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Paris Deaths, 1803-1878

Source: William Berry Lapham and Silas Packard Maxim, History of Paris, Maine, from its Settlement to 1880... (Paris, Me., Printed for the authors, 1884).

Below are the deaths included in the "Annals of Paris" portions of Lapham and Maxim's History of Paris. Notes in square brackets are my own.

[p. 118]
There were three accidental deaths this year which cast a gloom over the entire settlement. March 20th a son of Caleb Cushman, aged 6 years, run under the axe of an older brother who was chopping wood, and his head was cleft in twain, killing him instantly. June 23, Oliver, son of Gen. Levi Hubbard, was killed by a falling tree, and July 25th, John, son of Abijah Warren, met with his death from a limb falling upon him while he was felling a tree.

[p. 125]
In April of this year, James Lebroke fell from a building and was killed. He was a native of Paris, France, and came to this country in the French fleet, after which he served three years in the Continental army. Dea. John Willis died in July of this year, aged 56. He was one of the very first settlers.

[p. 149]
Simeon Pond died in April, aged 91. He had been a soldier in the French and Indians wars and also in the war of the Revolution. Mrs. Mary Pond died aged 80.

[p. 155]
April 19, Dr. Levi Willis of this town, died in Pearlington, Miss.

[p. 164]
Isaac Knight late of Paris died in Bethel. Mrs. Mary, wife of James Perry, died in Montville, aged 72.

Mrs. Huldah, wife of Thomas Chase died, aged 70.

Mrs. Nancy, wife of Simon Stevens drowned herself in a fit of mental derangement, Aug. 8, aged 36. Mrs. Susan Jackson died Dec. 2, aged 73.

[p. 165]
Dea. Isaac Bolster died July 9, aged 66. Jesse Cummings died Oct. 9th.

Maj. Russell Hubbard died Feb. 15, aged 49. Hon. Levi Hubbard died Feb. 18th. He came into the town early and was ever among the foremost citizens. He was a civil magistrate, representative, councillor, &c. Mr. John Daniels died March 29, aged 92 years. He is said to have felled the first trees for a clearing in this town, and was here with his family among the first. Charlotte, wife of Abiather Tuell died Oct. 9, aged 50. Dr. James M. Buck died Nov. 6th. He was the son of Moses Buck of Sumner, greatly beloved as a physician and respected as a man. He was aged 28 years, and "filled the measure of his short life with usefulness and honor." John Butterfield was found suspended by the neck in his chaise house, Nov. 7; life was extinct. He was an honest and industrious man but subject to

[p. 166]
periods of great despondency. Seth Morse, Jr., died Nov. 24, and a jury returned a verdict of "died from intemperate habits."

[p. 167]
Moses Dudley died in February. He was the son of the late Luther Dudley.

Mr. James Perry died Feb. 13th. He was a revolutionary soldier. Benj. Hammond died Feb. 28, aged 77. Josiah Smith formerly of Paris, died in Lincoln March 11, aged 71. Col. Wm. Ryerson died March 18, aged 68.

Dea. Caleb Prentiss died in October, aged 67 years.

[p. 168]
Mrs. Hannah (Standish) wife of Dea. Daniel Fobes died early this year. She was born in Duxbury, Mass., on Captain's Hill, and was a descendant of Miles Standish. Adam Turner died May 12, aged 70, and Col. Ebenezer Rawson, July 26, aged 77. Dr. Cyrus Hamlin of Calais, formerly of Paris, died in Texas, June 16.

Lydia, widow of John Tuell, died Feb. 26, aged 90. Mrs. Charity, wife of Capt. Chandler Cushman, was killed by a horse August 11. She was returning from a lecture on Paris Hill and drove into a shed to get out of the rain. The shed was too low for her to sit upon the seat as she drove in, and she seated herself in the bottom of the wagon, in front of the seat, having her umbrella in her hand. The horse was frightened and kicked, she receiving a blow in her head. She died instantly. Joseph Besse died Aug. 18, aged 80.

[p. 169]
John Gray died Aug. 30, aged 77. He had a family of 15 children, all of whom lived until the youngest was 30 years old. Mrs. John Gray died Oct. 30, aged 78. Mrs. Mary, wife of Jonathan Bemis, died Nov. 14, aged 78.

