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Greene Marriages and Marriage Intentions, 1803-1850

Source: Walter Lindley Mower, Sesquicentennial history of the town of Greene, Androscoggin County, Maine: 1775 to 1900 with some matter extending to a later date (Auburn, Me.: Merrill & Webber, 1938).

Note that only those dates given in full are marriage dates.

[p. 139]

Samuel Brown and Elizabeth Mower, March 18.
Freeman Lander and Rebecca Lander, January.
Asa Barden and Susanna Rackley, February 6.
Cyrus Sampson and Nabby Wing of Leeds, December 4.
Alexander Bates and Nancy Robinson, December 1.

Jeremiah Hodgdon and Margaret Briggs, January 17.
Joel Colburn and Anna Landers, February.
Joseph Blithen and Mrs. Janet Phillips, March.
Samuel Larrabee and Ruth Mower, April 4.
Benjamin Pratt and Mrs. Isabel Ham, June.
Moses Sprague and Mirinda Reed, July.
Edmund Layn, Jr. and Sarah Hackett of Lewiston, July.
Seth Herrick and Ruth Sprague, July.
William Goff of Minot and Rebecca Bates, October.

Gershom Curtis, Jr. and Judith Sylvester, April.
Charles Robbins and Betsy Thomas, August.
Daniel Gould and Lucy Hatch, September 22.
William Elder and Sally Bates, September.
Abraham Ireland of Plant. No. 5 and Mrs. Abigail Temple, November.
William Stevens and Betsy Jackson, December.

David Wilkins of Lewiston and Anna Eames, January.
Jonathan Tracy of Durham and Esther Stevens, January.
Benjamin Gould and Deborah Hatch, February.
Jonathan Shepley and Nancy Sprague, March 9.

[p. 140]
Israel Millet of Leeds and Betsy Harris, March.
Israel Hodgdon of Windham and Sally Hatch, April.
John Freeman and Eda Griffin, July.
Rev. Phineas Pillsbury of Sedgwick and Sarah Larrabee, October.
Solomon Stafford and Anna Thompson of Wales, October.
Peter Comins and Sally Andrews of Leeds, October.

Silas Richardson and Lucy Tarr, January.
Henry Morse of Leeds and Rebecca Bailey, February.
Caleb Barker and Esther Thompson of Bowdoinham, April.
Zachariah Richardson and Hannah Colburn, May.
Lemuel Bates and Mary Stafford, June.
Silas Ireland of Canaan and Olive Landers, July.
Noah Littlefield and Anna Furbish, August.
Isaiah Chadburne and Rosamon Hatch, August.
Samuel Herrick and Catharine Mulloy, September.
Rufus Briggs and Elizabeth Torsy of Monmouth, November.
Stephen Austin and Susanna Chadburn, November.
John Harris, Jr. and Nancy Simmons, November.
Elijah Briggs, Jr. and Joanna Brewer of Freeport, December.

Thomas Thompson of Wales and Anise Stafford, January.
William Parker and Hannah Larrabee, February.
Daniel W. Lewis and Betsy Freeman, March.
Samuel Rackley and Mary Mower, May.
Benjamin Brown and Rachel Stevens, July.
James Wing of Leeds and Mary Richmond, July.
Ivory Furbish and Sally Haskell, September.
Benjamin Rackley, 2nd and Charlotte Phillips, September.
Asahel Betts and Betsy Briggs, November.

Charles Elder and Sally Laborra of Wales, January.
Artemas Cushman and Sylvia Bates, February.
Elisha Record of Minot and Martha Comins, March.
David Ireland of Canaan and Thankful Landers, March.

[p. 141]
John Pettengill and Lucy Pettengill of Lewiston, April.
William Mower, Jr. and Eliza Wyman, May.
Joseph Pettengill of Leeds and Alice Allen, June.
William Brewster of Leeds and Christina Briggs, June.
Nathan Morse of Leeds and Clarissa Sylvester, November 29.
John Stevens and Sarah Larrabee, August.
William Larrabee and Deidama Mower, August.
Nathaniel Robbins and Polly Thomas, September.
John Mower, Jr. and Mehitable Andrews of Leeds, October 4.
David Adams and Dorcas Johnson of Gardiner, September.
Jacob Briggs and Ruth Hatch, November.
Elisha West and Elizabeth Harrison, November.
Thomas Labree of Leeds and Judith Ham, November.

Bradish Turner of Turner and Abigail Bailey, January.
Peter Gardner (a transient) and Betsy Lewis, February.
Francis Cary of Turner and Sally Phillips, March.
James Willis of Minot and Hannah S. Bates, April.
Ireson Parker and Pamelia Mower, May 27.
Reuben Wing of Livermore and Lucy Weld, August.
Joshua Coburn and Mary Comins, August.
Benjamin Allen and Lydia Berry, August.
Jacob Hatch and Betsy Simmons, September.
Samuel Layne and Sally Layne, November.
Lewis Mower and Abigail Drake, December.

