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Leeds Marriage Intentions, 1826-1850

Source: J. C. Stinchfield, History of the town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine (Lewiston, Me.: Press of Lewiston Journal Co., 1901).

[p. 332]

Luther Ramsdell and Achsah Pratt, March.
Jonathan Bartlett of Montville and Fanny Leadbetter, January.
Addison Martin of Guilford and Lydia Otis, January.
Luther Robbins and Susan A. Lothrop, December.
Allen Wing and Julia Ann Chandler of Monmouth, January.
Alvin Leavitt of Turner and Susan Deane, April.
Joshua P. Lamont of Bath and Betsey L. Mitchell, May.
Isaac Pratt and Abigail Parcher of Chesterville, April.
Elisha H. Sampson and Sylvia Gurney of Winthrop, September.
Sullivan Lothrop and Susan Bigelow of Bluefield, June.
Abial Bishop and Dorcas Lindsey, July.
Daniel Parcher and Clarissa Berry, July.
William Fish, Jr., and Lydia Reed, August.
Walter Foss and Dorcas Morrison of Wayne, August.
Benjamin Woodman and Joanna Leadbetter, August.
Amos Berry and Mary Curtis, August.
Morgan Brewster and Hannah Robinson of Greene, September.
Ammi Smith of Greene and Cyrene Bisbee, September.
Josiah Moulton and Lorinda Lane, September.
Henry A. Gilbert and Christiana Alden of Greene, October.
Jacob Sampson and Ruth Collins of Litchfield, October.
Ephraim Maxim of Wayne and Mrs. Susan Howard, November.
Stillman Moulton and Harriet Townsend of Minot, December.

Abram Wheeler and Mahala Mitchell of Vienna, February.
Joseph Mitchell, Jr., and Hannah Robb of Bath, January.
Dodivah Harmond of Livermore and Phebe Harmond, February.

[p. 333]
Hazel Rose of Greene and Betsey P. Turner, February.
Lincoln Curtis and Polly Perry, March.
Lorenzo Sylvester and Sarah Leavitt of Turner, March.
Ruel Foster and Polly Lothrop, June.
Joseph Metcalf of Hollis and Betsey Gould, October.
Ezekiel Bates and Sobrina Bates, May.
William Pettingill, Jr., and Eunice Day, May.
Ansel Turner and Lorana Francis, November.
Amasa W. Hall of Livermore and Jerusha Pratt, June.
Rufus Ramsdell and Olive Bailey of Greene, October.
Myrick Welch and Fanny Freeman, September.
Joshua House and Mrs. Lydia Bishop, November.
Ammi Woodman and Hannah Lane of Fayette, December.
David Wheeler, Jr., and Betsey Mitchell of Vienna [no date given].

James Keenan of Monmouth and Lovina Howe, March.
Charles Haws of Monmouth and Roxanna Turner, June.
Greenfield Rose of Greene and Roxanna Southard [no date given].
Rowland B. Howard and Eliza Otis, February.
Warren Howard and Mrs. Rhoda Howard, February.
William B. Davis and Weltha Dyer [no date given].
Davis Lane and Harriet Hayward of Readfield, April.
Benjamin Richmond of Greene and Mary Bailey, March.
Alpheus Lane of Wayne and Betsey Stinchfield [no date given].
Joseph Graves of Sebec and Anna Collier, May.
Joseph Frost and Mary Carver [no date given].
Joseph Mitchell and Hannah Foster of Topsham, May.
Joseph Scammon of Sangerville and Mrs. Esther Foss, June.
Jonas P. Lee and Anna Otis, July.
Neazer Daily, Jr., of Livermore and Sally Pratt, July.
John Gould, 2d, and Mrs. Ann Foss [no date given].
Nathaniel Daggett and Desire Fish, September.
James Bishop and Jane Howe [no date given].
Jesse Wadsworth of Livermore and Phebe Additon, September.
George Gould and Hannah Lothrop.

Isaac D. Drake of Minot and Sally Woodman, January.
Columbus Jennings and Mary Sumner of Greene, January.
Dr. Cyrus Knapp of Winthrop and Susan C. Francis, January.
Ezra W. Fish and Sarah Mason, January.
Daniel Crossman of Greene and Mrs. Nancy Dennison, February.
Nelson Gilbert and Rebecca Sampson, April.

