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Belfast Deaths, 1886-1890

Source: Joseph Williamson, History of the city of Belfast in the state of Maine. (Portland Me.: Loring, Short, and Harmon, 1877-1913), Vol. 2.

[p. 427]
Jan. 2. Ann Blake, 78.
[Jan.] 12. Mary E., 32, wife of Cyrus R. Davis, and daughter of Sherburne Sleeper.
[Jan.] 16. In Mt. Pleasant, Iowa, Edward Bargin, a former resident of Belfast. He was a lieutenant of Company I, Fourth Maine Regiment, and was afterwards in the U. S. Navy.
[Jan.] 18. In Salem, Mass., Capt. William L. Shute, 60.
[Jan.] 27. Elizabeth, 65, wife of William Abbott.
[Jan.] 29. Adeline M., 54, wife of William J. Wentworth, and daughter of the late John Hill.
[Jan.] 30. Samuel H. Gray, 50.
[Jan.] 30. Mary A., 52, wife of Salathiel Nickerson Otis, and daughter of Daniel R. Maddocks.
[Jan.] 30. In Fargo, Dak., William E. Wording, LL.D., about 75, a native of Castine, and formerly a resident of Belfast. He was a lawyer and judge, and accumulated much wealth. He was a liberal donor to Colby College, where he graduated in 1836.

Feb. 1. Zebediah Simmons, 26.
[Feb.] 1. Lizzie E., 23, wife of John B. Walton.
[Feb.] 1. Ernest E. Cottrell, 26.
[Feb.] 5. Abner Hamman, 86, formerly of Northport.
[Feb.] 6. In Camden, Hon. Nathan C. Fletcher, 75, from 1848 to 1854 pastor of the Universalist Church in Belfast.
[Feb.] 10. Mary, 68, wife of Benjamin Cook.
[Feb.] 15. Nellie L., 33, wife of John F. Rogers.
[Feb.] 17. Hezekiah Wentworth, 83.
[Feb.] 18. Benjamin Banks, 79, a native of Hartford. He came to Belfast with his father, the late Deacon John Banks, in 1817, and was the last of a family of ten children.
[Feb.] __. Mrs. Sarah B., 70, widow of the late Rev. George Pratt. She was born in Ireland in 1816.
[Feb.] 20. Sarah B. Rialt, 70.
[Feb.] 25. In New York City, Rev. Edward Palmer, son of the late Benjamin Palmer, of Belfast. He edited the "Maine Farmer," a newspaper established in Belfast in 1829, and subsequently was settled in Natick, Mass., as a Unitarian clergyman.
[Feb.] 26. Betsey Spear, 72.

Mar. 1. Joseph T. Mahoney, 82, formerly of Searsmont.
[Mar.] 1. James Wiss, 30, a native of England.
[Mar.] 5. Mrs. C. J. Thomas, 18.
[Mar.] 11. In Roxbury, Mass., William H., 19, son of the late Capt. John Toothaker of Belfast.
[Mar.] 12. Samuel Redman, 92. (See Accidents.)
[Mar.] 15. Thomas Carter, 75, a native of Montville, and member of the shipbuilding firm of C. R. Carter & Co.
[Mar.] 18. In Cambridge, Mass., Hon. John M. S. Williams, one of the original trustees of the estate of the late Alfred Waldo Johnson.

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Mar. 22. Eliza A., infant daughter of Nathaniel Sholes.
[Mar.] 23. Wellington R., 33, son of Nathaniel W. Holmes.
[Mar.] 24. Isaac A., 55, son of Lewis C. Murch.
[Mar.] 24. In Boston, Otho Hamilton, 62.
[Mar.] 24. George A. Howard, 58.

Apr. 2. Joseph Dunbar, 50.
[Apr.] 3. Sarah A., 80, widow of the late Andrew Dean.
[Apr.] 9. William A. Jacques, 80, formerly of New York.
[Apr.] 10. Vannie B. Knowlton, infant.
[Apr.] 13. Elizabeth Quinlan, 74.
[Apr.] 19. Ann Moore, 75.
[Apr.] 20. Minnie L. Heath, 23.
[Apr.] 26. Elsie Thomas, infant.

May 8. Mary Belle Agnes Miller, 1, daughter of George Warren Miller.
[May] 9. Lillie May Jordan, infant.
[May] 10. On passage from Boston to Portland, Dr. Frederick N. Palmer, 72, of Boston, son of the late Benjamin Palmer, of Belfast.
[May] 12. Michael Casey, 67.
[May] 14. Jennie E., 42, wife of Eli Carr Merriam.
[May] 18. In Deering, Truman Harmon, about 65, a native of Unity and formerly Collector of Customs in Belfast.
[May] 20. In Searsmont, Lucy McCanley, 46, of Belfast.
[May] 22. Annial Howard, 82.
[May] 24. James Bucklin, 69.
[May] 28. Horace S. Perkins, 53.
[May] 30. Ann Moody, 28.

June 4. Isaac Whitaker, 67.
[June] 6. Lucretia Hunter, 69, widow of the late William O. Poor, and a native of Bristol.
[June] 7. Bessie F. Abbott, 45.
[June] 15. Patrick Haney, 47.

July 9. David Gilbertson, infant.
[July] 15. John A. Stevens, infant.
[July] 17. Fred C. Haney, infant.
[July] __. In Lynn, Mass., Mrs. Austin Clough, of Belfast.
[July] 24. In Belmont, John Gray, 74. He served through the Mexican War in Capt. A. T. Palmer's Company, and in the Rebellion as a member of Company D, Nineteenth Maine Regiment.
[July] 24. John Flannigan, infant.
[July] 25. In Brewer, Capt. Aaron Pendleton, 81, formerly of Belfast.
[July] 25. Franklin Prince Eames, 61. (See Accidents.)
[July] 26. Miss Isabella Gordon, 28, daughter of the late William Osgood Poor.

Aug. 1. Charles H. Grady, infant.
[Aug.] 2. Mehitable Crosby, 75.

[p. 429]
Aug. 3. Jane Abbott, 82.
[Aug.] 7. Samuel Southworth, 86, a native of Fairlee, Vt. He came to Searsmont when young, and thence to Belfast, in 1856.
[Aug.] 7. In Bangor, Capt. John Shute, 52, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 9. Capt. John B. Walker, 59.
[Aug.] 10. Mary A. Shaw, 23.
[Aug.] 10. Jeremiah B. Littlefield, 53, a native of Penobscot.
[Aug.] 11. Elmer Jones, infant.
[Aug.] 14. Mrs. Johanna Cook, 85, formerly of Jackson.
[Aug.] 14. In Tenant's Harbor, William A. Elwell, 51, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 20. Mary E., 67, widow of the late Judge Nathaniel Patterson. She was a daughter of Daniel Whittier, and prominent in temperance and benevolent work.
[Aug.] 21. In Dorchester, Mass., Mrs. Christiana Lowney, 83, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 21. Ethel F. Reeves, infant.
[Aug.] __. In Bangor, Zacheus P. Estes, 76, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 24. In Hampden, Ansel M. Pillbsury, 69, formerly a trader in Belfast.
[Aug.] 28. Capt. Robert Hodgdon, 88.
[Aug.] 29. Alice C. Whitten, 28.

Sept. 1. Maria Amanda Durham, 55, daughter of James Durham.
[Sept.] 3. In Woonsocket, R. I., George L., 21, son of George D. McCrillis, of Belfast.
[Sept.] 6. Lucy F. Robinson, 77.
[Sept.] 6. Ira Prescott Ordway, 22.
[Sept.] 8. Arthur H., 1, son of George I. Hoit, of Boston.
[Sept.] 9. Mrs. Fanny Carle, 84.
[Sept.] __. In Brooklyn, N. Y., Capt. Thomas Tilden, 81, for many years a shipmaster in Belfast.
[Sept.] 11. Elmer P., 1, son of W. C. Vose.
[Sept.] 12. William Berry, 55, Clerk of the Courts.
[Sept.] 14. In Wakefield, Mass., Mrs. Martha H. Cunningham, 56, daughter of Hiram Holmes.
[Sept.] 16. In Philadelphia, Charles Treadwell, 83. He was born in Portsmouth, N. H., and in 1827 came to Belfast, where he engaged in carriage manufacturing, and was the first one to build a complete carriage in this place. He went to California in 1849, and again in 1852. In 1875, he left Belfast to reside with his daughter, but returned each summer thereafter. He was a pleasant and social gentleman, and universally respected. He married Isabella Barnet, daughter of John Durham.
[Sept.] 18. Angie C. Harrison, 41.