Daniel Austin and Nancy Reed, February.
William Sprague, Jr. and Martha Brewster of Leeds, April.
William Carver of Leeds and Jane Smith, April.
Thomas Longley and Esther Parker, July 1.
John Campbell of Prospect and Lydia Adams, June.
Jacob Merrill and Rachael Stevens, July.
John Walker of Leeds and Eliza Snelling, August 14.
Thaddeus Sawyer and Margaret Larrabee, September.
Thomas S. Estes of Durham and Betsy Alden, October.
James Labree of Leeds and Hannah Stetson [no date given].

[p. 142]
Thomas Stevens and Abigail Brown, March.
Timothy Weld and Molly Coburn, March.
Gaius Allen and Nancy Mower, April.
Abner Brown, Jr. and Rachel Murrey of Leeds, April.
Turner Stetson and Thankful Lumbard, April.
Amos Murray and Mary Sampson, April.
Stephen Wilkins of Lewiston and Ruth Eams, May.
Andrew Pettengill of Lewiston and Polly Briggs, May.
Jonathan Mower, 4th and Clarissa Williams of Monmouth, June.
John Francis of Webb's Pond and Mrs. Dorothy Perham, July.
Jonathan Mower, 3rd and Rebecca Stevens, November 8.
Charles Hill Richardson and Vetsy [sic] Bradford of Turner, July.
Charles Pearl and Betsy Wright of Lewiston, October.
Dudley Blake and Nancy Robbins, November.
James Chadburn and Relief Furbish, November.
Thomas Allen and Lydia Beals, December.

Stephen Grant of Lisbon and Levina Furbish, January.
Reuel Pettengill of Leeds and Lydia Briggs, February.
Capt. Jabez Pratt and Sophia Washburn, April.
John Shepherd of Fairfield and Silence Richmond, May.
Elisha Keene and Polly Colburn, July.
Otis Additon and Nancy Keen, July.
Benjamin Alden, Jr. and Polly Hood of Turner, August.
Charles Colburn and Mary Harris, September 9.
William Briggs and Anna Safford, August.
Reuben Robbins and Sally Quimby, September.
Josiah Turner of Leeds and Almira Smith, October.
David Briggs and Joanna Safford, October.
Jacob Comins and Thankful Norcross of Fayette, November.
Isaac Sprague and Marcy Higgins of Lewiston, December.

John Drake and Polly Rackley, March.
Luther Robbins, Jr. and Mary Quimby, March.
Samuel Merrill and Mehitable Perham of Minot, May.
Martin Mower and Mary Underhill of Lewiston, October 20.

[p. 143]
Asa Smith and Mrs. Anna Prescott of Mount Vernon, July.
Asa Tracy of Durham and Fanny Briggs, July.
Samuel Bates and Sarah Daggett, August.
Joseph H. Clark and Elizabeth Merrill, September.
William Comins and Deborah Harris, September.
Ebenezer Gypson of Lewiston and Dorcas Lander, September.
John Stafford and Pamelia Andrews, September.
Joseph Turner of Leeds and Hannah Pettengill, October 22.
Jacob Eames and Mrs. Sarah Mower, November.
John Chadman and Lucy Lander, December.

Benjamin Merrill, 3rd and Polly Stevens, February.
William Gilbert of Leeds and Anna Sampson, March.
Nathan Safford and Susan Safford of Ipswich, Mass., March.
Robert Curtis and Deborah Curtis of Leeds, April.
John Beals and Judith Jones of Leeds, April 12.
Solomon Brown and Sally Briggs, September.
Abner Merrill and Abigail Stevens, October.
Robert Ham and Anna Merrill, October.
Isaac Chatman of Harlam [sic] and Margaret Morse, November.
John Peare of Brunswick and Belinda Snelling, November.
John Pettengill of Lewiston and Mary Harris, November.
William Sawyer and Mary Graffam, November.
John Caswell, Jr. and Fanny Ferrin, November.

Benjamin Grant and Martha Padre, January.
Anslem [sic] Cary and Rhoda Kimball, January.
Capt. Ichabod Phillips and Mrs. Elizabeth Curtis of Topsham, April.
Phineas Coburn and Clarissa Harris, April.
Elijah Briggs, Jr. and Sally Thompson of Lewiston, April.
Hooper Conant of Turner and Anna Keen, July.
Benjamin H. Peakes of Fairfield and Lydia More, September.
Ebenezer Comins and Jane Lander, November.
Luther Robbins, Jr. and Mary Daggett, November 28.
John Ramsdell of Leeds and Marcy Rose, November.
Martin Thomas and Almira Parker of Dixfield, November.

