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Rumford Intentions of Marriage, 1801-1889

Source: William Berry Lapham, History of Rumford, Oxford County, Maine: from its first settlement in 1779 to the present time (Augusta Me.: Press of the Maine Farmer, 1890).

The following marriage intentions were abstracted from Rumford town records by William B. Lapham for his History of Rumford. Notes in square brackets are my own, and are corrections drawn from examination of the original records on microfilm. Not all errors and omissions have been noted, and the original town records should be consulted whenever possible.

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Enoch Adams of E. Andover, and Lydia Moody of Newbury, 1802. [Published Nov. 22, 1802.]

Jacob Abbot and Betsey Knapp of Dixfield, Dec. 19, 1803.

John E. Adams and Sally Moody of E. Andover, Sept. 1824. [Published Sept. 8, 1824.]

Enoch Adams, Jr., and Lucy Strickland of E. Andover, March 26, 1807. [This is their marriage date; intentions were published Dec. 28, 1806.]

Joseph Adams of Andover, and Betsey Farnum, March 12, 1812.

Levi Abbot and Harriet Eastman, Feb. 20, 1813.

Nathaniel Abbot and Sabrina Morse, Feb. 21, 1813.

Joel Austin and Esther Farnum, Sept. 2, 1813.

Wm. Ackley and Deborah Capen, Nov. 21, 1815. [Record of intentions was not found; they were married Mar. 21, 1816.]

Moses Adams of Andover, and Dorcas Farnum, July 4, 1817. [Published Jan. 4, 1817.]

Nathan Adams, Jr., and Susan Merrill of Andover, January 10, 1817.

Eben Adams and Catherine Farnum, Oct. 15, 1819. [Published Jan. 16, 1820.]

David Abbot, 2d, and Azubah Morse, July 28, 1821.

Enos Abbot, Jr., and Polly E. Hutchins, Dec. 9, 1821.

Hazen F. Abbot and Hannah Martin, May 5, 1822.

John Ackley of No. 2, and Vesta Abbot, Nov. 10, 1822.

Stephen Abbot and Lucy Mansur, Sept. 15, 1823.

David Abbot, 3d, and Anna Harper, March 27, 1824.

Levi Abbot and Vashti Wheeler, January 2, 1825.

Nathan Abbot and Betsey Wood, Apr. 2, 1825.

Nathaniel Abbot of Livermore, and Sally Parker, Oct. 29, 1826.

David Abbot and Mrs. Betsey Knight of Bethel, March 6, 1833.

Gideon Colson Abbot and Cervilla Barker, Oct. 21, 1833.

Justus Austin of Peru, and Lydia Hall, Nov. 18, 1833.

David F. Adams and Dorcas Glines, Apr. 6, 1834.

Stephen H. Abbot and Sarah J. Small, Nov. 7, 1835.

Col. John E. Adams of Cleveland, O., and Sophia Jones, March 26, 1836.

Wm. Adams, 2d, of Andover, and Lucinda Hall, Apr. 16, 1838.

Joseph Ackley and Mary Brown, Feb. 23, 1839.

Joseph R. Andrews and Vienna Elliot of Bethel, June 26, 1839.

Benj. E. Abbot and Mahala F. Godwin, Sept. 8, 1840. [This is their marriage date; intentions were published Aug. 18, 1840.]

Samuel V. Abbot and Mary W. Kyle, Apr. 22, 1843.

John Ackley and Miss Mary Penley of Paris, Oct. 8, 1843.

Warren M. Adams and Adrian Washburne, Nov. 17, 1844.

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Henry Abbot, Jr., and Rosilla W. Hall, Feb. 7, 1847.

James B. Ackley and Sarah Hardy, Sept. 21, 1847.

Aaron J. Abbot of Andover, [and] Marcia S. Ripley, Feb. 9, 1849.

Hezekiah H. Abbot and Martha T. Lovejoy, Oct. 30, 1851.

Asa A. Abbot and Julia O. Godwin, Apr. 25, 1852.

Wm. H. Abbot and Mary A. Philbrick, Dec. 17, 1852.

Edwin R. Abbot and Betsey M. Ripley, Dec. 5, 1853.

Henry Abbot, Jr., and C. Augusta Waite of Dixfield, March 1, 1854.

Charles B. Abbot and Sophia Elliot, June 11, 1855.

Sylvanus Atkins of Peru, and Mary Arnold, Sept. 24, 1855.

Charles R. Abbot of Hanover, and Alice Jane Hutchins, March 22, 1856.

Thomas P. Abbot of Andover, and Maria H. Newton, Aug. 8, 1856.

Charles H. Austin of Mexico, and Melissa H. Mann, Aug. 30, 1856.

Daniel W. Adams and Sarah J. Virgin, Oct. 25, 1856.

Henry M. Abbot and Arabella C. Howard of Hanover, Aug. 6, 1856.

Lyman F. Abbot and Clara E. Howe, Dec. 30, 1856.

Charles H. Ackley and Cynthia J. Abbot, May 18, 1858.

Chandler Abbot and Mary E. Chadburne, Nov. 4, 1858.

Horace C. Andrews of Paris, and Addie L. Abbot, May 30, 1859.

Phineas W. Abbot and Fanny M. Bean, Sept. 2, 1859.

William Andrews and Hannah H. Abbot, Sept. 12, 1859.

Charles Austin and Isadore M. Jordan, Nov. 20, 1859.

John L. Abbot and Adeline Ingalls of Ryegate, Vt., May 22, 1861.

H. Marshall Abbot and Abbie Martin, July 18, 1863.

Hiram F. Abbot and Mary J. Mansur, Feb. 5, 1864.

Seth P. Abbot and Georgie Matthews of Franklin Pl., March 14, 1864.

Mark T. Adams and Emily L. Wardwell, Dec. 24, 1864.

Loren J. Austin of Mexico, and Sarah J. Richardson, Oct. 14, 1865.

Samuel V. Arnold and Lucy J. Harlow of Mexico, Oct. 9, 1866.

Chas. H. Adams of Andover, and Marion V. Reed, Aug. 10, 1867.

Enoch Brister and Sally Chamberlain of No. 5, May 9, 1807.

Elijah Bartlett of Bethel, and Nancy Graham, Feb. 7, 1812. [Published May 7, 1812.]

Benj. Blake of Andover, and Nancy Ripley, Feb. 8, 1812.

James F. Bragg of Andover, and Sally Graham, March 21, 1811. [Published Feb. 18, 1811.]

Elias Bartlett of Bethel, and Eliza Adams, January 27, 1814.

Benj. Bragden of No. 7, and Rachel Walton, March 2, 1815.

Elias Bartlett of Bethel, and Judith Farnum, Dec. 15, 1815.

Samuel Bartlett and Sarah Wardwell, June 6, 1816.

Thomas Bradbury of No. 8, and Dolly Morse, Nov. 20, 1817.

Alvan Bolster and Cynthia Wheeler, Nov. 24, 1820.

Joseph Baxter, Jr., and Betsey Abbot, Oct. 20, 1822.

Samuel J. Bunker of No. 7, and Charlotte Howe, Feb. 1, 1823.

Wm. Brock of Peru, and Mary Virgin, Sept. 4, 1823.

John M. Brown and Martha Gibson, Feb. 24, 1828.

David Blanchard and Mehitable Taylor of No. 7, April 3, 1829. [Both were of Plantation No. 7.]

Orin Bent of Waterford, and Caroline Eaton, Oct. 30, 1830.

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Otis Baker of Mexico, and Melinda Silver, June 25, 1831.

Alanson Bean of Howard's Gore, and Hannah Hemminway, Oct. 2, 1831.

Isaac R. Buker and Hannah W. Hardy, January 21, 1832.

Benj. H. Blanchard of No. 7, and Mary P. Berry, Apr. 3, 1832.

John Buchannan of Letter B, and Susan Hodsdon, Oct. 1, 1834.

Lyman Bolster and Betsey F. Knight, May 9, 1835.

George W. Bisbee of Hartford, and Mary Howe, Nov. 4, 1835.

Joseph Berry of Andover, and Sarah L. Greenleaf, Feb. 8, 1812.

Ephraim C. Bartlett of Bethel, and Julia Ann Richmond, Nov. 21, 1835.

Elias Barker and Martha Moody of No. 2, Apr. 2, 1836.

Wm. Burke of Portland, and Betsey Ward, June 18, 1837.

Jacob Bosworth and Sally Allen, Nov. 3, 1839.

Robert M. Brock of Buckfield, and Catherine M. Durgin, Nov. 18, 1828. [Published Nov. 1, 1828.]

Piram Bisbee and Asenath Sweat, Dec. 27, 1835. [This was the marriage date; both were of Bethel.]

John I. Bragg of Letter B, and Nancy B. Graham, 1840. [Published Sept. 6, 1840.]

Peter D. Brackett and Betsey A. Abbot, Sept. 24, 1837. [Published Sept. 2, 1837.]

Eliphas C. Bean of Bethel, and Sarah B. Farnum, May 27, 1838.

Otis C. Bolster and Maria C. T. Virgin, May 4, 1841. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Apr. 17, 1841.]

Jonathan A. Bartlett and Harriet A. Glines, May 1, 1842. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Apr. 2, 1842.]

James I. Bragg of Andover, and Julia Ann Hall, May 3, 1843.

Charles Barker and Melinda M. Kyle, May 12, 1844.

Jairus S. Bryant of Bethel, and Lucina Rolfe, Feb. 2, 1848.

Amasa A. Beard and Charlotte A. Weaver of Franklin Pl., Feb. 4, 1848.

Wm. W. Bolster and Martha H. Adams, Sept. 30, 1848.

Geo. L. Beal of Norway and Belinda D. Thompson, May 25, 1851.

David Blanchard and Deborah D. Wheeler, Oct. 29, 1851.

Hazen F. Barker and Dorcas H. Brooks of Woodstock, [no date given].

Anson W. Bowker of Woodstock and Martha J. Silver, Sept. 3, 1853.

