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Stow Civil War Soldiers

Source: Harry Edward Mitchell, The Town Register: Fryeburg, Lovell, Sweden, Stow and Chatham (Brunswick, Me.: H.E. Mitchell Co., 1907).

[p. 107]
Albert Chadbourne, Simeon P. Knox, Daniel E. Whitney, James A. Coffin, Simeon P. Knox, Francis J. Lord, Winfield S. Potter, David J. Whitney, James H. Gile, Joseph L. Mitchell, Jacob R. Wiswell, Herbert Smith, Edmond M. Abbott, Gardner McAllister, Chas. Mitchell, Wm. J. Chandler, Wm. Johnson, Selo F. Charles, Jno. C. Eastman, Arundal Barnaber, Wm. H. Clapp, Jas. H. Gill, James Emerson, Thomas M. Johnson, Wallace Gilman, David Johnson, Frank Drew, Moses D. Emery, James McKeen, Monroe Quint, Eli Whitney, Jr., G. B. Wiley, Elden B. Andrews, Chas. Cotton, Augustus Harvey, Solomon Johnson, Calvin Meader, Alden Charles.

The following Stowe soldiers served in quotas of other states: Nelson Abbott, Sylvester Abbott, Penn.; Jos. C. Hardy, Mass.; Chas. W. Wallace, Vt.; Caleb G. Wiley, N. H.; Chas. A. Whiting, Mass.