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Bangor Marriage Intentions, 1806-1810

Source: The Bangor Historical Magazine, vol. 3 (Bangor, Me.: J.W. Porter, 1888).

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1806, May 3. Samuel Gilman and Sally Goodhue, of Deerfield, N. H.

[1806,] Sept. 19. Allen Gilman to Miss Eleanor Brewer, of Orrington.

[1806,] Sept. 27. Luke Perry to Lesa(?) Morrill, both of Piscataquis Settlement.

[1806,] Nov. 8. Seth Thompson to Lucy Holt.

[1806,] Nov. 23. Nath. Boynton to Betsey Clark.

[1806,] Nov. 30. Amos Patten to Susan Hatch.

[1806,] Dec. 14. John Ham to Miriam Johnson.

[1806,] Dec. 29. Samuel Kimball, of Piscataquis Settlement, to Sally Gilman, of Exeter, N. H.

1807, Jan. 3. Richard McGrath to Hannah Hathorn.

[1807,] Feb. 8. Andrew Goodhue, of Ohio Settlement, to Mary Hayes.

[1807,] March 1. John S. Haskell to Sally Murray, both of Lincoln Settlement.

[1807,] April 12. Samuel W. Hayes to Miss Sally Blake, of Orrington.

[1807,] May 3. Stephen Giddings to Miss Nancy Marshall, of Lunenburg.

[1807,] May 25. William Mann to Sally Sherburne, both of Pushaw Settlement.

[1807,] July 19. Peter Brawne to Betsey Kinkett(?), both of Piscataquis Settlement.

[1807,] Dec. 2. William Severance to Polly Trafton.

[1807,] Dec. 1. Thomas Manly to Eunice Briggs, both of Pushaw.

[1807,] Dec. 6. Jona. Plummer to Mary Hoskins, of Gloucester.

1808, Jan. 3. James Wallace(?) to Lydia Wiswell, of Hampden.

[1808,] July 3. John Brown to Dorcas Philbrook, of Hampden.

[1808,] Sept. 4. Ezra Patten, of Hampden, to Fanny Howard.

[1808,] Sept. 11. John Mason to Mary Nowell, both of Kenduskeag Settlement.

[1808,] Oct. 16. Arnold Merry(?) to Sally Tibbetts, both of Charleston.

[1808,] Nov. 5. John Webber to Rebecca Farring.

[1808,] Nov. 18. John W. Green to Mary Penner(?)

1809, Jan. 5. Wm. Cobb to Betsey Marsh.

[1809,] Jan. 1. James Tilden to Sally Buzzell.

[1809,] Feb. 4. Stephen Kimball to Rebecca Sawyer.

[1809,] March 6. Jeremiah Moulton to Sally Hill.

[1809,] March 5. Abner Taylor to Nancy Hammond.

[1809,] March 5. Nath. Smith to Polly Lord.

[1809,] March 18. Moses Snow, of No. 3 R. 7, to Nancy Colcord, of No. 2, R. 6.

[1809,] March 18. David Fogg to Sally Durrell, of Arundel.

[1809,] Apr. 7. Joseph Pease to Mary Barker.

[1809,] Apr. 7. Mason Skinner to Rebecca B______.

[1809,] May 12. Capt. Daniel Dresser to Eunice Perley, of Boxford.

[1809,] May 20. Capt. Geo. Barker to Miss Abigail Carr, of Orrington.

[1809,] May 27. Isaac Oakman to Prudence Fowler.

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1809, July 10. Samuel Newhall, of Ohio Plantation, to Miss Abiah Pierce, of Manchester.

[1809,] July 22. Isaac Barstow to Abigail Nickerson, of Orrington.

[1809,] Aug. 5. John C. Boober to Anna Boobar, both of Piscataquis.

[1809,] Aug. 28. William Miller to Charlotte Rogers.

[1809,] March 17. David Howard to Rachel Ryder, of Orrington.

[1809,] March 22. Wm. Lowden to Abigail Orcutt, of Orrington.

1810, May 15. David Hill to Phebe Dole, of Limerick.

[1810,] May 25. Elisha Gibbs, Jr., of Pushaw, to Martha Hasey.

[1810,] June 13. Isaac H. Murry(?) to Betsey Tibbetts, both of Charleston Settlement.

[1810,] June 20. James Deering(?) of Frankfort, to Mrs. Elizabeth Church.

[1810,] July 23. Gardner Farmer to Joanna Hamilton, both of Blasdelltown.

[1810,] Aug. 26. James Bartlett to Martha Wiggin, of Strathan, N. H.

[1810,] Aug. 31. David J. Bent to Rebecca Hubbard, of Concord.

[1810,] Sept. 23. Thomas D. Liscomb to Deborah A. Louden, of Belfast.

[1810,] Sept. 20. Wm. Sargent to Lucretia Kimball, both of Lincoln.

[1810,] Oct. 6. Walter Leland to Louisa Oakes, both of Piscataquis Settlement.

[1810,] Oct. 19. Zacheus Hall, of Orrington, to Sally Adams.

[1810,] Oct. 29. Oliver Woodard, of Lincoln, to Miss Sally Herron, of St. Low.

[1810,] Nov. 7. Wm. Palmer, of Blasdell, and Susanna Treadwell, of Lincoln.

[1810,] Nov. 24. Elizer Woodard to Rachel Bennett, both of Piscataquis Settlement.