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Graduates of Farmington Normal School, 1868

Source: George C. Purington, History of the State Normal School, Farmington, Maine : with sketches of the teachers and graduates (Farmington, Me.: Press of Knowlton, McLeary & Co., 1889).

"The address given at the beginning of each sketch is that taken from the records of the School when the graduate entered. At the close of the sketch, the present [1889] address is given." [p. 37]

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CLASS OF 1868.
Third Class.—Graduated June 2, 1868.
Hattie Atkinson, Farmington, Me.
From a relative in Brunswick who knew her well, we learn that she taught constantly and successfully from the time of her graduation, in the villages of Phillips, Farmington, Freeport and Brunswick until her decease, March 23, 1876, in the last named place.

Mary D. Bicknell, Madison, Me.
Of Miss Bicknell's teaching we have not been able to obtain any account. Married, May 8, 1871, George F. H. Paul of Skowhegan. Lived in Brighton and then in Lexington, Mass., where she died Jan. 27, 1888, leaving two children: Arthur H., born Aug. 10, 1873; Clarance B., born July 9, 1875.

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John W. Bixby, Anson, Me.
From a relative we learn that Mr. Bixby went to California about the year 1871 and engaged in the business of sheep-raising, in which he was very successful. At the time of his death, which occurred May 6, 1887, he was the owner of a large landed estate, and, besides sheep-raising, carried on a considerable dairy business, farming, and the raising of fine horses. A library of several hundred volumes in his residence at "The Alamitos Ranch" indicated his love of literature and desire for mental cultivation. He at one time held the office of trustee of one of the public schools and at the time of his death was a member of the Los Angeles Board of Trade.

He married, Oct. 15, 1873, Susie P. Hathaway of Wilmington, Cal., and left two children: Fred Hathaway, born April 20, 1875; and Susanna Paterson, born April 11, 1880.

Lizzie M. Bixby, Norridgewock, Me.
Taught three and one-half years in Lewiston (primary grade), Norridgewock, and Madison. Weak eyes and ill health compelled her to relinquish teaching, and her life has been spent since in caring for invalid relatives.

Madison, Me.

Laura N. Brackett, Phillips, Me.
Miss Brackett's name has appeared in all the early catalogues as "Ella Brackett," a mistake made at the time she entered the School. She has taught ten years,—seven in Maine and three at Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. Is now engaged in the millinery and fancy goods business in her native town.

Phillips, Me.

Lura Brackett, Phillips, Me.
Has taught about 800 weeks, two years of that time in Maine. Is now, as for several years past, Preceptress of the Academic and Normal Department of Storer's College, Harper's Ferry, West Virginia. Spent part of the year 1872 studying Latin and French at Lapham Institute, Rhode Island.

Married, June 7, 1884, Scott W. Lightner of Harper's Ferry, West Virginia, a teacher who has been connected with the public schools of that State for twelve years, and is at present Principal of the Bolivar Graded School, and a member of the Examining Board of Jefferson Co.

Harper's Ferry, W. Va.

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Emeline M. Brown, Vienna, Me.
Taught district schools in Vienna and Mt. Vernon until the fall of 1869, when she went to Anoka, Minn., where she taught two years in the graded schools. Returning to Maine in 1871, she took care of an invalid sister until her marriage, Jan. 12, 1874, to Mr. Leverett W. Bruce, a shoe manufacturer, then residing in New York. For three years they resided in Stoneham, Mass., seven years in Rochester, N. Y., and one year in Jamestown near Lake Chautauqua, N. Y.

Mr. Bruce died, May 8, 1886, leaving three children: Abby Molly, born Jan. 19, 1876; Pearl, born Feb. 21, 1881; and Percy Leverett, born Jan. 31, 1883.

Mrs. Bruce's home is now with her brother, Sewall Brown, in Canaan, Me.

Rice Brown, Vienna, Me.
Taught one term of high school in North Vienna. Spent nine years in the northern part of California at work in the "Red Woods," and worked for some time as a ship-carpenter in Bath, Me. Is now a farmer. Married, Dec. 27, 1882, Miss Ann O. Sanborn of Vienna, and has one child, Georgia May, born Nov. 5, 1886.

Vienna, Me.

Persis K. Burr, Holden, Me.
Has taught about 250 weeks. Taking a vacation at present.

Brewer, Me.

Charles G. Chick, Lebanon, Me.
Has taught in Farmington, Berwick and East Lebanon; at the latter place a high school, and was Principal of Lebanon Academy, which was founded through his efforts. He also taught a grammar school in Holliston, Mass., and another at Great Falls, N. H. Studied law in the offices of Wm. Emery, Esq., Lebanon, and of Messrs. Wells & Eastman, Great Falls, N. H., then at the Harvard Law School, and with the Hon. Charles Levi Woodbury of Boston until his admission to the bar in November, 1871.