[p. 144]
James Peare, Jr. and Lydia Gray of Lewiston, November.
Marcus Gilbert of Leeds and Jane Sampson, December.
William Labree of Wales and Penelope Briggs, August 22.
Hugh Cary of Turner and Silence Phillips, December.

Eben Comins and Tama Lander, January 5.
Richard Elder and Rozetta Thompson, February.
Albert Leavitt and Deborah Bates, April 13.
Joseph Tuck of Farmington and Anna Richmond, June 1.
Reuben Bates and Susannah Sprague, November 23.
Ammi Cummings and Brittana Smart, November.
Phineas Coburn and Clarissa Harris, October 28.
William Ellms of Freeport and Sally Harris, October 29.
Russell H. Read and Sarah Sprague, November 23.

Charles Bates of Leeds and Betsy Merrill, February 22.
Daniel H. Wiggin of Wolfborough, N. H. and Elizabeth Keay, February 24.
Leonard Mower and Lydia Robbins, March 19.
Stephen Foster of Leeds and Adaline Drake, April 22.
Ammi Larrabee and Cynthia Allen, August 23.
Martin Mason of Leeds and Mary Brown, June 7.
Stillman Harvey of Leeds and Lona Prescott, April.

Ephraim Chadborn and Polly Furbish, February 24.
Harvey Rose and Phebe Peare, January 3.
Simon Wheeler and Mrs. Olive Briggs, January 3.
Richard Hill and Sarah Snow of Readfield, March 20.
Simeon Dwinal of Lisbon and Eliza Herrick, September 16.
Daniel B. Blake of Turner and Nancy Libby, January 7.
Lieut. Joseph Blake of New Sharon and Polly W. Harris, July 4.

Merrick Lamb and Eunice Washburn, December.
Calvin Bradford of Turner and Kesiah Keene, February 3.
Aaron Mower and Mehitable Clough of Monmouth, January 12.

[p. 145]
Capt. Patrick Campbell of Chesterfield [sic], and Lydia Bailey, January 16.
Jethro Starbird and Sally Berry, March 19.
Isaac Mower of Corinna and Sally Adams, January 26.
Benjamin Quimby 2nd and Charlotte Sprague, March 12.
Lieut. John Drake and Harriet Stafford, April 13.
Isaac Larrabee and Rebecca Adams, June 22.
Orren Leavitt of Minot and Abigail Bailey, September.
Jairus Coburn and Salome Larrabee, July.
Joseph Harris and Cynthia Record, May 6.
Hiram Mower of Corinna and Sophia Parker, January.
Nathaniel Smith of Canaan and Anna Harris, September 18.
Aaron Leavitt of Minot and Abigail Bates, October 11.
David Wilkins and Dorcas Hill, November 23.
Merrick Lamb and Eunice Washburn, December 24.
Samuel Quimby and Lydia Keene, December 1.

Jedediah McKenney and Jemima Harris, January.
Solomon McKenney and Huldah Chick, January.
Jacob McKenney and Maria Liscom of Portland, January.
Uriah Austin of Parkman and Polly Berry, January.
Samuel Maloon and Lucretia Wheeler of Leeds, August.
Amos Turner and Olive Whitman of Turner, October.
John Moulton and Mary Frost of Lisbon, November.
Isaac Beals, Jr. of Leeds and Lydia Briggs, January 14.
Hiram Mower and Sophia Parker, January 4.
Henry Mower and Lydia Richmond, January 10.
Jeremiah Niles of Lisbon and Nancy McKenney, January 11.
Uriah Austin of Parkman and Polly Berry, March 15.
John Bates of Dexter and Abigail Adams, March 18.
Aaron Stevens and Olive T. Comins, October 27.
Zebulon Libby and Jane Turner of Leeds, November 29.
Dunham Campbell of Litchfield and Cerena Austin, September.

Samuel Clark of Parkman and Martha Stevens, January 24.
William Ellms of Leeds and Louisiana Shaw, March 22.
Thomas More of Freeman and Polly Stevens, March 21.
Ebenezer Herrick and Experience Coburn, April 11.

[p. 146]
David Merrill and Temperance Mower, May 15.
Peter S. Mower and Nancy Wyman of Livermore, October.
Simeon Rose, Jr. and Lydia Stafford, March 5.
Hezekiah Conant and Eliza Webster, May 5.
John R. Buker and Rachel H. Harris, December 9.
John Larrabee and Cynthia Mower, June 9.
Josiah Larrabee and Lurana Phillips, July 1.
Arnold Rowe of Durham and Deborah Eames, August 18.
William Furbish and Olive Murray, October 5.
Simeon Rose, Jr. and Lydia Stafford, March 5.
David Merrill and Temperance Mower, May 15.
James Peare and Lydia Barns, June 27.
John Layne of Leeds and Vesta Phillips, October.
Marshall Mower Pratt and Martha Freeman of Leeds, February.
Samuel Hackett and Cinderilla Austin, July 14.
John Merrill and Percy Smith of Lewiston, February.
Hanson Cook of No. 1 and Sibbel Bates, February.
Calvin Mower and Eunice Crossman, October 1.