[p. 334]
Isaiah Beals and Lucy Bailey, October.
Ezra Berry and Rachel Nichols, June.
John Higgins of Starks and Rachel Foss, June.
Archibald Leavitt of Turner and Polly Deane, May.
Azel Woodman and Sarah Ann Merrill of Minot, June.
David Sturtivant and Betsey Burnham [no date given].
Seth Fish and Rosilla Leadbetter [no date given].
Howard Lindsey and Caroline Lindsey, October.
Daniel Robbins, Jr., and Mercy Mason [no date given].
Calvin Fish and Cynthia Fish, November.
Amos Thoms, Jr., of Standish and Betsey Boothby, November.
Levi Dunham and Hannah Mitchell, December.
Lewis Soule and Mary Roberts of Wayne, December.
Amos Phillips and Naomi Brown, December.

Silas Coburn of Greene and Drusilla Caswell, January.
Salmon Cary and Ann Turner, March.
Isaac Boothby, Jr., and Jane Graves, April.
Benjamin Franklin Howard and Philena Gould [no date given].
Hirah Fish and Olive Leach, June.
Isaac Jennings and Lucy Stevens of Greene, June.
Eleazer Carver and Persis Lindsey, July.
Arunta Wheeler and Sally Berry of Vienna [no date given].
Edward Lucas of Dexter and Betsey Beals, October.
Job Caswell and Elvira Sprague of Greene [no date given].

Allen Freeman and Jane Leadbetter of Greene, February.
Seth Millett and Almira Foss [no date given].
Wheaton Bates and Lydia S. Bates, February.
Robert Elms and Mary Bailey of Greene, February.
Ebenezer Cobb of Livermore and Isabella Millett, March.
Samuel Boothby and Sally Leadbetter, April.
Isaac Leadbetter and Almira Sampson, April.
Ebenezer Wheeler and Agnes Beals of Scarborough [no date given].
John Stanley of Winthrop and Allura Foss [no date given].
Jacob Wheeler and Cordelia Day, June.
Francis George and Freelove Howe, July 4.
Spencer Trask and Hannah Carpenter [no date given].
William H. Jones of Bridgton and Mary Sampson, September.
Daniel Hinkley and Mehitable Sumner, September.
Alexander Day and Nancy Maloon, September.
Cyrus Leavitt, Jr., [of] Turner and Saphrona Sylvester, September.

[p. 335]
Jarvus Frizel of Wayne and Eunice Robbins [no date given].
Charles Gott of Wayne and Jane Foss, October.
Franklin B. Leonard and Almira Benson of Bridgewater, Mass., October.
Daniel Irish of Buckfield and Hannah Foster [no date given].
Sullivan Lothrop and Abigail V. Jennings [no date given].

Oscar D. Turner and Rosilla A. Howard, January.
Micajah Dunham and Salome Lincoln, February.
William Turner and Elvira Bradford of Turner, March.
Abiel D. Morton and Eliza B. Davis of Sidney, March.
Jeremiah Curtis and Christina Berry, March.
Daniel Randall of Fayette and Eliza Ann Burgess [no date given].
Charles Elms and Nancy Mower of Greene, March.
Dr. Horace A. Barrows and Irene Bearce of Hebron, March.
George W. George and Mary Ann Gilbert, March.
Uriah Foss and Mary Leadbetter, March.
Elliot S. Lamb and Julia Ann Stanley [no date given].
John A. True of Livermore and Martha Parcher, June.
George Lothrop and Mrs. Ruby Blaisdell, July.
Ansel Turner and Matilda Francis, August.
George Beals and Almira Luce of New Vineyard, September.
Peltiah Knapp and Mary Rann of Livermore, August.
Levi Key of Greene and Sally Morse, October.
Rufus Ramsdell and Hannah Draper of Livermore, December.
Samuel Erskine of Bristol and Mary Cushman, December.
John L. Hoit of Monmouth and Sarah K. Fales, December.
James Lamb and Olive Jennings, December.
Stillman L. Howard and Julia Ann Turner, March.

