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Orrington Marriages, 1771-1808

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 1 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1886).

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A record of marriages of first settlers in Orrington, which includes what is now Brewer and Holden, up to 1808. Obtained from town records and other sources.

1771. Nov. 5, Jesse Atwood sen. to Hannah Dean, of Thomas, in Wellfleet.

1788. June 15, Phineas Eames to widow Hannah Arey, of Bucksport.

[1788.] May 7, Nath. Ward, of Wheelersboro, to Betty Small, of same.

[1788.] Jan. 10, James Shirley to Susannah Lowe.

[1788.] Dec. 18, Asa Downs of Eph., to Mary Dean of Boston.

[1788.] Oct. 2, Thomas Smith to Ann Wheelden, of Ebenezer.

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[1788.] Nov. 25, David Mann to widow Sarah Osgood, of Pen. River.*

[1788.] Dec. 4, Joseph Wheelden of Eben, to Dinah Smith of Simeon.

1787. Nov. 8, Miller Johnston to Rebecca Johnson.

[1787.] June 15, Solomon Blake to Betsey Dupee, both of Orrington.

[1787.] Nov. 8, Eliphalet Johnson to Sarah Swett, both of Orrington.

[1787.] Nov. 8, James Mayo of Hampden, to Mary Nickerson of Orrington.

1789. Jan. 24, John Sweetsir of Sandy Point, published to Fannie Davenport.

[1789.] Aug. 6, Wm. Wentworth to Patty Calf, of Buckstown.

[1789.] Oct. 22, Shebna Swett of Solomon, to Joanna, of Eliphalet Nickerson.

[1789.] Oct. 22, James Freeman, of Samuel, to Molly, of Timothy Freeman.

[1789.] Aug. 6, Joseph Roaks jr., of Eastern River,† to Tabitha, widow of Peter Sangster.

[1789.] Feb. 11, James Stubbs to Sarah Wheelden of Ebenezer.

1790. May 6, Amasa Snow, of Ben, to Sarah, of Henry Cole.

[1790.] Sept. 30, Wm. Saunders of Eastern River, to Ruth of Amasa Snow, jr.

[1790.] Nov. 8, Joseph Porter to Eunice Whittam.

[1790.] Nov. 25, Joseph Holdershaw to Rachel Cole.

[1790.] Dec. 5, James Emery to Ruhannah Rich.

[1790.] June 20, Ephraim Stubbs to Abigail Myrick, both of Wheelersboro.

1791. Sept. 28, Stephen Man and Susan McMan.

1792. Jan. 15, John Rogers to Betsey, of John Brewer.

[1792.] July 8, Thomas Dean to widow Mary (Freeman) Knowles.

[1792.] Sept. 13, Benjamin Stubbs of Buckstown to Mehetabel Swett.

[1792.] Dec. 21, Thomas Campbell jr., to Sabra Knapp.

1791. May 5, Jona. Nickerson and Priscilla Hopkins, both of Hampden.

[1791.] May 26, Jesse Smith and Delilah Snow, both of Orrington.

[1791.] Sept. 26, Wm. Haines to Jane Lowell, both of Buckstown.

[1791.] Oct. 24, John Collins of Frankfort, and Polly Lampher of Buckstown.

[1791.] Nov. 3, Paul Sears Eldridge to Mary Page of Buckstown.

[1791.] Nov. 8, Nath. Hines to Sarah Boston, both of Frankfort.

[1791.] Nov. 17, Jeremiah Higgins to widow Betsey Paine, both of Buckstown.

[1791.] Dec. 7, Joshua Eldridge to Polly Parenden, (?) of Buckstown.

1792. July 19, Ralph Ellingwood of Frankfort, and Delilah Holdershaw of Frankfort.

[1792.] Aug. 5, Zebulon Smith to Lydia Day, both of Frankfort.

1793. April 11, Rev. Seth Noble and Mrs. Ruhama Emery, both of Bangor.

[1793.] May 23, Daniel Holbrook to Mehetable Newcomb of Hampden.

[1793.] Aug. 8, Eliashib Delano, to Azubah Knowles, both of Hampden.

* "Penobscot River," all unincorporated territory on the river.
† Orland.

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[1793.] Aug. 1, Stillman Kent to Elis Eldridge, both of Buckstown.

