and Ruth Ranken, m. March 14, 1766.

Nathaniel Bragg and Hannah Moore, m. April 10, 1766.

Daniel Savage and Anne Jonston, m. August 7, 1766.

Thomas Clark and Lois Spencer, m. November 18, 1766.

Oliver Colburn and Margaret Burns, m. January 13, 1767.

James Collar and Elizabeth Stain, m. October 20, 1767.

Paul Higins and Margaret McCausland, m. September 27, 1767.

John Law and May Smith, m. November 27, 1767.

James Barns and Abigail Spencer, m. May 26, 1768.

Nehemiah Getchel and Anne Bragg, m. June 23, 1768.

Levi Moore and Rebecca Finney, m. June 4, 1769.

Hohn [sic] Gilley and Dorcas Brown, m. August 3, 1769.

Philip Fought and Hannah Sharp, m. September 15, 1769.

William Gibson Perry and Abigail Philbrook, m. November 22, 1769.

Patta Warren and Abigail Tibbets, m. December 25, 1769.

Nathaniel Stanley and Abigail Hall, m. March 18, 1770.

Simeon Clark and Sally Cobb, m. September 20, 1770.

Ebeneza Church and Sarah Winslow, m. October 24, 1770.

Francis Dudley and Anne Thorn, m. November 6, 1770.

Samuel Tolman and Martha Badcock, m. May 10, 1771.

Reuben Fairfield and Abigail Tozer, m. May 29, 1771.

Timothy Foster and Abigail Allen, m. August 29, 1771.

Mr. McCarty and Widow Day, m. September 18, 1771.

Samuel Getchel and Ruth Reed, m. October 10, 1771.

David Wall and Hannah Turner, m. November 21, 1771.

George Fitzgerald and Eleanor Chace, m. November 20, 1721.

Collins Moore and Sarah Tozer, m. January 9, 1772.

Seth Greely and Mary Wright, m. May 11, 1772.

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Philip Snow and Abigail Townsend, m. June 13, 1772.

Moses Hastings and Hannah March, m. November 26, 1772.

Charles Stewart and Abigail Fairfield, m. November 12, 1772.

Jabez Lewis and Elizabeth Getchel, m. December 8, 1772.

Nathaniel Spencer and Bridget Simpson, m. December 8, 1772.

James Whitson and Mary Bennett, m. December 9, 1772.

John Gray and Sarah Blanchard, m. January 26, 1773.

David Clark and Sarah Taylor, m. February 15, 1773.

Benjamin Dyer and Jemine Blake, May 3, 1773.

Samuel Badcock and Mary Tolman, m. October 13, 1773.

Joseph Savage and Alice Carson, m. November 23, 1773.

Ephraim Wilson and Eunice Spencer, m. February 26, 1772.

Nathaniel Ewing and Hannah Hastings, m. March 9, 1773.

Joseph Stevens and Abigail Blanchard, m. March 10, 1778.

Benjamin Colburn and Hannah McCausland, m. January 27, 1774.

Jesse Mitchel and Eunice Grover, m. February 21, 1774.

Samuel Stevens and Lois Allen, m. March 16, 1774.

Alexander Robinson and Bethiah Brown, m. April 7, 1774.

Samuel Quin and Hannah Brown, m. May 12, 1774.

Jabez Clough and Mary Savage, m. July 14, 1774.

James Lane and Eunice Chase, m. August 3, 1774.

William Sprague and Martha Shaw, m. September 16, 1774.

Gamaliel Gerould and Lydia Connery, m. July 14, 1774.

Seth Greeley and Jean McCausland, m. December 15, 1774.

Samuel Badcock and Tabitha Savage, m. December 16, 1774.

Emerson Smith and Abigail Ayers, m. December 15, 1774.

Micajah Dudley and Susanna Foster, m. December 20, 1774.

Daniel Townsend and Sarah Butterfield, m. December 29, 1774.

John Bragg and Mary Brawn, m. March 23, 1725.