Joseph Richmond and Anna Bailey of Leeds, January 1.
Joseph Galusha and Hannah Miller, January 23.
Elijah Barrell and Adaline S. Kimball, March 20.
Eli Winslow and Polly Adams, November.
Simon Maloon and Sally Drake, November.
Abraham Furbush and Polly Briggs, May.
Samuel Keen and Love Besse of Turner, June.
Columbus Harvey of Livermore and Esther Stafford, November.
Bartholomew Coburn, Jr. and Charlotte Keen, May 11.
Marcus Gilbert of Leeds and Miriam Coburn, December 14.
Abiatha Keen and Sarah Colburn, June 15.
Samuel Ricker of Leeds and Betsey Shaw, November 23.
John Whitney of Leeds and Patience Bailey, August 5.

Job Shepherd of Fairfield and Betsey Richmond, March 5.
Benjamin Allen and Mira Blake of Foxcroft, November.
Moses Adams and Jane Rose, January 1.
Jeremiah Larrabee of Parkman and Permelia Mower, February.

[p. 147]
Elias Drake and Mrs. Harriet Drake, December 5.
Daniel Genthner of Parkman and Betsey Thomas, January 15.
Jeremiah Nason and Hannah Hackett of Lewiston, November 18.
Love Roberts of Wayne and Mary Phillips, April 5.
William Edwards of Harmony and Sally Bates, September 28.
Charles Phillips and Olive Leonard of Leeds, September 26.
Capt. Jacob R. Parker and Lois Robinson of Portland, January 18.
William St. Clair and Nancy P. Bickford, February.
Alpheus Stewart of Wells and Abia Kimball.
Col. John Quimby and Polly Shaw, April 29.
Joseph Dergin and Mercy Briggs, December 2.

Calvin Daggett and Laura Mower, July 31.
George Crumpton of Industry and Sukey H. Harris, February.
Thomas Record and Harriet Record of Minot, April.
Samuel Lothrop of Leeds and Sally Record, September.
Abraham Colburn and Mehitable B. Wheeler, October.
Greene Sprague and Mahala Crocker, December.
Jacob Stevens, Jr. and Susan Record of Turner, December.
Isaac Andrews and Lydia Ames, December.
Isaiah Coburn and Deborah Larrabee, February 6.
Benjamin Murray and Deborah Hooper, July 8.
John Gilman and Cynthia Thompson, September 1.
Sumner Wood of Winthrop and Mary K. Andrews, September 8.
Samuel Chadborn and Polly Brown, October 16.
George Emery and Chloe Additon of Leeds, November 24.
Isaac Landers and Lydia Richardson, May 2.
Benjamin T. Stevens and Jane Larrabee, July 31.
Calvin Daggett and Laura Mower, July 31.
James Briggs and Rhoda Eames, September 11.

1826 (Marriage Leaf missing)
Charles Mower and Comfort Coburn, January 26.
Ezekiel Chase of Plant. No. 5 and Jerusha Stevens, January 20.
Benjamin Libby, Jr. of Gray and Martha Starbard, February.
Lewis Gilbert and Eunice Alden, February.
Amos Merrill and Almira Sylvester, March.

[p. 148]
Josiah Roberson and Rachel Comins, May.
Zechariah Thayer and Mehitable Hodgdon, June.
Barak Record and Sally Dresser of Turner, June.
Ansel Gilmore of Turner and Laura M. Rackley, July.
Morgan Brewster of Leeds and Hannah Robinson, July.
Daniel Clark of Lewiston and Mrs. Nancy Harris, July.
Ammi Smith and Cyrene Bisbee of Leeds, August.
Henry A. Gilbert of Leeds and Christiana Alden, September.
John Comins of Parkman and Polly Drake, September.
Elder Daniel Pierce and Rachel Briggs, October.
Ambrose Bisbee and Sophia Coburn, October.
Dea. Lemuel Comins, Jr. and Mrs. Mary Waterman of Minot, November.
Samuel Mower and Mrs. Hannah Lord of Gardiner, November.
William Haskell of Minot and Paulina Harris, December.
Samuel Shaw and Mary Smith of Wayne, December.
Thomas H. Bates and Wealthy Coburn, December.
Benjamin Stevens and Jane Larrabee [no date given].

