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Record of Marriages by Rev. John W. Ellingwood of Bath, 1813-1853

Source: Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, vol. 6 (Portland, Me.: S.M. Watson, 1889).

Some punctuation has been standardized.

[p. 478]
Jan. 10, 1813. Munson G. Curtis and Phebe Macomber both of Bath.

Feb. 28, [1813.] Abiather Fisher of Falmouth and Mary Cobb of Bath.

Feb. 28, [1813.] Capt. Saml. Low and Mary Card both of Bath.

Apr. 7, [1813.] John Peterson Jr., of Brunswick and Mary Foster of Bath.

Nov. 25, [1813.] Samuel F. Perkins of Woolwich and Sarah Carter of Bath.

June 1, 1814. James Edgecomb and Mary Welch both of Bath.

July 21, [1814.] Edward Rowse and Mercy Blake both of Bath.

Nov. 6, [1814.] Larned Robinson and Mrs. Mary Delano both of Bath.

Nov. 20, [1814.] James Hall and Hannah D. Shepard both of Bath.

July 9, 1815, Eliphalet Lowell and Priscilla Rich both of Bath.

Oct. 16, [1815.] Joseph Sprague Esq. of Thomaston and Mary M. Marsh of Bath.

Nov. 30, [1815.] William Abbot of Livermore and Patience Robinson of Bath.

Dec. 27, [1815.] Lemuel Standish and Eliza Holbrook both of Bath.

Jan. 25, 1816. Matthew Bright of Georgetown and Nancy Walker of Bath.

Mch. 18, [1816.] Abel M. Donnell of Brunswick and Elizabeth Woodward of Bath.

July 21, [1816.] Somers Pettingill and Hannah Hagan both of Bath.

July 25, [1816.] Simon Peters and Reliance Edgcomb both of Bath.

Aug. 4, 1816. James Haley and Jane Tubbs both of Bath.

Sept. 10, [1816.] Charles Prindel and Clarrissa Daman both of Bath.

Sept. 11, [1816.] Capt. Truman Allen of Industry and Hannah Sewall of Bath.

Apr. 6, 1817. Charles McKenney of St. Johns and Charlotte P. Hall of Bath.

Apr. 24, [1817.] Jerimiah Ellsworth and Martha H. Trott both of Bath.

June 8, [1817.] John H. Williams and Sarah B. Trufant both of Bath.

June 15, [1817.] Niel McIntire and Mrs. Betsey Brooks both of Bath.

May 18, [1817.] Benjamin Randall, Esq. and Welthy B. Jones both of Bath.

Dec. 4, [1817.] Capt. Alden Winter and Mary Pettingill both of Bath.

Feb. 12, 1818. Dea. John Brown of Litchfield and Mrs. Sarah Young of Bath.

Mch. 16, [1818.] Nathaniel Purington and Lucinda Clapp both of Bath.

Apr. 23, [1818.] Oakman Turner and Mary Hodgkins both of Bath.

Oct. 1, [1818.] Capt. Lewis Blackmer and Sarah P. Smith both of Bath.

Nov. 10, [1818.] Capt. Gam'l Crocker Jr. and Pamelia Lambard both of Bath.

[p. 479]
Dec. 3, 1818. Joseph Edgecomb and Abigail Smith both of Bath.

Dec. 15, [1818.] Thomas Tileston of Boston and Maria Theresa Tallman.

Dec. 31, [1818.] Col. John Wilson and Eunice Thompson both of Topsham.

Feb. 7, 1819. Henry Sampson of Topsham and Hannah M. Philbrook of Bath.

Mch. 4, [1819.] John Oliver Jr. of Phippsburg and Huldah Robinson of Bath.

Mch. 17, [1819.] John Smith and Elizabeth Page both of Bath.

May 13, [1819.] Joshua Brittingham and Margaret Allen both of Bath.

June 7, [1819.] Calvin Fairbanks of Winthrop and Hannah Thompson of Topsham.

Dec. 7, [1819.] Capt. Saml. Preble of Woolwich and Harriet Hodgkins of Bath.

Dec. 26, [1819.] Capt. Jeremiah Pattee and Azulah Low both of Bath.

Feb. 5, 1820. Capt. Geo. F. Patten of Topsham and Hannah Thomas of Bath.

Feb. 23, [1820.] Joshua Bowman and Hannah F. North both of Bath.

June 4, [1820.] Capt. David Day of Hallowell and Lucretia Rich of Bath.

