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Ancient Plan of the Plymouth Grant

Source: "A True Coppy from an Ancient Plan of E Hutchinson's Esqr & from Jos Heath In 1719. & Phins Jones's Survey in 1731. & from John North's Late Survey in 1752. Attestr Thos Johnston," from Henry S. Burrage, The Beginnings of Colonial Maine, 1602-1658 (Portland, Me.: Marks Printing House, 1914).

The Plymouth Grant—also known as the Plymouth Claim, Plymouth Patent, Plymouth Purchase, and Kennebec Purchase—was described in the 1629 Charter of the Colony of New Plymouth as lying between "the utmost limitts of Cobbiseconte alias Comasee-Conte which adjoineth to the river of Kenebeke alias Kenebekike towards the westerne ocean and a place called the falls att Mequamkike," and extending fifteen miles on each side of the river. The Plymouth Company would later claim land from Merrymeeting Bay in the south to Norridgewock in the north.

The original copy of this plan—known as Johnston's map—is held by the Maine State Historical Society.

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