Sept. 25th, Gilman Tuell's horse became frightened at the crossing of the east branch, above Elijah Swan's, and ran off the end of the bridge with the wagon, severely injuring Mr. Tuell and his sister who was with him, and killing his child. March 29, Mrs. Elizabeth, widow of Col. Ebenezer Rawson, died, aged 78.

Dec. 17, died Elder James Hooper, aged 73.

Mrs. Wm. Pidgin, late of Paris, died in Portland. She was the widow of Rev. Wm. Pidgin and was born in Dracut, Mass. Mrs. Sarah Twitchell

[p. 170]
died, aged 90 years. Gilbert Shaw died June 6, aged 71. Luther Brett died suddenly June 23, aged 72. Samuel Hammond died Oct. 19, aged 73.

Asa Perry, an early settler, died June 18, aged 88 years, and March 6th, died Mary, widow of Gen. Levi Hubbard, aged 80. Rebecca, relict of Benj. Hammond, died Feb. 12, aged 81. She was of Gloucester, Mass. Edmund Dean, formerly of Taunton and a Revolutionary soldier died Oct. 24th. Nov. 17th, Rachel, widow of Jonathan Shurtleff, aged 79.

[p. 171]
John Deering died July 26th, aged 84.

Mrs. Abraham Pray died Dec. 11, aged 70.

Asa Robinson died January 12th this year; also January 18th, Benj. Cooper, aged 76.

[p. 172]
Hannah, relict of Jacob Paine, died in Greenwood, aged 93.

Daniel Cummings died Feb. 4, aged 66 years. Feb. 6th, Mrs. Tabitha Pearson died, aged 74.

James Bowker, Esq., died May 16, aged 58 years. Elijah, son of Luther Washburn was killed in Boston by being run over by a team, aged 22. Mrs. Sally Brett died Oct. 16, aged 78 years. Abiezer Andrews died Dec. 21, aged 77.

[p. 173]
Sylvanus Robbins formerly of Plymouth died Nov. 8, aged 85 years. Asa Thayer died Dec. 1, aged 81.

Naomi, wife of Jesse Briggs, died May 9th, aged 80, and May 4, Mrs. Martha Bartlett, aged 93.

Daniel Fobes died June 20, aged 75.

The body of Joseph Pratt was found in the river a short distance below Snow's Falls, Nov. 3d; supposed case of suicide. He was 67 years of age and had no relatives in Paris.

Among the deaths this year were the following of quite elderly people: January 4, Levi Rawson, aged 64. In January, Mary, wife of John Whitehead, aged 72. Feb., Hannah, wife of Silas Maxim, aged nearly 79 years. March 8th, Betsey Perry, aged 86.

James Hooper, formerly of Madbury, N. H., died May 29th, aged 65. August 2d, Polly B., widow of Elias Stowell, aged 77 years. Oct. 1, died John Daniels, aged 78. He was the son of John Daniels and a lad of twelve years when his father moved into this town.

[p. 174]
Among the deaths of people this year, were, July 4, Lucy Swift, aged 89; Mrs. Jane Dunham, wife of Eleazer Dunham, died in September, aged 76. She was a Bryant of Plympton, a niece of Solomon Bryant, our early settler. W. Huey was killed Sept. 13, while blasting on the line of the Railroad at Snow's Falls.

Wm. Stearns died Nov. 25, aged 86, and Dec. 29th, John Whitehead, aged 71.

[p. 178]
January 3, died Sarah Howe, aged 85, and March 22, in Lincoln, Deborah, widow of Dea. Josiah Smith, aged 81. They were among the early settlers of this town. Rev. Joseph Walker died April 11. He was a graduate of Bowdoin College and long the able and faithful minister at South Paris.

Jane, wife of Alva Shurtleff, died June 4, aged 64. Abraham Pray died June 21, aged 74.

Thomas Clark died Feb. 12th, aged 72. He was formerly a bookseller in Portland, and had lived in Lisbon and Hebron before coming here. Silence, widow of Gilbert Shaw, and daughter of the late Eleazer Cole, died July 24th, aged 77. Mrs. Anna, widow of Dr. Cyrus Hamlin and daughter of Elijah Livermore, Esq., of Livermore, died August 25, aged 77 years.

The son of Wm. M. Barton, formerly of Paris, was drowned at Oxford, Oct. 9.