July 2, [1820.] Saml. Donnell of Boothbay and Henrietta Hyde of Bath.

Aug. 24, [1820.] James Edgcomb and Nancy Chase both of Bath.

Oct. 1, [1820.] Henry Richards and Mrs. Fanny Lynch both of Bath.

Oct. 12, [1820.] Capt. Sullivan Dwight of Thomaston and Bethy Marsh of Bath.

Oct. 12, [1820.] Isaac Ketchum of St. John N. B. and Eunice Wells Farley of Bath.

Jan. 1, 1821. William D. Sewall and Rachel A. Trufant both of Bath.

Mch. 1, [1821.] Jonathan Winslow and Ruth Ann Wales both of Bath.

Apr. 19, [1821.] Peleg Sprague Jun. and Charlotte Owen both of Bath.

May 31, [1821.] Jonathan Newcomb Jun. and Iris Hussey both of Bath.

Sept. 9, [1821.] Nathan Lord and Eliza Todd both of Bath.

Sept. 13, [1821.] James Flagason and Mrs. Sarah Brooks both of Bath.

Sept. 16, [1821.] Jonas B. Smith and Lucy B. Holmes both of Bath.

Oct. 4, [1821.] William S. Crocker of Bath and Mrs. Hannah Jewett of Pittston.

Nov. 18, [1821.] Dea. Reuben Higgins and Susannah Philbrook both of Bath.

Nov. 20, [1821.] Capt. Scott J. Tallman and Salome Waterman both of Bath.

Nov. 21, [1821.] Capt. Roswell Sisson of Boston and Rachel Turner of Bath.

Dec. 4, [1821.] Nathaniel Cross and Mary Webb both of Bath.

Apr. 11, 1822. John Preble and Margaret Lancaster both of Boothbay.

May 30, [1822.] James Covell (?) and Ann Webber both of Bath.

June 10, [1822.] John Wilson 4th of Topsham and Mary Hodgkins of Bath.

July 25, [1822.] Abraham O. Lincoln and Hannah S. Wales both of Bath.

Aug. 1, [1822.] Brooks McKenney and Caroline W. Woodward both of Bath.

Aug. 13, [1822.] James Cowing of Brunswick and Elizabeth Foote of Bath.

Sept. 15, 1822. Bartlett Welsh and Nancy L. Mallet both of Bath.

[p. 480]
Oct. 1, 1822. Edmund T. Bridge of Augusta and Ann F. King of Bath.

Nov. 24, [1822.] John D. Blake of Gardiner and Mary G. Sprague of Bath.

Dec. 13, [1822.] Samuel Osgood and Elizabeth Robinson both of Bath.

Dec. 31, [1822.] Benjamin Pattee and Mary Low both of Bath.

May 11, 1823. Hiram Hastings of Chesterville and Charlotte Swanton of Bath.

May 28, [1823.] James L. Foster and Elizabeth W. Crocker both of Bath.

June 12, [1823.] John Fisher Jun. of Bowdoinham and Joanna Lemont of Bath.

July 23, [1823.] Andrew F. Nelson and Sarah Hodgkins both of Bath.

Aug. 3, [1823.] Charles Snipe of Georgetown and Sophia Young of Phippsburg.

Aug. 5, [1823.] William M. Rogers of Eden and Sarah Hodgkins of Bath.

Aug. 27, [1823.] Charles Robinson and Philenia Oliver both of Bath.

Oct. 5, [1823.] Charles Lee of Woolwich and Marcia Tubbs of Bath.

Oct. 19, [1823.] Dr. Ebenr. Wells of Boothbay and Lydia M. Sewall of Bath.

Nov. 20, [1823.] Calvin Robinson and Elizabeth Osgood both of Bath.

Feb. 8, 1824. Jesse Gray and Mrs. Anna Whiting both of Bath.

Apr. 1, [1824.] Noah Toothaker of Harpswell and Hannah Snow of Bath.

Apr. 13, [1824.] Capt. Scott J. Tallman and Mary Ann Waterman both of Bath.

June 2, [1824.] Robert N. Foster of Thomaston and Sarah J. Marsh of Bath.

June 3, [1824.] Dea. Samuel Dunlap of Brunswick and Mrs. Huldah Ham of Bath.

Aug. 28, [1824.] Joseph Hall jun. and Nancy I. Winslow both of Bath.

Sept. 20, [1824.] Capt. William Patten and Paulina Patten both of Topsham.

Sept. 23, [1824.] John Barber and Louise Farrin both of Bath.

