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Graduates of Farmington Normal School, 1866

Source: George C. Purington, History of the State Normal School, Farmington, Maine : with sketches of the teachers and graduates (Farmington, Me.: Press of Knowlton, McLeary & Co., 1889).

"The address given at the beginning of each sketch is that taken from the records of the School when the graduate entered. At the close of the sketch, the present [1889] address is given." [p. 37]

[p. 37]
CLASS OF 1866.
First Class.—Graduated May 25, 1866.
Sarah S. Curtis, Mercer, Me.
From the report of 1874 we learn that Miss Curtis had taught up to that time in her own town. As no reply has been received to several circulars and letters, we are unable to speak of her later work, other than that she has been for several years a successful canvasser for subscription books.

Mercer, Me.

M. Augusta Evans, Athens, Me.
Taught for six years after graduation in the public schools of Washington, D. C. Married, Aug. 1, 1872, Rev. Osgood W. Rogers of Windham, Me., once a pupil in the Normal, attending three terms, and leaving to prepare for college. He entered Bowdoin College in 1868, graduating in course in 1872 and from the Bangor Theological Seminary in 1876. He has been pastor of the Congregational churches in Farmington and Bridgton, Me., and for the past six years in Mr. Pleasant, Iowa.

Mr. and Mrs. Rogers were both present at the opening of the School in Beal's Hall on the morning of Aug. 24, 1864.

They have two children: William Osgood, May 4, 1874; Annie Evans, born May 6, 1877.

Mt. Pleasant, Iowa.

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Emma J. Freeman, Manchester, Me.
Was present at the opening of the School. Has taught six or more terms. Occupation for several years before marriage was stitching. Married, Nov. 6, 1884, Cyrenus Pullen of Augusta, now a farmer in Manchester, Me. Have one child, Hannah E. L., born Aug. 28, 1885.

Augusta, Me.

Nellie M. Hayes, Farmington, Me.
Miss Hayes was also one of the thirty-one present Aug. 24, 1864. Has taught in Farmington and Strong, Me., and Leavenworth, Kansas. Married, April 22, 1875, Mr. Chas. Sparrow of the last named place. They have five children: George H., born April 22, 1876, died July 22, 1876; Nellie H., born Sept. 24, 1877, died Dec. 25, 1886; Emma H., born Jan. 23, 1879, died Jan. 6, 1887; Edward C., born May 17, 1882; and Hayes, born Nov. 11, 1888.

226 Third Avenue, Leavenworth, Kansas

S. Fanny Norton, Farmington, Me.
Monday morning following graduation found Miss Norton mistress of a private school of twenty-seven pupils in Farmington. She spent a year at Vassar, and then taught two years and five months in Malden, Mass., where she married, July 20, 1869, the Rev. Albert W. Moore, whose pastorate in Farmington is so affectionately remembered by the people of the "Old South." They have seven children: Walter Goodenow, born Nov. 29, 1870; Hugh Kelsea, born Jan. 3, 1872; Alice Woods, born Nov. 7, 1873, died Oct. 2, 1874; Mary W. Lane, born Jan. 21, 1875, died May 13, 1880; Horace Dwight, born Aug. 14, 1877; Clara Abbott, born Jan. 30, 1879, died Sept. 30, 1879; Mabel Cutler, born Dec. 6, 1880.

14 Estes Street, Lynn, Mass.

Martha T. Perkins, Bath, Me.
Miss Perkins was present at the opening of the School the first day of its existence, and at her graduation delivered the valedictory address, "which," said Principal Gage in the Superintendent's Report of 1866, "gave a very interesting history of the rise and progress of the Normal School, and will be a valuable paper to refer to in future years." She taught a primary school in Bath one term, then in the South Grammar School two years and one term, then was promoted to the High School, where she remained until her marriage to Capt. George W. Tucker of Bath, April 18, 1870. "For fifteen years," she writes, "I 'sailed the seas

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over' with my husband, but now, that our family needs to be 'on shore,' we have bought a home in Brooklyn.

For literary work, she has taken lessons in Spanish, French, German, Drawing; also has read C├Žsar, Sallust and Cicero.

They have four children: Charles P., 18 years of age; Louise E., 15; Florence M., 11; George W., Jr., 4 years.

483 Putnam Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Dora A. Sprague, Farmington, Me.
Has taught 255 weeks, teaching 14 terms in Maine. Since 1874 she has taught part of the time in Massachusetts, and devoted herself to the duties of a professional nurse part of the time. A present she is teaching in the town of Holliston, Mass.

Address during the school year, Braggville, Mass.; during vacations, 85 Chester Square, Boston, Mass.

Hannah B. Stewart, Farmington, Me.
Was assistant in the Normal the last term of her course. After graduation, taught one year in Farmington and six months in Auburn. She then went to Leavenworth, Kansas, teaching three years in the Grammar Department. Married, Jan. 28, 1873, Mr. Noel Eugene Stevens, a commercial traveller of that city, and now engaged in railroad business.

They have three children: Mabel Stewart, born Dec. 13, 1875; Edith Griswold, born March 20, 1878; John Roland, born Nov. 30, 1880.

Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Susan K. Tobey, East Machias, Me.
Has taught three years in Farmington, Whitneyville, and Machias, Me. Present occupation, cashier for Seavey, Foster & Bowman, 104 Arch St., Boston, Mass.

446 Shawmut Avenue, Boston, Mass.

Mira Q. Vaughan, Farmington, Me.
Has taught 120 weeks, all in Farmington, except one term in Phillips Village, and one term in Chesterville. From 1871 till her marriage, the care of home friends prevented her teaching. Married, Aug. 27, 1876, Sumner W. Thompson, a farmer, of New Sharon, Me. They have one son, Edmund Quincy, born April 10, 1879.

Farmington, Me.