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Record of Marriages by Rev. Weston B. Adams

Source: Sprague's Journal of Maine History, Vol. 12. (Dover, Me.: Sprague's Journal of Maine History, Inc., 1924).

[p. 92]
Hon. John A. Morrill of Auburn, Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Maine, writes us as follows: "I enclose a copy of Rev. W. B. Adams' record of marriages. The original record is in my possession; I think that none of these marriages were recorded in the Town Clerk's offices; at least I have been unable to find any of them on the old Danville records.

"Rev. Weston B. Adams was the first pastor of the Congregational Church in Danville, near Lewiston Falls, now known as the High Street Congregational Church in Auburn. He was ordained Nov. 13, 1832 and dismissed Nov. 21, 1838

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at his own request, on account of ill health, with expressions of regret on the part of his people.

"It has occurred to me that this record of marriages should be made available in your Journal, if it is your policy to accept such material."

Record of Marriages
Solemnized by Rev. W. B. Adams
Jan. 23, 1834. Mr. Joseph D. Davis and Miss Orra Raynes. Both of Danville, Me.

June 19, 1834. Mr. Peter Kimball and Miss Sophia Wines. Both of Bloomfield, Me.

Jan. 21, 1835. Dr. Nathan Reed and Miss Anna Cary. Both of Minot.

April 9, 1835. Mr. Isaiah Haskell, of Minot, and Mrs. Sally Brown, of North Yarmouth.

May 14, 1835. Mr. Edward C. Thompson, of Gray, and Miss Caroline S. Sampson, of Minot.

Jan. 21, 1836. Mr. George Steel of Gloucester, Mass., and Miss Polly F. Smith of Danville, Me.

Jan. 8, 1837. Mr. Lyman Wood and Miss Mary C. Keen. Both of Minot.

March 8, 1837. Mr. Wm. G. Lane and Miss Judith W. Haskell. Both of Danville.

April 5, 1837. Mr. Samuel H. Packard and Miss Susan P. Loring. Both of Danville.

April 23, 1837. Mr. Jason Wilson, of Portland, to Miss Lois P. Carlton, of Minot.

Sept. 15, 1837. Mr. Winthrop T. Bradbury and Miss Judith P. Haskell. Both of New Gloucester.

Dec. 28, 1837. Col. Nathaniel L. Ingersol to Miss Nancy Clark. Both of Danville.

Dec. 28, 1837. Mr. Charles Clark, of Alfred, to Miss Mary Ann Garcelon, of Lewiston.

August 26, 1838. Mr. Sutton S. Stevens to Miss Sarah Ann Haskell. Both of Minot.

Oct. 2, 1839. Edward T. Little, Esq., to Melinda C. Adams. Both of Danville.