Sept. 26, [1824.] Matthew Plunstead and Martha Crooker both of Bath.

Oct. 7, [1824.] John R. Sillsby and Mary S. Lemont both of Bath.

Oct. 28, [1824.] John Barker of Dresden and Rhoda O. Grant of Bath.

Jan. 12, [presumably 1825.] David W. Graffam and Mary T. Trufant both of Bath.

Sept. 7, [presumably 1825.] Charles S. Adams of Sullivan and Jane D. Parker of Phippsburg.

Nov. 24, [presumably 1825.] Col. William M. Reed and Caroline Drummond both of Phippsburg.

Dec. 8, [presumably 1825.] Hartley Gove of Bath and Evelina Hill of Phippsburg.

Dec. 21, [presumably 1825.] Milton Morrow of Winthrop and Gracey Lambard of Bath.

Jan. 18, 1826. Matthew O'Brien and Elijah [sic] Pulsifer both of Bath.

Apr. 23, [1826.] Samuel G. Stinson and Catherine Gannet both of Bath.

May 21, [1826.] Asa Palmer and Maria Hyde both of Bath.

July 6, [1826.] Abiathar Parkhurst and Sarah L. Yonng [sic] both of Bath.

Sept. 7, [1826.] Samuel Flanders jun. and Mrs. Lucy Atkins both of Bath.

Oct. 19, [1826.] Joseph Kennedy of Boston and Mary Pulcifer of Bath.

Dec. 28, [1826.] Benjamin Elliot of Brunswick and Ann H. Pulcifer of Bath.

Dec. 31, [1826.] John Whorff of Litchfield and Salome Marshall of Bath.

[p. 481]
Jan. 29, 1827. Rev. Seneca White and Elizabeth S. Winslow both of Bath.

Apr. 11, [1827.] Samuel Donnel and Lucy P. Hyde both of Bath.

May 1, [1827.] Capt. Joseph G. Torrey and Emeline Adams both of Bath.

May 13, [1827.] Samuel H. Rogers and Eley [possibly Elcy] Donnel both of Bath.

Aug. 30, [1827.] James Woodward and Jannet Hall both of Bath.

Oct. 7, [1827.] Woodman Hunt and Eunice Young both of Bath.

Oct. 10, [1827.] Michael F. Gannet and Susan S. Stinson both of Bath.

Nov. 4, [1827.] John Scholfield and Hannah Crooker both of Bath.

Nov. 11, [1827.] William B. Larrabee and Mary W. Hanson both of Bath.

Dec. 13, [1827.] Robert Babb and Lydia D. Crooker both of Bath.

Dec. 27, [1827.] Dr. William Hatch of Sidney and Mary R. Adams of Bath.

Jan. 23, 1828. Benjamin Edgecomb and Martha Ham both of Bath.

Apr. 3, [1828.] William B. Sprague and Hannah M. Brown both of Bath.

Apr. 10, [1828.] James Couillard and Eliza Ann Sillsby both of Bath.

Apr. 14, [1828.] Benjamin Davenport and Susan M. Sillsby both of Bath.

May 20, [1828.] Uriel Williams and Olive Donnel both of Bath.

July 21, [1828.] John Thompson and Mrs. Hannah Staff both of Bath.

Aug. 10, [1828.] Elisha Higgins and Sarah Storer both of Bath.

Sept. 30, [1828.] Asa B. Russell and Clarissa Stinson both of Bath.

Oct. 7, [1828.] Charles Crooker and Rachel Sewall both of Bath.

Oct. 23, [1828.] Hezekiah Prince Jr. of Thomaston and Henrietta L. Marsh of Bath.

Dec. 11, [1828.] Tobias Hill of Brunswick and Harriet Garner of Bath.

Mar. 11, 1829. Charles Clapp Jr. and Jane T. Sprague both of Bath.

Apr. 26, [1829.] Stephen Sawyer of Hallowell and Sarah Ann Owen of Bath.

June 9, [1829.] Oliver Moses and Lydia H. Clapp both of Bath.

Aug. 26, [1829.] Capt. George Gardiner of Hallowell and Susan S. Lincoln of Bath.

Aug. 26, [1829.] Daniel Larrabee and Lucy Pattin both of Bath.

Nov. 10, [1829.] Thomas F. Donnel and Margaret B. Robinson both of Bath.

May 27, 1830. James P. Rush and Hannah E. Robinson both of Bath.

Aug. 1, [1830.] Joseph Emerson and Sarah T. Woodward both of Bath.