Horace Daggett of Norridgewalk [sic] and Jane Coburn, January.
Hazael Rose and Betsey P. Turner of Leeds, January.
Ebenezer Elder and Saviah Damson of Hallowell, February.
Jedediah Harris and Mercy Pettengill of Lewiston, February.
Josiah Hatch and Mrs. Rebecca Couillard of Phippsburg, April.
Stephen Howe of Portland and Almira Caswell, June.
Ammi West and Lavinia Thomas, June.
Jesse Coburn, Jr. and Huldah Washburn, September 13.
Rufus Ramsdell of Leeds and Alice Bailey, July.
Evart Hatch and Nancy Parsons, August.
John Harris of Turner and Betsey Daggett, September 6.
John Comins and Mary Merrill, November 29.

Grenfill Rose and Roxania Southward of Leeds, January.
Cyrus Bates and Sophia Keay, January 20.
Benjamin Richmond and Mary Bailey of Leeds, March 23.
Oliver Mower and Harriet H. Robinson of Calais, Vt., May 4.
Oliver Brawn and Nancy Austin, August 24.

[p. 149]
Henry S. Harris and Jane Thompson, December 13.
Samuel Merrill and Sarah Pratt, April.
Benjamin Chadborn and Naomi Hatch, May.
Moses Welsh and Asenath Merrill, May.
Isaac Crompton of New Sharon and Lucindia Harris, August.

Martin Stetson of Bluehill and Louisiana Ellms, January.
Capt. Daniel Crossman and Mrs. Nancy Danielson of Leeds, January.
Elias Adams and Clarissa Thomas, January.
James Tibbets of Dexter and Lucretia Mower, March.
Daniel Wilkins and Lavinia Adaline Herrick, April 26.
John Stevens and Eunice Stetson, April 30.
Varanus Niles of Jay and Mehitable Harris, July 5.
Benjamin Remmick and Eliza Briggs, November 28.
Eleazer Crocker and Sarah Gray, December 17.
Solomon McKenney and Polly Littlefield, November 4.
Eliphalet Coburn and Polly Wilkins, December 24.
Levi Wormwood and Eliza Smith of Saco, November.
Silas Coburn and Drusilla Caswell, November.
Washington Sprague and Abigail Pettengill of Lewiston, November 28.
Samuel Maloon and Dorcas Libby, December 25.
John L. Cutter of Bangor and Eliza J. Kimball, December 26.
David Davis of Lewiston and Sarah Eames, November 15.

Sewall Bates and Alvira Crocker, January 31.
Joseph Herrick and Betsey H. Bates, January 28.
Ethelbert Bradford of Turner and Rebecca Rose, February 28.
Solomon Prescott of Monmouth and Phebe Rose, March 1.
Col. Augustus Sprague and Thankful Coburn, February 15.
John Adams and Hannah P. True, January 3.
John S. Bates and Betsey A. Stoddard, September 19.
Job Caswell and Elvira Sprague, December 27.
Edmund Fogg and Abigail Seabrey of Minot, February.
Alden Rose and Dianna Gilbert of Turner, March.
Joseph Jackson and Betsey Edwards Mower, April 30.
John Larrabee and Biar Wilson of Topsham, May.

[p. 150]
Isaac Jennings and Lucy Stevens, May.
Aaron Daggett and Dorcas C. Dearborn of Monmouth, November.
Josiah Mower and Angeline Pullen of Winthrop, December.

Thompson Barnes and Hannah Layne, October 20.
Dr. Alfred Pierce and Betsy Robbins, April 14.
Jonathan Nash and Deborah Cutter, April 24.
Lewis Dillingham and Jane Libby, May 2.
Rufus Brawn and Mercy Harris, August 18.
Benjamin M. Layne and Ruth Ray, June 26.
Joseph Chamberlain of Minot and Lucy Mower, November 6.
John Edgecomb of Lisbon and Lydia Thompson, October 28.
Martin Record of Turner and Zemira Mower, November 13.
Cyrus Beals and Celia Bessey, October 29.
Isaiah Coburn and Mrs. Mary Cummings, May 22.
Allen Freeman of Leeds and Jane Leadbetter, January 28.
Robert Ellms of Leeds and Mary Bailey, January 28.
Dudley Chandeler of Livermore and Cynthia Smith, January 29.
Eben F. Sutherland and Belinda H. Bradbury of Minot, April 16.
Jonas Hill and Joanna Hubbard of Fayette, December.
Arunah Briggs, Jr. and Jemima Caswell, December.

George G. Hussey of China and Jemima Coburn, February 24.
Jacob Haskell of Wayne and Rachel Mower, April 25.
Nehemiah Thompson and Elizabeth Miller, February 23.
Rufus Stevens of Hallowell and Mrs. Cynthia Larrabee, June 7.
George Cobb of Hebron and Cynthia Parker, January 21.
Charles Ellms of Leeds and Nancy Mower, March 19.
John Brawn and Love Furbish, May 20.
Lewis Howe and Sally Parker, October 16.
William Cutter and Malindia E. Robbins, November 8.
Noah West and Judith Peare, May 23.
Jason Rackley of Leeds and Nancy West, June 3.
John Beals and Abigail Berry, July 29.
Benjamin F. Hussey and Nancy Colburn, September 11.
Levi Keay and Sally Morse, September.
Josiah Hatch and Prudence Warren of Lisbon, September.

