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Bangor Marriage Intentions, 1821-1827

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 4 (Bangor, Me.: J. W. Porter, 1888).

[p. 61]
1821 Sept. 29, Moses Davis and Harriet Morris.

[1821] Dec. 8, Phineas Bond and Lydia Morgan.

1822 Mar. 30, William Thomas and Sally N. Spencer.

[1822] May 4, Peleg Burley and Mary Ann Blake, taken down by order of Burley.

[1822] May 18, Benj. Adams and Melinda Sanborn, of North Hampton, New Hampshire.

[1822] July 4, Robert Spencer and Affee Drinkwater, of Northport.

[1822] July 20, Joseph Snow and Sarah R. Burr, of Brewer.

[1822] Aug 10, Wm. Gullifer, of Orono, and Elis T. Hutchins.

[1822] Aug. 14, Gen. Mark Trafton and Ann Bright, of Groton, Mass.

[1822] Feb. 13, Wm. Clayton and Mary Boyd; banns forbidden.

[1822] Sept. 7, Joshua W. Carr and Hannah R. Pearson, of Newburyport.

[1822] Sept. 5, Moses Ingalls, of Danville, Vt., and Mrs. Mary Knight.

[1822] Sept. 28, Wilmot Mood, Esq., and Emeline Page, of Hallowell.

[1822] Dec. 28, Daniel Lovell and Deborah Mansell.

1823 May 17, Timothy Jordan and Mercy Jordan.

[1823] Sept. 5, Edmund Welch and Deborah Davis.

[1823] Dec. 6, Thomas J. Lancil and Amelia Inman.

[1823] Dec. 27, Charles Plummer and Sarah M. Kimball, of Pembroke, N. H.

1824, Feb. 21, Rev. Geo. W. Fargo and Sarah C. Miers. (?)

[1824] March 13, Peletiah Spencer and Margaret Brown.

[1824] May 1, Elijah Marsh and Mary H. Wiley.

[1824] May 29, Abraham Longly, of Dover, and Elis Harthorn.

[1824] June 26, James T. Harriman and Olive Porter, of Prospect.

[1824] July 24, Edward Thompson and Mary Atkinson.

[1824] Aug. 14, Enoch Lovell and Mrs. Elis Mayhew.

[1824] Aug. 28, Daniel Twist and Rebecca Harthorn.

[1824] Aug. 28, Samuel Dix and Sally C. Budge.

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1824, Aug. 28, James Clough and Mary M. Carman, of Castine.

[1824] Sept. 17, Thomas Rowe, Jr., and Patience Legro.

[1824] Sept. 17, Asa Sawyer and Mrs. Ann Whittier.

[1824] Nov. 1, Nathan'l Haynes and Miriam Pearson, of Corinth.

[1824] Oct. 9, Peleg Harthorn and Mary Snow.

[1824] Dec. 18, Samuel B. Morrill and Caroline L. Storer, of Wells.

[1824] Dec. 18, Stephen Goodwin and Matilda Davis.

1825, Jan. 15, Isaac Bailey and Sabia Warren, of Waterboro.

[1825] Jan.22, Fifield Lyford and Louisa Fogg, of Deerfield, N. H.

[1825] Feb. 5, Nehemiah V. Mitchell and Sally Larry.

[1825] March 5, Jesse Wadleigh, of Orono, and Susan M. Grant.

[1825] March 18, William Littlefield, of Frankfort, and Lavinia Boyd; banns forbidden by his guardian.

[1825] April 6, Simon Prescott and Mrs. Margaret Clark.

[1825] April 9, Geo. W. Pickering and Lucy French Clark, of Boston.

[1825] June __, Stephen S. Crosby and Ann Elliot, of Haverhill.

[1825] July 1, Benj. Arnold and Mrs. Sally Woodman.

[1825] Aug. 13, Joseph Robinson, of Orono, and Abigail Harthorn.

[1825] Aug. 13, Anthony Woodward and Susan Parsons, of Sangerville.