Samuel B. Bodwell and Sarah J. Bragdon, May 16, 1855.

Elijah L. Burgess of Peru, and Elizabeth M. Thompson, June 18, 1855.

Nathan S. Baker and Mary O. Bryant of Milton Pl., January 18, 1858.

Walter Burgess of Peru, and Mary J. Richardson, Nov. 15, 1858.

Demas B. Burgess of Peru, and Ora Small, January 24, 1859.

John C. Bean of Turner, and Clarinda Doble, March 28, 1859.

Mellen E. Bolster of Paris, and Ann Sophia Roberts, Nov. 14, 1859.

David F. Brown and Mrs. Mary A. Reed, June 29, 1860.

Orlando W. Blanchard and Thirza A. Holt, April 1, 1861.

Henry J. Barker of Milton Pl., and Josephine R. Martin, Apr. 20, 1861.

Nathan S. Bishop of Peru, and Emogene Elliot, Oct. 4, 1862.

Wm. W. Bartlett of Hanover, and Sarah M. Colby, Feb. 26, 1864.

Benj. W. Bryent of Paris, and Mary K. Goddard, May 9, 1864.

Wm. M. Blanchard and Desire C. Farrar, Oct. 22, 1864.

Orlando W. Blanchard and Caroline W. Kimball, June 27, 1866.

Stillman S. Blodgett of Bethel, and Betsey C. Hall, Dec. 21, 1868.

John Butterfield of Sumner, and Amelia J. Hammon, January 11, 1869.

B. H. Boynton and Emma E. Libby of Leeds, Nov. 13, 1869.

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Daniel Carr and Polly Ayer of Bethel, Apr. 15, 1802.

Ephraim Colby and Burry Bartlett of Bethel, Nov. 1, 1807. [Published Nov. 1, 1802.]

John Cushman of Bethel, and Parazina Howe, Feb. 19, 1809. [Published Feb. 19, 1807.]

Francis Cushman and Phebe M. Abbot, Sept. 8, 1815.

Ebenezer Cobb and Mary Weaver of Readfield, Feb. 14, 1816.

Churchill Cobb and Pamelia Putnam, Sept. 16, 1817.

Solomon Cushman and Harriet Adams, April 8, 1821.

Solomon Crockett and Dorcas Sutton, Nov. 24, 1822.

Henry Child of Canton, and Hannah Farnum, March 23, 1826.

Timothy J. Carter and Arabella Rawson of Paris, Aug. 17, 1828.

Bartholomew Colburn of No. 4, and Sally Hutchins, March 24, 1833. [Published Mar. 24, 1832].

Wm. Chamberlain and Desire Bisbee of Woodstock, Oct. 13, 1833. [Published Oct. 5, 1833.]

Francis Cushman and Lydia Keyes, April 27, 1834.

Samuel R. Chapman and Hannah Mansur, Feb. 28, 1835.

Josiah J. Clement and Abigail Swan of Bethel, Apr. 6, 1838.

Joseph E. Colby and Mary J. F. Martin, June 8, 1839.

Richard Caldwell and Phebe A. Hutchins, June 15, 1841.

Solomon M. Caldwell of Albany, and Vileria Wood, May 21, 1843.

Joseph Chew and Rachel Thomas, January 6, 1844. [Banns forbidden by Hezekiah Hutchins, Jr., of Rumford on grounds that Joseph Chew "is and has been a pauper in said town of Rumford and has no means of supporting himself and family and has been destitute of any means of support for many years," that he "is a notorious drunkard," and "dissolute and troublesome in his habits," that "said Rachel Thomas is not compus mentis," and that Chew himself is "at times insane and incapable of taking care of himself"; these conclusions confirmed by Justices of the Peace Reuben B. Foster and Gardner Hoit, Jan. 29,1844.]

Wm. H. Caldwell and Elizabeth McAllister of Canton, May 23, 1844.

Timothy Colby and Hannah W. Martin, Sept. 6, 1845.

James M. Carter and Martha A. Waite of Peru, Sept. 28, 1845.

John T. Colby and Almira Stiles, January 1, 1846.

Lawson F. Clement and Abigail G. Simpson, Sept. 26, 1848.

John Clement, Jr., and Susan Farnum, Nov. 11, 1848.

Marshall B. Colby and Dolly M. Abbot, Dec. 11, 1848.

Nathaniel B. Crockett of Andover, Lydia J. Wardwell, July 6, 1850.

Charles S. Colby and Ann G. Greely of Salisbury, N. H., Aug. 25, 1850.

L. W. Caverly of Strafford, N. H., and Martha F. Washburne, Mar. 19, 1853.

Isaac W. Clisby and Alvira J. Virgin, March 27, 1857.

John Clement, Jr., and Sarah Smith, Oct. 4, 1857.

Reuben B. Colburn and Jeneatte M. Warren, Nov. 8, 1860.

Nathan M. Cummings of Woodstock, and Asenath McCrillis, May 23, 1863.

Irving T. Colby and Burnetta H. Bartlett, January 28, 1864.

Henry M. Colby and Nancy J. Farnum, Dec. 24, 1864.

Moses Cummings of Bethel, and Juliette Barker, July 25, 1866.

Wm. H. Caldwell and Mrs. Melinda S. Moody, Aug. 31, 1866.

David H. Coburn and Ellen Bradeen of Byron, Nov. 1, 1866.

Royal A. Clement and Maria C. Virgin, Oct. 19, 1867.

Chas. H. Chase and Olive E. Parker of Lewiston, Dec. 2, 1867.

Francis E. K. Cushman and Ann A. Mitchell, March 31, 1868.

Virgil D. P. Cole of Milton Plantation, and Eliza E. Tufts, Dec. 11, 1868.

Lot S. Coburn of Riley Plantation, and Emma E. Durfee, May 18, 1869.

Jesse Dustin and Lavina Howard of Howard's Gore, Jan. 2, 1809.

Jotham Dutton and Miriam Abbot, Jan. 16, 1809.

Ebenezer Door of Livermore and Polly Hinkson, Oct. 5, 1816.

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John Dolloff and Eunice Stiles of Bridgton, Nov. 2, 1816.

Samuel Douglass of Litchfield, and Sally Stevens, Aug. 1, 1817.

John Delano of No. 1, and Mehitable Sweat, March 19, 1818.

Wm. Delano of Livermore, and Abigail Sweat, Sept. 4, 1819.

Abial Delano and Sally Martin of Andover, Sept. 4, 1819.

Benj. Doyen and Dorothy S. Wheeler of Dixfield, June 17, 1821.

Ebenezer Door, 2d, and Patty Hinkson, June 23, 1821.

David Dolloff of Errol, N. H., and Almira Howe, Aug. 28, 1822.

James Delano of Livermore, and Polly Brown, January 22, 1824.

Increase Dolly and Phebe Elliot, Feb. 7, 1824.

Jesse Delano and Sally Brown, March 6, 1825.

Enos Dillingham of Portland, and Clarissa W. Virgin, Nov. 12, 1826.

Henry F. Durgin and Dorothy E. Hall, Nov. 11, 1829.

Neri D. B. Dirgin and Betsey R. Glines, Sept. 25, 1831.

Amos Dwinel of Lisbon, and Sarah S. Small, Sept. 21, 1832.

_____ Douglass and Julia Ann Goddard, April 14, 1833. [Hugh Douglass]

Joseph Dunley (Irishman) and Mrs. Betsey Cook, Aug. 25, 1839.

James M. Dolloff and Sarah L. Gleason, July 23, 1840.

George Dolly and Lucinda Cole of Bethel, June 23, 1843.

Francis Delano and Phebe L. Hall, Aug. 17, 1853.

Isaac P. Daily of Canton, and Amanda A. Eastman, Dec. 21, 1863.

Ronello C. Dolloff and Susannah Glover, June 25, 1866.

Oscar F. Dolloff and Abbie A. G. Curtis, March 17, 1867.

Cotton Elliot and Gratia Moor, May, 1801. [Record of intentions not found; they were married May 5, 1801, she "of States Land adjoining said town" of Rumford.]

Benj. Elliot and Phebe Eastman, Aug. 27, 1814.

David Elliot and Polly Silver, May 10, 1818.

Haines Eastman and Lovina Peterson, Oct. 29, 1818.

Aaron Elliot and Susan Farnum, March 8, 1827.

Caleb Eastman, Jr., and Molly F. Whitman of Mexico, March 31, 1828.

Wm. Eastman and Olive Wilson of Canton, Jan. 25, 1829.

Thomas C. Elliot and P. Cragin of Westmoreland, N. H., March 31, 1832.

Osgood Eaton, Jr., and Maria L. Gale of Gilmanton, N. H., Feb. 5, 1833.

Cyrus Elliot and Betsey Rolfe Hall, March 31, 1833.

Abial Eaton and Rhoda G. Burleigh of Gilmanton, N. H., Nov. 2, 1834.

Nathaniel Ethridge and Mary Greenleaf, June 22, 1835.

Asa Ethridge and Emily Abbot, Sept. 27, 1835.

Ganzilo Elliot of Livermore, and Betsey Wheeler, June 12, 1836.

Nathan W. Elliot of Bethel, and Lydia M. Carter, Aug. 5, 1843.

Cotton Elliot, Jr., and Lavina B. Keyes of Letter A, May 16, 1846.

John S. Etheridge and Harriet Moulton of Sandwich, N. H., Jan. 21, 1849.

Wm. Elliot and Charlotte K. Howe, Sept. 8, 1849.

Francis Elkins and Sarah F. Morse, June 26, 1855.

Josiah K. Elliot and Mary Ann Estes of Bethel, Nov. 29, 1856.

Z. G. Eastman of Mexico, and Mary S. Merrill, July 25, 1857.

B. W. Elliot and Rebecca M. Lufkin of Mexico, Jan. 14, 1858.

David E. Elliot and Aurelia Lufkin of Mexico, Aug. 21, 1858.

Holland F. Eastman and Nancy M. Hall, Oct. 9, 1860.

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John G. Elliot and Addie E. Kimball, Feb. 23, 1864.