Sans Bailey and Nancy Mayhew of Foxcroft, January.
Marcus Caswell and Anna K. Sampson, February.
Seth Millett and Eliza Leadbetter, February.
Thomas Day of Westley and Sobrina Leathers [no date given].
William P. Millett and Charlotte Lamb, March.
James W. L. Mitchell and Rebecca D. Foster [no date given].
Samuel Francis and Sally True of Livermore [no date given].
Elias Lane and Mrs. Abi Brown, June.
Daniel L. Jones of Brighton and Semyntha Lane [no date given].
Anson Gott and Eunice Merrill of Livermore, July.
Welcome Beals of Turner and Octavia Gould, August.
Joseph Elms and Rebecca Leathers, August.

[p. 336]
Joshua S. Turner and Betsey Lothrop, September.
John Fabian, Jr., and Julia M. Jackson, October.
Cypren S. Howe and Mary B. Graffam [no date given].
Giddings Lane and Cassandra Benson of Bridgewater, Mass., November.
George K. Stinchfield and Jane Libby, December.
Warren Foster and Arvilla Gilbert, December.
Alonzo Sylvester and Rhoda W. Caswell of Turner, December.
Ebenezer True of Turner and Olive Parcher, December.
Almond Curtis and Charlotte Mitchell, [of] Vienna, December.
William Irish of Sumner and Aurelia Foster, February.

Ira Sampson and Patience Fish, February.
Calvin Briggs of Greene and Lydia Pettingill, March.
Wheaton Bates and Eleanor Elms, February.
Barnabas Howard, Jr., and Eunice Gould [no date given].
Jonathan Jewell of Bangor and Susan Lane, May.
Foster D. Wentworth and Aurelia Rose, June.
Phillips Turner and Mary L. Howard, July.
John Berry of Vienna and Rebecca Wheeler, September.
Isaac Stinchfield and Abigail Knapp, September.
Moses Harris of Greene and Joanna Coffin, September.
John Berry of Greene and Sarah Ramsdell, October.
Calvin Lane and Dulcena Lothrop, November.
William A. Gould and Mary Jane Elden of Buxton, October.
Charles Berry and Eunice Libby, November.
Caleb R. Sumner and Sophia Curtis, December.
Seth Rose and Caroline Rose, December.

Christopher G. Foss of Bangor and Olive Lothrop, January.
Moses Basford of Livermore and Lydia S. Lothrop, January.
George Lothrop and Huldah A. Gilmore, March.
Amos Thoms and Phebe Lamb of Standish, March.
George Harmon and Jedida Foss, May.
Peleg B. Caswell and Mary Q. Robbins of Greene, May.
Ebenezer Hodgdon of Turner and Mrs. Desire Daggett, August.
Jeremiah Mountford of Monmouth and Deborah Shaw [no date given].
William Boothby and Caroline Pinkham of Wayne [no date given].
Dodivah Ham of Monmouth and Ann H. Turner, October.
Abiah Day and Gracia L. Curtis, August.
Lewis P. True of Bangor and Jemima L. Foss, August.
Josiah Skillin of Albion and Orilla Sylvester [no date given].

[p. 337]
Joshua Millett and Sophronia Howard of Bridgewater, Mass [no date given].
Alexander Erskine, Jr., of Bristol and Adaline Cushman, October.
Joseph Bates and Lovina Cannon [no date given].
Jonathan Thompson of Monmouth and Louisa C. Turner, October.
Cyrus B. Felch of Lisbon and Melvina J. Turner, November.
Freemon Coburn of Greene and Hannah T. Sumner, November.
William G. Turner and Ann C. Robb, November.
David H. Millett of Turner and Levana True, December.
Francis D. Millett and Elethere True, December.

Sanford Gilbert and Adeline Day, January.
Joshua Fabyens and Mary Ham of Monmouth, January.
Francis George and Tabitha Besse of Wayne, January.
Ralph Ames of Canton and Elizabeth Phelps, January.
Jethro Sprague of Phippsburg and Mrs. Hannah Leathers, February.
Veranus Lothrop and Esther Lane, March.
Benjamin R. Deane and Betsey Alden of Turner, August.
Francis L. Safford of Turner and Polly F. Millett, September.
Noah P. Durrell and Lieurana Rose [no date given].
James Clark of Wales and Irena Pettingill, December.
William C. Gordon and Diana Smith of Livermore, December.
Daniel B. Larrabee and Sophrona Larrabee of Parkman, November.
Benjamin Dunham and Lucinda Day.