[p. 151]
Randall Day and Phebe Shaw, March 31.
Dennis Furbish and Hannah Thompson, February 7.
Jotham Moulton of LaGrange and Amy Bates, January 20.
Thomas Sampson and Mary Hussey, April 20.
Dea. Jesse Coburn and Sarah Small of Wales, October.
Enos Wilkins and Hannah Libbey of Wales, April.
Benjamin Phillips Rackley and Almira Smith of Monmouth, January.
Lincoln Keene and Sophronia Pettengill, November.
Lemuel Comins, Jr. and Pamelia Wing, August 18.

James Merrill of Lisbon and Olive Briggs, January 19.
Loring Mower and Elvira Morse, March 3.
Samuel W. Longley and Delight Douglas, April 12.
Calvin Safford of Dexter and Rozilla Shepley, January 5.
Daniel Quimby and Almira Barden, March 12.
Nathaniel Pratt and Mehitable Mower, October 31.
Wheaton Bates and Elanor Ellms of Leeds, February 26.
James Marrs of Litchfield and Mrs. Lydia Andrews, November 23.
Isaiah Coombs of Brunswick and Mindwell Austin, April.
Calvin Briggs and Lydia Pettengill of Leeds, February.
Stephen Mitchell and Hannah Keen, February.
Randall Nevins and Caroline Plummer of Wales, July.
Moses L. Harris and Joanna Coffin of Leeds, August.
John Berry and Sarah Ramsdell of Leeds, September.
Ezekiel Hackett, Jr. and Charlotte A. Thompson of Phillips, September.
William Briggs and Phebe Pierce, December 11.
Amos Clark of Lowell and Olive H. Pettengill, December 12.

Jesse Dorman of Mt. Vernon and Rosannah Layne, March 26.
Edward Sylvester of Turner and Margaret A. Cummings, March 29.
Aretas Harris and Jane Spofford, May.
Peleg Benson Caswell of Leeds and Mary Q. Robbins, April.
John Adams and Olive B. Turner of Turner, May.

[p. 152]
Samuel Clark of Litchfield and Mrs. Sarah Eames, May.
Josiah Harris and Julia Wright of Lewiston, June.
Freeman Coburn and Hannah T. Summer of Leeds, October.
Peleg Benson Caswell of Leeds and Mary Quimby Robbins, May.

Thomas B. Pullen of Winthrop and Harriet Bailey, May.
Joseph M. Richardson and Ann Furbush, February 23.
John Townsend of Minot and Almira Parker, October 30.
Hezekiah Murray and Betsey Warren, June 9.
Alden Layne of Fayette and Mary A. Rackley, November 14.
Nathan Winslow and Mary Jane Lord, June.
Joseph Hackett and Lavinia Lander, September 11.
Reuben Ray and Ann Chesley of Readfield, September.

Charles Dexter and Sylvia Pierce, March.
John Briggs of Augusta and Lucy Briggs, March.
William Sprague and Margaret Jack of Topsham, April.
Tristram Hill and Christina Sprague, May 28.
Capt. Samuel Ranlett of Monmouth and Jemima Mower, June 5.
Royal J. Bradbury of Minot and Jane L. Parker, June.
Algenon S. Allen of Turner and Marzina Sturtevant, August.
Ancill Sprague and Mrs. Ann Quimby, September.
George T. Austin and Frances M. Wright, September.
Joseph F. Bradbury of Minot and Lydia R. Stoddard, October.
John Hatch of Wales and Hannah L. Keay, October.
Cyrus M. Chipman of Gardiner and Hepzibah P. Mann, November.
Joel Moulton and Elizabeth Given of Wales, November.
Lieut. Josiah Day of Leeds and Amy Ricker, November.
Stephen L. Morse of Gardiner and Deborah C. Tozier, November.
Lora B. Stevens and Laura Ann Haskell, December.
Nathaniel Pratt and Mehitable Mower, October 31.

Orren Sprague and Mary Ann Richardson, September.
Luther Thomas and Nancy E. Robbins, November.
Laureston Stetson and Elizabeth Y. Davis of Portland, February.