[p. 430]
Sept. 18. Rose A. Hart, 45.
[Sept.] 21. Martha A. Cunningham, 56.
[Sept.] 23. Miss Ida R. Kelton, 35, daughter of Mrs. E. D. Bird.
[Sept.] 25. In Boston, Miss Lucia M., daughter of the late George Watson, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 27. In Winterport, Capt. Henderson Pendleton, about 59, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 30. Mrs. Harriet Verrill, 75.

Oct. 4. In Kansas City, Mo., Edward, 22, son of Sidney Kalish of Belfast.
[Oct.] 4. In Charlestown, Mass., Aaron Nickerson, 87, a former resident of Belfast.
[Oct.] 10. In Rockport, Mrs. Ellen J. Smalley, 38, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 16. Alexander Shibles, 82, one of the oldest citizens at the Head of the Tide.
[Oct.] 20. Rosetta E., 24, wife of Fred McKeen, and daughter of Jefferson Franklin Wilson.
[Oct.] 20. In Grenada, Col., Frank Joseph, 26, oldest son of Franklin Houston Durham of Belfast.
[Oct.] 20. In Marshall, Mich., Sarah, 67, widow of the late Capt. Watson Hinds, of Belfast.
[Oct.] 26. Lulu M. Griffin, 16.
[Oct.] 26. Judith, 94, widow of the late Joseph Rich, a native of Jackson, and the oldest woman in Belfast.
[Oct.] 28. In Portland, Ore., Samuel M., son of the late Deacon Luther Smith, of Belfast. In 1854, he went to Oregon, where he became influential and wealthy.
[Oct.] __. In New York, James P. W. Casey, 26, son of the late Patrick Casey. (See Accidents.)

Nov. In Ellsworth, William O., 46, son of the late George McDonald, of Belfast. He was an officer in the Twenty-sixth Maine Regiment, and filled many places of public trust.
[Nov.] 4. Rufus P. Hassell, 61, proprietor of Sanborn House.
[Nov.] 6. In Charlestown, Mass., Henry A. Heath, 59, a former resident of Belfast.
[Nov.] 11. Bessie E. Farrar, infant.
[Nov.] 16. Cora Gilson, 26.
[Nov.] 19. Susan C. Holt, 64.
[Nov.] 23. Hannah F., 50, widow of the late Elisha Hanning, and daughter of Capt. Robert Patterson, 5th.
[Nov.] 27. In Abbott, James M. Clark, 60, formerly of Belfast.
[Nov.] 28. Mrs. Charlotte Hook, 81. She was a pensioner of the War of 1812.

Dec. 1. In Providence, R. I., Georgianna, 50, wife of George T. Quimby, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 1. Miss Annie, 39, daughter of Amos R. Boynton.
[Dec.] 2. Mrs. Priscilla Wiley, 93.

[p. 431]
Dec. 4. Mrs. Julia A. Knight, 78, a native of Lincolnville.
[Dec.] 12. Cyrus Patterson, 74, master ship-builder, and son of Nathaniel Patterson, of Belfast. He was for many years steamboat agent, and was elected an Alderman for ten terms.
[Dec.] 13. In Danvers, Mass., at the insane hospital, Hon. Thompson H. Murch, 48, member of Congress from Belfast district, 1880-84.
[Dec.] 17. In Frankfort, Hon. Adams Treat, for many years a prominent politician and Collector of Customs in Belfast in 1853.
[Dec.] 28. In Lynn, Mass., William Keller, 38, of Belfast.
[Dec.] 28. Miss Rosilla, 82, daughter of the late Stephen Longfellow.
[Dec.] 31. Warren Mudgett, 46.

Jan. 2. Alice R. Mudgett, 31.
[Jan.] 2. Susan Lowe, 64.
[Jan.] 6. In New York, William H. Hobie, 67, for several years principal of the Belfast High School. He was born in Winslow, and graduated at Colby College, 1852.
[Jan.] 8. Capt. Darius Doak, 73, a native of Searsport, and an old-time shipmaster.
[Jan.] 9. Priscilla B. Heal, 65.
[Jan.] 9. In Bellows Falls, Mrs. M. C. Hogan, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 11. In Waldoboro, Lottie, 56, wife of David H. Kimball and daughter of the late John R. Redman, of Belfast.
[Jan.] 12. In Augusta, Frank A. Cottrell, 47, of Belfast.
[Jan.] 20. In Portsmouth, Va., Eliza J., 72, widow of the late Dr. Richard Moody, and daughter of the late Frye Hall.
[Jan.] 22. William S. Baker, 72, formerly in the hotel business, wagoner in the Fourth Maine Regiment.
[Jan.] 22. In Boston, Emma, 36, wife of George I. Hoit, and formerly a resident of Belfast.
[Jan.] 25. Catherine, 69, wife of Joseph S. Witherly.
[Jan.] 28. Capt. Isaac Sides, 75, master ship-carpenter, and a native of Waldoboro.
[Jan.] 31. Capt. Robert Otis, 62, sixth of the nine children of Robert Patterson, 5th. He was long a shipmaster, steamboat captain, and pilot, and as naval commander during the Rebellion, made a high record, capturing two valuable prizes. He stood high in the estimation of all who knew him.

Feb. 3. Charles E. Griffin, 46, ship-joiner, formerly of Stockton.
[Feb.] 4. Fred, 14, oldest son of William E. Bickford.
[Feb.] 8. In Bangor, Hon. William B. Hayford, 59. He was a son of the late Arvida Hayford, and was born in Belfast. He became a leading citizen of Bangor, being Mayor in 1876, and a bank and railroad president.
[Feb.] 12. James Sullivan, 70.
[Feb.] 13. Leonora Doe, 53.

[p. 432]
Mar. 2. Jonathan Holmes, 92, of Paris, a pensioner of the War of 1812.
[Mar.] 2. In Santa Clara, Cal., Charles J., 22, son of the late William E. Quimby, of Belfast.
[Mar.] 4. John Danforth, 87.
[Mar.] __. In Boston, Miss Lavinia Stickney, a native of Belfast.
[Mar.] 7. In Camden, Francis P. Eastman, 65, late of Belfast.
[Mar.] __. In Boston, Moses W. Fiske, comedian.
[Mar.] 10. Annette Holt, 36.
[Mar.] 22. In Joliet, Ill., Mrs. Suel P. Carter, 57, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 23. Miss Grace D. Hallowell, 19.
[Mar.] 26. Delora A., 56, wife of Howard Murphy, and daughter of the Rev. Theodore Scott.
[Mar.] 27. Samuel Ames, 62, formerly of Searsport.
[Mar.] 30. Charles T. Clark, 37.
[Mar.] 30. In Washington, D. C., Mrs. N. Matilda Pitcher, 65, daughter of the late Samuel W. Miller.

Apr. 3. In Waterville, Timothy C. Ellis, 58, late of Belfast.
[Apr.] 3. Alvin Frost, 80.
[Apr.] 7. Mrs. Mary G. Sheldon, 83, of South Thomaston.
[Apr.] 12. Frances A., 67, widow of the late Lemuel Rich Palmer, and daughter of the late Otis Little, of Castine.
[Apr.] 17. Jacob Young Cottrell, 59, master ship-builder, and formerly a member of the firm of C. P. Carter & Co. He came to Belfast from Camden, when young. He was twice an Alderman, and was a man of sterling integrity.
[Apr.] 18. In Hammond, La., Charles M., 19, son of Phineas Libby of Belfast.
[Apr.] 20. Elzira P. Murch, 37.
[Apr.] 21. Rossell Burgess, 2.
[Apr.] 22. In Boston, Miss Susan M., 66, daughter of the late Thomas Henry Marshall.
[Apr.] 23. In Boston, Eunice Sargent, 97, widow of the late Jonathan Durham. She was a native of Gouldsboro.
[Apr.] 29. In Boston, Parkhurst, 30, son of Joseph Wheeler, formerly of Belfast.
[Apr.] 30. In Haverhill, Mass., Ada M., wife of J. Adams Colby, and daughter of the late Alvah M. Young, of Belfast.