Daniel G. Eastman and Rosilla J. Paine, March 1, 1869.

John E. Elliot and Martha Brown, May 29, 1864.

Edward F. Elliot and Clara M. Libby of Standish, March 14, 1865.

Caleb Eastman and Philena W. Cone of Skowhegan, Nov. 16, 1865.

Geo. C. Eastman of Mexico, and Ella E. Eastman, May 19, 1866.

Leonard D. Elliot and Eliza E. Moody, May 27, 1866.

Arbury E. Eastman and Emma A. Twombly, June 19, 1866.

Cyrus P. Eaton and Mary E. Howe, July 6, 1868.

Clifford M. Elliot and Flora E. Abbot, March 13, 1869.

Samuel Farnum and Betsey Godwin, Feb. 8, 1812.

Jedediah Farnum and Isabel Knapp of No. 1, Oct. 15, 1812. [This was their date of marriage; intentions were published Sept. 22, 1812.]

Merrill Farnum and Sally Bunker, June 30, 1815.

Dr. Benj. Flint and Sarah Cushing of Canaan, N. H., Jan. 15, 1816.

William Frost and Dorothy Sweat, Apr. 14, 1817.

Merrill Farnum and Sarah Virgin of Concord, N. H., Nov. 14, 1817.

David H. Farnum and Maria Bartlett of Bethel, Jan. 2, 1819.

James Farrington of Andover, and Melinda Farnum, July 6, 1820. [This was their date of marriage; intentions were published Apr. 23, 1820.]

Philander Farrington of Andover, and Polly Martin, Feb. 23, 1821.

Jonathan Fowler of Bethel, and Martha Peva, July 20, 1822. [Martha Pevy]

Merrill Farnum and Louisa Howe, Dec. 26, 1824.

Simeon Fifield of Fryeburg, and Mary Morse, May 28, 1825.

Wm. W. Farnum and Rebecca S. Webster of Andover, Feb. 3, 1827. [Published Feb. 13, 1827.]

Simeon Farnum and Milla Robinson of Paris, Feb. 24, 1827.

Dr. Simeon Fuller and Mary Ann Rawson of Paris, June 3, 1827.

Abial Farnum and Jeneatte Burnham of Westbrook, Sept. 27, 1829.

James Harvey Farnum and Clarissa Hoyt, Jan. 17, 1830.

Stephen Farnum, Jr., and Sarah Virgin, Oct. 16, 1830.

Joseph W. Farnum and Susan Ford, Apr. 7, 1831.

George J. Farnum and Mary S. Bodwell of Andover, Jan. 10, 1833.

Daniel Farnum and Mary G. Virgin, Feb. 5, 1833.

Benjamin Frye and Judith Rolfe, Dec. 16, 1833.

Charles S. Fox of Roxbury and Katherine P. Richardson, Oct. 29, 1836.

Aaron Fuller of Paris, and Mrs. Mary Virgin, March 31, 1838.

Capt. David H. Farnum and widow Nancy Hinkson, June 10, 1838.

Wm. W. Farnum and Hannah J. Treadwell of Portland, Oct. 12, 1839.

Wm. Frost and Sibbel G. Bartlett of Bethel, Oct. 5, 1831.

Wm. W. Farnum and Betsey G. Fox of Roxbury, March 9, 1845.

John C. Farnum and Mary R. Bass of Weld, June 1, 1845.

Wm. Francis of Carthage, and Cyrene Green, Oct. 5, 1846.

Aaron V. Farnum of Abbington [sic], Mass., and Ann M. Hanson, Aug. 5, 1848.

Elbridge G. Fifield of Bethel, and Hannah K. Martin, May 1, 1851.

John C. French of Salem, and Roxanna Dolloff, Oct. 2, 1852.

David W. Farnum and Olive M. Whitcomb of Norway, Mar. 31, 1855.

Charles W. Farnum and Sarah E. Wardwell, Aug. 2, 1855.

Daniel G. Frost and Emogene M. Hall, Jan. 27, 1859.

[p. 269]
Stephen E. Foye and Chloe Holt, Feb. 9, 1859.

Solon S. Farnum and Abby A. Briggs, Apr. 16, 1859.

Daniel Farnum and Mrs. Martha J. Bowker, March 20, 1861.

Freeling H. Farnum and Arvilla W. Rolfe, March 29, 1862.

Merrill Farnum and Mrs. Sally Gale of Roxbury, Jan. 2, 1863.

Wm. A. Frye of Carthage, and Alma L. Farnum, July 13, 1863.

Wm. Frost and Phebe S. Mitchell, May 9, 1864.

Wm. H. Farnum and Maria L. C. Martin, Sept. 18, 1865.

Ellis R. Flagg and Mary Kelly of Mexico, Dec. 4, 1865.

Isaac Gleason of No. 1, and Sally Kimball, March 11, 1801.

Aaron Graham and Geneva Moore, Nov. 19, 1811. [Published Feb. 18, 1811.]

Daniel Glines and Mary Sweat, Apr. 3, 1813.

Colman Godwin and Keziah Wheeler of Concord, N. H., Feb. 14, 1814.

James Godwin and Apphia Segor of Bethel, May 30, 1814.

Asa Graham and Lucinda Farnum, Feb. 7, 1817.

George Graham and Hannah Eastman, March 21, 1818.

Timothy Glines and Sally Barker of Bethel, Feb. 6, 1819.

Jedediah Grover of Bethel, and Hannah Hall, Apr. 29, 1821.

James B. Greenleaf and Sybil Goddard, May 22, 1822.

John Gould of Dixfield, and Lavina Puffer, Aug. 12, 1825.

Joshua Graham and Hannah Goddard of Andover, Dec. 26, 1825.

David B. Glines and Catherine B. Goddard, Jan. 1, 1832.

Rev. Daniel Gould and Anna M. Rawson, Sept. 28, 1834.

Eben T. Goddard and Mary Ann Kimball, Jan. 4, 1835.

George W. Graham and Irene Irish of Hartford, Oct. 30, 1835.

Ansel B. Green of Byron, and Sarah J. Silver, Jan. 23, 1836.

Joshua Graham and Ruth Treadwell of Portland, July 22, 1838.

David H. Goodnow and Maria B. Adams, Feb. 21, 1839.

David A. Godwin and Abigail Besse, Nov. 29, 1825.

Ransom M. Green and Naomi B. Severy of Wilton, July 16, 1843.

Joshua Graham and Mrs. Sarah Leavitt of Buxton, Sept. 30, 1843.

Wm. Goddard of Bethel, and Joanna Curtis, Nov. 17, 1844. [Published Feb. 23, 1845.]

Wm. T. Greenleaf of Milton Pl., and Betsy C. Ackley, Aug. 14, 1847.

John C. Graham and Susan M. Wood, March 20, 1848.

Alvan B. Godwin and Arabella C. Kimball, Feb. 5, 1851.

Ajalon Godwin and Sarah A. Thompson, Sept. 23, 1853.

Albert G. Glines and Emily H. Farnum, Nov. 10, 1855.

David G. Glines and Emma S. Howe, Nov. 13, 1860.

Joel Godwin and Fanny A. Kennison, Sept. 27, 1861.

George H. Gleason of Mexico, and Elizabeth Kimball, Jan. 22, 1863.

Loren Glover and Dorcas L. Goddard, Apr. 29, 1863.

Thos. Golder of Belgrade, and Clara V. Washburne, Apr. 21, 1866.

Aaron Graham and Mrs. Abigail Hoyt, Sept. 7, 1866.

Elisha F. Goddard and Euthalia V. Roberts, May 7, 1867.

Geo. T. Goddard and Lydia S. Thomas, July 15, 1867.

Ephraim F. Goddard and Mrs. Jane L. Ackley of Milton Pl., Jan. 13, 1868.

[p. 270]
John A. Howard of Dixfield, and Sarah Hinkson, Dec. 17, 1803.

Joseph Hall and Judith Blanchard, Sept. 13, 1804.

Jeremiah Hall and Judith Rolfe, July 21, 1805.

James Hodsdon and Esther Bartlett of Bethel, Jan. 26, 1810.

John Howe and Persis Moore of Worcester, March 15, 1812.

Robert Hinkson and Sally Silver, Oct. 21, 1815.

David Hutchins, 3d, and Sally Abbot of Andover, July 13, 1817.

Otis Howe and Elsie Andrews of Bethel, Aug. 17, 1817.

John Howe, Jr., and Betsey Abbot of Bethel, Dec. 12, 1818.

Samuel Hammon of No. 1, and Lydia Lovejoy [no date given]. [Published Aug. 8, 1819.]

Wm. R. Hemminway and Mrs. Phebe Brown of Hamlin Grant, Mar. 23, 1822.

Joseph Hinkson of No. 7, and Ruth Puffer, July 5, 1823.

John Howe, Jr., and Mrs. Nancy (Kimball) Brown of Waterford, Apr. 10, 1825.

Hezekiah Hutchins and Lucinda Bean of Bethel, Nov. 19, 1826.

Colman Hemminway of Letter B, and Sally Carr, Jan. 3, 1827.

Daniel Hinkson and Juliette Swain, Nov. 24, 1827.

Daniel Hall, 2d, and Sarah Lovejoy of No. 2, Nov. 28, 1827.

Rev. Aaron Hubbard of Monson, and Charlotte Adams, Nov. 1, 1828.

Calvin Howe and Thirza Kimball of Bethel, Nov. 18, 1828.

Joel Howe and Dorcas Barker of Newry, Oct. 5, 1829.

Joseph Hutchins and Mary N. Howe, June 5, 1831.

Curtis P. Howe and Abigail Gleason of Mexico, Nov. 4, 1831.

Alanson Hinkley and Salome E. Hinds of Livermore, Mar. 3, 1832.

John A. Howard of Mexico, and Phebe Blaisdell, June 17, 1833.

Joshua T. Hall and Charlotte M. Elliot of Livermore, March 31, 1834.

Gardener G. Hoyt and Laura C. Lovejoy of Andover, Nov. 30, 1834.

