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Shakers in New Gloucester, 1860

Source: United States of America, Bureau of the Census. Eighth Census of the United States, 1860. Washington, D.C.: National Archives and Records Administration, 1860. M653, Roll 437.

In the margin are the notes, "United Society of Shakers" and "Whole number of Dwelling houses Six." The Society's real estate was valued at $35,000, their personal estate at $5,040. Individuals who attended school within the year are marked with an asterisk (*).

[p. 40]
Joseph Brackett, 63, male, Gardener, b. Maine
Hewett Chandler, 26, male, Mechinist, b. Maine
Charles Vining, 35, male, Trader, b. Maine
Levi Holmes, 80, male, Shoe Maker, b. Maine
John Brown, 69, male, Grape Grower, b. England
John Coffin, 67, male, Horticultrist, b. Maine
Hazard Freeman, 57, male, Farmer, b. Maine
Ransom Gilman, 41, male, Miller, b. Maine
Nathanel Arnold, 54, male, Farmer, b. Maine
William Elliot, 24, male, Gardiner, b. New York
Gilbert Place, 21, male, Broom Maker, b. Maine
*Henry Prescott, 17, male, Farm laborer, b. Maine
*Ruel Wedge, 17, male, Farm laborer, b. Maine
*Augustus Clement, 16, male, Farm laborer, b. Maine
*Isaac Brown, 15, male, Farm laborer, b. Maine
*Edward York, 13, male, b. New Hampshire
*James Richardson, 12, male, b. Maine
*Adrion Brown, 12, male, b. Maine
*Orin Haskell, 12, male, b. Maine
*Llewellyn Brown, 10, male, b. Maine
*Everett Carrol, 9, male, b. Maine
*Clarence Richardson, 9, male, b. Maine
*Herbert West, 10, male, b. Maine
Samuel Kendrick, 48, male, Carpenter, b. Massachusetts
Otis Sawyer, 45, male, Minister, b. Maine
Lavina Mcintire, 53, female, Plamleaf Mats [sic], b. Maine
Deborah Fuller, 57, female, Plamleaf Mats [sic], b. Maine
Lucretia Dutton, 44, female, Tailoress, b. Maine
Aurelia Mace, 25, female, School Mistress, b. Maine
Anna Hurd, 67, female, Weaver, b. New Hampshire

[p. 41]
Rosana Crowell, 49, female, Physician, b. Maine
Sophia Dutton, 42, female, Physician, b. Maine
Lydia Mariner, 47, female, Dairy Woman, b. Maine
Lucy Dutton, 76, female, b. Maine
Lydia Dutton, 52, female, b. Maine
Maryann Hill, 60, female, b. Maine
Eliza Smith, 29, female, Dress Maker, b. Massachusetts
Emily Peirce, 60, female, b. Maine
Nancy Peirce, 63, female, b. Maine
Mary J. Jones, 48, female, b. Maine
Charlotte Thomas, 73, female, Doctress, b. Massachusetts
Betsy Littlefield, 59, female, b. Maine
Lydia Littlefield, 65, b. Maine
Abigail Frost, 74, female, Weaver, b. Maine
Ruth Butler, 57, female, b. Maine
Olive Goodwin, 31, female, Cook, b. Maine
Celia Sanders, 50, female, Sieve Weaver, b. Maine
Almira Bartlett, 18, female, Sieve Weaver, b. Maine
*Mary Bartlett, 17, female, b. Maine
*Eliza Bartlett, 15, female, b. Maine
*Minerva Purinton, 16, female, b. Maine
*Louisa Hartwell, 14, female, b. Maine
*Lucy Gray, 14, female, b. Canada East
*Margrette Gray, 13, female, b. Maine
*Sarah Clemont, 14, female, b. Maine
*Emma Tubbits, 13, female, b. Maine ["Tebbits" is perhaps intended.]
*Anabella [or Arrabella] Stickney, 8, female, b. New Brunswick
*Alice Wood, 8, female, b. Maine
*Ada McKenney, 13, female, b. Maine
*Rebecca Innman, 10, female, b. Maine
*Zeruiah Richardson, 11, female, b. Maine
*Moriah Oneal, 11, female, b. New Brunswick
Mary Gillespie, 31, female, Dress Maker, b. England
Hester A. Adams, 43, female, Minister, b. England

Also listed in the "household," but not of the Society, were:
Almond Boothby, 25, male, Teamster, b. Maine
Jason Thwoit, 35, male, Teamster, b. Maine
James Patridge, 17, male, Farm laborer, b. Maine
Julius G. Chipman, 25, male, Carpenter, b. Maine