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Voters in Industry, 1855

Source: William Collins Hatch, A History of the Town of Industry, Franklin County, Maine (Farmington, Me.: Press of Knowlton, McLeary & Co., 1893).

Forenames and surnames have been switched to facilitate searching.

[p. 465]
a list of voters in industry, in 1855
Benjamin Allen,
Samuel R. Allen,
Charles A. Allen,
Datus T. Allen,
Ephraim N. Allen,
Albert Allen,
Stephen Ayers,
John S. Bradbury,
Alfred Bradbury,
Moses Bradbury,
Asaph Boyden,
Peter W. Butler,
James Bryant,
Gilman Bryant,
William M. Bryant,
Silas Burce,
John Brown,
Francis Coombs,
Joseph Collins,
Joseph Collins, Jr.,
Obed N. Collins,
Bateman Cornforth,
William Cornforth,
William Cornforth, Jr.,
Warren Cornforth,
Salmon Caswell,
Cornelius Davis,
Abbott Doyen,
Isaac Daggett,
Francis Daggett,
Samuel Daggett, 2d,
John T. Daggett,
William R. Daggett,
Josiah Dutton,
Hiram D. Durrell,
Ira Emery,
Ira Emery, Jr.,
Brice S. Edwards,
James Edgecomb,
Benjamin G. Eveleth,
Joseph Eveleth,
Joseph Eveleth, Jr.,
James Elliott,
John Frost,
Asa Fogg,
Daniel Folsom,
Daniel Folsom, Jr.,
William Q. Folsom,
John W. Frederic,
Richard Fassett,
Elisha Fish,
Reuel Goodwin,
John H. Goodwin,
Thaddeus Greenwood,
Hannibal Greenwood,
Obed W. Gray,
Albert S. George,
James Gilmore,
David Gilmore,
Rufus Gennings,
Nathan Goodridge,
Charles Goodridge,
Alonzo Goodwin,
David Hatch,
John Howes,
Charles Hayes,
Barnabas A. Higgins,
John C. Higgins,
Daniel Hilton,
Lot M. Howes,
Henry Johnson,
George W. Johnson,
Nathan S. Johnson,
William F. Johnson,
Zebediah Johnson,
George Jeffers,
Ezekiel Knowles,
Andrew Kennedy,
Rowland Luce,
Moses M. Luce,

[p. 466]
Elisha Luce,
George W. Luce,
Winthrop Luce,
Luther Luce,
Luther Luce, Jr.,
David Luce,
Newell P. Luce,
Nelson C. Luce,
Jesse Luce,
Wm. H. Luce,
Wm. H. Luce, Jr.,
Wm. H. Luce, 2d,
Warren Luce,
Joseph Luce,
David Look,
Joseph Leaver,
John D. Leaver,
William Lewis,
William G. Lewis,
Daniel C. Lowe,
Herbert Lowe,
Richard McLaughlin,
George Miller,
John Mosher,
John Wells Manter,
Elijah Manter,
Henry Manter,
George Manter,
Hiram Manter,
Warren Manter,
James Manter,
Asa M. Manter,
John C. Manter,
Jacob Miller,
David Merry,
Obed Norton,
Obed W. Norton,
Tristram Norton,
Benjamin W. Norton,
James Norton,
Wm. D. Norton,
Hiram Norton,
Samuel H. Norton,
Horatio G. Norton,
Clifford B. Norton,
James Oliver,
Thomas M. Oliver,
David Patterson,
Wesley T. Patterson,
Curtis Pinkham,
John W. Perkins,
Reuel Palmer,
Daniel B. Palmer,
Henry B. Rackliff,
J. Sumner Rackliff,
Samuel Rackliff,
Thomas Rogers,
Francis S. Rogers,
Pelatiah Shorey,
James A. Snell,
Ebenezer Swift,
Ebenezer Swift, Jr.,
Philip A. Storer,
Peter M. Storer,
John Spinney,
Samuel Shaw,
Albert Shaw,
Ebenezer Smith,
Elijah B. Smith,
James Stevens,
Oliver Stevens,
Moses Tolman,
John Tolman,
William Tolman,
Aaron Tolman,
J. Bartlett True,
Andrew Tibbetts,
Benjamin Tibbetts,
Daniel H. Taylor,
Leonard Viles,
John H. Viles,
Joseph B. Viles,

[p. 467]
Dennis H. Viles,
Vilander Weeks,
Isaac Webster,
Issacher Whitten,
James Whitten,
Peter W. Willis,
Benjamin N. Willis,
Warren N. Willis,
Simeon Watson,
Alexander Woodcock,
William Welch,
Philip Welch,
Zachariah Withee,
Daniel Withee,
William Withee,
Haskell Willard,
Charles Whitney,
James S. Yeaton,
Jonathan Yeaton,

[Total 181.]

Given under our hands, August 9th, 1855.


C. B. Norton,
David Patterson,
Albert Shaw,
}     of