May 7. William Bloomfield White, 82, third child of Robert White, and the last survivor but one of his generation of the White family. He assisted his family upon the farm, and after the death of the latter, continued to cultivate it as long as he lived. He married Elsie Webster; one daughter, Caroline Elsie, survives him, who still lives upon the original lot on Northport Avenue, Belfast.
[May] 8. In Boston, Thomas Curtis Porter, 27.
[May] 9. In Manila, Iowa, Sherburne A. Sleeper, 46, son of the Hon.

[p. 433]
Sherburne Sleeper, and a soldier in the Fourth Maine Regiment.
[May] 13. In Fresno, Cal., Fulton N., 26, only son of Fulton G. Berry, formerly of Belfast.
[May] 16. Eloise, 9, daughter of Edward J. Morison, of Montana.
[May] 16. Edgar Paul, 46, son of the late Joel Paul, and a member of Col. Folger's company in the Nineteenth Maine Regiment.
[May] 17. Tolman Bowen, 83.
[May] 18. William Pottle, 72.
[May] __. In Bangor, Henry S. Brown, a native of Belfast.
[May] 25. Frances, 50, wife of George W. Patterson.

June 2. In Readfield, Rev. Albert M. Ford, 46, pastor of the Baptist Church in Belfast, 1873-75.
[June] 3. Capt. William Carter, 66.
[June] 5. Watson F. H. Ness, 61, formerly of Belfast.
[June] 11. Arthur E. Priest, 21.
[June] 11. Rebecca A., 52, wife of John Bruce.
[June] 15. In Rockport, Lucy A., 76, wife of John F. Holbrook, and a native of Belfast. She was a daughter of the late Humphrey Nicholas Lancaster.
[June] 22. Alexander Graisbury, 57.
[June] 25. Charles J., 27, son of George Washington Burgess.
[June] 28. Robert R. Swett, 80.

July 2. Peter Laughran, 56.
[July] 4. John W. Durning, 84.
[July] 7. Henry W. Ames, 40.
[July] 8. Edwin C. Banks, 35, son of Sharon E. Banks.
[July] __. In Boston, Florence, wife of Clarence Leathers, and daughter of Henry Babcock, formerly of Belfast.
[July] 19. In Dorchester, Mass., Angeline M., about 50, widow of the late Henry Avery, formerly of Belfast.
[July] 19. In Dorchester, Mass., Elmira, about 67, widow of the late Joseph B. Gilkey, of Belfast.
[July] 23. Irving Gilmore Cox, infant son of Fred G. Cox.
[July] 23. In East Corinth, Capt. John C. Blanchard, 65, a native of Belfast, and for many years a shipmaster.
[July] 24. In Bridgton, Susan Field, 77, wife of Jonathan Durham, of Belfast.
[July] 24. In Waldoboro, William White, 94, the oldest man of that town. He was born in Gorham, Mass., and at one time resided in Belfast.
[July] 28. Lewis C. Murch, 85. He was a native of Hampden, and for sixty years carried on the business of blockmaking in Belfast. He was a boy in Castine, when the British landed there on the 1st of September, 1814, and was the first person addressed by the commanding general, who inquired of him where the American troops had gone.

[p. 434]
July 29. In Bangor, Dr. Edward M. Field, 65. The son of Bohan Prentice Field; was born in Belfast, July 22, 1822; graduated at Bowdoin in 1845; passed several years abroad; and commenced practice in Bangor, in 1850, where he resided until his death. He was held in high esteem by all who knew him.

Aug. 5. Eliza, 75, wife of John Poor.
[Aug.] 6. Susan Elizabeth, 42, daughter of Joseph Bean.
[Aug.] __. In California, Valentine R. Lancaster, about 70, formerly of Belfast.
[Aug.] 13. Mrs. Charles Turney, 71, late of Presque Isle.
[Aug.] 14. Medora, 56, wife of Moses M. Hodgdon.
[Aug.] 14. Lulu M. Tibbetts, 12.
[Aug.] 14. In Bangor, J. T. Greeley, 74, a native of Belfast.
[Aug.] 18. In Boston, Capt. James M. Miller, about 65, of Belfast, a former shipmaster, and a veteran of the U. S. Navy.
[Aug.] 19. James Holmes, 77, a citizen here since 1855. He was born in New Hampshire, and came to Belmont when young. he was of an inventive turn of mind, and patented two machines for the manufacture of staves.
[Aug.] 20. John A. Lubby, 58.
[Aug.] 25. Miss Rovena C. McDowell, 47.
[Aug.] 27. Hannah Whitmore, 91.
[Aug.] 27. Infant son of George E. Ring.

Sept. 1. Mrs. Bridget Sweeney, 74.
[Sept.] 4. William M. Priest, 35, a native of China.
[Sept.] 5. Mary E., 27, wife of Forest Dyer.
[Sept.] 6. Ann J., 56, widow of the late John Libby.
[Sept.] 7. John G. Hall, 78.
[Sept.] 7. Miss Marie D., 43, daughter of the late Hon. Albert Pilsbury, of Machias.
[Sept.] 7. Lavinia Parker, 62.
[Sept.] 15. George W. Dyer, 78. He was born in Millbridge, and came to Belfast in 1853. He was a quiet, unassuming man, and a good citizen.
[Sept.] 17. In Ottawa, Can., Mrs. Emily Alden, wife of Hon. John George Bourinot, LL.D., and daughter of the late Hon. Albert Pilsbury. Much of her early girlhood was spent in Belfast, with her grandmother, Mrs. Rachel Porter.
[Sept.] 19. Mrs. Fannie J., 57, widow of the late George Hardy, and daughter of the late Thomas Harkness.
[Sept.] 22. In Dorchester, Mass., Sarah A., widow of the late Hon. Benjamin Wiggin, and daughter of the late Judge William Crosby, of Belfast.
[Sept.] 26. Solomon Smart, 71.
[Sept.] 27. George O. Parkman, 53, a native of Camden.
[Sept.] 30. Mrs. Abby Brier, 67.

[p. 435]
Sept. 30. In Winthrop, Mass., Capt. Baker McNear, 78. He was a large ship-owner, and passed many summers in Belfast, overseeing the construction of ships which were built for him.

Oct. 3. In Cambridge, Mass., Miss Helen A., 64, daughter of the late Samuel Upton, of Belfast.
[Oct.] 10. Mrs. Mary Carle, 75.
[Oct.] 12. Lucy, 87, widow of the late John Robinson, and daughter of the late Josiah D. Hinds. She was born in Andover, and came to Belfast about 1800.
[Oct.] 13. Harriet A., 65, wife of Moses M. Brown.
[Oct.] 14. In Washington, D. C., Mrs. Annabell Hendershott, 30, daughter of the late Col. Thomas Henry Marshall, of Belfast.
[Oct.] 16. Eliza, 82, widow of the late Joseph McKeen, and a native of Machias.
[Oct.] 20. In Boston, Louisa S., 81, widow of the late Isaac Allard, Sr., formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 28. Nathaniel Shaw, 75.
[Oct.] 30. Tracy E. Barton, 43.
[Oct.] 30. Adelaide S., 43, wife of Capt. Fred Augustus Gilmore.
[Oct.] 31. In Lochleven, Miss., Benjamin P. Swan, 72, son of the late Capt. Nathan Swan, of Belfast.

Nov. 1. In Baltimore, Rev. John Bapts, S. J. During the fifties he frequently held services in Belfast, and is pleasantly remembered by the older Catholics. In the Know-Nothing excitement of 1855, he was mobbed at Ellsworth.
[Nov.] 6. Vesta A. Crosby, 29.
[Nov.] 7. Joseph Wight, 86, son of Edward Wight, a native of Penobscot, and a resident of Belfast since 1818.
[Nov.] 8. Xenophon Ordway, 63.
[Nov.] 11. In Winthrop, Mass., Hortense Eliza Pendleton, 36, wife of Capt. Frank G. Swett, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 23. In Bangor, Edwin D. Reed, about 30, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 29. Mrs. Mary Black, 86.

Dec. 6. Miss Ann S. Frost, 87, a native of Massachusetts. In 1808, she was adopted by the late Mrs. Bohan Prentice Field, Sr., and remained in the Field family from that time to her death, 80 years. She was a kind and faithful woman, beloved by the children
[Dec.] 13. In Boston, Frank N. Hodgdon.
[Dec.] 14. George R., 36, son of Samuel L. Sweetser.
[Dec.] 22. In Boothbay, James H. Young, 58, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 23. Martha J., 58, wife of E. Willard Pratt, formerly of Stoneham, Mass.
[Dec.] 23. Mrs. Arletta W. Simpson, 52.
[Dec.] 24. Miss Mabel Mixer, 21.
[Dec.] 26. Irena W., 42, wife of Horatio Welch.
[Dec.] 28. Abbie G. Gilchrist, 76.

