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Pepperellborough Marriage Intentions and Marriages, 1768-1775

Source: New England Historical and Genealogical Register, Vol. 50 (Jan. 1896). Notes in brackets are original to the text.

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[Copied for the Register by Francis E. Blake, Esq., of Boston.]
This district was incorporated in June, 1762, and the name was retained until 1805, when Saco was substituted.

The following items are recorded on a few stray leaves, which are now in such a bad condition as to render it impossible to decipher all the entries. The records are attested by Tristram Jordan, District Clerk.

Samuel Richards of Scarboro' and Eleanor Hanscom of Pepperellboro'. April 30, 1768.

Isaiah Brooks and Sarah Burnam, both of Narragansett No. 1. June 22, 1769.

Ezra Davis, Jr., and Susannah Hanscom, both of Pepperellboro'. July 2, 1769.

William Clark and Rebecca Rumery, both of Pepperellboro'. July 2, 1769.

Seth Mitchell and Mary Scammans, both of Pepperellboro'. Feb. 24, 1770.

John Owen and Sarah Bradbury. March 17, 1770.

Simon Phillbrook of Grenland, N. H., and Mary McClennan. March 17, 1770.

Samuel Rice of Scarboro' and Jane Libby of Pepperellboro'. March 21, 1770.

Abithar Wood, Jr. [Record torn off.]

James Foss of Pepperellboro' and ______ of Scarboro'. August [   ].

Douglass Robinson and Sarah [   ]azleton of Boxton. Sept. 19, 1772.

Joseph Fletcher and Sarah Edgcomb. Sept. 8, 1772.

George Parcher, Jr., of Pepperellboro' and Mary Chamberlain of Scarboro'. Sept. 10, 1772.

John Berry and Eunice [Kearl?]. Sept. 19, 1772.

John Chamberlain of Scarboro' and Lydia Foss. Aug., 1773.

Thomas Dearring and Lucretia Townsend. Sept. 11, [   ].

[Record torn off.      ] Elizabeth Jordan. March 30, [   ].

Jordan Fairfield of Pepperellboro and Polly Tappan of [____osta?]. April 19, 1772.

Nathan Elder and Elizabeth Roberts, both of Narragansett No. 1. April 18, 1772.

Freeman Scammans of Pepperellboro and Elizabeth Kimbal of Wells. [No date.]

Ebenezer Wentworth and Jane Morrill, both of Narragansett No. 1. April 25, 1772.

Jabez Lane and Sarah Woodman, both of Narragansett No. 1. April 25, 1772.

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James Weems (?) Nevins and Mary Mitchell, both of Pepperellboro'. April 25, 1772.

Matthias Ridler, Jr., of Boston and Elizabeth Field of Pepperellboro'. August 10, 1772.

Thomas [Record gone] and Anne Gor[   ] of Pepperellboro'. [   ] 13, [   ].

Samuel Lowel and Charity Berry, both of Pepperellboro'. April 13, 1771.

James Norton and Mary Davis. May 11, 1771.

John Hammond and Lucy Foss, both of Pepperellboro'. May 12, 1771.

Wil[liam] [   ] Adeowando and Sarah Rumery of a place called Little Falls. March, 1775.

John [Bemis?] of Pepperellboro' and Hannah Fletcher of Biddeford. March, 1775.

Peter Foss of Pepperellboro' and Mary Foss of Scarboro'. March, 1775.

William Marry of Pepperellboro' and Margaret Haley of Biddeford. Apr. 2, 1755 (Sic).

George Jileson of a place called Mass Camps and Elizabeth Wadlin of Little Falls. Married Oct. 12, 1773.

Enoch Parker and Mary Rumery, both of Little Falls. Married Dec. 26, 1774.

Daniel Hibbard of Sanford and Sarah Wadlin of Little Falls. Married Feb. 16, 1775.

William Deering of Adeowando and Sarah Rumery of Little Falls. April 3, 1775.
All by Pelatiah Tingley, Itinerant.

Joseph Elwell and Mehitable Black, both of Pepperellboro'. Married August 21, 1768, by Samuel Jordan, Esq., of Biddeford.