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Maine Militia, War of 1812: Lieut. S. S. Fairfield's Artillery Companies

Source: Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the war of 1812-14 (Boston, Mass.: Wright & Potter printing co., state printers, 1913).

Some forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching. The format of the list has been altered.

[p. 154]
Muster Roll of Lieut. S. S. Fairfield's Company, Lieut. Col. J. Spring's Regiment.
From June 20 to June 30, 1814. Raised at Saco. Service at Saco. Saco Artillery Company.
Rank and Name.
Seth S. Fairfield, Lieutenant
George Thacher, Jr., Ensign
William Waterhouse, Sergeant
Joseph Hammond, Sergeant
Joseph H. Randall, Sergeant
James Wood, Musician
Edwin Lapsell, Musician


Ezekiel Bangs
William Benson
Coleman W. Bright or Knight
George Davis
Israel Davis
Benjamin Durgin
Jabez Elwell
Jacob Gillpatrick
John Harmon
Josiah Hill, Jr.
Phineas W. Justin, Jr.
Edward Kenny
Charles Kidlon or Ridlon
Daniel Kimball
Seth Kindricks
John Knight
Isaac Marshall
Lemuel McKunnison
Nathaniel Patten
William Patterson
William Pearster
Noah Perkins
Mark Rounds
Isaac Runnels
Tristram Sawyer
Samuel Scammon
Benjamin Shehan
Thomas Smith, Jr.
Eli Tibbets
Timothy Tibbetts
George Timpson
Thomas Tornning
Daniel Wentworth
Lewis Young

Lieut. S. S. Fairfield's Detachment.
From June 30 to July 30, 1814. Raised at Saco. Service at Saco. Saco Artillery.
Rank and Name.
Seth S. Fairfield, Lieutenant

Michael Plummer, Sergeant
Nathaniel Patten, Musician
Marshall Maxwell, Musician

Isaac Andrews
Simeon Bragdon
Abram Dow
James Dyer
Edmund Goodwin
Benjamin Grant
James Hally
John Hierl
Caleb Kimball
Samuel Lord
Stephen Mounts
Isaac Sands
Joseph Smith
Noah Smith
John Stannels
Joshua Thompson
Richard Young

[p. 155]
Lieut. S. S. Fairfield's Detachment of Artillery.
From July 31 to Aug. 31, 1814. Raised at Saco. Service at Saco.
Rank and Name.
Seth S. Fairfield, Lieutenant

James Mann, Jr., Sergeant

Isaac Bradin
Abel Chase
James S. Chicks
Ezra Davis, 3d
Benjamin Durgin
John Edgcomb
Patrick Furlong
Chadwick Knox
Daniel Lord
Artemas Meeds
Nathaniel Patten
Benjamin Pitts
George Robinson
Israel Smith
George Strout
Edmund Webber