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Fryeburg War of 1812 Soldiers

Source: John Stuart Barrows, Fryeburg, Maine: an Historical Sketch (Fryeburg, Me.: Pequawket Press, 1938).

[p. 159]
When the issues which led to the War of 1812 with Great Britain began to develop New England in general was not so enthusiastic over the situation as to show much military interest, but as the war went on and employment became less, there was more inducement for idle men to go with the colors. No active enlistment began in Fryeburg before 1814, when the danger of a possible attack drew the military companies from the surrounding country to the support of Portland, and most of the service was performed between the dates of June 24, and September 24, 1814.

This is the roster of the Artillery company raised at Fryeburg for this service:
Captain, James Charles
Lieutenant, Joseph Colby.
Ensign, Benjamin Woodman.
Sergt. Nathaniel G. Jewett.
Sergt. Jeremiah Bradley.
Sergt. Isaac Charles.
Sergt. Hall Chase.
Sergt. Jeremiah Chandler.
Sergt. Nehemiah C. Dresser.
Corp. Benjamin Wiley.
Corp. Seth S. Chase.
Corp. Moses Abbott.
Corp. John Stevens.
Corp. William Stevens.

Asa Abbott
Micah Abbott
Isaac Abbott
Silas Abbott
Amos Bemis
David Bradley
Isaac Burgin
Isaac Chandler
John Chandler
Nathan Chandler
John Charles
Simeon Charles
Joshua Gamage, Jr.
John Gordon
Henry Gordon, Jr.
William Harwood
Joseph Gordon
Samuel Hatch
Amos Hill
Daniel Hill
Samuel D. Huntress
Ichabod Hutchins
Stephen Irish
Andrew Johnson
Samuel Tibbetts
William Thompson
John Walker, Jr.
Nathaniel Warren
America Wiley
John Wiley
Oliver Whiting, Jr.
Samuel Wiley
Job Wiley
Isaac Charles
John Charles, Jr.
Samuel Dutch

[p. 160]
Timothy Charles
David Coombs
Job Dresser
William Eaton
Jonathan Evans
Jonathan Farrington
Samuel Farrington
Stephen Farrington
Benjamin Fifield
Frederic Frye
Ephraim Fox
John Gammage
James Johnson
Eliphalet Knight
Jesse Lewis
John Marden
John Mason
Joshua Richardson
Luther Richardson
Jordon Stacey
Oliver Stacey
John S. Sterns
Asa Smith
Joseph Swan
Philip Farrington
Jonathan F. Fifield
William Hapgood
Joseph Stevens

Quartermaster William Russell, and Surgeon Moses Chandler of the staff of the Artillery Battalion served at Portland, June 13 to June 24.

At the same time a second company of Artillery went from Fryeburg to Portland, the roster of which was:
Captain Philip Eastman
Lieutenant Ebenezer Fessenden
Lieutenant John Evans
Sergt. Abiel Farnham
Sergt. Isaac Frye
Sergt. Noyes Knight
Sergt. William Shirley

Stephen Abbott
George Brooks
Jonas Brown
Samuel F. Carter
Enoch S. Chase
Robert Colby
Jacob Evans
Jonathan Fessenden
William Fessenden
Jacob Farrington
William Frye
Stephen G. Hardy
John Hatch
Ebenezer Haseltine
Asa Head
Corp. Thomas Day
Corp. Abel Gibson
Corp. James Atwood
Corp. Thomas Farrington
Musician John Page
Musician Jacob Emerson

John W. Heath
Senaca Howe
John Hutchins
Jonathan Hardy
John Knight
Israel Lassells
Ebenezer McIntire
James Osgood, Jr.
Isaac Osgood
Caleb Richardson
Jonathan Shirley
John Sterling, Jr.
Benjamin Walker
Jonathan Ward
Isaiah Warren
Staff officers of the 2nd Brigade who served at Portland were: Brig. Gen. John McMillan, commanding brigade; Joshua B. Osgood, Brigade Major; James W. Ripley, Brigade Quartermaster; Enoch Lincoln, Aide de Camp.

Neither town or state records show how long these troops served, or how many of them served through the war. John W. Heath is known to have served the entire war, and was at the battle of Sackett's Harbor.