Reuben Brawn and Rebecca Oak, m. March 23, 1775.

Andrew McCausland and Kezia Berry, m. May 25, 1775.

Frederick Fought and Thankful Durant, m. October 31, 1775.

William Whittier of Winthrop and Elizabeth Hankerson of this town, m. January 21, 1775.

Francis Wyman and Zeuriah Fairfield, m. September 16, 1776.

Edmund Allen and Abigail Ellis, m. July 14, 1777.

George Pealer and Abigail Stuart, m. May 9, 1777.

Joseph Farley and Elizabeth Fling, m. November 20, 1777.

Joseph Greely and Thankful Sartel, m. December 11, 1777.

Daniel Bolton and Reliance Hovey, m. November 19, 1778.

Samuel Young and Kezia Chandler, m. September 28, 1778.

David Ware and Sarah Richardson, m. March 16, 1779.

Eliab Shaw and Sarah Savage, m. April 13, 1779.

Morris Wheeler and Mary Foster, m. November 25, 1779.

Daniel Bolton and Reliance Hovey, m. November 19, 1779.

James Gordon and Rebecca Butterfield, m. July 1, 1779.

Thomas Sewall and Priscilla Cony, m. November 25, 1779.

James Cowan and Susanna Hancock, m. February 10, 1780.

[p. 582]
James Moore and Phebe Clark, m. March 2, 1780.

George Bolton and Jane Savage, m. May 19, 1780.

John Badcock and Mary Savage, m. November 21, 1780.

Seth Williams and Zilpha Ingraham, m. January 1, 1781.

Gershom Holmes and Luney Fuller, m. January 23, 1781.

Thomas Hinkley and Mary Taylor, m. March 10, 1781.

David Berry and Mary Bradstreet, m. May 1, 1781.

William Hankerson and Martha Thomas, m. May 9, 1781.

Eleazer Tarbox and Phebe Stackpole, m. March 21, 1781.

James McCausland and Mary Berry, m. March 23, 1781.

Robert Townsend and Ruth Sartel, m. November 1, 1781.

Brian Fletcher and Amey Pettingill, m. September 10, 1781.

William Cowan and Jennet Robinson, m. July, 1782.

John Marchant and Susanna Cowl, m. September 4, 1782.

Samuel Church and Rubey Pettingill, m. December 4, 1782.

Solemnized by Obed Hussey, Esq.:

Oliver Allen and Levina Hopkins, m. August 12, 1773.

Solemnized by Rev. Seth Noble:

Benjamin Cross and Sarah Lamson, m. August 14, 1785.

Joseph Williams and Katharine Coole, m. September 1, 1785.

Solemnized by Joseph North, Esq., Justice of the Peace for Lincoln County :

Gershom Flagg Lane of Hallowell and Lydia Thomas of Gardinerstown, m. February 7, 1776.

John Hankerson of Hallowell and Eleanor Craig of Winthrop, m. March 6, 1776.

Moses White and Mary Foster, both of Hallowell, m. June 3, 1777.

Samuel Hill Cole and Betsey Trask, both of Hallowell, m. Sept. 22, 1781.

Elias Taylor and Betsey Knowlton, both of Hallowell. m. June 19, 1782.

Moses Cass and Mary Page, both of Hallowell, m. May 5, 1784.

Savage Bolton and Mary Shaw, both of Hallowell, m. July, 1784.

Jacob Chandler of Winthrop and Rhoda Pollard of Hallowell, m. July 22, 1784.

Stutley Springer and Mary Badcock, m. July 28, 1784.

Woodward Allen and Abigail Blake, both of Hallowell, m. Nov. 24, 1784.

John Sinclair and Abigail Clark, m. May 12, 1785.

Ezra Hodge and Mehitable Pollard, m. May, 1785.

Abiel Pitts and Abiah Wade, m. May 31, 1792.

Benjamin Baster and Dorcas Pollard, m. June 24, 1792.