[p. 153]
Orren Record and Judith Spofford of Lewiston, March.
Nelson A. West and Jennet K. Stetson of Lewiston, March.
Ebenezer Mann of Leeds and Luetta Keen, March.
Bryant Robinson and Louisa J. Rackley, April.
Nathaniel Harris and Mrs. Jane Benson of Lewiston, April.
Lewis Beals and Eliza Ann Caswell, May.
Ingerson Parker and Pamelia Parker, May.
John Emerson Sawyer and Electa Augusta Mower, August 4.
Edward H. Osborne of Boston, Mass. and Mary Ann Crossman, August.
Calvin S. Coburn and Mary Keay, October.
Stephen W. Sylvester and Hannah Leadbetter of Leeds, October.
Joseph Merrill and Hannah Mace, November.

Elias Adams, Esq. and Mrs. Hannah Merriman, November 28.
Rev. Dudley P. Bailey and Hannah B. Cushman of Hebron, January 13.
Samuel L. Fogg and Abigail C. Bailey of Minot, January.
James Peare, Jr. and Mrs. Meribah Gray, June.
Moses Peare and Phebe Grant, June.
Richard Parker and Jane Cummings, June.
Jason Hall of Paris and Roxana Rose, August.
Ezra F. Pratt and Aurilla Merrill, November.
Isaac G. Spofford and Sarah Harris, November.

Nathaniel Eames and Dorcas Nason, May 3.
Charles Hinckley of Brunswick and Rozetta Freeman, June 15.
Joseph P. Vickery of Minot and Lucindia Waterman, November 26.
William P. James and Elvira Prince, October 8.
Anselm Parker and Louisa M. Pratt, January.
Thomas Larrabee of Danville and Margaret Merrill, March.
Lewis Ware and Martha Bubier, March.
Samuel R. Lamont and Jane Sawyer, August.
George T. Austin and Temperance L. Ham of Monmouth, August.
Mark Twitchell of Gray and Rhoda E. Starbard, October.
William N. Marrow and Huldah Sprague, December.

[p. 154]
Henry H. Bates and Mirinda Sprague, September 8.
James Bickford of Lewiston and Sally Richardson, September 4.
John Hodgdon of Brunswick and Olive Record, November 11.
Elbridge G. Rose and Almeda J. Brown, January 21.
Horace Pullen of Monson and Sophia Parker, February.
Melville Green of Lisbon and Laurania Harvey, May.
Elbridge D. Brown and Elvira Blake, May.
Isaac Griffin, Jr. of Minot and Sarah E. Lamont, June.

Stockbridge Bubier and Mrs. Phebe Woodward, January 22.
William S. Parker and Ann P. Jack of Topsham, September 13.
George H. Hammond and Elizabeth H. Bailey, January 5.
Abram Larrabee and Livona Furbish, March 31.
Joseph L. Jack of Topsham and Mary Ann Parker, September 13.
Nathaniel Stetson, No. 11, Range 5, and Matilda Bates, April 1.
Andrew J. Harris and Lucy A. Greenwood, April 28.
Peter S. Mower and Sarah D. Pillsbury, November 2.
John Plummer of Monmouth and Sarah Edwards, September 25.
John B. Hooper and Christina B. Day, September 28.
James Cummings and Eunice Starbird, June.
Eliphalet W. Merrow of Auburn and Emily B. Greenwood, July.
Ellery Bond of Lewiston and Hannah Hatch, February.
Abram A. Larrabee and Livonia A. Furbush, February.
Rufus G. Eaton and Eliza M. Trussill of Camden, March.
George Fogg and Huldah Cole of Lewiston, June.
Calvin Mower and Lydia Thompson of Topsham, August.
Warren Mower and Louisa Jane Gilmore of Leeds, September 4.
Thomas Ray and Lucy Gray, November.
John C. Mower and Julia A. Libby of Poland, September 25.
Nathaniel P. Blue of Monmouth and Josephine Mower, October.

William R. Little of Auburn and Rachel Thompson, December 21.
Greenlief Parker and Frances Ann Stoddard, December 18.
Jason Sprague and Sophronia Bangs of Monmouth, April.
Minot Caswell of Auburn and Rhoda Briggs, April.
Edward Sedgley and Lucinda Mace, May.

[p. 155]
Cyrus Mower Pratt and Phebe W. Pillsbury, July.
Freeman Lander and Ann C. Potter, July.
Henry Ricker and Mrs. Mary Ricker of Wales, August.
Aaron West and Sarah W. Bibber of Lisbon, October.
John S. Herrick and Elizabeth C. Murry, November.
Daniel C. Dailey and Olive Andrews, December.

Josiah Payne Longley and Rebecca Ann Colby of Wales, April 14.
John Stinson of Bristol and Rebecca D. Bailey, July 14.
Peter Freeman and Mrs. Prudence Freeman, December 11.
Stephen Blethen of Lewiston and Orintha Additon, May 25.
George W. Foss of Bath and Emily Coburn, May 12.
Albion P. Mower and Anna Larrabee, November 17.
Freeman Andrews and Alvira Richmond, August.
Isaac D. Merrill and Augusta McKenney, October.