Warren Fish and Irena Andrews of Turner, February.
Enoch Fish and Eliza Kimball of Turner, Feb. 12.
Dennis R. Gilbert and Mehitable Foster, April.
Reed B. Wheeler and Sally B. Parcher, April 8.
Amos Bishop and Eliza Ann Burgess, April.
Elisha D. Gould and Susan E. Gould, July 4.
Abner Burnham and Rhoda Holloway, July.
Alvin Foss and Cornelia B. Howard, July 30.
John L. Perry of Turner and Almedia Sampson, August.
Seth Rose, Jr., and Anna Brown, August.
Ebenezer Mason and Mrs. Hannah Norris of Livermore, Aug. 26.
Enos Brown and Clarissa Augusta Gilbert of Turner [no date given].

[p. 338]
Joseph Turner and Mrs. Esther Scammon of Bloomfield, Oct. 23.
William Ham of Monmouth and Polly Turner, October.
Caleb S. Gilbert and Louisa Torsey of Winthrop, November.
Josiah Day, 2d, and Anna Ricker of Greene, November.
Job D. Shepherd of Fairfield and Ann Wing [no date given].
Seth Millett and Lucy S. Cobb, November.

William G. Turner and Mary S. Loring, Jan. 14.
William P. Millett and Augusta Rose, Jan. 14.
Henry A. Torsey of Winthrop and Judith B. Day, Feb. 3.
John Merrill of Durham and Rachel M. Morse, Jan. 21.
Orlando F. D. Blake of Monmouth and Mary Pettingill, Feb. 6.
David S. Hardy of Wilton and Susan B. Daggett, Feb. 5.
William Moulton and Mrs. Betsey Walker of Wilton, March 10.
David Basford and Elizabeth Coffin, March 19.
Ebenezer Mann, Jr., and Lucitta Keen of Greene, March 26.
Harrison Gould and Nancy Lane, March 26.
Edward T. Gilbert and Deborah Turner, April 2.
Leonard Foster and Risilla A. Williams of Turner, April 18.
Samuel Leadbetter, Jr., and Calista Knapp, May 6.
Loring Foss and Jane Gott of Wayne, May 6.
Charles Gordon and Florinda Churchill of Monmouth, May 14.
Francis Millett and Sarah E. Noyes of Abington, Mass., June 24.
Horace Gould of Winthrop and Susan Lane, June 6.
Peltiah Libby and Betsey Carver, June 17.
Thomas Day and Mary P. Hilman, Aug. 29.
Jason Carver and Mary Libby, Sept. 2.
Charles Walton of Chesterville and Rosannah Leadbetter, Nov. 10.
Stephen W. Sylvester of Greene and Hannah Leadbetter, Nov. 14.
Isaac Plummer of Wales and Lois Freeman, Dec. 27.

James Stinchfield, Jr., and Clarissa S. Gould, Jan. 20.
John F. Gilmore and Betsy Cushman, Feb. 25.
Harrison Piper of Portland and Cynthia Turner, March 17.
Stephen Boothby and Hannah H. Page of Belgrade, March 18.
Rev. Wilson C. Rider and Catherine Millett, May 20.

[p. 339]
John R. Yale and Almeda Owen, June 15.
John S. Loring and Lydia Turner, Aug. 18.
John Gould and Mrs. Charlotte Swift of Milton, Mass., Sept. 16.
Stephen Libby and Mary Ann Stinchfield, Sept. 29.
James L. House and Esther Lovejoy of Fayette, Sept. 21.
Leonard M. Fish and Catherine Gray of Embden, Dec. 14.
Eleazer Carver, 3d, and Sarah A. Gray of Embden, Dec. 14.
Matthias Hanscom of Monmouth and Florenia Keen, Dec. 16.
George W. George and Clarissa Leighton of Hartford, Dec. 14.
Isaac Cushman and Dorcas H. Loring of Pownal, Dec. 23.