[1825] Aug. 20, Cyrus J. Hadley and Maria E. McDonald.

[1825] Sept. 3, Gorham Parks, Esq., and Mary Ann Thompson, of Waldoboro.

[1825] Sept. 24, David Davis, to Mary Jordan.

[1825] Nov. 12, David G. Hutchinson of Levant, to Susan Babbidge.

[1825] Nov. 19, Oliver Stone, of Hampden, to Julia Ann Mitchell.

[1825] Nov. 19, Thos. Goss, Jr., to Ann Tyler

[1825] Nov. 26, John Anderson and Hepsibah Emery.

[1825] Dec. 10, Geo. Starrett, Esq., to Eliza A. Hammond.

[1825] Dec. 17, Harry M. Parsons, of Brewer, to Eliza Nye.

[1825] Dec. 31, Peter G. Baily to Louisa Prince, of Buckfield.

1826 Jan. 7, Doct. Sam'l C. Bradbury to Miranda Page, of Freyburg.

[1826] Jan. 28, Rev. Manning Ellis of Brooksville, and Harriet Crosby,

[1826] Feb. 25, John Howard to Mrs. Remembrance Boynton.

[1826] April 8, Edmund Colburn, of Orono, and Penelope G. Parsons.

[1826] May 20, Aaron McKenny to Betsy Lancey.

[1826] June 4, Capt. Richard W. Griffin, of Orono, to Martha Webster.

[1826] June 9, Daniel Watson and Elizabeth Blakelain.

[1826] June 10, Geo. W. Randall to Hannah Hasey.

[1826] July 8, Francis Harthorn to Lucy Mason.

[1826] Aug. 26, Wilder W. Davis to Nancy Nash.

[1826] Aug. 26, Apollos Jones, Jr., to Nancy H. Clark.

[1826] Sept. 9, John Toothacre to Anna R. Haynes.

[1826] Sept. 30, Thornton McGaw to Annie F. Carr.

[1826] Oct. 7, Samuel Larrabee to Harriet G. Ham.

[1826] Oct. 14, Thomas Severance to Lydia Lovell.

[1826] Nov. __, Richard Creech to Mary Boyd.

[1826] Nov. 18, Hanson Myrick to Mehitable Mack.

[1826] Nov. 25, Benj. Davis to Mrs. Sarah Pool.

[1826] Dec. 5, Capt. Amaziah S. Moor to Patience Beal, of Sidney.

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1827 Jan. 13, Wm. Lancaster to Betsy Lancaster.

[1827] Jan. 20, Andrew Maxfield to Sarah Merriman, of Brunswick.

[1827] Jan. 20, Daniel Kimball to Lydia Sylvester, of Norridgewock.

[1827] Feb. 3, Elijah Drummond to Susan D. Parker, of Phipsburg.

[1827] Feb. 3, Otis C. Cobb to Isabella J. Moors.

[1827] Feb. 10, Hermon Fisher to Caroline Thompson, of Waldoboro.

[1827] Feb. 10, Reuben Bartlett, Esq., Garland, to Mercy Mayo.

[1827] March 3, Harvey Hewes to Deborah Bridges.

[1827] March 3, David Cook to Mary Wardwell.

[1827] March 10, Capt. Geo. W. Maxim to Lois G. Bailey, of Buckfield.

[1827] March 10, John Jeffery to Lavinnia Gullifer.

[1827] March 24, Capt. Benj. Smith, of Orono, to Lucinda Adams.

[1827] March 24, Ezra S. Brewster to Caroline Hayward.

[1827] April 7, Preserved B. Mills to Jane Lunt.

[1827] May 5, John Sprowl to Hannah B. Snow.

[1827] May 5, George Forbes to Mary Burr.

[1827] July 26, Edward Kent, to Sarah M. Johnston, of Hillsboro, N. H.

[1827] July 26, Aaron M. Roberts, of Orono, to Charlotte B. Rich.

[1827] June 9, William Hasey, Jr., to Elisabeth W. Winslow, of Albion.