[1793.] Oct. 17, Jere Lincoln to Lucy Wheelden, both of Orrington.

[1793.] Oct. 13, Daniel Snow, of Hampden, and Betsey Brooks, of Orrington.

[1793.] Oct. 27, Jona. Barnes to Polly Wentworth, both of Orrington.

[1793.] Dec. 11, John Pomroy to Betsey Harding, both of Hampden.

[1793.] Jan. 16, Enoch Mayo to Peggy Holbrook, both of Frankfort.

[1793.] March 16, Josiah Brewer 2d and Anna Ginn.

[1793.] Aug. 17, John Crowell and Hannah Atwood.

1794. March 25, John Sally to Peggy Whalen, both of Penobscot River.

[1794.] May 22, John Swan to Abigail Gould; he of Hampden, she of Orrington.

[1794.] July 9, Asaph Gates to Betsey Hathorn, both of Orrington.

[1794.] Sept. 11, Hawes Mayo of Hampden to Polly Fowler of Orrington.

[1794.] Sept. 13, Elisha Crane to Elis Campbell, both of Orrington.

[1794.] Nov. 22, Solomon Swett Hinckley to Jerusha Holbrook, of Frankfort.

[1794.] Dec. 14, Samuel Turner and Miss Joana McMan, both of Orrington.

[1794.] Nov. 2, Elisha Mayo of Hampden and Ruth Smith of Frankfort.

[1794.] Feb. 12, Jeremiah Swett to Betsey Gould, both of Orrington.

[1794.] Published July 19, Francis Drew to Hannah Viles, of Eastern River.

1795. Aug. 8, Robert Campbell and Betsey Knapp.

[1795.] May 12, Thaddeus Adams and Peggy Orcutt.

[1795.] April 30, Reuben Newcomb and Bethia Young, both of Hampden.

[1795.] May 12, Simeon Smith, of Hampden, and Ruth Stubbs, of Buckstown.

[1795.] July 9, Abner Knowles, of Hampden, and Dorcas Godfrey, of Orrington.

[1795.] July 12, James Hastings and Abigail Bigbee, both of Orrington.

[1795.] Nov. 26, Phineas E. Ames and Mary Rogers, both of Orrington.

[1795.] April 18, Ben Snow sen. and widow Betsey Paine, both of Orrington.

1796. Sept. 15, Major Thomas Brastow and Priscilla Brown, both of Orrington.

[1796.] May 29, John Woodman, of Frankfort, and Keziah Higgins, of Orrington.

[1796.] July 17, Silas Nye to Lucy Lincoln, both of Orrington.

[1796.] Sept. 15, Jos. Baker jr. to Hannah Fowler, both of Orrington.

[1796.] Nov. 13, Eben Wheelden jr, to Elis Nye, both of Orrington.

[1796.] Nov. 17, Jesse Rogers to Hannah Freeman, both of Orrington.

[1796.] Feb. 9, Nathan Baker to Lucy Baker, both of Orrington.

[1796.] April 30, Charles Burr to Polly Holyoke, both of Orrington.

[1796.] July 2, Wm. Hammond jr. to Susanna Campbell, he of Bangor.

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[1796.] Sept. 2, Lot Rider to Hepsibah Skinner.

[1796.] Oct. 22, Wm. Eddy of Eddington, to Rachel Knapp.

[1796.] Nov. 5, Jesse Rogers to Hannah Freeman.

1797, June 27, Samuel Veazie and Judith Wentworth.

[1797.] July 11, David Orcutt and Betsey Davis.

[1797.] July 29, Bangs Doane of Buckstown, to Priscilla Nickerson.

[1797.] July 28, Richard Eldridge of Buckstown, to Temperance Wheelden.

[1797.] Aug. 14, Eben Hathorn and Hannah Nichols, of Penobscot River.

[1797.] May 7, Francis Brewer to Peggy, of John Lewis of Buckstown.

[1797.] Oct. 25, Isaac Davis, of Hampden, to Sallie Swett.

[1797.] May 4, Jacob Dearborn of Hampden, to Hannah Rooks, 1799.

1798. Jan. 27, Asahel Skinner of Ohio Pl. to Phebe Gould.

[1798.] Jan. 31, Bradley Bryant to Sarah Neal of Salem, Mass.