[p. 179]
April 1st, Mrs. Betsey, widow of the late Elder James Hooper died, aged 89 years. She was the daughter of Benj. Stowell, Esq., of Worcester, and her first husband was Reuben Hubbard, one of our early settlers. She was married to Mr. Hooper in 1802.

Capt. Seth Morse died May 8, aged 90 years, 5 months. Sept. died Geo. King, aged 75.

[p. 180]
Mr. John Kilbourne died, aged 64. No one knew anything of his relatives or of his former place of residence. Benj. Chesley died in Lincoln, in December. He went from this town with others to open up a settlement there, when that region was a wilderness.

Rev. Caleb B. David died in Portland, January 12th, aged 47. He succeeded Elder Hooper in the pastorate of the Baptist church at the Hill, and was an able and efficient man. He did good work in the temperance field.

Mrs. Jenette Loring, wife of Hon. Stephen Emery, died Sept. 29, aged 55.

Nov. 4th, Mrs. L. D. Moore was fatally burned at Norway. David Bolster, son of our early settler died at Mechanic Falls, aged 73.

[p. 181]
Widow Jemima Robinson died January 30th, aged 81. She was a Haskell of New Gloucester, and the widow of Stephen Robinson who died many years before. In February, Mrs. Isabel Woodward died at South Paris, aged 90. April 29th, Samuel King aged 85. He came quite early into town and had been a prominent citizen. Widow Hannah Conn died at the north part of the town, in April, aged over 90 years. She was a sister of Asa Barrows, early in this town, and widow of Jonathan Conn of New Hampshire, who was a soldier in the Revolutionary war and who died at Hamlin's Gore some sixteen years before. In June, A. J. Blake, formerly of Paris, was murdered in California. His age was 26. Bartholomew Cushman, formerly of this town, died in Woodstock March 17, aged 80. Simon Fickett was drowned at West Paris, the first of October. He owned a mill there, and there having been a heavy fall of rain, he stood by the river and was stooping forward trying to measure the depth of the water, when he lost his balance and fell in. He floated down the stream for several rods in sight of persons who were on the bank, but all efforts to reach him were unavailing. He moved into town a few years before, from Woodstock, and was an enterprising and energetic citizen.

[p. 182]
Elias Partridge died March 6th, aged 91 years; Abigail, wife of Stephen Paine, died Feb. 14, aged 76. March 26th, Mrs. Keziah, widow of Luke Ryerson died, aged 86. March 24, Mrs. Joseph Sturtevant, aged 88. In April, the body of Anthony Smith [error for "Antepas Smith"] of Norway was found in an out of the way place near South Paris, where it was supposed to have lain for two weeks. Mrs. Sarah, wife of Samuel Bryant of Woodstock, died from the effects of burns, May 14th. She was formerly Sarah Jordan of Paris, and Mr. Bryant was her fourth husband. The following additional deaths of old people occurred this year: June 21, the widow of Benj. Cooper aged 88; David Marshall, aged 80. He was the son of Moses Marshall, and was with his parents when they made their escape from the Indians in Bethel, in 1781, and on their way, spent several days at Jackson's camp in Paris. Polly, widow of Geo. King died, aged 76. Aug. 17, died Caleb Fuller, aged 86½ years. He was one of the early settlers and came from Plymouth County, Mass.

Eben Thayer fell from a barn and died from the effects of his injuries, Sept. 25. His age was 60. Dec. 6th, Deborah Drake, widow of Dea. William Berry, died near West Paris, aged 72. Dec. 24, Algernon Sidney, son of Hon. Rufus K. Goodenow, died at Buenos Ayres.

Died Feb. 4th, Wm. Warren, aged 88 years. March 4th, Mehitable, widow of the late Samuel Perkins formerly of Middleboro', aged 88.

[p. 183]
Isaac Mann formerly of Randolph, Mass., died March 22, aged 74 [cf. p. 184]. May 21, Silas Maxim, one of the pioneers of the town, aged 92 years. April 24, Wm. Bent, another early settler aged 91 years. Job French died Sept. 9th, aged nearly 86.

Dea. Cornelius Perkins died, aged 83.

The deaths of aged people in the early part of this year were, Feb. 14, Mrs. Peter Chase, aged 80; May 15, Gershom Cole, aged 79; June 7, at South Paris, Capt. Stephen Pratt, born in Middleboro', Mass., aged 80.

