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Maine Militia, War of 1812: Capt. T. Eastman's Cavalry Company

Source: Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the war of 1812-14 (Boston, Mass.: Wright & Potter printing co., state printers, 1913).

Some forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching. The format of the list has been altered.

[p. 158]
Capt. T. Eastman's Company of Cavalry, Maj. Peter Grant's Battalion, under the Supervision of Maj. Gen. Henry Sewall and William King.
From Sept. 11 to Nov. 8, 1814. Raised at Hallowell, Winthrop and vicinity. Service at Wiscasset as express and videttes between Wiscasset and Bath, and at Camden and Augusta.
Rank and Name.
Thomas Eastman, Captain
Francis Morris, Lieutenant
William Winslow, Lieutenant
Henry D. Morrill, Cornet

Parsons Smith, Clerk
Benjamin Prince, Sergeant
Alvin Hayward, Sergeant
Jonathan Matthews, Sergeant
Samuel Blake, Corporal
John Savage, Corporal
Albert Hayward, Corporal
Richard Belcher, Corporal
Ebenezer Mathews, Musician

Samuel Andrews
John Barrows
Henry B. Blackman
Levi Chandler
Daniel Day
Francis Day
Otis Follett
James French
Otis Getchell
Robert Gould
Rufus Haskell
James Hewins
Allen Lombard
David Lothrop
Tabor Lyon
William Marshall
Milton Morrow
Joseph H. Perkins
Benjamin Phllbrlck
David Philbrick
Elisha Prescott
Greenleaf Pullen
George Reed
William Rice
James Robinson
Kilburn G. Robinson
Enoch W. Hollins
Abisha M. Shaw
Eliab Shaw, Jr.
Orin Shaw
Daniel Stone
Daniel Webber, Jr.