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Graduates of Farmington Normal School, 1870

Source: George C. Purington, History of the State Normal School, Farmington, Maine : with sketches of the teachers and graduates (Farmington, Me.: Press of Knowlton, McLeary & Co., 1889).

"The address given at the beginning of each sketch is that taken from the records of the School when the graduate entered. At the close of the sketch, the present [1889] address is given." [p. 37]

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CLASS OF 1870.
Fifth Class.—Graduated June 2, 1870.
Lorene Churchill, North New Portland, Me.
Has taught more than 600 weeks in ten Maine towns, fully one-half of that time in the city of Calais. Has taken a part of the C. L. S. C. course. Her studies have been largely in the line of her teaching, yet she has found time to belong to a reading club for fifteen years. Is now taking a vacation on account of ill health.

North New Portland, Me,

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R. Jennie Day, Woolwich, Me.
Taught in Lewiston a short time, and in Washington, D. C., for thirteen years. Married, July 24, 1884, Mr. Edwards M. Burchard of Cedarville, Va., where they now reside. They have one son, Edwin Day, born Nov. 7, 1886.

Cedarville, Warren Co., Va.

Clara Dillingham, Freeport, Me.
Has taught 330 weeks in Freeport, Calais and North Berwick. Married, July 17, 1883, Mr. James H. Hanks of Freeport.

Freeport, Me.

Charles A. Hayes, Farmington, Me.
Became a student of Medicine in the oflice of Dr. J. L. Wever, Leavenworth, Kan., in 1875. Graduated from Rush Medical College, Chicago, in 1877, representing the class as salutatorian. Was offered and accepted the position of Assistant Superintendent of the Kansas Hospital for the lnsane, where he remained for five years and then resigned to go into general practice at Chippewa Falls, Wis., where he is at the present time. He is also surgeon for the Wisconsin Central R. R. Dr. Hayes is unmarried.

Chippewa Falls, Wis.

Clara A. Hinckley, Livermore Falls, Me.
Taught one year in ungraded schools and one year as an assistant in the Normal. Married, Nov. 17, 1875, David Hunter Knowlton, A. B., of Farmington, a graduate of Bowdoin College, Class of 1869, now senior member of the firm of D. H. Knowlton & Co., publishers of the School World, School-Days and Our Little People, besides a History of Farmington and other books. They have two children: Clarence Hinckley, born Sept. 9, 1876, Helen, born Oct. 9, 1879.

Mrs. Knowlton took a course of study in Latin, French and German at Westbrook Seminary before her marriage, and still keeps up her interest in all literary and educational matters. She has very largely conducted the education of her own children, and the School is very much indebted to her loyal zeal for its welfare.

Farmington, Me.

Nellie M. Kimball, North New Portland, Me.
Took the Advanced Course in the Bridgewater Normal School, and taught in Calais three or four years, also in Lawrence and Boston, Mass.

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Upon the establishment of the Normal School at Gorham, Jan. 19, 1879, she became one of the teachers, and remained there until her decease, Feb. 7, 1883. In his report for that year, the Principal, Hon. W. J. Corthell, speaks of her work and life in the following terms :

In November, 1882, Miss Helen M. Kimball, who had been a teacher in the school from its organization, left on account of sickness. She died in February, 1883. The school sustained in her retirement and death a very great loss. Possessing elements of character rarely united in so great measure in the same person, viz.: A remarkable power of clear logical thought and intense sympathy, she impressed all who came under her instruction in a very effective way for their good. She moulded character as well as intellect, and her pupils were better men and women, as well as better thinkers, on account of her influence. Her impress is felt in the lives of those who were under her instruction here, and it may well be said of her, that in the lives of these, her pupils, raised to nobler planes of living, by her teaching and example, "She being dead yet speaketh."