[p. 184]
John Hart, son of Henry E. Prentiss of Bangor, formerly of this town, died at the Insane Hospital, Augusta, July 3, aged 21. He was a medical student, and was there assisting the superintendent and studying the special treatment required there. He was a graduate of Union College, and a young man of great promise. Moses Twitchell died Sept. 9, aged 80. James Daniels died in Bethel, Sept. 23, aged 81. He was a son of our early settler, John Daniels. Sept. 11, Stephen Paine died, aged 82. Oct. 6, Wm. Clark Whitney died at Norway. He came to Paris from Worcester with the other early settlers, but soon moved to Norway.

January 17, died Merrill Chase, aged 87. He was the father of Alden Chase, Register of Deeds, and formerly of Woodstock. Dea. Isaac Mann, formerly of Randolph, died March 21, aged 74 [cf. p. 183]. He had been a Deacon of the Baptist Church over 25 years. Timothy Chase died Feb. 15, aged 76.

Mrs. Mary, widow of Col. Simeon Cummings, died Sept. 25, aged 71.

[p. 185]
Widow Lydia Briggs died at No. Paris, March 8, aged 84. She was the widow of Luther Briggs, formerly of Paris, and daughter of Solomon Bryant, our early settler. Jonas Cummings died, aged 80, and Phineas Stearns, aged 68.

Sept. 5, Victoria Dunn, daughter of David Dunn of Oxford, was run over and killed by the cars, at South Paris. Supposed suicide. Wm. Walker died Nov. 2, aged 85.

[p. 186]
Among the deaths were Simeon Walton, March 9, aged 83; in Lincoln, May 18, Mary P. Chesley, formerly of Paris. May 25, Cushman Ryerson.

[p. 187]
Among the deaths of elderly people this year, was that of Hon. Rufus K. Goodenow, March 24th, aged 73; Caleb Cushman, Feb. 13th, aged 79; Ezra Hammond, March 22, aged 66; and Caleb Perry, August 25, aged 70. January 19, Stephen Chandler was found dead in his barn-yard; supposed heart disease.

[p. 188]
Mr. D. W. Davis, Superintendent of the railroad machine shop in Augusta, a native of Paris, died January 23, aged 38; also at Philadelphia, January 30, James H. Cummings, formerly of Paris. Eleazer Dunham died January 6, aged 93 years. He was a native of Carver, Mass., but had lived here 66 years.

Dr. Job Holmes of Calais, formerly of Paris, died March first. Rev. Alanson Southworth, pastor of the Congregational Church at South Paris, died March 25. Mrs. Polly Fuller died March 22, aged 71, and Mrs. Rachel, wife of Seth Fobes, March 25, aged 84.

Alfred Andrews, Esq., died Dec. 14, aged 64¾ years.

Hannah, widow of Dea. Isaac Bolster, died January 25, aged 87 years.

David Clifford died March 1, aged 81.

Joseph Penley, a former resident, fatally injured by being run over by the cars while walking on the track in Portland.

[p. 189]
May 31, at No. Paris, died Lydia, relict of the late Bartholomew Cushman, aged 85 years.

Benj. W. Bryent, Esq., Attorney at Law, died very suddenly July 21, of diphtheria.

Dea. Thomas Stevens died Nov. 26, aged 64.

Mrs. Jane Reed died at South Paris, aged 92, March 22d. April 5, died Emily Bemis, aged 80.

Simeon Farnum died at West Paris, aged 62; he came from Rumford to Paris.

Jonas Cummings died in Nov., aged 87¼ years.

Widow Sally Merrill died at South Paris, Nov. 10, aged 72.

Jonathan W. Felton died December 25, aged 80.

[p. 190]
Capt. Emor Rawson died April 27th, aged 83 years.

Thomas Hilborn formerly of Paris, died in Milton Pl., July 13, aged 80. On the same day died Mehitable (Keith) wife of Moses Hammond. She was born in Bridgewater, Mass., Dec. 16, 1794. Her mother was Betsey, the sister of Jairus Shaw, and early trader in Paris, and the former wife of Thomas King. In Rockford, Ill., June 12, died Sophronia, widow of Capt. Stephen Robinson, once of Paris. Caleb Besse of Woodstock, once of Paris died Aug. 2d, aged 83. Hiram P. Knight formerly of Paris, died at Vandalia, Ill., from eating green corn boiled in a brass kettle.