Lloyd Gould and Lydia Arvilia Howard, Feb. 14.
Peter Lane, Jr., and Lucretia P. Howard, Jan. 28.
Barnabas Davee and Alice Stinchfield, Feb. 10.
George Curtis and Nancy E. Rowe of New Gloucester, Feb. 10.
Russell Lamb and Aphia Gould, March 2.
Ruggles Sylvester and Harriet N. Howard, March 2.
Lemuel H. Cumner and Olive C. Knapp, March 22.
William H. Foster and Harriet L. Curtis, March 21.
Solomon L. Lothrop and Hannah Turner, April 20.
Zenas Rogers of Hanover, Mass., and Ruth C. Sumner, Aug. 16.
Amasa H. Phillips and Susan Morse of Livermore, Sept. 12.
Jesse Mitchell and Alvira Knapp, Sept. 12.
Samuel Briggs of Minot and Drusilla L. Turner, Aug. 27.
Greenwood C. Gordon and Hannah Stinchfield, Sept. 4.
James B. Willey and Clarissa Lamb, Sept. 23.
William Carver, Jr., and Celia Cobb of Turner, Sept. 26.
James Jones of Turner and Almedia Owen, Oct. 24.
Beniah Taylor of Farmington and Sarah Foss, Dec. 20.

Elbridge G. Rose of Greene and Almedia Jane Brown, Jan. 18.
Obadiah Millett and Eliza Safford of Turner, March 1.
Nathan Timberlake of Livermore and Adelia Millett, March 15.
Josiah Moulton and Sarah Brown of Mercer, May 1.
Daniel Foss and Nancy F. Moulton of Wayne, May 10.
Bradbury Sylvester and Lydia A. Bean of Wayne, May 10.
Ebenezer Cushman of Paris and Celia Sampson, Aug. 13.
Loren Parcher and Hannah G. Hunton of Livermore, July 25.
Wilson Gilbert and Catharine Day, Nov. 1.

[p. 340]
Uriah Libby and Betsey Hallowell, Nov. 25.
Samuel P. True and Ruth Carver, Nov. 26.
John S. Loring and Joanna Wing, Nov. 30.

George Whitney and Phœbe Jennings, Jan. 1.
Melvin Berry and Amanda F. Turner, March 7.
Levi Foss and Emeline Leadbetter, April 9.
Elias L. Lothrop and Jane L. Morse, April 24.
Alson Lothrop of Jay and Orissa Lothrop, June 12.
Zopher D. Ramdsell and Almeda Alden, July 3.
James Coffin, Jr., and Nancy Bradford of Farmington, Aug. 7.
Warren Mower of Greene and Louisa Jane Gilmore, Sept. 4.
James G. Lindsey and Ann Graffam, Sept. 11.
Stephen Safford of Turner and Lydia Millett, Sept. 25.
Charles Gott and Annie Wood of Norridgewock, Oct. 9.
Reuben H. Webster and Rozilla H. Morse, Oct. 16.
David L. Page of Belgrade and Aurelia Parcher, Oct. 16.
Samuel Boothby of Livermore and Fanny G. Foss, Oct. 23.
Egbert Griswold and Eliza H. Wentworth of Webster, Oct. 30.
John Keen of Turner and Lydia P. L. Mitchell, Nov. 9.
Peltiah Gould, Jr., and Rossa H. Leadbetter of Wayne, Nov. 20.
Washington Hanscome of Monmouth and Betsey E. Day, Nov. 29.
John Dunham of Wales and Sarah Arno, Dec. 5.
John N. Gilbert and Silence H. Keen, Dec. 12.
Arvida B. Pettingill and Alvira Ann Sumner, Dec. 18.

Alpheus Foss and Abigail J. Hall of Boston, Mass., Jan. 22.
Alvin Lane and Mrs. Hannah L. Dunham, Jan. 29.
Nathaniel Moulton of New Bedford, Mass., and Elvira J. Deane, March 19.
Alanson W. Daggett and Ruth B. Taylor, March 19.
Elbridge G. Knowlton of Nobleborough and Mary Ann Carver, April 8.
Joseph R. Gilbert and Mary Ann Crummett, April 30.
Rev. Samuel H. Leighton and Fidelia Williams of Easton, Mass., April 30.
Samuel Fuller, Jr., of Livermore and Louisa Carver, April 23.
Melvin H. Carver and Phebe C. Drake of Lowell, Mass., June 4.
Thaddeus R. Foss of Winthrop and Clarissa J. Sturtivant, June 4.

[p. 341]
John Pettingill and Maria Arno, June 25.
Ebenezer Stinchfield, Jr., and Hannah Lincoln, Aug. 27.
Niah Hinkley of Lisbon and Clarissa Day, Oct. 21.
Aranda Gilbert and Diana T. Wing, Nov. 12.
Thomas S. Carver and Elizabeth Nichols, Nov. 25.
John Millett and Mrs. Betsey Daily of Livermore, Dec. 31.
Atwood B. Bumpus of Hebron and Betsey F. Millett, Dec. 13.

