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Milford Vital Records, 1911

Source: Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Milford for the Municipal Year 1911-1912 (Old Town, Me.: Enterprise Publishing Co., 1912).

[p. 6]
Jan. 11 Abel Percival Wyman and Florence M. Sleeper

Jan. 20 John E. Dunn and Cora Madden

Feb. 8 Charles Herbert Estes and Margaret Glasgow

June 15 Harry Frances Costigan and Bessie Madden

June 25 Cornelius McCarthy and Nettie Smith

July 2 Francis Maxfield Burr and Lucie Isabel White

Sept. 25 Peter Lantaigne and Ella Duplisses

Oct. 30 Gardner Smith and Florence Bradford

Dec. 7 Harry Sanborn and Mary Pelkey

Mar. 18 Lucinda Ayer 100[y]

Mar. 18 John Foran 77[y]

Apy 12 Emma Morrison 8[y]

Apy 21 Daniel W. Hildreth 69[y]

Apy 24 Sarah McKay 62[y]

Apy 25 Sumner B. Newbegin 76[y]

Apy 28 George C. Bond 23[y]

June 10 Harry Pelkey 27[y] 3[m]

June 10 Harry Shirland 17[y] 7[m]

June 10 Culbert Curtis 22[y]

June 22 Arthur P. Clarkin 7[d]

June 24 Margaret Spencer 39[y]

July 15 William H. Lenfest 42[y]

Aug. 1 Margaret Clare 75[y]

Nov. 18 Daniel H. Young 2[y] 9[m]

Nov. 23 Maria Dougherty 59[y] 3[m]

Nov. 28 Mary Doble 68[y] 5[m] 8[d]

Nov. 29 Dion Sylvanus Kneeland 64[y]

Nov. 18 Emma Cole 21[y]

Dec. 7 Sadie M. Gammon 22[y]