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Map of Bakerstown, 1765

Source: LC Maps of North America, 1750-1789, 833. Library of Congress, Geography and Map Division. [Digital ID: g3734b ar083300]

The above Plan is a Discription of a Newtownship Containing the Quantity of Seven and a half mile Square of Land & Water, granted by the General Court to the proprietors of Bakerstown So call'd, Lying & Being in the County of Cumberland ... Datd at falmouth, 4th Septembr 1765 — Attestd Joseph Noyes Surveyr.
This grant of land was made to certain officers and soldiers who served in the Canada expedition of 1690, and to whom a grant had been made later found to lie in New Hampshire. This 1765 survey was subsequently found to interfere with the Pejepscot Claim, and was corrected in later surveys.

Bakerstown encompassed the present towns of Minot, Poland, and Mechanic Falls, and part of Auburn. Lake Auburn is here called "The Great Wilson Pond," and the Range Ponds are together called "Round Pond."

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