[p. 436]
Jan. 3. Susan G., widow of the late Thomas Harkness.
[Jan.] 15. In Portland, Rev. Flint Foster, 74, Methodist clergyman in Belfast, 1850-51.
[Jan.] 22. In Lynn, Mass., Elizabeth, 49, wife of Benjamin Dunbar, formerly of Belfast. She was a daughter of John Small.
[Jan.] 28. Benjamin F. Houston, 84, son of the late Joseph Houston. He was the oldest living member of the Congregational Church.
[Jan.] 29. In Denver, Col., Frank H., 23, son of John C. Ford, of Belfast.

Feb. 1. In Penobscot, Mrs. Lizzie Turner, 75, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 9. Mrs. Hilda R. McIntosh, 44.
[Feb.] 11. In Bridgton, Jonathan Durham, 85, in Belfast. He was a son of the late Deacon Tolford Durham, and the last of his generation of the family.
[Feb.] 13. In Dorchester, Mass., George W., 22, son of the late Frank Bartlett and Georgiana Frederick, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 14. Capt. Henry M. Burgess, 68, a native of Vinalhaven.
[Feb.] 15. In Boston, Deborah, 85, widow of the late Dr. John Payne, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 15. In Winterport, Ida, 24, widow of the late Abner Ford Sheldon, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 15. In Toledo, O., Isabella J., 56, wife of A. D. White, and daughter of the late Charles Treadwell, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 21. In Glasgow, Scotland, Charles W., 45, son of Samuel L. Sweetser, of Belfast.

Mar. 2. In Wakeeney, Kansas, William Sweetser, 74, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 2. In Somerville, Mass., William B. Stearns, 69.
[Mar.] 4. Hannah C., 79, widow of the late Reuben Sibley. She was born in North Yarmouth, her father being Ami Cutter, a prominent citizen of that town; she was married in 1839.
[Mar.] 7. James Burrell, 76, a native of Waldo.
[Mar.] 9. In Boston, Ellen Morill, 49.
[Mar.] 13. John Frost, 88, a native of Unity.
[Mar.] 15. John C. Ford, 51. He was a soldier in the Rebellion.
[Mar.] 18. Eva Adams, 6.
[Mar.] 24. Levi Butler, 70.
[Mar.] 27. James H. McIntosh, 43. He came to Belfast from Vinalhaven and served in the Rebellion.
[Mar.] 28. Joseph S. Dunbar, 65.
[Mar.] 30. Vesta E. Carter, 18.
[Mar.] 31. In Philbrook, Mont., Miss Cora S., 26, daughter of Spencer Walcott Mathews, of Belfast.

Apr. 1. In Lynn, Mass., Mary M., 32, wife of Capt. William R. Stover, and daughter of the late Capt. John Toothaker.

[p. 437]
Apr. 2. In Salem, Mass., Mrs. Moses McFarland, 65, formerly a resident of Belfast.
[Apr.] 4. Eliza L., 80, widow of the late Robie Frye. She was a daughter of the late Nathaniel Cushman, of Montville.
[Apr.] 5. In Presque Isle, Mrs. Nancy P. Chase, 100, a former resident of Belfast.
[Apr.] 5. Flora Quinlan, infant.
[Apr.] 7. In Chicago, George W. Dyer, about 43, once a resident of Belfast. He was a son of Reuben Dyer, of Searsport.
[Apr.] 10. In Waldo, Sarah A., 68, widow of the late Robert C. Thompson, of Belfast.
[Apr.] 18. Joanna, 85, widow of the late Edward Perkins. She was born in Penobscot, and was daughter of Deacon Edward Wight.
[Apr.] 19. In China, Zebah Washburn, 93. He taught school in Belfast in 1822-23.
[Apr.] 22. Florence E. Tibbetts, infant.
[Apr.] 27. In Searsport, William J. Dodge, 93, a native of Adams, Mass., and once a resident of Belfast.
[Apr.] 28. Mary J. Mahoney, 83.

May 1. Calvin Pitcher, 76. He was born and always lived on the farm where he died.
[May] 6. Phebe A., 45, wife of W. E. Marsh.
[May] 7. In Jamaica Plain, Mass., Mary J., 77, widow of the late F. C. Raymond, formerly of Belfast.
[May] 8. John L. Cook, 37.
[May] 9. Lois R., 81, widow of the late Lewis C. Murch.
[May] 10. Capt. Frank G., 55, son of the late Ephraim Swett.
[May] 16. In Orlando, Fla., Abby, 48, wife of S. A. Black, of Belfast.
[May] 18. Julia A., 43, widow of the late U. S. Treat, of Eastport.
[May] 19. Maurice, infant son of Nelson Wight.
[May] 20. In Rockland, Mrs. Mary Benner, 75.
[May] 20. In Lynn, Mass., Mrs. Mary C. Cunningham, 49, formerly of Belfast.
[May] 27. In Rockland, Mrs. Julia E. Berry, 58. She was the daughter of the late Robert Pote, Sr., of Belfast.
[May] 30. Henry Nehemiah, 30, son of Nehemiah H. Mudgett.

June 2. James H. Frost, 54.
[June] 4. Maria E., 49, wife of Simon A. Payson.
[June] 14. Hon. William M. Rust, 69. (See chap. xxi and Portrait.)
[June] 23. In Hatfield, Kansas, Mary E., 75, wife of G. W. Clark, and daughter of the late Maj. John Russ, of Belfast.
[June] 25. Stillman S. Keith, 63.
[June] 30. Joseph H. Adams, 66, a native of Waldo.
[June] 30. Martha A., 83, widow of the late Rev. Frederick A. Hodsdon.
[June] 30. In Swanville, Phineas M. Moody, 57, of Belfast.

[p. 438]
July 2. In Chelsea, Mass., Mrs. Laura E. Webster, 22.
[July] 2. Joanna, 92, widow of the late Calvin Pitcher, and daughter of the late Noah Prescott, of Searsmont. She was a pensioner of the War of 1812, her husband having been in the service.
[July] 7. Samuel Augustus Blodgett, 59, a native of Brooksville.
[July] 7. Nora Gilson, 19.
[July] 7. James T. Wargent, about 37, of Islesboro. (See Accidents.)
[July] 12. In Roxbury, Mass., Charles Rink, 61, a native of Germany, and formerly a barber of Belfast.
[July] 19. James Turner, 72, formerly of Isle au Haut.
[July] 20. In Auburndale, Mass., Martha Ellis, 50, wife of Dr. James Clarke White, of Boston, formerly of Belfast.
[July] 23. In Bucksport, Samuel P. Hall, 73, a native of Belfast.
[July] 23. In Lincolnville, William H. Hodges, 59, formerly a teacher in Belfast High School.
[July] 27. Alzora G. Lewis, 27.
[July] 28. Alexander T. Black, infant.

Aug. 4. Charles M., 74, son of the late Charles Atherton, of Castine.
[Aug.] 7. Infant son of David S. Cressey.
[Aug.] 11. Miss Caroline E., 60, daughter of the late Capt. Josiah Simpson.
[Aug.] 13. In Elmira N. Y., John Warren White, 79, a native and former resident of Belfast. He was the son of the late Robert and Susannah (Patterson) White, and was their fifth child. He married Charlotte Spring, and of their three children, Isabella, Emma, and Edward, the first and last survived. He was a merchant in partnership with William Harrison Conner, and interested with his brother, James Patterson White, in ship-building and paper manufacturing. He was a genial and public-spirited man, and was active in all movements for the welfare of the community. He was the last survivor of his generation, of a family prominent in social and business circles. Late in life, he, with his family, removed to Elmira, New York, to live with his daughter, wife of Capt. Frederic Barker.
[Aug.] 26. Fitz W. Hopkins, 47.
[Aug.] 28. Joanna P., 56, wife of John C. Frye.
[Aug.] 29. Hon. Sherburne Sleeper, 77. (See chapter ii.)
[Aug.] 30. Clara D. Tibbetts, 32.