Emma L. Merrill, St. Albans, Me.
Taught about 150 weeks, all in Maine, in Skowhegan, Anson, St. Albans, Lewiston and other towns. Was for some years in the millinery business in Lewiston. Married, June 17, 1872, Mr. Henry K. Prince of Brunswick, Me., for several years since a machinist with the Thorndyke Man’f. Co. of Lowell, Mass., now a clerk in that city. They have six children: Emma Estelle, born March 27, 1876; Bertram Merrill, born March 26, 1877, died Aug. 27, 1887 ; Angelia, born June 20, 1878, died Aug. 22, 1878; Daisy, born July 22, 1880, died Aug. 20, 1883; Mary Kidder, born Aug. 17, 1883; Sylvanus Cushing, born Jan. 6, 1885.

89 Bridge Street, Lowell, Mass.

Oliver S. Norton, Strong, Me.
Mr. Norton has taught about 340 weeks, and all grades up to and including the high school. He has been in particular demand as a teacher of "hard schools," and it is needless to add that he has always been successful.

For several years he was engaged in farming in connection with teaching winters, He is now Principal of the Saccarappa Grammar School. Married, Dec. 20, 1874, Ella J. Cutting of Campton, N. H., and has two children, Iva L., born June 15, 1879; and Angie E., born Oct, 11, 1884.

11 Casco Street, Portland, Me.

Alice J. Potter, Larone, Me.
Taught two years, 1870-2 in the primary grade in Skowhegan. Married, July 3, 1872, Mr. Alfred H. Lang, a merchant of that town.

Skowhegan, Me.

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Charles W. Purington, West Bowdoin, Me.
Taught 48 weeks in Bowdoin, Richmond and Topsham. Studied Latin and Greek for one year in the Latin School at Lewiston, and spent over two years in the Cobb Divinity School, nearly completing the course. Took a voyage around the world, visiting England, France and China, and spent a short time on the Pacific Coast. Has held several pastorates in Maine and New Hampshire. Is now preaching for the North St. Free Baptist Church, Bath, Me. Married, Oct. 4, 1883, Hattie Newman of Weld, and has two children : Joseph Ray, born Aug, 15, 1884; Granville Newman, born Jan. 14, 1888.

West Bowdoin, Me.

Nellie F. Reed, Farmington, Me.
Taught two years in Lewiston, two years in Washington, D. C., when her health failed, then, after a rest of several years, taught for eight years in the primary and grammar grades in Lawrence, Mass. Has made a special study of Elocution, and read considerably in public, Married, Jan. 25, 1888, Mr. Oran J. Randlett, a merchant of Lawrence, and has one child, Lillian A., born Feb. 6, 1889.

33 Milton Street, Lawrence, Mass.

Carrie G. Sewall, Farmington, Me,
Taught one year in a primary school in Calais, and for one year was Principal of the Model School. Married, Sept. 19, 1872, Mr. Charles P. Robbins, a merchant of Calais, and resided there until her decease, April 13, 1886, leaving two children: Mary Parkman, born May 26, 1875; Alice Mayhew, born March 22, 1877.

N. Maria Stevens, Lewiston, Me.
Graduated from Westbrook Seminary in 1871 with the degree of L. S. Has taught about 550 weeks,— twenty terms in Maine, in Livermore, Westbrook Seminary, Auburn, Guilford, Sangerville, Abbot, Dexter and Foxcroft. Taught History and Mathematics in Dean Academy. Franklin, Mass., for three years, and for five years was a teacher in the Cambridge grammar schools. In 1888 she took a diploma from the School of Drawing and Painting at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Her studies are not yet completed, and she is now doing advanced work in the school in addition to her professional work as a crayon artist.

3 Frost Street, North Cambridge, Mass.

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Charles E. Williams, Durham, Me.
During the year following graduation he successfully filled the place of an absent teacher in the Normal. Taught the next year in the Nashua (N. H.) Grammar School, then for four years was Principal of the Auburn (Me.) Grammar School, and afterwards taught two terms of high school in New Gloucester. Graduated from the College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, and is enjoying an extensive and increasing practice at Auburn, where he has been located for several years. Married, March 31, 1872, Emma J. Harlow of Nashua, N, H., formerly of Livermore, Me., and at one time a member of the School. They have three children: Ethel E., born April 25, 1873; Charles E., born June 12, 1875, Annie, born July 18, 1880.

104 High Street, Auburn, Me.