[1798.] March 24, Joseph Rooks to Tamosin Snow of Buckstown.

[1798.] Jan. 3, Seth Kempton of Frankfort, to Lucy Brown.

[1798.] Sept. 1, Wm. Reed of Colbinton Pl., to Jane Orcutt.

1799. Sept. 8, Ebenezer Tyler of Hampden, to Lovina Brewer.

[1799.] Feb. 3, Jos. Pomroy of Hampden, to Temperance Brown.

[1799.] Mar. 1, Wm. Cook, of ______ to Mary Cogswell, of Eddington.

[1799.] Sept. 25, Samuel Freeman to Naomi Higgins.

[1799.] March 4, Nathan Smith to Sallie Stubbs, of Buckstown.

[1799.] Feb. 1, Nathan Hopkins to Deborah Atwood, of Orrington.

1800, April 26. Jona. Vickey of Hampden, to Ruhama Gould.

[1800.] May 31, Isaac Peirce to Rachel Fowler, of Orrington.

[1800.] June 9, Cyprian Snow to Sally Baker of Orrington.

[1800.] Aug. 28, Bradley Blackman of Eddington, to Hepsibah Knapp.

1801. Nov. 12, Cyprian Snow to Sallie, of Jos. Baker, of Orrington.

[1801.] Dec. 14, Joseph Brazier to Hannah Brown, both of Orrington.

[1801.] Jan. 1, John Brooks to Sallie, of A. Dean, both of Orrington.

[1801.] Jan. 1, Jere Simpson of Hampden, and Joanna Brooks.

[1801.] Feb. 12, Cleophaz Baker to Ruth, of Herman Smith, both of Orrington.

[1801.] May 13, Isaac Watson to Sukey Johnson.

1802. Nov. 16, Emmons Kingsbury to Hannah Ryder, of John.

[1802.] Dec. 2, James Godfrey to Mehetable Swett, both of Orrington.

[1802.] Dec. 31, Benjamin Downs of Frankfort, to Eunice Freeman of Orrington.

[1802.] Oct. 11, Samuel Jones, of Orrington, to Sukey Howard, of Bangor.

[1802.] Nov. 18, Jona. Pickard, of Hampden, to Eunice Cole, of Orrington.

[1802.] Dec. 2, John York to Rebecca Perkins, both of Orrington.

[1802.] Dec. 30, Ben Godfrey to Patty Gould.

1804. March 29, Isaac Perry to Dorcas Fowler, of Simeon, Esq.

1805. Mar. 4, Edmund Smith to widow Katie Wooderson, both of Orrington.

1804. July 23, John Dean to Rachel Kent, both of Orrington.

Sept. 6, George Rollins to Jenny Baker, both of Orrington.

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[1804.] Nov. 22, Joseph Snow to Rebecca Paine, both of Orrington.

[1804.] Sept. 6, Joshua Moody to Polly Peirce, of Nathan.

[1804.] Nov. 2, Amaziah Rogers to Elis Wentworth, both of Orrington.

[1804.] Jan. 5, Jesse Atwood jr. to Lovina Nickerson, both of Orrington.

[1804.] March 10, Allen Hodges to Abigail Brooks, both of Orrington.

[1804.] March 17, Daniel Smith to Miriam Smith, of John.

[1804.] April 29, Phineas Downs to Dorcas Gould.

[1804.] Dec. 5, John Smith to Peggie Campbell.

[1804.] Sept. 12, Reuben Severance to Sallie Severance, of Joshua.

[1804.] Sept. 30, Samuel Severance to Hannah Godfrey, both of Orrington.

1806, Feb. 20, Joseph Smith to Polly Baker, of Joseph.

[1806.] Oct. 20, Allen Gilman to Molly Brewer.

[1806.] Aug. 21, Joseph Rooks to Sarah Rogers, third wife.

[1806.] March 17, Reuben Freeman and Sally Wenthworth, both of Orrington.

[1806.] Feb. 2, Ephraim Doane and Nancy Baker, of Moses.

[1806.] Feb. 19, Doane Badershal to Roxana Harding, of Joseph.

[1806.] June 16, Manning Wood, of Buckstown, to Sally Snow, of Edward.

[1806.] June 20, Isaiah Baker to Susanna Cole, of Peter.

[1806.] Oct. 15, Job Chamberlain to Mrs. Abigail Rogers, both of Orrington.