Married, Dec. 16, 1874, Miss Eliza A. Marshall of Dedham, Mass., and has two children: Charles Levi, born June 13, 1885, died Aug. 12, 1885; Francis Marshall, born Feb. 10, 1888.

Mr. Chick has been a member of the School Committee in Hyde Park, Mass., since 1879, two years of the time as Chairman of the Board, and four years as Secretary. Has served on the building committee for

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several of their school-houses, and, in fact, has devoted a large amount of time to the school work in that town for the past ten years.

He has an extensive law practice in Boston, office, 28 State Street; residence, Hyde Park, Mass.

Florence A. Church, Phillips, Me.
Taught at Temple Mills, and about two years in a private school in Knoxville, Tenn.

Married, June 28, 1870, Mr. H. W. Clark, of Knoxville, and died there, Nov. 2, 1882, leaving five children: H. R., born March, 1872; Julia E., born July, 1874; Percy, born December, 1876; Archer F., born April, 179; Ernest, born March, 1881.

Wm. H. B. Cole, Smithfield, Me.
Taught several terms in Minnesota, Texas, and California. Married, Aug. 1, 1887, Miss Nellie Stewart, of Portland, Oregon, where he is in business as an importer and jobber of wooden and willow ware.

18 and 20 Front Street, Portland, Oregon.

Clara F. Copeland, Holden, Maine.
For two years after graduation was employed in keeping books in Taunton, Mass., then as a teacher in the primary schools of that city for five years and a half.

Married, Aug. 1, 1876, Rev. William N. T. Dean, a Congregational clergyman of Fall River, Mass., and settled in Norton, Mass. After a pastorate of five years in that town, they removed to Orange, remaining there also five years, and removing, in January, 1887, to Oxford in the same State.

While living in Orange, Mrs. Dean, in addition to the other work that falls to the lot of a pastor's wife, completed a part of the C. L. S. C., performing the usual literary work of that course, taking, also, a course in English History. She is also the author of several hymns and other religious poems, which have been very favorably received. She is an earnest and successful Sunday School teacher.

They have three children: Nathan J., born May 12, 1877, died May 13, 1877; Eveline L., born Sept. 24, 1878; Eliza W., born Dec. 20, 1882.

Oxford, Mass.

Lizzie M. Copeland, Holden, Mass.
Has taught 147 weeks, all in Maine, from June, 1868, to February, 1872, in country schools, when she went to Biddeford, where she taught

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in a grammar school until February, 1874. Since that time her occupation has been dressmaking.

128 Albert Street, Biddeford, Me.

George K. Dike, Sebago, Me.
Taught but two terms, and then, finding that an out-door occupation was necessary to his health, took up land surveying. For twelve years was U. S. Deputy Surveyor in the West. Is now a Civil Engineer in the employ of the St. P. M. & M. R. R. Co.

Married, Nov. 18, 1876, Hattie B. Shelden, of Excelsior, Minn., who died June 9, 1884. Married, Dec. 15, 1886, Nancy P. Douglas of Sebago, Me. He has three children: Alice Bell, born Sept. 23, 1879; George Edward, born June 6, 1883; Dana Douglas, born March 7, 1888.

Grand Forks, Dakota.

May A. Ferguson, Shapleigh, Me.
Taught twelve terms in Maine, in Lyman, Alfred, Springvale, Fairfield, and in East Lebanon as assistant in the Academy. Also taught in a grammar school in Lynn, Mass., and, since her marriage, the same grade in Manchaug, Mass., and has served on the S. S. Committee of that town until home duties compelled her to decline a re-election.

Married, June 27, 1872, Mr. James M. Hodgdon of Lawrence, Mass. They have four children: Florence M., born June 26, 1875; Seddie Gertrude, born April 9, 1877; Grace Louise, born April 7, 1879; and Myrtle Agnes, born Oct. 6, 1883.

Manchaug, Mass.

Clara E. Gilman, Anson, Me.
Has taught 185 weeks, all in Maine,—in Farmington, Norridgewock, Skowhegan, Oakland and other towns. Is taking the third years' work of the C. L. S. C., and is Secretary of the Circle in her village.

Married, July 2, 1876, Frank L. Powers of Bangor, now station agent for the Somerset R. R. and a merchant. They have one child, Maud B., born Aug. 30, 1879.

Anson, Me.