Asa S. Howard and Dorcas Holt, July 9, 1836.

Daniel Hodsdon and Mary R. Richardson, Oct. 15, 1836.

Alonzo Holt and Abigail Stearns of Bethel, Dec. 1, 1839.

Aldana Hinkson and Grace M. Elliot, Sept. 24, 1840. [This was their date of marriage; intentions were published Sept. 6, 1840.]

Otis Howe and Mrs. Maria Farnum, July 10, 1843.

Otis Howe and Betsey B. Prescott of Chichester, N. H., Dec. 2, 1843. [Published Nov. 11, 1843.]

Ivory W. Hall and Lucinda E. Smith of Mexico, Dec. 2, 1843.

Jeremiah Hall and Betsey Adams, July 21, 1844.

Livermore R. Hall and Mary A. Miller of Lowell, Dec. 6, 1846.

Zebediah Hardy, Jr., and Zilpha E. A. Kilgore of Newry, Feb. 2, 1847.

Asa S. Howard and Betsey S. Roberts of Hanover, Aug. 9, 1847. [Published Aug. 7, 1847.]

Gideon A. Hastings of Bethel, and Dolly K. Kimball, Sept. 15, 1847.

Gilbert Howe of Hanover, and Sarah D. Perry, Jan. 6, 1849.

Patrick Hoyt and Lucy A. Farnum, Feb. 2, 1851.

John Howe and Mrs. Clarissa Estes of Bethel, (no date).

Sullivan R. Hutchins and Sara E. Howe, Nov. 27, 1854.

Samuel P. Harlow of Buckfield, and Anvolette A. Wheeler, Mar. 10, 1855.

Bennett Haverson and Sarah J. Hodgman, Nov. 8, 1855.

Nial Hoyt and Arvilla Wright of Jay, Feb. 15, 1856.

Charles H. Hardy and Roxana Estes of Milton Pl., March 26, 1856.

Milton R. Howard of Hanover, and Hannah N. Holt, March 14, 1857.

[p. 271]
Alonzo Holt and Polly Kimball, March 5, 1857.

John H. Howe and Harriet E. Glines, Nov. 16, 1858.

Henry N. Howe of Hanover, and Caroline A. Graham, Oct. 13, 1859.

Preston O. Howard of Hanover, and Lucetta A. Abbot, Oct. 25, 1859.

John Howe, Jr., and Augusta M. Glines, Dec. 17, 1859.

Daniel R. Hill of Lovell, and Nancy Taylor, Nov. 7, 1860.

John R. Hall and Louisa Woods of Augusta, Nov. 8, 1860.

Henry S. Hall and Julia E. Abbot, Jan. 24, 1862.

Asa S. Howard, Esq., and Louisa L. Stickney of Mexico, July 9, 1863.

Henry S. Howard and Clara M. Woodbury of Sweden, Nov. 20, 1863.

George H. Hutchins and Georgie McAlister of Andover, Jan. 5, 1864.

McKenzie A. Huston of Roxbury, and Ophelia A. Eastman, May 6, 1865.

Asa B. Hutchins and Julia A. Ryerson of Newry, July 2, 1866.

Wm. R. Harper and Ellen M. Abbot, Nov. 23, 1866.

Royal A. Harlow of Hebron, and Emma S. Silver, Apr. 1, 1867.

Wm. H. Hughes and Mary A. Clark, Apr. 27, 1867.

Samuel W. Holt of Hanover, and Mrs. Lovicy A. Douglass, Oct. 21, 1867.

Cyrus Howard and Hannah B. Johnson of Sumner, Nov. 15, 1868.

Frank Holman and Delia H. Abbot, Feb. 15, 1869.

Horace Holman and Mrs. Betsey F. Elliot, May 18, 1869.

Wm. H. Haynes of Boston, and Lois E. Littlehale, Nov. 23, 1869.

Nason Ingalls of Bridgton, and Polly Kimball, March 16, 1816.

Stephen Judkins and Mary Bunker, March 2, 1813.

Amos M. Jordan of Andover, and Martha S. Wood, Nov. 26, 1829. [Published Apr. 19, 1829.]

Wm. A. Johnson of Lowell, Mass., and Lucy A. Hutchins, Dec. 7, 1846.

John Kimball and Hannah Martin, Nov. 1809. [I find no intentions for this couple; they married Nov. 24, 1808.]

Nathan Knapp and Phebe Farnum, Apr. 6, 1809. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Jan. 23, 1809.]

Moses Kimball and Mary Bean, both of Bethel, Apr. 16, 1812. [This was their marriage date; no intentions were published in Rumford.]

David Kimball and Lucy W. Wheeler of Dixfield, Feb. 2, 1817.

Peter Kimball of Bethel, and Sophia Wheeler [no date given]. [Published Mar. 6, 1823.]

Joseph Knight and Nancy Rolfe, Nov. 14, 1827.

James R. Kennison and Fanny Putnam, Nov. 1, 1829.

David Knapp and Clarissa Glines, Oct. 13, 1833.

Enoch Knapp and Eliza Bartlett of Bethel, Oct. 23, 1835.

John L. Kennison and Eliza N. Cook, July 4, 1837.

Charles A. Kimball and Elizabeth Abbott, March 25, 1838.

Albion K. Knapp and Phebe M. Graham, Sept. 16, 1838.

James M. Kimball of Bridgton, and Arvilla Elliot, Aug. 30, 1839. [Published Aug. 3, 1839.]

Samuel Knapp and Sarah Whittemore, Aug. 4, 1841. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published July 17, 1841.]

S. King of Monroe, and Mary Chapman, Oct. 26, 1845.

Asa Kimball and Geneva G. Frost, March 24, 1846. [Date of publishment possibly Mar. 29.]

Burt Kidder and Harriet C. Bartlett, Apr. 28, 1850.

Chas. P. Knight of Woodstock, and Juliette W. Farnum, Oct. 6, 1851.

[p. 272]
Augustus J. Knight of Woodstock, and Philadelphia M. Graham, Feb. 2, 1854.

Adam W. Kimball and Philena J. Swain, Dec. 5, 1857.

N. N. Kennison and Addie A. Kennison of Denmark, Sept. 28, 1861.

Ithiel S. Kennison and Mary L. Hall, June 1, 1863.

Isaac M. Knowles of Troy, and Lauraetta V. Farnum, Nov. 17, 1864.

Chas. M. Kimball of Bethel, and Loretta S. Bartlett, Oct. 14, 1865.

Marcius F. Knight and Ruth T. Graham, Sept. 8, 1866.

Charles W. Kimball and Jennie M. Knapp of Hanover, Apr. 28, 1868.

Dana L. Kimball and Rosalthia K. Philbrick, Oct. 10, 1867.

Charles E. Kennison and Annie Bennett of Greenwood, Feb. 24, 1869.

Charles A. Kennison and Olive A. Peverly, Sept. 8, 1869.

Wm. H. Killman of Bridgton, and Sarah S. Walker, Sept. 25, 1869.

Joseph Lufkin and Loruhamah Kimball, Jan. 24, 1811. [Published Jan. 14, 1811.]

Samuel Lufkin and Pamelia Segar of Bethel, No[v]. 21, 1816. [Published Nov. 15, 1816.]

John Lufkin and Phebe Kimball, Nov. 16, 1821.

Jacob Libby of Peru, and Elizabeth Puffer, Sept. 22, 1823.

Aaron Lufkin of Peru, and Lucy Brown, March 12, 1825.

Moody Little of Colbrook, and Eunice A. Call, Nov. 1, 1828. [groom of "Cole Brook New Hampshire"]

Henry Lane of Sanbornton, N. H., and Hannah Virgin, Jan. 22, 1831.

Eliphalet E. Lufkin and Mary R. Lufkin, May 19, 1842. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Apr. 14, 1842.]

Alfred Lufkin and Dorcas Howe, May 6, 1843.

Capt. Nathan Lufkin of Concord, N. H., and Elizabeth A. Howe, Aug. 30, 1845.

Orin H. Lufkin and Fidelia A. Godwin, Aug. 25, 1847.

Hezekiah Lovejoy of Peru, and Abiah Putnam, July 6, 1849.

Addison Lufkin and Euphrasia Bartlett of Hanover, Jan. 6, 1854.

Wm. P. Lang and Abigail D. Hall, Aug. 17, 1853.

Merrit N. Lufkin and Lucy A. Kimball, March 12, 1856.

Henry A. Lovejoy and Annie K. Morton, Jan. 21, 1858.

Albert Leavitt and P. C. Peabody, Aug. 4, 1860.

Franklin S. Leavitt and Mary J. Raymond, Apr. 26, 1861.

Ayres Little and Rose Burges of Mexico, Dec. 26, 1863.

Wm. Lindsey and Margaretta Little, Dec. 26, 1863.

Ezekiel T. Ludden of Dixfield, and Jennie F. Eastman, Oct. 3, 1864.

Thos. T. Lurvey of Woodstock, and Mary A. Curtis, June 29, 1865.

Alfred Lufkin and Caroline Hill of Northwood, N. H., Aug. 27, 1867.

Wm. Lindsey and Lottie Hicks of Lyndon, Vt., Nov. 4, 1867.

Albion B. Lovejoy and Mary R. Small, Oct. 3, 1868.

Reuben Lovejoy of Sumner, and Carrie H. Lunt, Jan. 25, 1869.

Geo. E. Leonard of Andover, and Esther A. Elliot [no date given].

Kimball Martin and Rachel Godwin, Dec. 17, 1803. [Published July 14, 1804, though marriage date is given as Aug. 1803.]

Samuel Merrill and Polly Godwin of Livermore, Dec. 24, 1812.

Wade Moor and Betsey Eaton, Oct. 10, 1816.

James Moody and Sally Godwin, May 4, 1818.

St. Luke Morse and Judith Wheeler of Concord, N. H., Dec. 3, 1822.

[p. 273]
Samuel Morgan of Guilford, and Milla Howard, Dec. 3, 1825. [Samuel Morgan, Jr.]

