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First Church of Falmouth Marriages, 1750-1753

Source: Marquis Fayette King, comp., Baptisms and Admission from the Records of First Church in Falmouth, now Portland, Maine (Portland, Me.: Maine Genealogical Society, 1898).

[p. 49]
The following persons were married by the Rev. Thomas Smith. These records are in the hand writing of Mr. Smith, all upon one page, but as the ink has at least three shades it is not probable that all were recorded at one sitting. Why he omitted to enter upon the church book his earlier and later marriages is not explained.

Hugh Crague and Eleanor Wharren of Falmouth.

Joseph Cox and Mary Bayley, both of Falmouth.

Henry Totman and Hannah Ingersol, both of Falmouth.

William Proctor and Charity Lunt, of Falmouth.

William Hooper and Mercy Whitten, both of Falmouth.

John Owen and Annar Hodgkins of Falmouth.

James Tuthill, Jr., and Mary Burrill.

Micah Walker and Beulah Wooster.

Jabez Dow and Dorothy Wood.

Enoch Moody and Ann Weeks.

Samuel Knights and Mary Knights.

Samuel Noice and Mary Merrill.

Samuel Crocket and Priscilla Jackman.

Joseph Willson and Mary Sweat.

Benjamin Blackstone and Eleanor Phips.

Isaac Ilsley and Mary Bradbury.

Samuel Graffam and Mary Aery.

Edward Chapman and Sarah Small.

Anthony Bracket and Abigail Chapman.

Joseph Pride and Hannah Knights.

Joseph Eaton and Sarah Burnell.

Samuel Mathews and Ellzabeth Roberts.

Joseph Walker and Mary Rigs.

Jotham Ham and Phebe Pain.

John Merril and Bethia Wyman.

John Thome and ______ Woodsome.

Peter Noice and Hannah Merril.

Lemuel Hicks and Martha Cox.

______ Johnson and ______ Jackson.

(Probably James and Hannah.)

Jeremiah Rigs and Anna Barber.

Roland Davis and Judith Tompson.

Stephen Woodman and Ester Weeks.

Samuel Watts and Margaret Elder.

Josiah Tucker and Mary Thrasher.

Josiah Lawrence and Sarah Pollard.

Richard Pears and Mary Tucker.

Capt. John Roberts and Mrs. Mehitable Bangs.

Ebenezer Buxton and Elizabeth Grant.

John Carrol and Rose Hooper.

Joseph Irish and Hannah Doan.

George Berry and Sarah Stickney.

Benjamin Davis and Mary Thomes.

James Flood and Abigail Thoms.

Benjamin Brown and Mary Hunnewal.

Benjamin Titcomb and Anna Pearson.

John Webb and Elizabeth Larraby.

Henry Carvil and Priscilla Cole.

Negro Prince and Indian.

William Cotton and Martha Hudson.

James Goodwin and Mary Wheeler.

Stephen Lowel and Agnis Bolton.

John Blake and Dorothy Merril.