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Maine Railroad Accident Reports, 1885

Source: Reports of the Railroad Commissioners of the State of Maine for the Year 1885 (Augusta, Me.: Sprague & Son, printers, 1886).

[p. 44]
July 2, 1884. Portland, J. Lee, brakeman, coupling, hand badly hurt.

August 11. Portland, J. P. Corson, mail agent, back sprained.

August 21. Mechanic Falls, F. H. Lord, brakeman, coupling, hand hurt.

September 17. Portland, J. Cummings, laborer, struck by car, knee injured.

September 25. Portland, R. McFarland, laborer, run over by train, killed.

October 24. South Paris, W. P. Hatch, brakeman, coupling, finger crushed.

October 29. Portland, J. F. Haywood, brakeman, coupling, hand crushed.

November 7. Portland, C. J. St Clair, brakeman, coupling, fell between cars, killed.

November 10. Yarmouth, M. Doherty, brakeman, coupling, finger crushed.

November 14. Mechanic Falls, D. Wiley, brakeman, fell under cars, legs run over.

November 27. Portland, W. Starrett, brakeman, coupling, hand injured.

December 29. Portland, F. C. Steavens, engineman, jammed between tender and pulleys, badly injured.

January 8, 1885. South Paris, G. R. Noyes, brakeman, coupling, finger cut off.

January 17. Portland, A. R. Blake, coupling, hand crushed.

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February 24. South Paris, P. Barrett, brakeman, coupling, finger crushed.

May 11. Portland, A. R. Blake, coupler, struck by scale house, face injured.

October 10, 1884. Robert Kenneally, passenger, attempting to board a moving train at Maine Central transfer station at Portland, lost a foot.

November 24. William Litchfield, switchman, was struck by engine in Portland yard, and injured.

August 6, 1885. Luther Palmer, engineer, by an accident at Fernald's gravel pit near Kittery, had his engine and one car detached, and received injuries from which he died. Four passengers were injured slightly.

August 8. Alfred Jacques, walking track near Saco, was struck by passing train and received injuries from which he afterwards died.

August 31. Timothy Ronan, fireman, fell from an engine in Portland yard, and was run over and instantly killed.

October 15, 1884. An Italian laborer on construction train fell from train near Reed's Pond, and was run over and instantly killed.

November 11. Body of Capt. E. E. Miles of Oldtown was found near Penobscot switch, Bangor, having been run over by a train. The wheels passed over his head.

January 19, 1885. Isaac Spofford of Greene attempted to drive across the track near Sabattus Station, was struck by a train and received a severe scalp wound.

January 28. Charles Glazer, while walking on track or attempting to cross it, near Iceboro' Station, was struck by snow plow and killed. He was not seen by men on plow on account of driving snow storm.

March 11. Mrs. Samuel Higgins of West Bath jumped from a train at Freeport, after it had started, and fractured her knee pan.

April 7. Eugene Blair, while riding on a wrecking car from Waterville to Fairfield, was struck by a switch target and received cut on the head and other injuries.

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June 2. Alfred Kimball of Kennebunk, while walking or standing on the track in Bangor freight house, was run over and killed by a train hauled by a shifting engine.

June 27. A little girl named Dennet, 4 or 5 years old, while crawling under a car near Clark Street bridge in Portland, was run over and killed. The car was on a siding and was moved by a shifting engine.

July 5. As Barnum's circus train was approaching Reed's Pond, it broke apart and the two sections ran together. Circus employe named Shanessey had his leg broken; another, named Miller, had his leg cut and was badly bruised.

July 6. As a funeral procession was passing Colcord's Crossing, near East Newport, a team was struck by train, instantly killing Deacon Tuttle, aged 80, and seriously injuring Mrs. Tuttle, aged 75. The coroner's jury exonerated railroad company and employe from all blame.

September 10. Mrs. John Kelleher, walking across the track near Avon Mills in Lewiston yard, was struck by the train and injured so that she died the next day.

December 10, 1884. C. Hayden of Auburn, a brakeman, was struck by bridge and head hurt.

February 17, 1885. Guthrie, a section foreman, fell under a plow and back injured.

October 6. John Simpson and John Kirby attempted to cross the track in Foxcroft, in front of a moving train. Simpson was injured so that he died the same day. Kirby was slight[l]y injured.

August 12, 1885. Charles H. Gross, by jumping from a derailed flat car, while in motion, was killed.

November 26, 1884. Baldwin, Frank Howard, freight brakeman, thigh jammed, coupling.

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December 4. Steep Falls, Standish, Moses Blake drove against a moving train, head hurt.

December 18. Baldwin, Geo. E. Bryant, freight brakeman, two fingers jammed off, coupling.

March 7, 1885. Portland, F. Lebrine, coal beaver, finger jammed off, coupling.

June 26. Westbrook, Francis Thuotte, killed on track.

August 6. H. M. Barrett, carpenter, carried round shafting, and bruised, in Portland shops.

——1885. A boy ran between the whiffletree and the car and was knocked down, run over and killed before the car could be stopped.

——1885. A car ran over and crushed leg of Frank Kenney, from which accident he died same day.