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Hartford Vital Records, 1907-08

Source: Annual Report of the Municipal Officers of the Town of Hartford for the Year Ending February 14, 1908 (Norway, Me.: Advertiser Book Print, 1908).

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Feb. 9, Ralph I. Wood of Norway and Myrtle Flora Rowe of Hartford.

July 8, Thompson A. Potter of Hartford and Ethel W. Packard of Canton.

Sept. 2, Charles E. Hutchinson of Hartford and Lizzie A. Cummings of Canton.

Oct. 1, John Clarence Marston of Hartford and Rose Standish Atkinson of Livermore,

Oct. 4, Arthur W. Jordan and Hazel DeCoster, both of Hartford.

Oct. 20, Eugene Humphrey Rose of Turner and Amy Mildred Record of Hartford.

Nov. 23, Lewis W. Child and Emma E. Bragg, both of Hartford.

Dec. 2, John W. Mahoney and Mary A. Mitchell, both of Hartford.

Dec. 25, Ralph Jabez Dunn of Hartford and Beede F. Averill of Auburn.


Feb. 25, To Mr. and Mrs. Robert I. Wood, a daughter,

April 8, To Mr. and Mrs. Howard E. Hanson, a son.

[April] 15, To Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. King, a son.

May 15, To Mr. and Mrs. Byron S. Littlefield, a daughter,

June 17, To Mr. and Mrs. Madison R. Ford, a son.

[June] 28, To Mr. and Mrs. Abner D. Howard, a son.

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July 18, To Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Bryant, a son.

[July] 25, To Mr. and Mrs. Edward McEarchen, a son.

Aug. 8, To Mr. and Mrs. Lester A. DeCoster, a son.

Sept. 12, To Mr. and Mrs. Felix Lemeaux, a son.

Nov. 14, To Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Hammond, a son.


Jan. 7, To Mr. and Mrs. Philip St. Lawrence, twins, a daughter and son.

Feb. 1, To Mr. and Mrs. George S. Tucker, a daughter.


Mar. 25, Ernest McIntire McEarchen, age 3 years 0 months 24 days

Apr. 5, Caroline Minick, age 87 years 11 months

[Apr.] 7, Abbie M. Bicknell, age 55 years 4 months

May 24, Bethuel Gary, age 54 years 7 months 26

June 8, Sarah A. Sampson, age 83 years 1 month 5 days

[June] 26, David Chamberlain, age 59 years 1 month 26 days

July 7, Leon E. Howard, age 4 days

Aug. 21, Henry C. Ricker, age 70 years 1 month 21 days

Oct. 6, Otis N. Haskell, age 79 years 6 months 20 days

[Oct.] 11, Rebecca Jane Bicknell, age 79 years 7 months 11 days

Dec. 26, Angeline E. Mitchell, age 78 years 4 months 4 days

[Dec.] 29, Hattie L. Newton, age 41 years 11 months 26 days


Jan. 3, Etta Knapp, age 52 years 9 months 12 days