Joseph A. Goding, Bean's Corner, Me.
Has been engaged in teaching and superintending schools continuously since graduation. Has taught in Jay and Wilton, and in Illinois. Has served four years as Superintendent of Schools for Mercer Co. Is now Principal of the High School, Alexis, Illinois.

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Married, May 14, 1872, Sarah E. Noble of New Boston, Illinois, and has six children: Lena, born July 3, 1873; Clara, born June 6, 1875; Bertha, born Aug. 6, 1877; Della, born June 26, 1879; Maurice R., born Aug. 22, 1881; Arthur J., born June 14, 1888.

Aledo, Ill.

Joanna W. Harris, New Sharon, Me.
Taught 92 weeks in Vienna, Mercer and New Sharon. Married, May 8, 1875, Albion T. Stinson, M. D., of New Sharon, a member of the School for one term. They have four children: Mabel E., born March 13, 1876; George A., born July 1, 1877; Alfred M., born June 11, 1880; Helen S., born Nov. 27, 1885.

New Sharon, Me.

Mellen Hayes, Farmington, Me.
Has taught five terms, all but one in Farmington. Is now a successful farmer on the old homestead. Married, Dec. 25, 1875, Miss Alfarata Rackliff, of Allen's Mills, and has three children: Ella M., born Nov. 5, 1876; Edmund, born Oct. 14, 1879; C. Benjamin, born Oct. 24, 1881.

Farmington, Maine.

Fannie W. Huse, Farmington, Me.
Has taught 243 weeks, all in Maine; among other places, in Farmington, Livermore and Lewiston. Married, Dec. 12, 1878, Mr. William Augustus Niles, a farmer of Bean's Corner.

Bean's Corner, Me.

Rose E. Knapp, East Livermore, Me.
Taught 161 weeks in Rumford, Harpswell, Calais and other Maine towns. Married, Feb. 6, 1875, Nahum B. Pinkham, a lawyer of Fargo, Dakota, formerly of Anson, Me., and for several terms a member of the School. They have since moved on to a farm seven miles from the city of Fargo, and have five children: Rosabell, born Nov. 12, 1875; Emma E., born May 26, 1877; Villie E., born April 29, 1879; Grace C., born April 27, 1881, died Oct. 1, 1881; Clifford N., born Aug. 9, 1883.

Fargo, Dakota.

Milton L. Merrill, St. Albans, Me.
Has taught five terms,—two of them being a high school. Agent for A. S. Barnes & Co., schoolbook publishers of New York, one year. Lived four years in Auburn. Has studied Latin and made a special

[p. 54]
study of Geology. Has served as member of the S. S. Committee, and is now serving the sixth year as Chairman of the Board of Selectmen of St. Albans.

Married, Oct. 14, 1873, Lizzie E. Eastman of Sweden, a member of the School for one term. They have two children: Erlon E., born April 30, 1875, died June 4, 1875; Bertie Merrill Prince (adopted), born March 26, 1877, died Aug. 27, 1877.

St. Albans, Me.

Daniel Pease, Bean's Corner, Me.
Was present at the opening of the School, Aug. 24, 1864. Went to work immediately after graduation on the farm where he now lives, teaching winters until he taught six terms. For many years has made a specialty of dairying.

Married, March 14, 1872, Helena C. Pendleton of Rockland, and has two children: S. Howard, born March 21, 1875; Arthur H., born June 13, 1878.

Bean's Corner, Me.

Nancy M. Pinkham, Anson, Me.
Has taught 80 weeks in Farmington, Anson, Skowhegan and other Maine towns. Married, June 8, 1871, Alvin Briggs, a farmer of Anson, now a carriage manufacturer and Deputy Sheriff in Caledonia, Dakota, whither they moved in September, 1871.

Mrs. Briggs has taken an active interest in the Sabbath School, missionary, and temperance work in her State, having been Secretary of the County S. S. Institute, and for three years Superintendent of the Caledonia Sabbath School.

They have two children: Jennie M., born Dec. 24, 1872; Alton A., born June 4, 1880.

Caledonia, Traill Co., Dakota.

Julia F. Reed, Springfield, Me.
Has taught 39 terms, all in Maine. Is now an assistant in Lee Normal Academy. Has served on the S. S. Committee in her native town.

North Lee, Me.

Samuel H. Reed, Springfield, Me.
Mr. Reed reports having taught 150 weeks, three years of that time in Walla Walla, Wash., and that he is now a merchant in Lewiston, Idaho. Married, Feb. 2, 1889, Miss May McKern of that place.

Lewiston, Idaho.