Jesse Morse and Orpha Thompson, June 24, 1827.

Samuel R. Morse and Dolly Carr, March 15, 1829.

Nahum B. Morse and Britania Burnham of Westbrook, Nov. 10, 1830.

Daniel Martin, Jr., and Isabel C. Brown, Oct. 7, 1831.

Ira Martin and Mary Jane Howe, Sept. 27, 1833.

John Martin and Arvilla Abbot, Nov. 12, 1834.

Amasa H. Merrill of Hamlin Gore, and Clarissa Elliot, June 23, 1835.

Kimball Martin and Lydia H. Abbott, Aug. 27, 1836.

Warren Mansur and Elvira M. Barnes, Feb. 11, 1837.

Wm. Mills of Paris, and Grace B. Stevens, May 7, 1837.

Elijah Morse, Jr., of Jay, and Lavina Silver, Feb. 3, 1839.

Wm. Moody of No. 2, and Laura Abbott, June 10, 1824. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Apr. 18, 1824.]

Merrick Monroe and Mrs. Betsey Burke, Oct. 15, 1843.

David G. Martin and Sarah G. Martin, Aug. 30, 1845.

Charles W. Monroe and Abby Kimball, Sept. 15, 1847.

Alfred Morton and Mary Augusta Abbot, Oct. 3, 1848.

Jonathan K. Martin and Frances E. Willard, Apr. 14, 1850.

Josiah Moody of Hamlin Gore, and Mrs. Rebecca G. Martin, Aug. 18, 1850.

Charles Morse of Milton Pl., and Judith Hinkson, Dec. 8, 1850.

Samuel Merrill, Jr., of Milton Pl., and Aurelia T. Poland, May 25, 1851.

Thomas Morse of Albany, and Mary J. Farnum, March 16, 1859.

Lyman R. Martin and Carrie M. Knapp, Oct. 6, 1860.

Ainsworth W. Morey of Milton Plt., and Harriet O. Ackley, Nov. 6, 1860.

Walter E. Mann and Nancy Knight, Nov. 9, 1860.

Charles E. Martin and Cinette E. Abbott, Nov. 19, 1860.

Edwin R. Martin and Victoria S. Farnum, Oct. 23, 1863.

Jonathan K. Martin and Josephine M. Stevens of E. Medway, Mass., Sept. 9, 1864.

Charles H. Morton and Emma C. Newton, Dec. 10, 1864.

Alpheus Morse of Grafton, and Hannah V. Kimball, Apr. 27, 1865.

Wm. K. Moore and Zella A. Ward of China, May 1, 1866.

Charles V. Martin and Nancie W. Goddard of Bethel, Apr. 6, 1867.

Joseph W. Morse of Andover, and Hattie M. Lovejoy, May 6, 1867.

Wm. K. Moore and Abbie M. Howard, Oct. 26, 1868.

Samuel T. Marston and Mrs. Sarah J. Adams, May 22, 1869.

Isaac Newton of No. 1, and Abigail Putnam, May 5, 1802.

Sylvester Newton and Susan Smith, April 5, 1822.

Esdras Nickerson of Sangerville, and Mrs. Sarah Wakefield, Jan. 16, 1842. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Dec. 20, 1841.]

Cyrus P. Newton and Susan M. Mansur, Dec. 8, 1850.

Lambert P. Newton of Andover, and Frances A. Howe, March 22, 1854.

Chas. W. Nelson of Barnstable, Mass., and Ann M. Poland, June 2, 1862.

Chas. W. Nelson and Amanda T. Poland, Aug. 31, 1866.

Samuel Putnam and Betsey Cobb of Norway, Apr. 12, 1806.

Francis Porter and Nancy Virgin, Nov. 13, 1809.

Mathias Puffer and Ruth Putnam, June 1, 1810.

[p. 274]
Israel Putnam and Ruth Walton, Oct. 7, 1811.

Edward Parker of Hartford, and Sally Putnam, Feb. 25, 1816.

Edward L. Poor of Andover, and Azubah Farnum, Jan. 25, 1817.

Stephen Putnam, Jr., and Lucy Cobb of Norway, Sept. 16, 1817.

Jacob Putnam and Betsey Parker of N. Yarmouth, Feb. 9, 1818.

Samuel Putnam, Jr., and Susan P. Adams, Feb. 21, 1818.

Jonathan Page and Ruth Eastman, Nov. 16, 1821.

Samuel Poor of Andover, and Asenath Farnum, Jan. 26, 1823.

Simon Parlin, Jr., of Sumner, and Sophia Abbot, Dec. 1, 1823.

Jesse Putnam and Polly Keyes, January 3, 1824.

Josiah Parker and Keziah B. Knight, Sept. 4, 1826.

Nehemiah Putnam and Hannah Whitten of Concord, Dec. 30, 1826.

Hiram Putnam and Clarissa W. Farnum, Oct. 17, 1830.

Robert Pierpont of Livermore, and Mary Hemmingway, Nov. 27, 1832.

Loammi B. Peabody and Hannah Keyes, Sept. 9, 1832.

Loammi B. Peabody and Sally B. Graham, June 12, 1836.

Daniel F. Putnam and Lucinda Walker of Livermore, Feb. 25, 1837.

Daniel P. Porter, Jr., of Mexico, and Rosalia Abbot, Nov. 17, 1838.

Ira Parlin of Weld, and Priscilla W. Hall, June 14, 1844. [Ira Parlin, Jr.]

George L. Peaslee of Wilton, and Susan M. Adams, May 24, 1849.

George W. Perry and Susan V. Abbot, Dec. 30, 1849.

William Phinney of Portland, and Augusta Willard, Dec. 3, 1853.

Wm. F. Putnam and Sophia C. Abbot of Hanover, Jan. 1, 1856.

I. Atwood Putnam and Emily V. Bartlett, Jan. 25, 1857.

Franc C. Palmona, U. S. Navy, and Maria H. Abbot, Nov. 6, 1857.

Franklin D. Peabody and Lucy A. Bryant, Nov. 15, 1858.

John Poland and Mary A. Smith, Aug. 19, 1859.

Wm. O. Pearson of Woodstock, and Mrs. Clementine Moore, Mar. 26, 1860.

Chas. D. Parker and Martha M. Small of Andover, March 8, 1861.

Benj. B. Putnam and Mary A. Bisbee, Aug. 30, 1862.

Gilman Philbrick of Roxbury, and Rosina W. Richardson, Sept. 9, 1862.

David F. Putnam and Clara A. Wing, May 25, 1865.

Simeon W. Putnam of Mexico, and Abbie B. Small, Nov. 13, 1865.

Bartol H. Perry, and Lucretia Barker, March 5, 1866.

Alfred B. Putnam of Mexico, and Maria C. Virgin, Apr. 4, 1866.

Henry S. Philbrook of Andover, and Vienna Howe, Nov. 23, 1866.

Francis P. Putnam and Mrs. Eunice E. Towne of Norway, Nov. 24, 186.

Chas. A. Proctor of Andover, and Calista W. Morey, Aug. 3, 1867.

Wm. Phinney and Mrs. Abbie Abbott, Aug. 22, 1867.

Charles N. Paine and Mrs. Susan Cobb, Sept. 30, 1867.

S. T. Putnam and Caroline S. Evans, Sept. 11, 1869.

Lewis M. Putnam and Nellie A. Durfee, Nov. 8, 1869.

Nathaniel Rolfe and Polly Glines, Sept. 18, 1809.

John Richardson and Mehitable Eastman, Jan. 14, 1811.

John Rolfe and Betsey Abbot, Jan. 30, 1812.

Samuel Robertson of Bethel, and Eliza Hunting, May 12, 1813.

[p. 275]
Samuel Rolfe and Eliza Hathaway of Jay, Feb. 7, 1819.

Wm. Richardson and Polly Swain, Apr. 4, 1819.

Joseph Ripley and Betsey Barker, Apr. 29, 1821.

Henry C. Rolfe and Dorcas Wheeler, March 6, 1825.

Daniel Richardson and Lydia Tyler, Nov. 9, 1825.

Edwin Reynolds of Bethel, and Mary Chamberlain, Aug. 26, 1826.

Jeremiah Richardson and Harriet Virgin, Jan. 3, 1830.

Joseph Rowe of No. 2, and Catherine Virgin, Dec. 5, 1830.

Lyman Rawson and Jerusha Holmes of Oxford, May 3, 1832.

Simeon O. Reynolds and Ruhamah Ames of Hartford, Dec. 24, 1836.

John E. Rolfe and Joanna S. Douglass, March 28, 1839.

Enoch C. Rolfe and Emeline Small, April 26, 1839.

Joseph Richardson and Edith Glines, Apr. 9, 1842. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Mar. 27, 1841 (sic).]

Geo. A. Ray and Lucy C. Whittemore, Sept. 2, 1843.

Asa Richardson and Sarah E. Abbot, April 13, 1845.

Levi Randall of Peru, and Emily Washburne, May 13, 1847.

Bradbury Richardson of Hartford, and Mrs. D. F. Adams, Mar. 11, 1849.

Charles H. Rolfe and Caroline H. Virgin, Nov. 13, 1852.

Henry M. Rowe and Elizabeth S. Taylor, Apr. 25, 1853.

Benj. F. Richmond and Eliza J. Wyman, Dec. 23, 1857.

Chas. F. Richardson and Olivia E. Bodwell, Nov. 21, 1863.

Chas. D. Rowe of Woodstock, and Margaret D. Farnum, Apr. 1, 1865.

Alonzo P. Russell of E. Livermore, and Mary A. G. Richardson, Mar. 13, 1866.

Oscar D. Rolfe and Elizabeth S. Curtis, Oct. 18, 1867.

J. S. Record of Buckfield, and Ellen E. Abbot, Sept. 30, 1869.

Chauncy S. Richardson and Mrs. Delphina A. Parker, Oct. 9, 1869.

Greenleaf G. Stevens and Ruth Elliot, Feb. 12, 1810. [Stephen Greenlief Stevens]

Nathan Silver and Sally Swain, Jan. 14, 1815.