Sept. 5. Charles Moore, 82, a native of Chester, N. H. He came to Belfast in 1826, and engaged in trade at the Head of the Tide. For fifty years he held numerous positions of public trust.
[Sept.] 10. In Elko, Nev., Frederick A., son of Samuel Wight, of Belfast.
[Sept.] 15. In Montville, Walter F. Page, 1.
[Sept.] 15. Jennie Irene Grady, 4 months.
[Sept.] 16. In Chelsea, Mass., Henry Noyes, about 76. He was a native of Castine, and for several years a cabinet-maker in Belfast.

[p. 439]
Sept. 16. Sarah C., 84, widow of the late Hon. Warren Preston, Judge of Probate in Somerset County, and daughter of the late Capt. Robert Clewley, of Stockton Springs.
[Sept.] 20. In Jacksonville, Fla., Mrs. John Doyle, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 21. Mrs. Almira Bailey, 82, formerly of Palermo.
[Sept.] 23. Vena Jackson, 1.
[Sept.] 23. In Freedom, Ephraim C. Keen, 73, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 24. Mrs. Nancy C. Norwood, 47, a native of North Haven.
[Sept.] 24. In San José, Cal., Judge Isaac Newton Senter, 83, a native of Belfast.
[Sept.] 25. Joseph Dennett, 73, a native of Castine. He was a sail-maker and rigger in Belfast, for nearly fifty years. The third destruction of his dwelling house by fire in 1874 is chronicled in the poems of David Barker.
[Sept.] 26. William M. Gray, 1.

Oct. 6. In Montville, Lois G. Anderson, 27.
[Oct.] 9. Maurice L. Carter, infant.
[Oct.] 16. William G. C., 23, son of Walter Gray. (See Accidents.)
[Oct.] 23. Rebecca, 63, wife of John B. Wadlin, and daughter of the late James Gammans.
[Oct.] 25. Sarah Clark, 72.
[Oct.] 31. Jewett North, infant son of Dr. William Hugh Harris.

Nov. 1. Annie L. Clark, 16.
[Nov.] 3. Lewis Bean, 70, son of the late Lewis Bean. He was interested in navigation, and a genial, social citizen. He represented Belfast in the Legislature of 1876.
[Nov.] 5. In Lawrence, Mass., Albion L., 34, son of Lincoln Blanchard, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 6. In North Chelmsford, Mass., Deacon Robert D. Davidson, 78, a native of Belfast. He was a son of the late Henry Davidson.
[Nov.] 17. In Boston, Diana Otis, 81, widow of the late Henry Colburn, a prominent resident of Belfast for many years.
[Nov.] 21. Florence Maria Brown, infant.
[Nov.] 27. Williamsburg, Hon. Adams H. Merrill, 83, a native of Belfast, and the pioneer of the slate business in Piscataquis County. He was the son of Wiggins Merrill.
[Nov.] 28. In Boston, Carl C., about 30, son of William C. Frederick, late of Belfast.

Dec. 7. Lizzie T. Thayer, 48.
[Dec.] 10. John McIntosh, 72.
[Dec.] 12. Thomas Hall, 4, adopted son of Thomas Haugh. (See Accidents.)
[Dec.] 13. In Orland, Capt. Gillett Emerson, 88, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 14. Harry B. Walker, 3.
[Dec.] 18. In Providence, R. I., George D., 21, son of the late John C. Ford, of Belfast.

[p. 440]
Dec. 18. At White Sulphur Springs, Mont., Martha E., 65, wife of Robie F. Carter, formerly of Belfast.
[Dec.] 20. In Augusta, Tolford E. Young, 17.
[Dec.] 25. In Brooklyn, N. Y., Clara Abbott, 79, widow of the late Rev. Elbridge G. Cutler, Congregational minister in Belfast, 1842-46. She was a sister of Jacob, John S. C., and Gorham D. Abbott.

Jan. 7. In St. Louis, William C., 50, son of the late Charles Treadwell, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 10. Mary A. Worthing, 79.
[Jan.] 11. Charles A. Wood, 46.
[Jan.] 13. Evelyn Estelle Mudgett, 27, wife of Fred Luscum Banks.
[Jan.] 14. Caroline Wight, 73.
[Jan.] 17. Grace Trueworthy, 24.
[Jan.] 20. Mary D. Godfrey, 47.
[Jan.] 29. Capt. William Burkett, 73, a native of Waldoboro. He had resided in Belfast sixteen years.
[Jan.] 29. In Boston, Mary, 67, widow of the late Joseph McDonald, formerly of Belfast. She was a daughter of Thomas Tapley.

Feb. 2. Samuel F. Miller, 78, son of the late Samuel W. Miller. He was formerly in trade in Belfast, and in 1856, Deputy Sheriff and Jailor.
[Feb.] 3. In Chicago, Miss Bessie, 17, daughter of Robert Fletcher Russ, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 5. In Baltimore, Miss Susan S., daughter of the late Col. Thomas Cunningham, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 7. Carl Rawley, 1.
[Feb.] 8. Augustus P. Philbrook, 55; a soldier in the Civil War.
[Feb.] 18. Albert F. Conforth, 26. (See Accidents.)
[Feb.] 19. In Waltham, Mass., J. R. Simmons, 58, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 21. Percie L. Simpson, 17.
[Feb.] 23. Hannah E. Beckwith, 72.
[Feb.] 23. In Northampton, Mass., Miss Annie E. Crocker, 33, of Belfast.
[Feb.] 25. Susan Cook, 38.
[Feb.] 28. E. Willard Pratt, 64, a native of Brighton, Mass., and resident of Belfast since 1872.

Mar. 3. In Rockland, William D. Blake, 66, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] 12. Henry H. Hartshorn, 48, a soldier in the Rebellion.
[Mar.] 15. Eliza M., 76, widow of the late Samuel Otis, and daughter of the late Salathiel Nickerson.
[Mar.] 16. Richibucto, N. B., Ann, about 85, widow of the late Sylvester C. Hewes, formerly of Belfast.
[Mar.] __. In Waltham, Mass., Miss Rachel, 21, daughter of the late J. R. Simmons, formerly of Belfast.

[p. 441]
Mar. 16. Albert L., 20, son of Samuel Herrick.
[Mar.] 22. Royce M., 1, son of Frank Nash.
[Mar.] 24. Jeremiah Jewett, 81, a native of Whitefield. He was ordained as a Baptist minister, but was never settled as a pastor.
[Mar.] 27. In Longmont, Col., Willard S., 27, son of the late A. F. Gilmore.
[Mar.] 31. In Boston, Hon. Jacob Sleeper, 87. He resided in Belfast from 1816 to 1825. He was a generous contributor to the Methodist Church, and in 1869 presented a bell, which was tolled eighty-seven times while his funeral services were taking place in Boston.

Apr. 8. Mary J. Gilmore, 73.
[Apr.] 10. Fitz W. Gilbert, 58, a native of Gloucester, Mass., and sergeant in Company H, Fourth Maine Regiment, which went to the front in May, 1861. When young, he came here as apprentice to David R. Proctor, ship-carver.
[Apr.] 11. Luther A., 73, son of the late Fisher A. Pitcher.
[Apr.] 16. In Northport, Mrs. Chandler Mahoney, 68.
[Apr.] 16. In Massachusetts, George Clark, 3.
[Apr.] 18. Bluehill, Capt. Milton Tufts, about 76, a native of Belfast.
[Apr.] 19. Eunice Libby, 49.
[Apr.] 21. Nathaniel Simmons, 86, a native of Waldoboro, and a resident here for over forty years.
[Apr.] __. In San Francisco, Cal., Sidney A. Jones, a native of Camden, and well known in Belfast. He married Ellen, daughter of the late James P. Furber.
[Apr.] 25. Henry L., 25, son of the late Capt. W. L. Shute. He was a law student, and nearly ready for admission to the bar.
[Apr.] 27. Ira M. Hartshorn, 16.
[Apr.] 30. Margaret Cunningham, 35.
[Apr.] 30. Jennie E. Patterson, 19.
[Apr.] 30. In Waterford, W. Dana Sargent, 41, at one time a citizen of Belfast.

May 1. In East Machias, Joseph S., 61, son of the late Capt. David Whittier, of Belfast.
[May] 2. Miss Elizabeth Hartshorn, 85, daughter of the late Benjamin Hartshorn.
[May] 3. Ebenezer Newell, 78. He was born in Camden, and had resided in Belfast thirty years. At one time he was extensively engaged in lumbering. He repeatedly represented the Citypoint ward in the city government.
[May] 3. In Vinalhaven, Fred, 20, son of Amos West.
[May] 3. Rosetta A. Nickerson, 44.
[May] 4. Carrie E. P., 44, wife of Percy A. Sanborn, and daughter of John Poor.
[May] 4. Mrs. Lydia Flagg, 74.
[May] 10. John Wight, 79, son of Edward Wight.

