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Voters in Belfast, 1800

Source: Joseph Williamson, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine. (Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913), Vol. 1.

Forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching.

[p. 197]
In 1800, the whole number of voters was 148. As nearly as can be ascertained, ninety-two resided upon the west side of the river, and fifty-six upon the east side. The following are their names:—

Jacob Ames
James Badger
William Banton
Jonathan Basford
Jeremiah Bean
John Brown
John Brown, Jr.
Benjamin Bussell
Samuel Bussell

Abraham Clark
Alexander Clark
Elisha Clark
Ichabod Clark
Daniel Clary
George Cochran
John Cochran
John Cochran, 2d
John Cochran, 3d
Peter Cochran
Robert Cochran
Robert Boyd Cochran
Edward Covell
Judah Covell
Edward Crooks
Thomas Cunningham
William Cunningham

John Dolliff
John Durham
Tolford Durham
Nathaniel Eels
Samuel Eels
Jonathan Elwell

John Folsom
Beniah Fox

[p. 198]
Edward Fox
Enos Frost

Stephen Giddings
Baptist Gilmore
James Gilmore
John Gilmore
James Gordon
Joseph Gordon
William Griffin

Aaron C. Hadley
Allen Hall
Solomon Hamilton
Benjamin Hartshorn
John Haskell
Daniel Hibbard
Joseph Hinkson
George Hopkins
Jonathan Houston
Joseph Houston
Robert Houston
Samuel Houston
Samuel Houston, 2d
Thomas Houston
William Houston
Simeon Hovey
Seth Hunt
John Huse

Daniel Johnson

Reuben Kimball
William Kimball
Daniel Kirkpatrick
William Knowlton
John Lymburner

Ephraim McFarland
Abner G. McKeen
Ephraim McKeen
Isaac McKeen
Samuel McKeen
John Merriam
Wiggins Merrill
James Miller
Joseph Miller
Robert Miller
Robert Mitchell
Nathaniel Muncey
Benjamin Nesmith
James Nesmith
James Nesmith, Jr.

John S. Osborn

James Patterson
John Patterson
Martin Patterson
Martin J. Patterson
Nathaniel Patterson
Robert Patterson
Robert Patterson, 2d
Robert Patterson, 3d
Robert Patterson, 4th
Starrett Patterson
William Patterson
William Patterson, 2d
William Patterson, 3d
William Patterson, 4th

David Reed
Thomas Reed
Nathaniel Robinson
John Russ

John Sale
Alanson Senter
Isaac Senter
James Shirley
Benjamin Smith
Caleb Smith
Joseph Smith
John Snell
Marshall Spring
Nahum Spring
Thaddeus Spring
Robert Steele
Caleb Stephenson
Charles Stephenson
Jerome Stephenson
Solon Stephenson
Zenas Stephenson
Richard Stimson

William Taggart
Jonathan Taylor
Thomas Taylor
Isaac Thompson

[p. 199]
James Thompson
Samuel Thompson, 2d
Henry True
Annis Tuft
John Tuft
Jonathan Tuft
Thomas Tuft
William Tuft
Isaac Turner

Moses Varnum

James Webber
Lemuel Weeks
Stetson West
William West
James Weymouth
Jonathan White
Robert White
Jonathan Wilson
Benjamin Winslow

Benjamin Young
John Young