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Maine Militia, War of 1812: Capt. Jacob Auld's Artillery Company

Source: Records of the Massachusetts volunteer militia called out by the Governor of Massachusetts to suppress a threatened invasion during the war of 1812-14 (Boston, Mass.: Wright & Potter printing co., state printers, 1913).

Some forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching. The format of the list has been altered.

[p. 145]
Capt. Jacob Auld's Company of Artillery.
From Aug. 1 to Nov. 1, 1814. In the service of United States
at the forts and garrisons at Damariscotta, St. George,
Edgecomb and Phipsburg.
Rank and Name.
Jacob Auld, Captain
David Hodgkins, Lieutenant
Jeremiah Holton, Lieutenant
John Robinson, Ensign
Daniel Newcomb, Sergeant
John Foye, Sergeant
Bela Packard, Sergeant
Daniel Oliver, Sergeant
Joseph Adams, Sergeant
John Fullerton, Corporal
Samuel Houston, Corporal
Daniel Sandford, Corporal
Jacob Sidelinger, Corporal
William Suller, Corporal
Thomas McIntire, Musician
William Marshall, Musician

John Bailey
Samuel Barlow
Isaac Bean
Alfred Blackwell
Sargent Boldin
James Boyd
Charles Bradford
William Brice, 3d
John Brown, 3d
William Brown
John Caine
James Campbell
James Chappels
Samuel Coombs
Jesse Dalton
Frederick Dogett
Thomas Dow
George Erskine
John Erskine
Ebenezer Farnham
Samuel Farnham
Timothy Fitch
Edward Gould
Jesse Guy
John Hall
William Hall
Andrew Hariden
Moses Hurd
Josiah Bustin
John Jones
Shadrack Jones
Benjamin Kelloch
Isaac Kelly
John A. Knight
James Light
Jacob T. Little
Samuel Little
William M. Little
John McFarland
John McFarland, 2d
George McKenney
Nathaniel Montgomery
Timothy Moses, Jr.
Aaron Mossman
Enoch Noyce
Jacob Oliver
Godfrey Overlock
John Poland
Henry Reed
Daniel Richards
Daniel Roak
Rufus Roe
Enoch Rogers
Jacob Royal
Nathaniel W. Sheldon
Mark Spear
William Spear
Jacob Stahl
Thomas Stebbins
Samuel Stephens
Jacob T. Stoddard
Philip Suckforth
Giles Tibbets
Gilbert Tilson
Andrew Tool
William Trask
William Trask, 2d
Timothy Tyler
William Varnum
Daniel Vining
George Walker
Phineas Warren
James Watson
David S. Weeks
Lawrence Welch
James Wire
Benjamin Worthing
Alex Wylie