[p. 442]
May 19. Capt. Henry Atherton Starrett, 56. he was for nearly a quarter century a shipmaster, and commanded some of the largest ships afloat. After returning from the sea in 1884, he engaged in the dry-goods business in Belfast on Main St.
[May] 19. Capt. William Hart, 66.
[May] 19. Sarah, 77, wife of Capt. William Chaples.
[May] 19. Mrs. Abbie McIntosh, 67.
[May] 28. Amelia A. Bird, 49, wife of Alonzo Dutch.
[May] 28. Margaret Speed, 76.
[May] 29. Susan S., 37, wife of Frank Stevens.
[May] 29. In Guilford, Rev. Theodore H. Murphy, 31, son of Howard Murphy, and for five years a Methodist minister.
[May] 29. Mrs. Martha Pendleton, 50.

June 3. Mrs. Eva M. Ballby, 26. of Lynn, Mass. She was a daughter of Alonzo Dutch, of Belfast.
[June] 4. Grace, 14 months, daughter of George Irving Mudgett.
[June] 7. Samuel Spofford, 70, of Rockland.
[June] 7. Benjamin Robbins, 42.
[June] 11. In Dorchester, Mass., Richard H. P. Howard, 68. He was born in Belfast, and son of William Howard, who died in 1822.
[June] 17. Lucinda Jordan, 73.
[June] 22. Anna G., 80, widow of the late Ibrook Eddy Collins, and a native of Northport.
[June] 22. Miss Ada B. Cook, 17.
[June] 26. In Syene, Wis., Miss Louisa Hemenway, 77, formerly of Belfast.
[June] 30. Joseph Jenney, 32.
[June] 30. Mrs. Garafelia Mohalbi, 52, widow of the late John O. Stockham, late of Philadelphia, and last surviving child Charles Treadwell, late of Belfast.

July 6. In Wakefield, Mass., Capt. George W. Cunningham, 61, for many years a resident shipmaster from Belfast.
[July] 6. In New York City, Ann Sarah Monroe, 68. Mrs. Monroe was a daughter of the late Hon. Alfred Johnson, and was born in Belfast, 21 December, 1821. In 1843, she married the late Dr. Nahum Parker Monroe, and continued to reside in Belfast until 1871, when she removed to Baltimore. For several years past her home has been in Washington. With an active and cultivated intellect there was blended in her character a natural disposition to do good, the practical exercise of which always made her the subject of grateful and affectionate regard. During the War, her patriotic services in connection with the Sanitary Commission were prominent, and her personal presence in the military hospitals at the front, while her husband was regimental surgeon, inspired many of the sick and wounded of her native State with courage and strength. She assisted in carrying on the under-

[p. 443]
ground railway for aiding fugitive slaves to escape to the North. A strong lover of society, her home was always the centre of genuine and graceful hospitality.
July 13. Charles Wesley Haney, 48. He was born in Penobscot, and had resided in Belfast from 1861. During the Rebellion, he enlisted in Company I of the Twenty-Sixth Maine Regiment, and served in Louisiana. Upon returning he engaged in trade, and was prominent in our local affairs, repeatedly having positions of public trust.
[July] 20. Lizzie B. Piper, 18.
[July] 21. In Malden, Mass., M. Augusta, wife of Dr. J. H. Sherman, recently of Belfast.
[July] 22. In Camden, Hon. Edward Cushing, 70, Collector of the Customs at Belfast under the administration of President Cleveland. He was for years connected with the Boston & Bangor Steamship line.
[July] 24. Sarah, 68, wife of William Shaw.
[July] 24. Samuel Wight, 77, son of Edward Wight.
[July] 26. William J. Shaw, 67. He was a veteran of the Rebellion.
[July] 29. Ralph I., infant son of John Sumner Fernald.

Aug. 2. Hannah J., 62, wife of Benjamin Nickerson.
[Aug.] 2. Asa Faunce, 76. He was born in Waterville, and resided in Belfast from 1827 to the time of his death, being first engaged in trade. Subsequently he was president of the Bank of Commerce and Belfast Savings Bank. (See Portrait.)
[Aug.] 4. Mary L., 55, wife of E. A. Gay, and daughter of the late Lewis C. Murch.
[Aug.] 4. Walter, 2, son of Walter E. Sylvester. (See Accidents.)
[Aug.] 6. James L. Gray, 52.
[Aug.] 9. William M., infant son of William Melvin Thayer.
[Aug.] 9. Lunette Wight, 32.
[Aug.] 12. Laforest W. Richards, 12.
[Aug.] 17. In Haverhill, Mass., Sybil C. Pishon, 67, wife of Benjamin F. Newman, and a former resident of Belfast.
[Aug.] 20. Laura G. Sleeper, 51, daughter of James Gammans.
[Aug.] 20. Stephen Thurston, 58.
[Aug.] 21. In Arlington, Mass., Frank W. Tufts, 33, recently of Belfast.
[Aug.] 24. William Ervin Mitchell, 74. He was a native of Acton, Mass., and a resident of Belfast from 1875. He traded in the same building at the Head of the Tide for forty-two years, and was postmaster there twenty-eight years. He was twice Alderman.
[Aug.] 26. Mrs. Sarah B. E., 59, wife of Moses Walter Rich, and daughter of the late Henry B. Eells. She was of strong intellect, kind-hearted and benevolent.
[Aug.] 30. In San Francisco, John, about 25, son of the late Patrick Hanley, of Belfast.

[p. 444]
Sept. 3. Capt. Henry H. Bean, 27.
[Sept.] 6. At Squirrel Island, Dolly, 75, widow of the late Benjamin McDonald, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 14. Lovina A. Bean, 44.
[Sept.] 16. Phœbe H., 28, wife of Frank H. Hoag.
[Sept.] 16. On a railroad train, near New Gloucester, Spencer Walcott Mathews, 60, of Belfast. He was a son of Morrell Mathews, of Searsmont, and one of the four of the firm of Mathews Brothers, sash and door manufacturers.
[Sept.] 18. Mary Sylvester, 98.
[Sept.] 19. Oscar F. Herrick, 58.
[Sept.] 20. Albert R., 60, son of the Alonzo Osborn.
[Sept.] 26. In San Francisco, Cal., E. Niles Torrey, son of the late Elijah Torrey, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 29. Albert L. Hall, 45. During the war, while a member of the Sixth Maine Battery, he was wounded by a shell.
[Sept.] 29. In Gibbsville, Wis., Lydia Sprague, 90, widow of the late Simon Knowles, formerly of Belfast.
[Sept.] 30. Mark, Jr., 13, son of Llewellyn Woods.
[Sept.] 30. Ann, 74, wife of William Davis.
[Sept.] __. In New York, Joseph Quinlan, of Belfast.

Oct. 6. Gardner A., 1, son of Edgar A. Campbell.
[Oct.] 7. Mrs. Ella M. Banks, 35.
[Oct.] 8. David M. Shepherd, 69.
[Oct.] 9. Robert W. Brown, 82.
[Oct.] 12. Hattie K. Bennett, 48.
[Oct.] 13. Capt. Thomas R. Shute, 67, formerly a well-known steamboat pilot.
[Oct.] 14. In Northport, Melissa C. Hodgdon, 51.

Nov. 1. In Lawrence, Mass., Mary E., 45, wife of Horace Dean, formerly of Belfast. She was daughter of the late Christopher Y. Cottrell.
[Nov.] 3. Nancy Condon, 71, widow of the late Capt. Eben P. Bramhall, and a native of Matinicus.
[Nov.] 7. In Chicago, Daniel, 35, son of William H. Hatch, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 14. In Boston, William C., 60, son of the late William Frederick, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 16. Newell W. Robbins, infant.
[Nov.] 16. Sadie E. Walton, 1.
[Nov.] 19. Mrs. Isabelle F. Bemis, 57.
[Nov.] 20. In Boston, Mary L. Clark, 8.
[Nov.] 21. In Augusta, Col. Darius Alden, 80. He was a son of the late Apollos Alden, and removed from Belfast when young. By his own exertions and abilities, he became one of the wealthiest men in Maine, being a large owner of Maine Central Railroad stock.
[Nov.] 25. Walter, infant son of Duncan McAndlass.