Enoch Stiles of Bridgton, and Edna Dolloff, Nov. 9, 1816.

Allen Segar and Elizabeth Howard, May 7, 1819.

Henry Smith and Dolly Marston, Sept. 20, 1819.

John Swain and Rebecca Richards of No. 8, Dec. 12, 1819.

Hezediah Silver and Lucy Virgin, March 27, 1824.

Phineas Stevens and Mary S. Wardwell, Dec. 30, 1824.

Haines Stevens and Nancy Abbot, Apr. 20, 1828.

Samuel S. Snow and Mary S. Hoyt, Feb. 19, 1830.

Andrew Small and Achsa Chamberlain, Feb. 19, 1831.

James Silver and Sarah P. Elliot, March 20, 1831.

Isaac Swan of Lowell, Mass., and Nancy H. Hutchins, Oct. 2, 1831.

Daniel Silver and Sarah S. Baron of No. 8, July 8, 1832.

John E. Segar and Lydia Farnum, July 29, 1832.

Joseph Small and Pamelia P. Dolly, Nov. 18, 1833.

Allen Segar and Achsa Howard of Temple, N. H., Dec. 15, 1833.

Edward Stevens and Sybil Bean of Bethel, July 12, 1834.

Phineas Stearns of Bethel, and Betsey Martin, Dec. 28, 1834.

[p. 276]
Seba D. Short and Abbie A. Trumbull, Apr. 4, 1835.

Benj. W. Stevens and Harriet G. Frost, Sept. 2, 1837.

Abiel L. Stevens and Elizabeth Small, Nov. 24, 1838.

Cyrus Small and Lucy Ann Kimball, Dec. 8, 1838.

Thomas J. Stevens and Lynda M. Griffith of Livermore, May 19, 1844.

Hiram R. Swain and Elizabeth D. Kneeland of Sweden, Jan. 14, 1848.

Cyrus Small and Sarah Jane Thompson, Aug. 16, 1848.

David G. Simpson and Mary M. Newton, Apr. 21, 1849. [David E. Simpson]

John Swain, Jr., and Charlotte W. Kimball, Nov. 3, 1849.

Gardener Sheldon of Leominster, Mass., and Hannah Lufkin, Feb. 3, 1850.

Dr. Joseph P. Small and Phebe E. Delano of Milton Pl., Apr. 8, 1852.

Wm. F. Stevens and Susan W. Little of Colebrook, N. H., Dec. 20, 1852.

Jonathan Swift and Adeline D. Baker, June 16, 1853.

Geo. S. Silver and Nancy S. Hutchins, May 28, 1856.

John A. Stockbridge and Sarah V. W. Bolster, March 30, 1857.

Ambrose C. Segar and Amanda A. Russell, Feb. 20, 1858.

George S. Smith and Phebe J. Coburn, May 14, 1859.

E. C. Smith and Lydia A. Garland of Somersworth, N. H., July 23, 1860.

Columbus A. Stockbridge and Julia A. Howe, Jan. 23, 1861.

Loring F. Swain and Amelia A. Glover, June 15, 1861.

Henry Stevens and Cervilla Abbot, June 13, 1862.

Chas B. Smith of Reading, and Lucy A. Abbot, Jan. 28, 1864.

John E. Segar and Hannah Graham, Oct. 14, 1865.

Wm. F. Stevens and Arvilla E. McCrillis, Aug. 12, 1866.

James Silver and Mary A. Lufkin, May 28, 1867.

Jonathan V. Silver and Abbie L. Barker of Hanover, Jan. 6, 1868.

Isaac G. Spofford of Milton Pl., and Mrs. Mary Woods, March 5, 1868.

Wallace W. Stevens and Hannah O. Stetson, Jan. 2, 1869.

Uzza Thompson of No. 2, and Abigail Elliot, Dec. 26, 1807.

Amos Tucker of Peru, and Miss Lucretia Howe, Sept. 22, 1822.

Daniel Thompson of Westbrook, and Mahala Farnum, March 26, 1828.

Peter A. Thompson and Wealthy Stevens, July 17, 1828. [Published Aug. 17, 1828.]

Joseph Trumbull and Hannah J. Howe of No. 2, Oct. 24, 1829.

Luther Trumbull and Mary E. Martin, Sept. 9, 1832.

Perez Thomas and Mary Sampson of Hartford, Nov. 10, 1834.

Abiather Tuell of Paris, and Phebe Knapp, May 14, 1837.

Moses Taylor and Sarah Simpson, March 17, 1841. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Feb. 28, 1841.]

Elbridge G. Thomas and Nancy Hardy, May 5, 1842. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Apr. 30, 1842.]

Elisha Thomas and Mrs. Sally D. Wells of Vienna, Nov. 8, 1843.

Capt. Peter Trask of Mexico, and Betsey C. Rolfe, May 20, 1844.

Jonathan Tyler of Mason, and Elizabeth J. Hall, Dec. 14, 1845.

William Taylor and Mehitable P. Hall, Feb. 1, 1846.

Wm. Tyler of Mason, and Sally Martin [no date given]. [Published Mar. 7, 1846]

John Thompson, Esq., and Elizabeth M. Eustis of Mexico, Nov. 19, 1846.

Nathaniel H. Tyler of Mason, and Sarah M. Putnam, Sept. 23, 1848.

Stephen Taylor of Lisbon, N. H., and Lovina P. Abbot, July 19, 1849.

[p. 277]
John Twombly of Byron, and Maria E. Eastman [no date given].

Sewall Thompson and Mrs. Mabel Tufts, March 17, 1854.

William Taylor and Mrs. Nancy Thomas, May 19, 1856.

John L. Thomas and Rebecca B. Virgin, Dec. 29, 1856.

John Thompson and Sarah E. Moody, June 21, 1858.

Jonathan C. Taylor of Roxbury, and Judith Elliot, Sept. 7, 1858.

Edward True of Portland, and Lucebia E. Hoyt, Feb. 16, 1859.

Robert B. Taylor and Sarah J. T. Rowe, May 20, 1860.

Dr. Adson Tasker of Philadelphia, and Julia E. Abbot, Sept. 10, 1860.

James W. Thomas and Sarah J. Silver, March 14, 1861.

Eugene Taylor and Rosilla E. Poland, Feb. 12, 1866.

Eben H. Thompson of Weld, and Mrs. Mary A. Frost, March 9, 1868.

Aaron Virgin and Polly Farnum, Jan. 23, 1813.

Ebenezer Virgin and Polly Gibson of Brownfield, Apr. 2, 1813.

Peter C. Virgin and Sally Keyes, July 24, 1813.

Rufus Virgin and Susan Abbot, Dec. 29, 1814.

Jeremiah Virgin and Persis Russell of Bethel, Nov. 7, 1817.

Osgood E. Virgin and Clarissa Taylor of No. 7, Nov. 23, 1817.

Levitt C. Virgin and Hannah Osgood, Nov. 28, 1819.

Eben Virgin and Sally Farnum, Sept. 3, 1820.

Jonathan Virgin and Hannah Wheeler, Aug. 31, 1828.

Uriah H. Virgin and Mary Roberts of Wayne, Jan. 2, 1831. [Maryann Roberts]

Charles E. Virgin and Diantha Virgin, Aug. 26, 1833.

Eben M. Virgin and Ruth P. Brown, Nov. 2, 1841. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Sept. 17, 1841.]

Patrick H. Virgin and Lovina Bean, June 24, 1843.

Humphrey Vosmus of Readfield and Ann A. Dammon, Jan. 15, 1854.

Eben F. Virgin and Susan A. Austin of Mexico, Oct. 10, 1855.

Peter C. Virgin, Esq., and Mrs. Nancy Kimball, Sept. 27, 1856.

Abbot Virgin and Caroline H. Moody, Nov. 14, 1857.

Albert Virgin and Sophila W. Scott, Aug. 28, 1861.

Hazen G. Virgin and Eliza A. Holt, Oct. 16, 1861.

Solon Virgin and Floretta L. Abbot, Dec. 5, 1865.

Benj. F. Virgin and Ella J. Raymond, Jan. 16, 1866.

Peter C. Virgin, 2d, and Mrs. Sarah Hardy, Jan. 6, 1869.

Phineas Wood and Patty Spaulding of Chelmsford, March 22, 1802.

John Winkley and Triphena McAllister, July 2, 1803. [Groom was "a transient person."]

James H. Withington of No. 1, and Sarah Adams of Andover, July 9, 1810. [James Harvey Withington]

Reuben Walton and Eunice Swain, Oct. 20, 1811.

Artemas Walton and Dolly McAllister, Jan. 2, 1813.

Artemas Walton and Abigail Stevens, Jan. 21, 1815.

Joseph H. Wardwell and Lydia Howard of Howard's Gore, Nov. 21, 1816.

Phineas Wood and Elizabeth Kidder of Tewksbury, Mass., Feb. 2, 1824.

Farwell Walton of No. 2, and Mary Hall, Aug. 19, 1827.

John Walker of No. 7, and Sally Eastman, July 27, 1828.

Harvey B. Willard and Mehitable Martin, Aug. 5, 1829.

Hyland Walker of Mexico and Mariah G. Dolly, May 10, 1831.

[p. 278]
Zeri Whitman and Mary Dale of Greenwood, Oct. 11, 1832.

Alexander Wyman and Azilla Bard, Nov. 10, 1833.

Philip M. Wheeler and Deborah D. Hall [no date given]. [Intentions published Feb. 9, 1834]

Elijah Walker and Chastina Hinkson, Sept. 14, 1834. [Dr. Elijah Walker]

Timothy Walker and Luna Abbot, March 28, 1835.

Stephen Washburne of Paris, and Mrs. Mary Howe, July 29, 1835.

Elbridge G. Welch of Brunswick, and Elizabeth Putnam, Oct. 24, 1835.

Enoch Whittemore and Sarah Cole of Greenwood, Apr. 20, 1836. [Bride was of Bethel.]