Oct. 7, [1830.] Maj. Thomas Morse of Phippsburg and Arabella G. Hillman of Bath.

Oct. 14, [1830.] David B. Richardson and Sarah L. Fassett both of Bath.

Feb. 8, 1831. Edmond Russell Esq. and Elizabeth J. Bradshaw both of Bath.

Feb. 10, [1831.] John S. Eaton of Thopshan [sic] and Ruth Ann Winslow of Bath.

Feb. 13, [1831.] John Hayden and Martha Ann Brown both of Bath.

Mch. 3, [1831.] Alexander Rogers and Susan Ham both of Bath.

[p. 482]
Mch. 6, 1831. Daniel Coombs Jr. and Hannah Holbrook both of Bath.

Apr. 21, [1831.] William S. Murray and Jane Lemont both of Bath.

May 22, [1831.] Noah Rogers and Mrs. Harriet Preble both of Bath.

Aug. 7, [1831.] Capt. Thomas Timmins and Martha Edgecomb both of Bath.

Nov. 7, [1831.] William G. Forbes of River Township No. 1 and Ann M. Oliver of Bath.

Dec. 13, [1831.] James Denson and Mrs. Sarah Thorton both of Bath.

June 1, 1832. Daniel Marston Jun. and Emily Shaw both of Bath.

Aug. 15, [1832.] Isaac Hallet of Nantucket, Mass., and Julia K. Sprague of Bath.

Aug. 29, [1832.] Argalis Pease of Farmington and Ruth Masters of Bath.

Aug. 26, [1832.] James F. Trott and Frances J. Cooke both of Bath.

Sept. 5, [1832.] Thomas S. Abbott Esq. of Conway, N. H., and Mary S. Trott of Bath.

Sept. 25, [1832.] Capt. Charles Owen and Elvirah Ann Weeks both of Bath.

Oct. 17, [1832.] George H. Gardiner of Richmond and Caroline A. Tallman of Bath.

Nov. 19, [1832.] Capt. James F. Patten of Topsham and Mrs. Sophia Ann Young of Bath.

Dec. 6, [1832.] William Paine of Phipsburg and Hannah P. Ham of Bath.

Jan. 2, 1883 [sic, error for 1833]. Hon. Ashure Hinds of Clinton and Mrs. Lucy H. Lunt of Bath.

Feb. 10, [1833.] Benjamin B. Blasland and Elizabeth K. Fasset both of Bath.

Apr. 4, [1833.] Alexander Robinson and Ann W. Hinkley both of Bath.

Aug. 15, [1833.] Henry Tallman Esq. and Sarah Fitts both of Bath.

Sept. 12, [1833.] John Hanson and Ruth Ross both of Bath.

Nov. 14, [1833.] Robert Thompson of Brunswick and Silvia Walker of Bath.

Mch. 18, 1834. Elijah Low of Bangor and Julia A. L. Lemont of Bath.

June 6, [1834.] Sumner Folsom and Eliza S. Lemont of Bath.

Aug. 3, [1834.] Capt. James Hall of Augusta and Frances Ann Davis of Bath.

Aug. 29, [1834.] John Brown of Boston and Alathea Lynch of Bath.

Sept. 7, [1834.] Josiah S. Swift and Martha C. Flint of Bath.

Sept. 10, [1834.] Wilds T. Thompson of Brunswick and Wealthy M. Robinson of Bath.

Sept. 24, 1834. George B. Mitchell and Celia Ann Lincoln both of Bath.

Oct. 2, [1834.] Willard Walker and Jane Ham both of Bath.

Dec. 1, [1834.] Jacob C. Smith of Bangor and Eliza Ann Mitchell of Bath.

Dec. 3, [1834.] Joseph T. Huston and Lucy A. Thompson both of Bath.

Dec. 3, [1834.] Charles Marston and Abagail L. Davis both of Bath.

Dec. 7, [1834.] James Allen and Mrs. Sophilia Savage both of Bath.

[p. 483]
Aug. 20, 1835. Joseph M. Haley and Mary Ann Blasland both of Bath.

Sept. 27, [1835.] Capt. Augustus N. Littlefield and Mary E. Lemont both of Bath.

Oct. 15, [1835.] Daniel F. Combs and Mary R. Flint both of Bath.

Nov. 24, [1835.] Adam L. Stimpson of Brunswick and Mary E. H. Collier of Bath.

Dec. 2, Capt. William E. Harriman and Lucy B. Clapp both of Bath.