[p. 445]
Nov. 27. Benson Walker, 65. (See Accidents.)
[Nov.] 29. Moses M. Brown, 76, a native of North Haven.

Dec. 1. In Knox, Wilbur W. Farnham, about 23, recently a resident of Belfast.
[Dec.] 6. In Portland, Lucy, 62, wife of David Lancaster.
[Dec.] 9. Infant son of Frank Clark.
[Dec.] 10. Mary Ann, 73, wife of Capt. John Bird, and daughter of the late Abiather Smith.
[Dec.] 11. Emery Davis, infant.
[Dec.] 19. Sears Nickerson, 72.
[Dec.] 20. Thomas Tapley, 95. He was born in Brooksville, and came to Belfast when young. He was a caulker by trade.
[Dec.] 20. In Boston, Michael Farnham, about 77, of Dedham, Mass., once a resident of Belfast.
[Dec.] 24. Alfred, 2, son of Roland C. Patterson.
[Dec.] __. Albert E. Cunningham, 32. Drowned at New Harbor Beach, Mass.

Jan. 2. Israel Cox, 86. He was a native of Lincolnville, and Sheriff of Waldo County in 1841. For nearly thirty years, in connection with Bohan Prentice Field, he conducted a large insurance business.
[Jan.] 4. Miss Grace, 18, only child of the late Augustus H. Stephenson.
[Jan.] 5. In Boston, Samuel Edwards, 77, a native of Palermo, and postmaster of Belfast, 1857-61, under President Buchanan.
[Jan.] 7. Flora E., 34, wife of Edgar Filmore Hanson, and daughter of B. F. Nickerson, of Swanville.
[Jan.] 12. George W., 44, son of William Augustus Swift.
[Jan.] 13. In Chelsea, Mass., Mary E., 46, daughter of John Hill, late of Belfast.
[Jan.] 19. John McCauley, 44, a native of St. John, N. B.
[Jan.] 20. In Providence, R. I., Leonard B. Townsend, 75, a native of Belfast. He went to California in the bark W. O. Alden, in 1849, in search of gold.
[Jan.] 21. In Boston, Margaret, 36, wife of Leslie Kellar, formerly of Belfast.
[Jan.] 22. Edmund T. Morrill, 58, formerly of Monticello.
[Jan.] 25. Pearl Clark, 2.
[Jan.] 27. William G., 49, son of the late Israel Cox, and proprietor of the Windsor Hotel.
[Jan.] 27. Mrs. Anna Ellis, 85.
[Jan.] 27. Mrs. Ellen Crowell, 70.
[Jan.] 27. Eva, 1, daughter of Frank Clark.
[Jan.] 28. Mrs. Lucy A. Dunbar, 55.

Feb. 1. Abigail J., 77, widow of the late Cyrus Patterson, and daughter of the late Ebenezer Cunningham, of Swanville. She

[p. 446]
was a benevolent woman and an earnest temperance advocate.

Feb. 2. Albria Etta Doe, 34, wife of Frank Clark.
[Feb.] 5. Mary C., 60, wife of Terrence Owen.
[Feb.] 7. In Sienna, Italy, Margaret, 16, daughter of Ralph Cross and Margaret (Atherton) Johnson, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 9. Mrs. Lucinda Paul, 71.
[Feb.] 12. Capt. James Gilmore, 81, son of John Gilmore, 2d, one of the early settlers.
[Feb.] 12. Sadie Ellis, 35.
[Feb.] 12. In Montville, George D. Palmer, 69, formerly a resident of Belfast. He was mate of the bark W. O. Alden, on her voyage to California, in 1849.
[Feb.] __. In Almeda, Cal., Harriet M., 76, widow of the late John Wiggin, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 14. Sarah W., 83, widow of the late George McDonald. She was a daughter of William Hutchings, of Penobscot, who died in 1866, aged 101, being the last Revolutionary Pensioner in New England. She had resided in Belfast more than sixty years, and was mother of ten children, all of whom but one survived her.
[Feb.] 15. In Bangor, Capt. Alpheus Taft Palmer, 69, a soldier in the Mexican War, and at one time a resident of Belfast.
[Feb.] 15. At New Brighton, Sailor's Snug Harbor, N. Y., Capt. J. D. Hinds, 79, formerly of Belfast.
[Feb.] 18. In Northport, Eldora A. Dickey, 40.
[Feb.] 23. In Boston, Abbie Eliza, 37, wife of P. W. Bagley, of Belfast. She was a daughter of the late Simeon A. Larrabee.
[Feb.] 23. In Newport, R. I., Foster E. Stevens, 11.

Mar. 4. In Oakland, Cal., Lemuel H. Guptill, 53, formerly a resident of Belfast.
[Mar.] 5. Karl Hansen, 28.
[Mar.] 5. In San Francisco, Dr. Calvin Moore, 66, a native of Limerick, and a dentist in Belfast from 1852 to 1871. (See chap. xxii, on Physicians.)
[Mar.] 9. Augusta Jane, 55, wife of Asa Abbott Howes, and daughter of the late Dr. Richard Moody.
[Mar.] 14. Eliza A. Giles, 75.
[Mar.] 19. Nettie B., 51, wife of John A. Briggs.
[Mar.] 20. Mrs. Susan B. Boyd, about 58.
[Mar.] 23. In West Auburn, Curtis B. Merrill, 79, formerly of Belfast. He went to California, in the bark Suliote, in 1849.
[Mar.] 24. Allen F. Hartshorn, infant.
[Mar.] 29. Mrs. Susan J. McKenney, 56.
[Mar.] 31. James Kellar, about 70.

Apr. 3. In Lynn, Mass., Miss Caroline A. Wadlin, 60, formerly of Belfast.

[p. 447]
Apr. 4. Mary, 82, widow of the late Daniel Howard, and daughter of the late Hon. William Crosby.
[Apr.] 5. Nellie E. Callinan, 14.
[Apr.] 5. In Pittsfield, George H., 3, son of the late Rev. Theodore Murphy.
[Apr.] 8. Joshua B. Trussell, 69.
[Apr.] 10. Frank Haugh, 38. (See Accidents.)
[Apr.] 17. Capt. Nathaniel Teague, 84, a native of Salem, Mass.
[Apr.] 17. In Washington, D. C., Charles H. Miller, 71, of Salem, son of the late Samuel W. Miller, and formerly a trader in Belfast.
[Apr.] 28. Capt. William Otis Alden, 79, a successful shipmaster. He was a son of the late Apollos Alden, and died in the house where he was born. In December, 1849, he sailed in a new bark bearing his name, for California, with a large passenger list.

May 3. Susan, 77, wife of Robert Patterson.
[May] 7. In Bath, Rev. Caleb Fuller, 84, in Augusta. He was pastor of the Methodist Church in Belfast in 1830.
[May] 10. In Stockton Springs, Betsey Emery, 73, wife of Joseph Baker Frye. She was a daughter of Robert Emery, of Bath, who died when she was a child. Her family came to Belfast soon after, and she resided here until about 1860.
[May] 10. James Haney, 23, foreman in the "Age" office.
[May] 10. Maria Robbins, 67.
[May] 13. Joseph Eldorus Mayo, 36.
[May] 21. In North Weymouth, Mass., Harold M., 5, son of Clarence G. Trussell, formerly of Belfast.
[May] 25. Harvey H. Smalley, Jr., 23.
[May] 25. Mrs. Mercy Hart, 84.
[May] 26. Nancy Patterson, 80.

June 1. Lucinda P., 62, widow of the late W. H. Cunningham.
[June] 1. Eliza V., 70, widow of the late Nathan French, and a native of Montville.
[June] 2. Robert Bray, 80.
[June] 12. Barbara A. Dunbar, 72.
[June] 13. William Gerald, 76.
[June] 15. Alfred Staples, 79.
[June] 17. Mrs. Margaret Smart, 81.
[June] 21. Mary, 49, wife of Thomas Harrison.
[June] 22. Mrs. Maria A. Blanchard, 60.
[June] 23. Cynthia E. (Johnson), 36, wife of Charles Russ.
[June] 23. In San Francisco, Cal., Emma, wife of Dr. Clarence Davis, formerly of Belfast. She was born in Augusta.
[June] 25. In Mt. Desert, Winfield C. Dyer, 24.
[June] 25. Mary Ella, 25, daughter of William Fleming.