A son of Wm. G. Little of West Paris, fireman on the G. T. R [Grand Trunk Railroad], aged 19, was killed in November, by being struck by a bridge in Gorham, N. H.

At a meeting of South Paris Lodge of Masons January 7, resolutions were adopted concerning the death of Joseph Gallison deceased, in Woodstock, aged 90 years, and Horatio G. Russ, deceased at Turner. Major Thomas Stowell died at South Paris, January 11, aged 79. Dr. Asaph Kittridge died in New Haven, Conn., Feb. 6, aged 75. He was a practicing physician in Paris nearly fifty years. Capt. Wm. Noyes died Feb. 6, aged 78 years.

[p. 191]
He once kept a hotel at Greenwood city. Dr. Nelson H. Norris came to Paris this year. Gilbert T. Chase aged 79, was found dead in his bed Feb. 19.

Sylvanus Jackson, son of the pioneer Lemuel Jackson, died March 25, aged 83. He was among the first children born in Paris. John Parsons died suddenly at South Paris April 24th.

Died in Darlington, Wis., April 22, Laura, wife of Lewis Stowell formerly of Paris, and daughter of Ebenezer Tuell.

Mrs. Patty, wife of Col. Cyprian Cole of Greenwood, died May 23d; she was the daughter of Ebenezer Tuell of North Paris.

Elder Wm. C. Witham aged 75, a former resident of West Paris, was fatally injured in Buckfield, July 22, by being thrown from a load of hay. Edmund Allen died at South Paris, Aug. 23, aged 86. Rollo M. Cole, son of the late Judge Cole, died Sept. 13; of typhoid fever, aged 23. In South Paris, Sept. 13, Mrs. Sarah, widow of Levi Stowell, aged 73½ years. Ebenezer Morton died at South Paris Oct. 12, aged 68.

Capt. Micah Walker, and early settler, died Sept. 16, aged 89. Nov. 25th, died Polly, wife of Josiah Dudley, aged 80 years.

[p. 192]
Mrs. Lois Rawson died January 1, aged 84. Capt. Thomas Hill died January 18, aged 89½ years. He had been a resident of Paris 80 years. Maj. John Dennett died at South Paris, Tuesday Feb. 2. At South Paris, March 10, Mrs. Philinda Morse, aged 80. Ebenezer Tuell died at North Paris, March 20, aged 90 years, the oldest person in town. Mrs. Desire (Harlow) Felt, died in Portland, April 10. She was the daughter of Capt. Samuel Stephens formerly of Paris. Alva Shurtleff died at South Paris, April 30, aged nearly 83.

Sally Ryerson, wife of Josiah J. Knight, died July 1, aged 71; she was formerly of Paris. Alpheus Shaw died in Portland, July 25; he was a son of Solomon Shaw who came to Paris in 1795, and had been in business since 1808.

Mrs. Mehitable, widow of the late Judge Cole, died Sept. 17th, aged 59. She was born in Bethel and the daughter of Nathan Marble and Mehitable Freeland, formerly of Sutton, Mass.

Mary, widow of Zadoc Keene, died Dec. 20, aged 88 years, 10 months, and at West Paris Nov. 18, Liberty Hall, aged 64.

[p. 193]
Feb. 17th, Eli Aldrich was drowned at Bacon's Falls on the Little Androscoggin while attempting to cross at the bridge. The water was three or four feet on the bridge and running with such force as to sweep him away.

Capt. Jesse Howe died at West Paris March 2, aged 84. He was the son of Jacob Howe, the first mail carrier in Oxford county. Mrs. Abby (Bradbury,) wife of Jonas Hamilton, died at South Paris, March 28, aged 81. Mrs. Thankful, widow of the late Caleb Cushman, died June 14, aged 83. Sampson Andrews died July 16, aged 57, and Mrs. Esther A. Dean, June 13, aged 85. Mrs. Lucinda Ripley, once of Paris, died at Great Falls, N. H., Aug. 7, aged 78.

Samuel B. Locke, Esq., died at West Paris, Aug. 16, aged 69 years.

Sept. 7, Henry McKenney died at South Paris, aged 91 years. Margaret McFadden died at the same place Sept. 16, aged 82. Benj. Hammond formerly of Paris, died at Lincoln, Oct. 24, aged 82.

Sarah (Cooper,) wife of John Billings, died

[p. 194]
Nov. 10, aged 67.