William R. Frye of Lewiston and Millicent Mower, February 13.
Edwin R. Downes of Bath and Lydia Chadborn, August.
William Gowell of Auburn and Prudence Moulton, August.
Charles Tailor of Lewiston and Betsy Pettengill, February.
Nathaniel Adams and Eunice Berry, May.
David Curtis of Freeport and Bethiah Harris, May.
Rufus P. Upton of Presque Isle and Julia F. Benson, June.
Reuben Stetson and Christiana Thompson, December 7.

Solomon Townsing of Turner and Francinia Crockett, April.
Bartholomew Coburn and Harriet Nason, April.
Nathan Lane of Pittsfield and Betsey Wright, April.
David S. Cushing of Freeport and Bathiah Harris, June.
William Barnes and Harriet M. Kimball, July.
William T. Plaisted and Elizabeth Griffin, July.
Morgan Brewster of Leeds and Susan Robinson, September.
Cyrus Hackett and Rosella E. Quimby, August.

Henry L. K. Wiggin, M.D. and Harriet A. Parker, July 18.
Adron Stevens and Sarah Spofford, March 21.

[p. 156]
Rufus F. Moulton and Jane Sprague, February.
John F. Winslow and Mary Caswell, October 3.
Horace Philbrook of Brunswick and Narcissa Austin, March 12.
Granvill Coy of Winthrop and Adeline Kimball, December 27.
Oliver P. Frost of Leeds and Susan Stevens, October.
Joseph Mathews and Isabell Freeman, October.

William Mower Longley and Emeline R. Mower, January 18.
Augustus B. Crosby of Waterville and L. Alice Parker, August 29.
Joseph Tailor of Wales and Mary Brawn, July 2.
Jacob A. Spofford and Rossetta A. Pratt, October 15.
James C. Warren of Detroit and Rachel Lane, January 7.
Benj. F. Wright and Mary E. Beal, October 29.
John B. Adams and Roxanna A. Cushman of Dracut, Mass., August 29.
John W. Rackley and Eunice Weymouth, December 10.
Jefferson C. Thompson and Jane P. Stafford, December 31.
Levi F. Parlin of Machias and Sarah Bickford, March 30.
Luther Starbard and Susan Hackett, April 2.
Simon T. Libbey and Harriet McKenney, April 13.
Bartholomew Coburn, Jr. and Hannah Bryant of Turner, August.
Capt. George T. Howe and Charlotte J. Allen, November.
Milton Carville of Lewiston and Lucy L. McKenney, March 16.
Daniel C. Daily of Monmouth and Esther Hatch, November.
Gilbert A. Morse of Wayne and Hannah Dennen, November.

Samuel Hackett and Olive Knox, March 8.
Samuel W. Greenwood and Lorana Quimby, January 7.
Verris Greenwood and Ellen Wilkins, January 7.
Samuel C. Perry and Esther L. Merrill, April 4.
Abraham Libby of Pownal and Lavina Lane, April 5.
William E. Hutchins and Joanna York of Lowell, Mass., March.
Silas Sprague and Cynthia M. Tibbetts, June 6.
Job Cushman Dennen and Martha J. Brewster of Leeds, July 3.
Aaron Quimby and Mary M. Furbush, August 15.
Davis Nevins, Jr. of Lewiston and Amanda Pettengill, November 18.

[p. 157]
Benjamin B. Foss of Auburn and Lois J. Coburn, November 29.
Henry Furbush and Abagail Larrabee of Danville, June 29.
Isaac Foss and Sarah A. Bates, July 8.
Jesse Hatch and Elizabeth A. Neal of Litchfield, May.
Alfred P. Mower and Elizabeth G. Smith of Poland, June 17.
Samuel L. Moody of Webster and Affah G. Spofford, June.
Theron J. Gurney and Lucy LeBaron of Turner, September.
Aaron Fletcher Mower and Anna Parker Mower of Corinna, November 26.

William T. Farrar and Phebe M. Thompson, March 3.
Asahel Lane and Emily Dixon of Clinton, March 17.
William Carville of Lewiston and Polly Furbush, May 26.
Henry H. Bates and Mrs. Sarah B. Nason of Livermore, September 1.
Cyprus L. Dill of Webster and Mary J. Hatch, December 1.
William E. Sawyer and Mary P. Cummings, December 19.
John Parker and Mary A. Thompson of Topsham, June.
Nathan K. Howard and Sarah J. Austin, March.
Christopher C. Gorman and Elvira H. Allen of Freeman, July.
John W. Furbush and Hannah L. Larrabee of Auburn, December.
George W. Haskell of Danville and Sophia J. Ricker, November.
Nathaniel Adams and Elizabeth Tripp, September 22.