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Fairfield Taxpayers, 1793

Source: Harry Edward Mitchell, et al., comp., The Fairfield register, 1904 (Kent's Hill, Me., The H. E. Mitchell publishing company, 1904).

[p. 8]
List of Taxpayers, 1793.

"To Heman Atwood the collector of taxes for the town of Fairfield the following is a list of assessments upon the notes and estates of the persons herein named each one his proportion of the sum of $ . . . being the amount of said list contained in the following pages which we hereby do commit to you to collect and you are to collect and pay in the same into John Mendel, treasurer of said town on or before the first day of April next."

Ebenezer Allen, Caleb Allen, Ebenezer Allen, Jr., Francis Allen, Barnabas Allen, Stephen Atwood, Hiram Atwood, John Burton, Joseph Bowerman, Elihu Bowerman, Harper Bowerman, Zaccheus Bowerman, Benjamim [sic] Bowerman, J. M. Bowerman, Joshua Blackwell, Jabez Blackwell, Seth Bates, David Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Thomas Burgess, Jr., Josiah Burgess, Stephen Burgess, Joseph Burgess, Thomas Blackwell, Israel Blackwell, J. Batts, Nathan Connor, Eben Davis, John Davis, Benjamin Davis, A. Davis, Stephen Dillingham, Calvin Emerson, Geo. Ellis, Alden Fuller, Seth Fuller, Eliab Fish, Thomas Fish, ______ Fish, Barnabas Freeman, ______ Freeman, John Faunce, Heman Gibbs, John Gray, Marmaluke Gifford, Gideon Hoxie, Ludwick Hoxie, Abel Hoxie, Ludwick Holway, Gideon Holway, Barnabas Holway,

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Asa Holway, David Hoxie, Barnabas Jackson, Appollus Jones, John Jones, Ephraim Jones, James Lawrence, Joseph Lawrence, Thomas Lander, Thomas Lander, Jr., Zelotes Lovel, Jonathan Lovel, John Mendal, Solomon McFarland, Elisha Nye, Bartlett Nye, Briant Nye, Jonathan Nye, Ebenezer Phelps, James Pung, Abraham Potter, John Shepherd, David Shepherd, Joseph Spaulding, J. M. Tobey, Lemuel Tobey, Jonathan Tobey, Joshua Tobey, Eliakim Tobey, John Tozer, Amos Tozer, Jonathan Tozer, John Tozer, Jr., Jeremiah Tozer, John Tozer, 3d, Jacob Taber, Benjamin Tupper, Ebenezer Tuttle, Jake (?) Varney, Levy Varney.