Jeremiah Wardwell and Jeneatte Farnum, Feb. 8, 1837.

Isaac C. Washburne of Paris, and Cynthia W. Stevens, May 28, 1837.

Oliver Wakefield and Sally Howard, Sept. 30, 1838.

Josiah P. Whidden of Oregon City, Ill., and Eliza H. Godwin, Sept. 30, 1838.

Judah D. Wheeler of Peacham, Vt., and Dorcas F. Knapp, Dec. 31, 1840. [This was their date of marriage; no intentions were recorded in Rumford, and the bride was a resident of Paris.]

Cornelius H. Whitman of Mexico, and Sarah Virgin, Nov. 26, 1841. [This was their marriage date; intentions were published Oct. 23, 1841.]

Rev. Isaac Whittemore and Mary A. Ray, June 30, 1844.

Cornelius Whitman of Mexico, and Nancy K. Elliot, Sept. 8, 1844. [Cornelius H. Whitman]

Dr. Kendall Wright of Weld, and Cordelia Hall, Aug. 18, 1847.

Charles Wilkins of Waterborough, and Martha J. Silver, Sept. 5, 1853.

Martin L. Wyman of Peru, and Tryphena Thomas, July 6, 1856.

Samuel H. Wood and Sarah J. Bartlett, Dec. 10, 1856.

Phanuel White of Dixfield, and Mrs. Priscilla W. Parlin, Dec. 30, 1856.

Nathaniel Whittemore and Frances M. Abbot, Feb. 16, 1857.

Charles K. Wyman and Martha B. Poland, May 25, 1857.

Charles E. Wood and Harriet H. Elkins, Aug. 29, 1857.

Nathaniel Wood and Mary Putnam, Aug. 8, 1858.

Leonard M. Woods and Annette G. Silver, March 13, 1861.

Martin B. Washburne and Clara Peverly, Sept. 27, 1861.

John R. Wood of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Louisa Rawson, Oct. 18, 1861.

Henry B. Walton and Clara F. Virgin, Nov. 16, 1861.

James H. Wyman and Jennie B. Bartlett of Jay, Dec. 22, 1862.

Clark A. Wing and Lydia A. Putnam of Franklin Pl., Aug. 29, 1863.

Charles E. White of Boston, and Julia W. Parker, Jan. 22, 1864.

Benj. B. Wyman and Betsey R. Hall of Peru, March 6, 1865.

Greenleaf G. Wagg of Auburn, and Nellie C. Howe, March 22, 1866.

John J. Walker and Cynthia L. Cobb, Dec. 8, 1866.

Geo. Wise of Canton, and Mrs. Arvilla W. Farnum, Feb. 9, 1867.

Adelbert A. Wing and Eveline W. Haynes of Peru, Feb. 10, 1869.

Wm. York and Abigail E. Dolly, Sept. 10, 1828.

David York and Basmuth Sweat, Dec. 13, 1826. [This was their marriage date; no intentions were published in Rumford, as both were residents of Bethel.]

Jan. 22, Josiah K. Elliott, and Lucinda G. Howe.

Jan. 28, James W. Thomas, Jr., and Francis S. Pillsblon [sic].

March 21, Tilson S. Goding, of Livermore, and D. Augusta Goddard.

Apr. 20, Ezekiel E. Jackson, and Mrs. Emily M. Blodget of Berlin, N. H.

May 21, Waldo Pettengill, and Sarah S. Briggs of Poland.

[p. 279]
June 7, Wm. J. Coburn and Mrs. Sphronia Willey [sic] of Rumford.

June 10, Wm. G. Farnum and Caroline Lovejoy.

June 13, Orin Stevens of Woodstock, and Sarah A. Libby.

Sept. 12, Edwin F. Ray and Leonora Bodwell.

Sept. 17, James S. Morse and Lydia A. Colby.

Sept. 17, Benj. Jackson, Jr., and Sarah A. Woods.

Sept. 24, H. S. Hayes of New York, and Florence Rawson.

Nov. 30, Henry A. Libby of Leeds, Me., and Clara E. Boyinton.

Dec. 19, Chas. P. Thomas and Eliza A. Eastman.

Dec. 26, Oscar W. Royal of Paris, and Alice A. Ray.

Jan. 10, Virgil D. Fuller and Clara F. Adams.

Feb. 8, Wm. H. Wescot of Vermont, and Ora A. Grover.

March 22, Benjamin M. Rolfe and Hannah K. Searle of Newry.

March 27, Wm. H. Hemmingway of Milton Pl., and Mrs. Lucina Bryant.

Apr. 14, S. S. Jackson and Miss Mary F. Philbrick of Laconia, N. H.

Apr. 27, Chas. B. Abbott and Mrs. Betsey M. Morse of Rumford, Maine.

Apr. 28, Samuel W. Marston of Andover, and Mary A. Littlehale.

June 6, Edward Stevens and Mrs. Rebecca Morrell.

June 23, Ammi B. Mitchell and Mary S. Delano of Milton Pl.

July 8, Simon D. Mitchell of Roxbury, and Mrs. Anna A. Cushman.

July 8, John C. Graham and Caroline H. Rolfe.

July 16, Wm. H. Thurston and Salome T. Glover.

Aug. 2, Chas. R. Davis and Hattie L. Farnum.

Sept. 6, Chas. H. Graham and Ella M. Swain.

Sept. 16, Chas. F. Wheeler and Mrs. Clara F. Walton of Lewiston, Me.

Sept. 19, Ezra Jewell of Woodstock, and Eliza O. Kimball.

Sept. 25, Aaron E. Stevens and Filla C. West of Newry.

Oct. 26, Henry S. Raymond and Sarah F. Richardson of Roxbury.

Nov. 23, Henry J. Abbott and Mrs. Harriet H. Morse.

Dec.7, Stillman E. Newell of Boston, Mass., and Susie E. Martin.

Dec. 18, Walter S. Abbott and Mary G. Kimball.

Jan. 27, Timothy Hastings of Bethel, and Betsey E. Smith.

Feb. 2, Artemas Felt and Mrs. Susan Payne.

Feb. 8, Alfred C. Harding of Andover, and Mrs. Mary E. Hutchinson.

Apr. 18, David Jennings and Mary Clark.

Apr. 29, Rev. F. Grosvenor of Auburn, and P. Ellen Howe.

Apr. 29, Chas. E. Johnson and Elma E. Kenerson.

May 11, Jeremiah Curtis and Lucinda Davis of Woodstock.

June 1, Samuel Richardson and Bella S. Eastman.

Sept. 29, Farnum A. Elliott and Mrs. Eveline Burgess.

Nov. 2, Hiram Day of Hamlin's Grant, and Mary Eastman.

Nov. 20, John F. Hewey of Andover, and Katie E. Newton.

[p. 280]
Feb. 3, Sylvester Newton and Mrs. Abigail Clemons.

June 7, Enoch Knapp and Janette B. Andrews.

Aug. 30, Ezra Soule and Charlotte A. Beard.

Sept. 14, Daniel Oldham of Peru, Me., and Diantha M. Allen.

Sept. 17, Aldana B. Bassett of Andover, and Mary A. Walker. [Aldano B. Barrett]

Sept. 29, John W. Martin and Martha E. Smith of Newry.

Dec. 1, Fred F. Bartlett and Sarah B. Swain.

July 18, James H. Turner and Jennie S. Free.

Oct. 4, Sewell Reed of Bradley and Orrissa P. Knapp.

Oct. 21, Edwin P. Smith of Hanover, Me., and Henrietta W. Abbott.

Nov. 17, Jerry O. Estes and Mrs. Mary A. Tucker.

Apr. 2, Dorington Wyman and L. R. Hawes of Peru, Maine.

Aug. 12, Lewis A. Thomas and Marianna Reed of Mexico.

Nov. 4, Augustus F. Wing and Mrs. Mary M. Delano of Peru.

Nov. 19, Granville T. Thurston and Ada E. Lufkin.

Dec. 2, Bartol H. Perry of Woodstock, and Mrs. Sophrona A. Carter.

Dec. 20, Chas. O. Stinchfield of Auburn, and Sarah F. Farnum.

Dec. 27, Florus H. Bartlett and Mrs. Ellen M. Harper.

Jan. 16, Geo. G. Clay of Grand Rapids, Mich., and Hattie M. Elliott.

Feb. 3, James W. Thomas and Mrs. Cynthia L. Walker.

March 31, Wm. J. Coburn and Mrs. Ellen B. Coburn.

April 11, R. A. Barrows of Canton, and Ida F. Blanchard.

July 4, Loammar A. Thomas of Mexico, and Mary A. Johnson.

Aug. 6, Fred. V. Abbot and Kate C. Littlehale.

Aug. 9, Alfred E. Flagg of Harrison, and Ora A. Lovejoy.

Aug. 25, Addison Lufkin and Mrs. Etta A. Bacon.

Sept. 9, Dudley F. Roberts and Lizzie H. Trask [of] Salem, Mass.

Nov. 13, Geo. F. Elliott and Cora E. Putnam.

Dec. 25, Henry O. Rowe of Peru, and Laura E. Carter.

Jan. 9, Chas. A. Thwoits of Portland, and Lizzie G. Farnum.

Jan. 22, Aaron P. Hall and Fanny M. Rowe.

Jan. 23, Chas. E. Carter and Mary E. Hutchinson.

Feb. 19, Chauncy S. Richardson of Gorham, N. H., and Mrs. Ada Swift.

Feb. 20, Bartol H. Perry and Mary A. Silver.

Feb. 22, David G. Glines and Rosaltha Allen of Livermore.

Feb. 22, Frank E. Hoyt and Maria B. Stevens of Andover.

March 24, Samuel S. Wyman, 2d, and Susie J. Crombie of Lewiston.

[p. 281]
March 26, Fred A. Porter and Mary E. Green.

Apr. 23, John F. Poland of Osceola, Miss., and Olive M. Smith.

May 1, Edwin Abbott and Susan F. Stevens.

June 14, James W. Stuart and Hattie C. Sargent of Charlestown, Mass.

