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Gray Civil War Soldiers

Source: Harry Edward Mitchell, et al., comp., The Gray and New Gloucester register, 1905 (Brunswick, Me.: H.E. Mitchell, Pub., 1905).

[p. 20]
Wm. Allen, Jno. Adams, Ozias G. Blake, Edw. Benson, Geo. W. Benson, Thos. Brackett, Jno. F. Burgess, Chas. G. Cobb, Wm. H. Colley, Chas. H. Colley, Sam'l. P. Cummings, Sylvester B. Cobb, Gustavus N. Carey, Orrin B. Colley, Albert F. Colley, Dan'l. B. Dill, Wm. H. Dill, Jos. W. Doughty, Dan'l. Doughty, Albert H. Doughty, Dan'l. H. Dolley, Wm. L. Dickey, Wm. C. Dickey, Jere. P. Dolley, Rufus Duran, Thos. W. Dolley, Wm. L. Dickey, Wm. S. Davis, Eleazer Evans, Jas. D. Foster, Jno. A. Foster, Jno. W. Frank, Nathan Ferguson, Levi S. Foster, Sam'l. H. Foster, Jas. E. Farwell, Geo. Gilbert, Lindsay O. Goff, Chas. Goodenow, Lucius S. Goff, Wm. H. Gore, Jos. H. Goff, Jos. Goff, Elias F. Goff, Lindsay A. Goff, Jas. Hodgkins,

[p. 21]
Jonas R. Hodgkins, Jas. Hodgkin, Whitman Hodgkin, Jno. C. Haines, Chas. D. Haines, Greenleaf C. Herrick, Jos. P. King, Luther Lawrence, Porter Latham, Otis L. Latham, Alvin A. Lane, Edwin Legrow, Joshua D. Leighton, Woodbury S. Libby, Edwin Legrow, Isaac H. Libby, Thos. J. Mayberry, Dan'l. Mayberry, Jr., Rufus L. May, Edw. A. Marr, Moses Maxwell, Chas. T. Mayberry, Jas. Nash, Dan'l. Nash, Joshua M. Nash, Chas. L. Orne, Wm. H. Pennell, Roscoe Perley, Seth A. Ramsdell, Melville Ricker, Cassius C. Roberts, Hiram Russell, Geo. E. Ross, Lewis A. Simpson, Henry C. Simpson, Jno. Smith, Sam'l. F. Simpson, Joshua S. Snow, Dan'l N. Smith, Stephen Stiles, Henry C. Sibley, Wm. R. Simpson, Jas. M. Thompson, Chas. E. Turner, Augustus T. Thompson, Jas. M. Thompson, Chas. H. Thompson, Josiah M. Turner, Frank W. Thayer, Chas. VanBuskirk, Lorenzo D. Whitten, Jas. L. White, Armstrong Webster, Jno. L. White, Jas. K. P. Whitten, Edwin J. Washburn.

Foreign Enlistment: Jno. D. Anderson, Wendall A. Anderson, Edwin F. Hunt, Dan'l Y. Tuttle, Henry Wood.