James Hinkley and Mary Meggs, m. July 20, 1792.

Henry Dearborn and Milla McKnight, m. November 29, 1792.

John Chamberlain and Mary Brown, m. December 10, 1792.

James Cross and Eleanor Dearborn, m. December 18, 1792.

Stephen Philbrick and Betsey Nowlon, m. May 26, 1793.

Anthony Brackett and Deborah Shaw, m. September 16, 1793.

James Hinkley, Jr., and Joanna Norcross, m. November 7, 1793.

Elias Craig and Olive Hamlen, m. November 28, 1793.

Peter Clark and Mary Moor, m. January 5, 1794.

Joseph White and Sally Mumford Gardiner, m. January 30, 1794.

[p. 583]
Charles Cocks and Martha Goodwin, m. February 19, 1794.

Ephraim Barges and Joanna Jewell, m. March 20, 1794.

Solemnized between April, 1794 and April, 1795:

James Goud and Nancy Cane, both of Readfield.

Jesse Kimball and Hannah Cocks, both of Hallowell.

Gershom Cocks and Sarah Hussey, both of Hallowell.

James Page and Hannah Woodward, both of Hallowell.

William Stone and Lucy Savage, m. December 1, 1785.

John Jackson and Dorcas Savage, m. July 21, 1786.

Abner Shepard and Mary Hains, m. September 18, 1786.

Elias Craig and Hannah McKechny, m. December 21, 1788.

John Goff, Jr., and Hannah Mellish, m. December 25, 1788.

Capt. Ebenezer Perkins and Eunice Hallowell, m. November 1, 1789.

Thaddeus Snell and Mary Wing, m. November 24, 1789.

James Keating and Sally Chamberlain, both of Hallowell, m. July 29, 1790.

Abiezer Benjamin and Polly Savage, both of Hallowell, m. August 8, 1790.

Asa Mason and Hannah Cowen, both of Hallowell, m. November 25, 1790.

Nathaniel Norcross and Eunice Wiggins, both of Hallowell, m. July 18, 1791.

William Swanton and Lavinia Savage, both of Hallowell, m. Jan. 19, 1792.

Phineas Paine and Mary Cowen, both of Hallowell, m. April 9, 1792.

Solemnized by Rev. William Stinson :

Ephraim Lord of Hallowell and Sally Dennis of Litchfield, m. Oct. 16, 1796.

Solemnized by Rev. Daniel Stone :

Timothy Page and Martha McNier, both of Hallowell, m. Nov. 19, 1795.

Charles Nesbit and Mary Nowland, both of Hallowell, m. Dec. 25, 1795.

John Brooks of Concord and Sukey Coney of Hallowell, m. Jan. 31, 1796.

Wm. Bell and Mary McMasters, both of Hallowell, m. March 17, 1796.

James Sanders and Lydia Foster, both of Hallowell, m. March 25, 1796.

David Wall and Cynthia Ingraham, both of Hallowell, m. April 14, 1796.

Daniel Gordon of Readfield and Relief Savage of Hallowell, m. April 28, 1796.

Liba Pettingill and Sally Rumble, both of Hallowell, m. April 28, 1796.

Solemnized by Chas. Turner, Esq :

William Ward of Norridgewock and Patty Bullin of Hallowell, m. March 13, 1794.

(Name of solemnizer not recorded.)

Jacob Barber of Lewistown and Judith Tibbets of Bowdoin, m. December 30, 1788.

Thomas Moore and Sarah Harris, both of Hallowell, m. April 2, 1789.

Samuel Bullin, Jr., and Sarah Fletcher, both of Hallowell, m. March 31, 1790.

Enoch Craig and Deborah Sterling, both of Sandy river, m. Feb. 15, 1789.

Thomas Fillebrown and Betsey Cheever, both of Hallowell, m. Jan. 31, 1791.

Solemnized by Rev. Thurston Whiting :

James Howard, Esq., and Susanna Cony, m. January, 1781.