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Liberty Vital Records, 1922-23

Source: Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Liberty for the Municipal Year 1922 (Thorndike, Me.: Newell White, printer, 1923).

[p. 30]
May 13, 1922, Charles W. Banks and wife a daughter, Merle Louise

May 19, 1922, Claudius S. Knowlton and wife a daughter, Louise Etta

May 20, 1922, Elwin A. Adams and wife a daughter, Glenice L.

May 25, 1922, Charles L. Oxton and wife a son, Linwood Cicel

May 29, 1922, Clyde E. Batchelder and wife a daughter, Madeline Cassia

June 5, 1922, Harry Wyman and wife a son, Edward

June 8, 1922, Wales Sherman and wife a son, Kenneth Vernan

July 4, 1922, Herbert Esancy and wife a daughter

July 6, Ross E. Cunningham and wife a daughter, Muriel Ethelyn

July 25, 1922, Walter Ludwick and wife a daughter

Sept. 10, 1922, Sidney Jones and wife a daughter, Mary Estelle

Sept. 14, 1922, Jesse Flanders and wife a son, Harold J.

Oct. 10, 1922, Olin Harriman and wife a daughter, Margaret

Nov. 19, 1922, Claborn C. Stickney and wife a daughter

Dec. 11, 1922, Carrol F. White and wife a daughter, Lewis Ethel

Dec. 21, 1922, Willis E. Turner and wife a daughter, Phyllis Estelle

[p. 31]
Dec. 22, 1922, James B. Sdrague [sic] and wife a son, James Bernard

Dec. 25, 1922, TIacy [sic] E. Harriman and wife a daughter, Margaret Josephine

Jan. 29, 1923 Walter W. Reed and wife a son, Kenneth W.

Feb. 5, 1922, Rosie Overlock 33[y] 23[d]

Feb. 18, 1922, Augusta Stevens 4[y] 26[d]

Mar. 7, 1922, Marion S. Ryan 35[y] 6[m]

Apr. 18, 1922, John F. Shelden 79[y] 25[d]

Apr. 30, 1922, Sarah E. Sanford 47[y] 2[m] 20[d]

June 28, 1922, Eliza Overlook

Aug. 8, 1922, Fred Millay 53[y] 11[m]

Jan. 4, 1923, James L. Knowlton 77[y] 10[m] 11[d]

Feb. 14, 1922 Earl Boynton of Liberty and Ruth E. Overlock of Liberty

July 1, 1922 Clarence Ludwick of Liberty and Finiz Morang of Appleton

July 29, 1922 Claborn C. Stickney of Liberty and Ava Mary Crockett of Liberty

Aug. 25, 1922 Carol C. Banks of Liberty and Anna Ruth Penney of Knox

Sept. 10, 1922 Earl Millay of Liberty and Gladys M. Howes of Liberty

Oct. 2, 1922 Henry E. Ripley of Montville and Gladys M. Ludwick of Liberty

Oct. 17, 1922 Ernest Shaw Vose of Liberty and Annie Alia McCurdy of Liberty

Nov. 25, 1922 Harold E. Mehuren of Liberty and Doris G. Brown of Liberty