[1806.] Oct. 17, Abial Perry to Sallie Doane of Oliver, both of Orrington.

[1806.] Oct. 30, Christopher Taylor to Betsey Severance, both of Orrington.

[1806.] Nov. 16, Jonas Dean, of Ephraim, to Susan Doane, of Oliver.

[1806.] June 3, Nathan Pierce jr. and Ruth, daughter of Harding Ryder, of Chatham.

1807, Jan. 25, Isaac Nickerson and Bethiah Ryder, of Samuel.

[1807.] Feb. 8, Samuel Ryder jr. to Azubah Freeman, of Timothy.

[1807.] Feb. 15, Isaac Bates and Ursula Jones, daughter of Elijah.

[1807.] April 26, Samuel Cobb and Achsah Winchester, of Silas.

[1807.] April 26, Wm. Kent to Sallie King, both of Orrington.

[1807.] Jan. 24, Henry Reed to Dolly Bradley.

[1807.] April 11, Warren Ware to Lucy Bowden.

[1807.] March 1, Zenas Smith to Abigail Harding, of Joseph.

[1807.] July 27, Nathan S. Ryder to Bethiah Sterns, both of Orrington.

[1807.] May 30, Frederick Badershall to Eliza Smith, of Herman.

[1807.] Sept. 6, Nathan Gould jr. to Rebecca Harding, of Joseph.

1808, May 8, Hanson Calef to Thankful Baker, sen.

[1808.] May 8, George Blake to Sylvia Farrington, of John.

[1808.] May 20, Elihu Dole of Amos, to Lydia Pierce, of Nathaniel.

[1808.] May 23, Abia Pond to Cynthia Clewly, daughter of Isaac.

[1808.] June 4, Jeremiah Rich to Joanna Bartlett, of Samuel.

[1808.] Oct. 9, Elisha Doane to widow Rachel Brown, of Elijah.

[1808.] Oct. 27, Joseph Rogers to Salome Nickerson, of Warren.

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[Continued from No. 7, page 112, with additions and corrections.]
1792. April 26, John Rider and Catherine Dennett.

1793. Jan. 15, Thos. Campbell, Jr., and Sabara Knapp ; pub. Dec. 21, 1792.

1795. Sept. 6, Edward Smith, Jr., and Hannah Dean.

1794. Oct. 13, Joseph Rooks and widow Tabitha Sangster.

1795. May 27, Thaddeus Adams and Peggy Orcutt, pub. May 12.

[1795.] Aug. 19, Robert Campbell and Betsey Knapp; pub. Aug. 8.

1796. May 24, Chas. Burr and Polly Holyoke, pub. April 30.

[1796.] Aug. 4, Wm. Hammond and Susannah Campbell; pub. July 2.

[1796.] Oct. 31, Wm. Reed, of Colburn Pl., and Jane Orcutt; pub. Sept. 1.

[1796.] Nov. 1, Lot Rider and Hepsibah Skinner; pub. Sept. 2.

[1796.] Nov. 17, Wm. Eddy and Rachel Knapp; pub. Oct. 22.

[1796.] Nov. 17, Jesse Rogers and Hannah Freeman; pub. Nov. 5.

1798. Aug. 24, Samuel Veazie and Judith Wentworth.

[1798.] Dec. 25, Gideon Horton and Temperance Kinney.

1799. Nathan Hopkins and Deborah Atwood.

1800. Nov. 27, John Holyoke and Miriam Tibbets.

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1804. Nov. 22, Joseph Snow and Rebecca Paine.

1805. Dec. 5, John Smith and Peggy Campbell.

[1805.] Mar. 10, Allen Hodges and Abigail Brooks.

[1805.] Jan. 5, Jesse Atwood and Lovina Nickerson.

[1805.] April 29, Phineas Downs and Dorcas Gould.

[1805.] Nov. 2, Amariah Rogers and Elizabeth Wentworth.

[1805.] Mar. 4, Edward Smith and widow Katy Wooderson.

[1805.] Sept. 12, Reuben Severance and Sally Severance.

[1805.] Sept. 20. Samuel Severance and Hannah Godfrey.

1807. May 27, Ben Winchester and Ruth Leavens.

[1807.] Mar. 5, Ben. Snow Jr. and Nancy Burrill.