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1820 Census: Jonesborough, Washington County

Source: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Fourth Census of the United States, 1820. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1820. M33. Roll 37.

This transcription was generously provided by Joan Rines, and was proofread by Christopher Dunham. Any errors that remain are solely the responsibility of the proofreader.

Only the first fifteen fields are shown below. Those entries that include additional data are marked with a . Entries followed by a are accompanied by a notation. Click on a name to view an individual's expanded entry.

Key to entries:

a. Free white males under 10
b. Free white males of 10 and under 16
c. Free white males of 16 and under 18
d. Free white males of 16 and under 26
e. Free white males of 26 and under 45
f. Free white males of 45 and upwards
g. Free white females under 10
h. Free white females of 10 and under 16
i. Free white females of 16 and under 26
j. Free white females of 26 and under 45
k. Free white females of 45 and upwards
l. Foreigners not naturalized
m. Persons engaged in agriculture
n. Persons engaged in commerce
o. Persons engaged in manufacturing
[p. 302]
James Atchison110010310100100
Manwarren Beal000001010010100
Jeremiah Beal010001000010100
Barnabus Beal010010000100100
Freeman Beal000010201000100
Thomas W. Beal200010001000100
Asa Beal210010220100100
Joseph Bryant100001012010100
Stephen O. Bryant300100001000001
Thomas Cummings000010001010100
Samuel Cummings320010110100100
William P. Cummings210010110100100
Francis Cummings220010200110100
Thomas Cottle000010000000000
John Crosby000010000000000
Josiah Disko400010100100000
William Dobbin100010101000000
James Dobbin000010000000000
Eusebius Emerson221111112100100
Ichabod Farnsworth111101102010100
Aderial Farnsworth220010111100100
Asa Farnsworth210010121100100
Isaac Farnsworth Junr.500010011100100
Cyrus Farnsworth010101101010100
Amasa Farnsworth100010100100100
Thomas Foster200010121100100
Samuel Gooch000010000000010
Andrew Gould000010000000000

[p. 303]
Hatevil Hall121221011011400
William S. Hall110010210100100
Zackeus M. Hall000100001000100
Tobias A. Hall000100000000000
Stephen Johnson030200011010100
Benjamin Johnson000010110000100
Joseph Kelly202201210100220
David Kelly220010201100110
Thomas Kelly221201200100210
Nathl. C. Kelly000121000020220
Samuel Kelly001100011000110
Benjamin Kelton010001012010100
William Kelton010010400100100
John Kelton000010600100100
Gustavus F. Kelton200010010000100
Robert Knight000001100000000
Sewell Larabee010001200011000
William Longfellow000100000000001
Nathan Libby000011001000100
Joseph Libby020010400100100
Martha Libby120000210010000
Thomas Lambert000100000000000
Thomas Lamson100211111100020
Andrew McDonald110010010020100
Samuel Maddock200010200100100
Samuel Marston010101001010100
William Marston000100000000000
Samuel H. Marston000100000000000

[p. 304]
John McKinsey411001121110100
David Merrit110201112010300
Reuben McKinsey001200001000010
Nathaniel Marstin220010210100100
John Marstin300010210100100
Isaac Mayo210001210100100
Dustan Merril000100000000000
George S. Merrit000100000000000
Roderick McKinsey000100000000010
London Milo010100010010000
Elihu Norton000011020000100
William N. Norton000010000000010
Jeremiah B. Norton100010400100100
Joseph T. Norton200010100100100
Phineas M. Norton100010201000100
John Noyes210010221100100
Josiah S. Noyes200110300210100
Abraham Norton200100001000100
Samuel Nickerson100010200100100
Thomas Oliver000010000100001
Timothy Pines120010201000100
Daniel Rogers100010010100000
Prince Rogers001101000000000
Prince Rogers Junr.110010101100000
Nancy Roberts000000000000000
James Robbins100100100100000
Adonijah Stone000010000001000
James Smith202010000010100

[p. 305]
James Smith Junr.000100001000100
Francis Smith200010000100100
Freeman Steele220100101110100
John Sawyer Junr.000101010100100
Ebenezer Sawyer200010110100100
Daniel Sawyer010011000010100
Nehemiah Sawyer020001201010100
William Stearns000010000000100
John Shoppe200010110100100
Ephraim Shoppe102210100110100
Ebenezer Smith300010300100100
Lorain W. Smith000010000000000
George H. Smith000000000000000
John Shorey0003110112102318
Joseph Shorey110010001000010
John Stephens000000000000000
Moses Smith000200101000200
Jeremiah Smith000100000000000
Hannah Simpson111100301100100
Edward Small000100000000100
Ancil Tupper120101012010200
Gideon C. Tupper200010101000100
James Thompson000002101020100
John Thompson520010001100100
Joseph Thompson000100000000000
George Tenney111201011020300
Frost Warren000010000000000
Joshua Walker000010000000010
Joseph Wiggin000010000000000
Elisha Willey000100000000000

[p. 306]
Ephraim Whitney212331341110700
Joseph Whitney210011120110100
Gustavus F. Whitney200100001000100
Samuel Whitney000010000000000
Mathias Whitney000200011100000
William Whitney000001000000000
Samuel Watts101201021010100
David Watts100001022010100
Samuel Watts 2d100100001000100
Josiah N. Watts000100000000000
Josiah Weston110001003120100
Jonathan White110010310100100
Abel Whitney000010000000000
Joseph Watts000010000000000
Isaac Worcester400010110100100