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Carrie A. Skinner, Farmington, Me.
Taught four years in Lewiston. Married, Nov. 24, 1873, John W. Nutting of Farmington, and died in the same town Sept. 20, 1875, leaving a daughter, Sadie E., born Sept. 10, 1874.

Lizzie M. Sweet, Farmington, Me.
Has taught one year since graduation. Married, July 2, 1870, M. E. Wadsworth, Ph. D., ,a graduate of Bowdoin College, Class of 1869, since then, an Instructor in Harvard University; Professor of Mineralogy and Geology in Colby University; and now Director of the Michigan Mining School, Houghton, Mich. In 1886, Mrs. Wadsworth spent some months in Europe.

Houghton, Mich.

Frances E. Taylor, Norridgewock, Me.
Has taught continuously since graduation, with the exception of two years,—fifteen terms in Maine before her marriage, Sept. 17, 1873, to Mr. Alfred S. Wright, a teacher of Port Penn, New Castle Co., De. For twelve or thirteen years she taught with her husband at Port Penn, and Middleton, Del.

She is now completing the second year as first assistant in the English and Classical Institute at South Norridgewock, of which her husband is Principal.

South Norridgewock, Me.

Mahala R. Tufts, Farmington, Me.
Has taught 120 weeks, all in Maine except one year in a grammar school in Haverhill, Mass., besides systematically teaching her children at home.

Married, June 27, 1871, Mr. William Henry Pearson, a farmer, residing at that time in Fairfield, Me. They have six children: Raymon Earnest, born April 5, 1872; Flora Alice, born Aug. 7, 1875; "Baby Parker," born Nov. 5, 1877, died May 20, 1878; Parker Tufts, born June 8, 1879; Harland Curtis, born May 25, 1882; Nina Bell, born Sept. 15, 1884.

Flora Alice, though only in her fourteenth year, has taken one term of special work in the Normal, the first child of a graduate to enter the School; and, though so young, finds that she can do the work as easily as the average pupil several years older, by reason, no doubt, of her Normal parentage and training.

Farmington, Me.

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Louise L. Walker, Rockland, Me.
Has been Principal of a grammar school in Rockland ever since her graduation, except one year, when she taught in Lewiston. Has taken the C. T. R. U. course besides constant reading in the line of her work, and in General History. She has also done editorial work for one year on the Teachers' Column of the Co. Institute, and written essays for educational meetings.

22 State Street, Rockland, Me.

Annie V. Whittier, Madison, Me.
Has taught 278 weeks,—68 in Maine, four years primary grade at Mankato, Minn., then two years in Pennsylvania, and finally in Oregon. Has studied Latin, French, German, Vocal and Instrumental Music. In 1876, made arrangements to enter Oberlin College, but ill health prevented. Spent twelve weeks at the Ladies' College, Ottawa, Ontario, in 1878. Is now taking the C. L. S. C. course, and engaged in the millinery and fancy goods business.

Married, March 18, 1880, Isham Laurence, a farmer of Prairie City, Oregon, and has two children: L. Grace, born Jan. 20, 1881; I. Ray, born Nov. 30, 1884.

Prairie City, Oregon.

E. Vodisa Whittier, Farmington Falls, Me.
Taught five terms in Maine, and then for some time was a compositor in the office of the General Advertiser, Providence, R. I. Married, Oct. 13, 1878, Joel Maddocks of Foxboro, Mass., where she still resides.

Foxboro, Mass.

Frederick E. Whitney, Farmington, Me.
Taught one term each in Mt. Vernon and Vienna, and a high school in Waldoboro in 1870-1-2, a grammar school in Dedham, Mass., 1873-4-5, and same grade in Boston in 1875-6-7. Was Professor of English Literature and Rhetoric in the Government University, Tokio, Japan, from 1878 to 1881,—teaching in all about 340 weeks.

Graduated from the Waterville Classical Institute in 1869. Took his degree of A. B. at Bowdoin College in 1873, and three years later, A. M. from the same college, and LL. B. in Law School connected with Washington University at St. Louis, Mo., in 1882, since which time he has been in the practice of his profession in Oakland, Cal.

Has held since 1883 the office of Court Commissioner of Alameda County, Cal. Is Chairman of the Republican City Central Committee

[p. 57]
and a member of the Republican State Central Committee, and has held the rank of Major on the Staff of the Major-General commanding the National Guard of California.

Married, March 22, 1884, Edith A. Adams of Farmington, a member of the School for one year, and has two children: Frederick Adams, born April 18, 1885; Edna, born April 30, 1887.

Office, 906 Broadway, Oakland, Cal.