Rev. Adam Wilson, formerly pastor of the Baptist church on Paris Hill, died in Waterville, January 15, aged 77. Feb. 12, Ziba Andrews, Jr., of Woodstock, brakeman, was killed at West Paris, a car passing over him. Mary, (Dudley) wife of Dea. Joel B. Thayer, died March 30, aged 74. Moses Hammond died Apr. 10, aged nearly 80. Mrs. Salome, wife of Samuel Perry, died Apr. 12, aged 68.

Mrs. Sally Walton died June 3, aged 92. Zilpha, widow of the late Nathan Marshall, and daughter of Eleazer Dunham, died May 31, aged 73.

Caroline P., widow of David Dudley and daughter of John Tuell, an early settler of this town, died in Woodstock, August 1st, aged 91 years. Mrs. Nancy Dunn, widow of the late Daniel Dunn, died in Bethel, Sept. 20, aged 92½ years. They formerly lived in this town.

[p. 195]
Mrs. Ann, widow of the late Phineas Morse, died January 18, aged 73; January 14, Mrs. Betsey Gross Parsons, aged 79; January 7, Mrs. Martha, widow of Ezra Stevens, aged 83; January 15, Hadassah Kimball, widow of Luther Stone, formerly of Waterford, aged 87. Silas Maxim died Feb. 8, aged 80; Jacob Jackson, aged about 80. March 1, Mrs. Huldah Crockett, aged 80. March 2, at West Paris, Consider Fuller, aged 92, a native of Plymptom [sic], Mass. March 25, Capt. Peter Hardy, aged 72; 24th, Mrs. Peleg Hammond, aged 60. Eleazer D. Marshall, son of the late Nathan Marshall, was instantly killed by being run over by a freight train, at West Paris, April 12. Capt. John Andrews died at No. Paris, March 5, aged 81.

June 1, Josiah Dudley, formerly of Paris, died in Portland, aged 80. Mr. Samuel Briggs, an elderly man at Snow's Falls, June 12, was drowned in the river. Died at Minneapolis, Minn., Mrs. Lydia (Chase,) widow of Asa Barton, formerly of Paris, aged 77. Three deaths from malignant typhoid fever occurred on High Street in the family of Sidney Farnum, in July and August. Aug. 22, died Mr. Thomas Crocker, aged 84. Aug. 25, died Amos H. Bennett, aged 79.

[p. 196]
Jonathan Warner died April 2, aged 86; April 25, Cyprian Hall, aged 80; at Bryant's Pond June 6, Sophia, wife of Capt. Benj. F. Crawford formerly of this town; June 29, Eliza Yates, aged 74; Dec. 17, Tacy, wife of Asa Woodbury, aged 65; Feb. 5, Wm. Young, aged 67; Feb. 15, Rebecca Twitchell, aged 83; Feb. 28, Susan, widow of Joseph Briggs, aged 78. January 16, in Smyrna, Levi Berry, Jr., a former resident of this town, aged 72.

Emerson Colburn, son of Jerathmel Colburn, was killed on the railroad track at Mechanic Falls, Aug. 18.

Died June 16, Nath'l Knight, aged 72; March 20, Lucy B. Rawson, aged 70; May 13, Olive B., wife of Mark Rawson, aged 73; June 19, Polly, wife of John Lombard, aged 81; June 17, Bezaleel White aged 75; Sept. 22, Charles Decker, aged 63; Oct. 22, Elisha Morse, aged 73; Nov. 20, Polly Field, aged 79. Feb. 15, died Rev. Clementine A. Parker, a preacher of more than ordinary ability, aged 56 years. April 17, Dr. Augustus Harris of Colebrook, N. H., a native of this town, was fatally poisoned by taking tincture of aconite, supposing it to be tincture of rhubarb. A. Russell, son of Dr. Charles Russell of West Paris, was drowned in the river at Middletown, Conn., while bathing, in June. He was a student in the University there, a young man of much promise. Sewall C. Chase, formerly of Paris, died in Portland, June 12. Col. Henry R. Parsons died suddenly, Oct. 4.

Samuel D. Weeks and Benj. Walton died in November.

[p. 197]
The widow of Oliver Porter, formerly wife of Ezra Hammond late of Paris, died in Waterford, January 26, aged 70.