July 5. Miss Hattie A., 21, daughter of the late Capt. Mark Welch.
[July] 6. At sea, Capt. Thomas K. Clark, 62, of Frankfort. He was born in Belfast, being the son of the late Capt. Isaac Clark.

[p. 448]
July 8. David Peirce, 77, son of the late David Peirce. He was for many years a trader and ship-builder, in which industries he acquired a competence. He was a firm believer in spiritualism, and séances were frequently held at his residence.
[July] 9. In Searsmont, Ruth, 65, wife of George Dyer, and daughter of the late Capt. Isaac Boardman, of Belfast.
[July] 11. William B. Hawes, 74.
[July] 19. In Rockland, Frank Johnson, 77, son of the late Daniel Johnson, and a former resident of Belfast.
[July] 26. Williette S., 31, wife of Leonard L. Gentner.
[July] 27. Col. Richard Chenery, 73, a native of Montague, Mass., and a resident of Belfast for about eleven years. Colonel Chenery's education was received from academic and private schools in Amherst, Greenfield, and Northfield, Mass., after which he resided three years in New York City, then seven years in Wisconsin, and four years in Northampton, Mass. Later he went to California and in 1879 came to Belfast, where he remained until his death in 1890. He married (1) in Sunderland, Mass., 15 August, 1839, Sarah Annis Peck, who was born in Milford, Mass., 29 August, 1819, and died in San Francisco, Cal., 23 November, 1864. She was the daughter of Dr. Gustavus D. Peck and his wife, Sally P. Peck, of Milford, Mass. He was among the earliest to go to California, reaching there in August, 1849, and remained a citizen of that State for more than thirty years, during which time he was prominent in many ways. He was one of the originators and first president of the California Steam Navigation Company, and was interested in incorporating and building some of the earliest railroads. In 1856, during the transition stage of San Francisco and the State of California, he was much interested in the formation and handling of the Vigilance Committee. It was his work there, which did so much towards purifying the condition of the State in taking its government from the hands of the rougher element and placing it in those of the better class, that earned him the title of Colonel. He was later elected to the State Legislature at a time when it was important that good men should frame the laws of the new and rapidly growing State. He was one of the mounted guard of personal friends that escorted President Lincoln to the Capitol for his first inaugural oath, and later, under President Lincoln's administration, he was appointed to the position of Navy Agent at San Francisco, disbursing millions of dollars for the Government. His later years were spent in Belfast, of which place he became a resident in 1879. He evinced there the same generous public spirit which had distinguished his career in San Francisco, and it was largely through his efforts that the city of Belfast first established its waterworks

[p. 449]
system, and that the Crosby Inn was built. Though the latter part of his life only was passed in Belfast, he displayed marked energy in our local enterprises, and won the esteem and respect of the entire community. Shortly before moving to the East, he married (2) Anne Maria (Crosby) Johnson, widow of Alfred Waldo Johnson, of Belfast, 18 May, 1873. She was the daughter of Hon. William George Crosby, the last Whig Governor of Maine, and Ann Maria Crosby. She was born 2 July, 1832. Horace Chenery, Esq., of Belfast and Boston, is their son and only child.
July 27. William R. Cottrell, 37.
[July] 29. Alexander H. Maddocks, 69.

Aug. 1. Frank R. Gray, 32, a native of Waldoboro.
[Aug.] 2. Gertie, infant daughter of Lindley E. Morrill.
[Aug.] 3. Caroline C., 74, widow of the late William B. Hawes.
[Aug.] 4. Benjamin S., 30, son of Sidney Kalish.
[Aug.] 5. Mary E. Staples, 24.
[Aug.] 7. In Searsport, Frances, 51, wife of H. N. Edwards, and daughter of George Woods, of Belfast.
[Aug.] 7. Frederick Bachelder, 39.
[Aug.] 12. Miss Hattie A. Brier, 48, of Belfast.
[Aug.] 18. Mrs. Rosanna Campion, 80.
[Aug.] 28. George O. White, 48.

Sept. 3. Fred M., 25, oldest son of Dana Boardman Southworth.
[Sept.] 10. Etta J. Baker, infant.
[Sept.] 10. Stella A. Jewett, 20.
[Sept.] 17. In Waltham, Mass., Alida M. Sargent, about 28, wife of Fred G. Cox. She was born in Searsport.
[Sept.] 21. Samuel Norton, 78. He was born in Montville, afterwards lived in Palermo, and came to Belfast in 1872. He represented Palermo in the Legislature of 1865; was nineteenth years Deputy Sheriff, and four years Sheriff, of Waldo County.
[Sept.] 23. Lucy A. (Nash), 56, wife of George E. Wight, and daughter of Clinton Nash, of Belfast.
[Sept.] 23. In San Francisco, Cal., Dr. Clarence W., 35, son of the late Marshall Davis, of Belfast.
[Sept.] 28. In Somerville, Cal., Mrs. Abbie McCloy, about 44, formerly of Belfast. She was a daughter of John B. Redman.
[Sept.] 29. In Roxbury, Mass., Miss Grace A., daughter of John Wilson.
[Sept.] 30. Emily M. White, infant.

Oct. 3. In Rockland, Willie E., 11, only son of the late Hon. William Henry Fogler, recently of Belfast.
[Oct.] 9. Joseph R. James, 1.
[Oct.] 12. In Oakland, Cal., Jane K., 66, widow of the late Valentine R. Lancaster, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 13. In Lynn, Mass., Eliza A., about 40, wife of V. K. Jones, and daughter of the late Vinal Mayhew, of Belfast.

[p. 450]
Oct. 13. Martha J., 91, widow of the late Isaac J. Smalley, and a native of Boothbay.
[Oct.] 14. Emma Lena, 27, wife of Charles Woodbury Frederick, and daughter of the late David Peirce.
[Oct.] 14. George A. Hutchins, 40.
[Oct.] 16. Mrs. A. Emma Wentworth, 36.
[Oct.] 19. George Gilmore, 71.
[Oct.] 19. In Bradford, Vt., Mrs. Clara M. (Brier) Tasker, 34, formerly of Belfast.
[Oct.] 23. Infant son of Rev. Rollin Thurman Hack.
[Oct.] 25. Asa McIntosh, 36.
[Oct.] 28. Castanus M. Smalley, 47.
[Oct.] 31. Nancy M. Guptill, 43.

Nov. 1. Capt. Benjamin W. Conant, 68, a native of Appleton, and for many years a shipmaster.
[Nov.] 1. Addison Brown, 42.
[Nov.] 5. George Burke, 55.
[Nov.] 14. Capt. Doane Pattershall, 80, a native of Chatham, Mass., for many years a packet-master, and since 1850 trader at the Upper Bridge.
[Nov.] 17. Miss Fannie Wilson, 37, of Freedom.
[Nov.] 20. William H. Knowlton, 73. During the Civil War, he was a member of Company G, Thirtieth Maine Regiment.
[Nov.] 21. In Bangor, Miss Anna S., daughter of the late Isaac A. Murch, of Belfast.
[Nov.] 22. In Rockland, Gen. John D. Rust, 67. He was a son of the late William Rust, and formerly a resident of Belfast. He organized Company H, Eighth Maine Regiment, during the Rebellion, and was promoted to Colonel, and brevetted brigadier-general.
[Nov.] 29. In Brooklyn, N. Y., Capt. Henry McGilvery, 74. He was born in Stockton Springs, was master of large ships for many years, and in 1865, commenced ship-building in Belfast.
[Nov.] 30. Mary E., 63, wife of Alfred Rowe.

Dec. 4. In Verona, Susan W., 82, widow of the late Joab Herrick, of Belfast.
[Dec.] 8. Capt. Frederick Wording, 75, a retired shipmaster. In 1839, a schooner which he commanded was driven ashore on land of Daniel Webster, in Marshfield, Mass., where she remained all winter, when she was gotten off. The great expounder sportively said he should have to charge pasturage.
[Dec.] 14. In Lynn, Mass., Sarah Witham, 79, of Belfast.
[Dec.] 16. Charles B. Farrar, 72, a native of Searsmont.
[Dec.] 20. Edmund Wallace, a native of Raymond, N. H., and formerly a resident of Jackson.
[Dec.] 24. In Chelsea, Mass., John F. Wilson, 59, formerly of Belfast. During the Civil War he was an officer in the Navy.