Feb. 4, 1836. Caleb Kimball and Sarah Brown both of Bath.

Feb. 18, [1836.] John Roberts of Orono and Lydia Edgcomb of Bath.

May 31, [1836.] Joel Holkins of New York and Lois Gage of Bath.

Aug. 2, [1836.] Shaw Norris of Edgarton, Mass., Clarissa N. Flint of Bath.

Oct. 11, [1836.] Mark L. Hill late of Bangor and Sarah E. Smith of Bath.

Oct. 27, [1836.] Woodbury Swett of Georgetown and Lydia W. Owen of Bath.

Oct. 30, [1836.] William Tukey of New Castle and Eleanor Plummer of Alna.

Nov. 6, [1836.] Harrod O. Grant and Abigail N. Robinson both of Bath.

Dec. 7, [1836.] Nathaniel Gilman Esq. [of] N. York and Joanna Boyd of Bath.

Mar. 27, [presumably 1837.] Saml. McCuchen resident of Bath and Hannah T. Springer of Bath.

Apr. 12, [presumably 1837.] Peter H. Green Esq. of Bath and Mrs. Louisa Burt of Bath.

July 6, [presumably 1837.] Nathl. Octavius Cram of Portland and Mary R. B. Kittredge of Bath.

Oct. 11, [presumably 1837.] John H. Hamill a foreigner and Rosanna Chamberlain of Bath.

Oct. 11, [presumably 1837.] Charles F. Sermm a foreigner and Harriet L. Chamberlain of Bath.

Nov. 26, 1837. Capt. Mitchell L. Trott and Jane F. Barker both of Bath.

Dec. 13, [1837.] Francis M. Morse of Brunswick and Harriet E. Sprague of Bath.

Feb. 13, 1838. Rev. David Cushman of Boothbay and Emeline H. Sewall of Bath.

May 2, [1838.] Augustus L. Dunn of Hallowell and Mary E. Owen of Bath.

July 3, [1838.] George Cotton and Nancy D. Curtis both of Bath.

July 26, [1838.] John P. Todd and Dorothy S. Waterhouse both of Bath.

Aug. 7, [1838.] Ebenezer Dill and Ruth Covell both of Bath.

Sept. 4, [1838.] Lorenzo Parker and Rachel H. Clapp both of Bath.

Sept. 6, [1838.] Benjamin S. Quinnam of New Orleans and Nancy S. Haley of Bath.

Dec. 27, [1838.] Nehemiah Peterson Jr. of Brunswick and Frances A. Brown of Bath.

Jan. 7, 1839. Zebulon Wright of Lewiston and Mrs. Charity Edgecomb of Bath.

[p. 484]
Feb. 7, 1839. Capt. William Torrey Jr. and Eleanor F. Pattin both of Bath.

May 19, [1839.] William F. Stanwood and Mary L. Donnell both of Bath.

May 28, [1839.] George Shepherd and Morgianna Heath both of Bath.

Sept. 24, [1839.] James R. Drummond and Mrs. Hannah Gatchell both of Brunswick.

May 14, 1840. Jonathan A. Hyde and Rhode W. Hildreth both of Bath.

Aug. 30, [1840.] Capt. George F. Mustard and Sarah B. Prior both of Bath.

Sept. 20, [1840.] John Parshley and Mrs. Abigail Norton both of Bath.

Nov. 15, [1840.] John W. Hinkley of Georgetown and Sarah S. Coller of Bath.

Dec. 1, [1840.] Joseph G. Darrah and Rosamond I. Osgood both of Bath.

Feb. 17, 1841. Nathaniel Clapp of Nobleboro and Lucy D. Robinson of Bath.

Aug. 25, [1841.] Capt. John W. Bornholm of Boston and Mary B. McKenney of Bath.

Sept. 18, [1841.] William H. Bennett and Mary E. Baldwin both of Bath.

Sept. 21, [1841.] Daniel Shaw and Jane P. Smith both of Bath.

Oct. 14, [1841.] Joseph Betancue of Boston and Mary E. Percy of Bath.

Oct. 14, [1841.] Calvin Percy of Boston and Martha E. Low of Bath.

Oct. 17, [1841.] George Medanic and Sophronia Bolden both of Bath.

Oct. 12, [1841.] George W. Kendall and Keziah Masters both of Bath.

Oct. 21, [1841.] Francis Burgoyne and Ann J. Oneil both of Bath.

Feb. 8, 1842. Thomas McHenry of St. George, N. B., and Jerusha A. Masters of Bath.