Mrs. Fanny Freeland, wife of Henry M. Bearce of Norway, and daughter of Gen. Wm. K. Kimball of Paris, died Feb. 16th, aged 30 years; Feb. 11, Sidney, son of Alex. Thayer, of Paris, died in Norway, aged 28 years. Feb. 24, died Asa Dunham, aged 85 years; January 31, Daniel H. Blake of South Paris, aged 66; January 14, Dexter Giles, aged 41. Mrs. Mahala (Walton) Newell, wife of Sumner R. Newell, Register of Deeds, died Feb. 25, aged 65. Mrs. Hannah, wife of Col. Orrison Ripley, died in Wakefield, Mass., Feb. 21, aged 67. Dea. Levi Thayer died June 5, aged nearly 82.

Mrs. Mary J. (Walker), wife of Jonas Bisbee, died at North Paris, May 28, aged 62.

[p. 198]
Aug. 29th, died Mrs. Polla (Freeland) Rawson, aged nearly 97. Sept. 2, Gen. Wm. K. Kimball committed suicide by shooting himself with a revolver. Sept. 7, Micah C. Allen, formerly of Paris, died, aged 42.

Feb. 12th, died Lyman Bolster at Bryant's Pond, aged 67. He was the son of Dea. Isaac Bolster, and was born in Paris. Wm. Chase of Paris died March 12, aged 55; his death the result of an injury from being run over by the cars at South Paris. Emma J., wife of Elisha B. Taylor, and daughter of Dea. Elbridge Fobes, died in Knobnoster, Missouri, March 29, aged 24. Died April 16, Mrs. Sarah A. Murdock, aged 60; April 26, Mrs. Hannah, wife of Silas Maxim, aged 82. Mrs. Stevens Smith, formerly of Waterford, died very suddenly on the Hill, Sept. 13, aged 80. Charles W. Bemis died Sept. 15, aged 70. Oliver W. Clark died Sept. 17, aged 87. A daughter of George and Mary Marshall of West Paris, aged 4 years, Nov. 13, was choked to death by the shell of a metallic cartridge which she was holding in her mouth and accidentally swallowed. Mr. Edward Dean died Sept. 14, aged 92.the oldest person in Paris. Sebra Dunham died the first of December, aged 80. He was born in Middleboro', and was a year old when his parents moved to Paris.

Died January 1, Mrs. Rachel, widow of the late Charles Porter, aged 82; January 4, at North Paris, Dea. Enoch Whittemore, aged

[p. 199]

Col. Sampson Dunham died March 9th, aged 66. March 20th, died William Stearns, aged 86 years, for 81 years a resident of this town.

Rev. George Briggs died at West Paris May 17, aged 68. Mr. Murdock committed suicide at the north part of the town, in May, by taking poison.

Mrs. Hannah, widow of the late Otis Bent, died in South Paris June 1, aged 82; June 12, Sarah, widow of Reuben Favor, aged 65. Moses Swan died in Courtland, Cal., July 9, aged 76. He was the son of Wm. Swan, and was born in this town. Col. Samuel F. Rawson died at Mechanic Falls, Aug. 25, aged 65. Oct. 21, Sarah J. Prentiss, daughter of the late Henry Prentiss, died in Bangor. She was a nurse in the hospital during the war, and the disease of which she finally died was probably contracted there. Her age was 54.

Three deaths of old people occurred during October: Gideon Swan, formerly of Paris, died in Woodstock, aged 93; Harvey Fuller at North Paris, Oct. 2d, aged 84, and at South Paris, Jacob Winslow, aged 89 years, 7 months.

[p. 200]
Wm. Bent of South Paris died December 12, aged 79. March 19, Mary D., wife of F. C. Merrill, aged 46.

Mrs. Paulina Fobes died May 30, aged 77. Mrs. Cynthia Swift aged 77, died at South Paris, and June 17th, Mrs. Huldah Cummings, aged 74.

Died in North Paris, July 31, Mrs. Thankful (Briggs), wife of Benaiah Moody, aged nearly 88; Aug. 13, Abigail, wife of Luther Stone, aged 64.

Sept. 28, Austin Buck committed suicide at South Paris, by taking arsenic.

Oct. 18, died Lucy B., widow of the late Cyprian Hall, aged 82; Dec. 22, Martha Greene, daughter of the late Joseph G. Cole, aged 42; Dec. 29, Eunice, wife of David Jordan, aged 72.