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Yarmouth Civil War Soldiers

Source: Harry Edward Mitchell, et al., comp., The Yarmouth register, 1904 (Kent's Hill, Me.: H.E. Mitchell, 1904).

[p. 16]
During the Civil war this town sent a large number of men to the front, many of whom were promoted to high positions for their bravery and effective service. The following is an incomplete list of the men who served in the quotas of the town. Many of these were among the boys who were left on the field of battle, martyrs to the cause of Union and Liberty.

T. J. Andrews, Stephen Anderson, A. F. Bucknam, W. E. Bucknam, Chas. Bucknam, Geo. Brown, A. M. Brackett, A. O. Baker, C. W. Baker, R. S. Bruce, O. W. Brackett, J. E. Brooks, J. M. Bates, G. O. Baker, Albert Cotton, John Clark, John Candroff, James Coombs, James Chambers, Patrick Clark, G. H. Chase, Edward Cobb, J. H. Corliss, G. L. Corliss, C. A. Dunbar, J. H. Doughty, C. H. Dow, A. S. Dyer, Mellen Greene, Gustavus Grant, J. W. Grant, I. A. Gooch, E. S.

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Gooding, Albert Gooding, Herbert Grant, O. L. Grant, Stacy Hodgkins, F. W. Hickey, H. P. Holyoke, H. S. Humphrey, J. H. Hall, G. G. Holyoke, A. J. Hamilton, H. F. Holyoke, Peter Johnson, Henry Johnston, Thomas Jones, D. W. Jackson, C. W. Jones, Joseph Jordan, S. W. Lovell, W. M. Loring, Andrew Leighton, J. H. Loring, S. H. Lane, A. H. Loring, E. H. Lufkin, Alfred Mitchell, James McCue, John Mullan, John Mason, W. S. McClanning, Benjamin Moody, J. E. Mitchell, G. E. Marston, O. H. Mitchell, T. P. Mitchell, Timothy Mahoney, M. S. Marston, J. M. Mitchell, Peter Nelson, Antonie Nichols, G. P. Oakes, Freeman Pratt, Frank Perry, John Powers, Samuel Quimby, William Roberts, A. N. Howe, Michael Riordon, S. P. Reed, I. S. Stevens, Levi Shapleigh, N. P. Small, E. R. Small, I. L. Stevens, S. W. Small, William Steward, James Stevens, Robert Scott, H. B. Soule, E. F. Stackpole, Herbert Soule, Ammi Seabury, Frank Seabury, George Soule, J. E. Sparks, W. A. Seabury, I. H. Small, Daniel Smith, E. R. Small, Eugene Stackpole, James Thompson, F. W. True, Stephen Twombly, R. P. Twombly, W. W. True, Daniel Turner, Geo. White, H. C. Williamson, Chas. Walker, John Walker, W. A. Woods, D. F. Whitcomb, F. S. Winslow, F. D. Winslow, Adin Young, Chas. Young, A. F. York, Enoch Young, E. K. Young, H. H. Jones.