Apr. 12, [1842.] James T. Hyde and Almira M. Trott both of Bath.

May 6, [1842.] John Silvester and Sarah Savage both of Bath.

June 1, [1842.] Galen O. Fullerton of Readfield and Sarah A. Ellsworth.

Oct. 19, [1842.] Alexander Robinson of Bath and Almira Harris of Townsend.

Oct. 10, [1842.] Frederick Goodridge of New York and Nancy Moody of Bath.

Mch. 3, 1843, Foster Lincoln and Martha Rogers both of Wiscasset.

Mch. 31, [1843.] George Williams formerly of Boston and Sarah C. Bolden of Bath.

May 28, [1843.] Reuben S. Hunt and Sarah W. Robinson both of Bath.

Aug. 30, [1843.] Michael F. Gannet and Hannah T. Church both of Bath.

Sept. 4, [1843.] James McFadden and Lucretia Campbell both of Georgetown.

Oct. 12, [1843.] William Gilyard of Liverpool and Sarah Williams of Bath.

Nov. 27, [1843.] Henry D. Howard of Grafton, Mass., and Nancy Turner of Bath.

Dec. 10, [1843.] Henry Robinson and Mary McIntire both of Bath.

Dec. 15, [1843.] Ebeneza Arnold and Mrs. Lucy Donnell both of Bath.

Feb. 13, 1844. Peleg Sprague and Harriet N. Rogers both of Bath.

[p. 485]
May 21. 1844. Robert Lemont and Jemima H. Welsh both of Bath.

June 23, [1844.] Daniel McDevitt and Mrs. Elizabeth O'Brien both of Bath.

Aug. 22, [1844.] John M. Trott of Woolwich and Mary Ann Bright of Bath.

Aug. 22, [1844.] Benjamin W. Mason of Brunswick and Alice Fitts of Bath.

Oct. 27, [1844.] Francis C. Jordan of Brunswick and Lydia H. Lemont of Bath.

Oct. 16, 1845. Nicholas H. Nelson and Susan M. Bolden both of Bath.

July 23, 1846. Thomas Savage and Mary A. MaKenny both of Bath.

Sept. 19, 1847. James L. Dustin and Olivia S. Thompson both of Bath.

Apr. 5, 1848. James L. Hunt of Bath and Winaford J. Hunt of Georgetown.

Aug. 2, [1848.] John C. Parshley of New Orleans and Eliza A. Murphy of Bath.

Sept. 29, [1848.] Eliphalet E. Lowell of West Bath and Nancy J. Manson of Bath.

Aug. 30, 1849. Orison C. Albee and Jamson G. Savage both of Wiscasset.

Dec. 30, [1849.] John Ryan and Olive B. Harlow both of Bath.

Dec. 22, 1850. George I. Ripley of Boston and Margaretta C. Foster of Bath.

May 14, 1851. James J. Tarr and Mary E. H. Mountfort both of Bath.

Sept. 6, [1851.] Rufus R. Haines and Elizabeth F. Marston both of Bath.

Oct. 21, [1851.] Isaiah R. Freeman of Brunswick and Abigail M. Freeman of Bath.

Oct. 24, [1851.] Capt. Lorenzo Parker and Elizabeth Sewall both of Bath.

Nov. 10, [1851.] John H. Fortune of Halifax, N. S., and Rhoda Johnson of Bath.

Dec. 25, [1851.] Othniel B. Mitchell and Mary H. Pters [sic] of Bath.

Mch. 7, 1852. Henry P. Potter and Rachel M. Donnell both of Bath.

Nov. 1, [1852.] Charles H. Winslow and Ann Winslow of Bath.

Nov. 27, [1852.] Saml. C. Winslow of Bath and Elisabeth Hinkley of Richmond.

Dec. 14, [1852.] Jonathan Pinkham and Mary Neville both of Bath.

Dec. 27, [1852.] John G. Ellis of Boston and Eliza F. Jackson of Bath.

Apr. 14, 1853. Edwin Smiley and Harriet R. Field both of Sidney.

May 3, [1853.] E. T. Gatchell of Bath and Marcia E. H. Tappan of Brunswick.

June 13, [1853.] James Church of Norwich, Conh. [sic], and Adrianna Harrison of Bath.

June 30, [1853.] John M. Powers and Lydia E. Fogg both of Bath.

July 31, [1853.] Melvin C. Crocker and Eliza A. Bowing both of Bath.

Aug. 11, [1853.] John Winslow and Mrs. Jane Smith both of Brunswick.