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Maine Militia, War of 1812: Capt. W. Haskell's Artillery Company

Source: Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the war of 1812-14 (Boston, Mass.: Wright & Potter printing co., state printers, 1913).

Some forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching. The format of the list has been altered.

[p. 153]
Capt. W. Haskell's Company of Artillery, under Maj. Lemuel Weeks, under Supervision of United States Officers.
From Aug. 5 to Nov. 5, 1814. Raised at New Gloucester. Service at forts in Portland harbor.
Rank and Name.
William Haskell, Captain
Samuel Emery, Lieutenant
Oliver Bray, Lieutenant

John Lowell, Sergeant
Charles Rogers, Sergeant
Lommi Cushing, Sergeant
Samuel Simmons, Corporal
Moses Stinchfield, Corporal
Bela Hammond, Corporal
Joseph Yetten, Musician
Levi Leighton, Musician

John Ames
Nathaniel B. Ardeton
Ammi Bartol
Jarvis Beals
Robert Blair
John Bond
Thomas Briggs
William Burns
William Card
Nathan Carter
Josiah Choate
George Cobb
Joseph Cobb
Tristram Coffin
Josiah Elliott
Asa Erskine
George Erskine
Daniel Fannin
Samuel Foss
John Gilman
James Haley
Jacob Hammond
Nathan Haskell
Thomas Knight
Winslow Knight
Seth Lamb
Reuben Leighton
Theophilus Libbey
John M. Lincoln
John P. Lowell
Samuel March
Joseph McLelland
Nathaniel Meguire
John Mitchell
Nathaniel Mitchell
Samuel Mitchell
John Morris
William Nichols
Joseph C. Noice
Joshua Norwood
Caleb E. Parker
Ephraim Penny
Samuel Pierce
John Pike
Henry Pride

[p. 154]
John Prince
Jeremiah Riggs
Stephen Riggs
John Rogers, Jr.
Joseph Smith
William Smith
Lemuel Tobey
William Tobey
Jacob Townsend
Edward Wait
Solomon Wait
Job White
George Wilson
Joshua Woodman
Peter Wyer
John Wyman
Anson Young