June 19, Thomas Richards and Mrs. Margaret D. Smith of Peru, Me.

June 23, Ronello A. Grover and Addriemore Smith.

July 19, Major Jeremiah Richardson and Mrs. M. G. Porter.

Oct. 3, Chas. H. Rowe and Emma A. Silver.

Nov. 15, Wilson Thomas and Etta M. Welch of Boston, Mass.

Oct. 16, Wilber F. S. Litchfield of Lewiston, and Florine I. Bartlett.

Dec. 20, Joseph A. Arnold and Georgianna Stevens of Winthrop.

Jan. 3, Lucius A. Glover and Isabel J. Farrar of Andover.

Jan. 28, John L. Abbott and Almeda Taylor.

Feb. 26, Geo. B. Hoyt and Sarah F. Howe.

March 4, Major Jeremiah Richardson and Sarah P. Mitchell.

Apr. 15, Chas. H. Perham of Woodstock, and Cora E. Taylor.

May 30, Marcus P. Farrar and Alvira V. Silver.

June 24, J. Ambrose Gallison of Woodstock, and Mabel M. Eastman.

July 22, Jefferson Jackson of Milton Pl., and Mrs. Drusilla F. Abbott.

Nov. 14, T. W. Childs and Mabel W. Stevens.

Nov. 27, Wm. J. Kimball and Pearl L. Farnum.

Dec. 16, Asa A. West of Andover, and Maggie A. Hoyt.

Feb. 24, Joseph L. Webster of Peru, Me., and Celia A. Twombly.

Feb. 25, Jerry H. Martin and Annie A. Elliott.

March 8, Benjamin H. Bayington and Alice S. Howe.

March 19, Fred J. Rolfe and Emma E. Hanson of Andover.

March 24, Fred F. Bartlett and Edna F. Thomas.

Apr. 5, Allen S. Bixby and Hannah M. Hall.

May 24, Asa A. Martin and Mrs. Flora E. Ripley of Bethel.

June 9, James K. P. Simpson and Georgia A. Raymond.

July 28, Chas. H. Glines and Adell E. Eastman.

Sept. 20, John H. Flagg and Olive C. Swain.

Oct. 20, Freeman E. Small and Mary E. Hoyt.

Oct. 20, R. H. Bixby and Adelaide A. Eastman.

Oct. 24, Loring H. Roberts and Francivilla T. Bartlett of Bethel.

Nov. 5, Syria C. Hodge of Canton, and Kate B. Goddard.

Jan. 26, Hiram H. Bean of Bethel, and Rozilla H. Howe.

Feb. 13, John P. Roberts and Edith E. Mardin of Madrid.

Feb. 19, Geo. A. Bontons of Boston, Mass., and Mary E. Elliott.

March 3, Cyrus Kendrick of Litchfield, and Susie P. Howe.

[p. 282]
March 31, C. M. Hutchins and Nellie S. Rawson of Paris.

July 17, Harry H. Hutchinson and Ada M. Colby.

Sept. 23, Rufus J. Virgin of Bethel, and S. M. Putnam.

Sept. 25, Benjamin S. Newton and Ella Marcella Andrews of Andover.

Nov. 16, Adelbert N. Wyman and Annie S. Safford of Turner.

Dec. 22, Nelson A. Austin and Prudence A. Grover.

Feb. 22, Fred H. Silver and Roena H. Jordan.

March 17, John Houghton of Byron, and Mrs. Catherine G. Abbott.

March 25, S. B. Jones of Paris, and Belle Clark.

July 31, Wm. S. Frost and Etta H. Smith of Bethel.

Aug. 18, Elmer E. Bennett of Grafton, and Luna J. Abbott.

Aug. 31, Fred A. Barker and Belle Lewis of Pittston.

Sept. 10, Thomas L. Weeks of Roxbury, and Jane L. Glover.

Oct. 11, Mellen E. Barker and Lilian F. Andrews.

Oct. 31, Freeland A. Knight and Huldah C. Jackson of Milton Pl.

Nov. 23, James F. Flanders and Mrs. Edna A. Glines.

Feb. 9, Geo. E. Blanchard and Alma S. Philbrick of Roxbury.

March 15, Chas. V. Knight and Sadie F. Edgecomb of Turner.

April 1, Orrin S. Dyke and Effie A. Knight of Bethel, Me.

June 7, Otis Wyman of Peru, and Emily Thompson.

June 12, Chas. B. Wing of Wayne, and Olive M. Howe.

Aug. 28, Llewellyn D. Elliot and Della L. Segar.

Oct. 25, R. F. Dillingham of Boston, Mass., and Olive B. Ripley.

Nov. 22, Fred A. Cushman of Andover, and Mrs. Alice A. Royal.

Nov. 23, Otis Howe and Mrs. Judith Rowe of Woodstock.

Dec. 9, J. B. Blethen of Bath, and Hattie B. Howe.

Dec. 11, John H. Wardwell of Andover, and Lillian Eastman.

Jan. 10, Nelson Young of Hartford, and Lizzie H. Young.

March 5, Granville E. Grant and Emily Ford.

March 19, Chas. A. Andrews of Andover, and Georgie A. Howard.

March 26, D. A. Thurston and Nettie J. Peabody.

Sept. 21, Frank B. Morey and Belle R. Ford of Lewiston.

Sept. 26, John E. Stephens of Waltham, Mass., and Corey E. Swain.

Oct. 3, Edward F. Taylor and Angie Washburn of Waterford.

Nov. 9, Frank P. Abbott of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Rosalia B. Knight.

Dec. 5, Millard F. Virgin and Jennie W. Barker.

Jan. 23, Wm. L. Frost of Peru, and Ruth A. Welch.

Feb. 4, F. B. Martin and Mary L. Knapp.

Feb. 8, Nial F. Hoyt and Laura R. Swain.

[p. 283]
Feb. 18, James D. Ripley of Paris, and Cora F. Godwin.

May 14, J. H. Halkett of Bridgton, and Carrie P. Abbott.

June 26, S. R. Childs of Milton Pl., and Alice A. Webber.

Aug. 24, Joseph Cary and Almeda E. House.

Sept. 22, Melvin A. Rowe and Nettie Decker.

Oct. 6, T. H. Small and Renda A. Elliott.

Nov. 20, Amos M. Austin and Berta E. Godwin.

Dec. 19, Sheldon R. Hawes and Alice M. Chase.

Feb. 26, Joseph E. Colby and Harriet D. Abbott.

Feb. 27, Frank F. Bartlett of Hartford, and Blanche A. Abbott.

July 20, Albert Donnell of Haverhill, Mass., and Harriet C. Ray.

Aug. 11, Chas. G. Raymond and Ann O. Rooke.

Aug. 12, Wm. F. Frost of Bethel, and Ruth A. Welch.

Sept. 15, Philo B. Clark of Brooklyn, N. Y., and Laura F. Ackly.

Oct. 22, Chas. F. Lovejoy of Andover, Me., and Rebecca D. Swain.

Oct. 25, Samuel Dyke and Millie Howard of Mexico.

Nov. 16, Geo. W. Hardy of Waltham, Mass., and May Belle Farnum.

Nov. 28, Hiram A. Stone of Dixfield, and Mrs. Georgie A. Raymond.

Dec. 7, Geo. D. Houghton of Woodstock, and Mrs. Flora E. Anderson.

Jan. 2, C. R. Abbott and G. Farrar of Andover.

Feb. 8, Warren B. Thomas and Mary A. Chisholm of Brook Village, Cape Bretton.

Apr. 7, Horace F. Woods and Mary S. Silver of Washburn.

Apr. 28, Chas. H. Abbott and Lucy W. Kimball.

Apr. 29, Charles H. Adams and Vesta A. Merrill.

May 10, Ebenezer Burgess and Thirza M. Wing.

June 18, Orrin S. Holt of Gorham, N. H., and Hannah V. Abbott.

Feb. 8, Fred A. Worthly of Mexico, Me., and Barbara O. Eastman.

May 6, Isaac Hammond and Ida O. Pettengill.

May 9, Sidney P. Howe and Jane E. Elliott.

May 27, Warren J. Doolittle of Boston, Mass., and Frances H. Martin.

Oct. 2, Wm. Thomas and Mrs. Ellen E. Taylor.

Nov. 8, Philip C. Hoyt and Mrs. Emma F. Stevens of Andover.

Nov. 14, S. F. Estes of Bethel, and Almeda F. Eastman.

Feb. 20, Joshua H. Abbott and Roxie C. Swain.

Feb. 28, Thomas B. Stevens and Lizzie Lovejoy of Milton Pl.

March 20, Wallace L. Morse and Ruth Stevens.

Apr. 2, Mathew H. Elliott and Dolly D. Howard.

[p. 284]
May 23, Joseph A. Penley, Jr., and Annie E. Hall of Peabody, Mass.

June 12, Fred E. Seal of Lynn, Mass., and Jennie M. Farnum.

June 12, Marshall A. Howard and Mary A. Glover.

Aug. 13, Wm. A. Frye and Dora A. Harlow.

Aug. 28, Erastus B. Codding of Taunton, Mass., and Susie B. Woods.

Sept. 14, Jefferson D. Thomas and Addie R. Haynes of Peru.

Sept. 27, Fred F. Bartlett and Sadie Warhurst of Lewiston.

Oct. 9, Evans W. Hodgdon of Framingham, Mass., and Ermina A. Howe.

Oct. 13, Freeman M. Bixby and Ida C. Spofford of Milton Pl.

Nov. 19, Edward H. Record of E. Livermore, Me., and Anna N. Putnam.

Dec. 14, Geo. H. Perry of Topsham, and Mary S. Hodgdon.

Dec. 24, H. H. Gleason of Mexico, Me., and Mary E. Penley.

June 28, James H. Goodwin and Enez E. Kenerson of Bethel.

Feb. 13, Geo. H. Webber and Mrs. Lizzie E. Sawyer of Deering.

Feb. 23, Henry Banker and Hulda Merrill.