Archibald L. Knapp and Jane White of Dixfield, Feb. 20.
Loring Foster and Ellen Crummett of Lowell, Mass., April 9.
Ormand T. Wing and Octavia Ann Brewster, April 13.
Stephen R. Deane and Alvira Pratt, April 28.
Phillips Pettingill and Mrs. Joan Harris, May 18.
Joseph Frost and Florentine Rose, June 9.
William H. Hallowell and Eliza Ann Fish, July 21.
Major John Carver and Mrs. Martha Smith, July 21.
Daniel Moulton of Chesterville and Mary Day, Aug. 11.
Jonathan Sturgis of Vassalboro and Mrs. Polly Foss, Aug. 11.
John Coffin and Lois Townsend of Auburn, Sept. 3.
Joseph R. Curtis and Louisa J. Sumner, Sept. 15.

Cyrenus Pettingill and Amy Bates, Jan. 10.
Daniel Moulton and Mary Day, March 31.
Jason Pettingill and Lucetta Gordon of Wayne, March 31.
Aruna Beals and Mary Coffin, April 20.
Benjamin Grant, Jr., and Columbia Phillips, April 20.
Jeremiah Day, Jr., and Betsey Libby, June 15.
Nathan Coffin and Aurelia Gott of Wayne, Sept. 14.
Moses Marshall of Fayette and Hannah Amanda Foster, Sept. 29.
Bemis Lamb and Eunice F. Lane, Oct. 19.
Asa Libby and Joanna D. Fish, Nov. 16.
Charles B. Collier and Clara Mitchell, Nov. 16.
Oliver Fabyan and Susan Tucker of Conway, N. H., Nov. 25.
Leonard Quimby of Turner and Dorcas L. Turner, Dec. 7.
Samuel M. Parcher and Ann B. Day, Dec. 21.
Charles A. Thomes and Abigail C. Mitchell of Lowell, Mass., Dec. 28.
Amos Thomes and Rosalinda Sylvester, Dec. 28.

George W. Treat of Canton and Bethia Carver, Jan. 24.
Joseph M. Niles of Lisbon and Nancy Trask, Feb. 1.
James Peare of Turner and Betsey F. Cole, Feb. 15.

[p. 342]
Gustavus Gilbert and Hannah L. Ballou of Turner, March 8.
Levi C. Littlefield of Turner and Sarah H. Grant, April 5.
Josiah Day, Esq., and Mrs. Judith Dwinal, May 12.
Leonard Rose and Mrs. Eliza Turner, May 16.
Morgan Brewster, Jr., and Susan Robinson of Greene, Sept. 20.
Samuel Crummett and Mrs. Melinda Jordan of Monmouth, Sept. 27.
Isaac Howe and Roxanna Fish, Oct. 4.
James D. Gilbert, Jr., of Turner and Adeline Curtis, Nov. 11.
Luther B. Gilbert of Greene and Penelope Rose, Nov. 1.
William G. Knapp and Cynthia Ripley, Nov. 8.
Josiah F. Bradbury of Auburn and Mrs. Druzilla L. Berry, Nov. 22.
Davis F. Lothrop and Caroline S. Morse, Nov. 22.

Benjamin R. Woodsom and Pamelia W. Leadbetter, Jan. 17.
Isaac S. Daly of Livermore and Augusta Carver, Jan. 17.
Daniel Crossman, Jr., of Greene and Harriet Amanda Gilbert, Feb. 7.
Greenlief N. Keen and Angeline Andrews of Minot, March 8.
Samuel Richards and Parutha Henderson, April 4.
Nicholar Loring and Phebe Millett, April 4.
Joseph Ellms and Ann Griffith of Livermore, April 23.
Jonas H. Torsey of Winthrop and Druzilla Gilbert, May 2.
Everett H. Bridgham and Sally Ann Worthing of China, July 2.
Ormand Carey and Almira Jane Jennings, August 1.
Perez Loring and Nancy Barton of Poland, Aug. 8.
James M. Moulton of Wayne and Novella Lindsey, Aug. 22.
Stephen W. Grant and Columbia Fish, Sept. 19.
John H. Otis and Helen M. Worthing of China, Sept. 26.
Harrison Gould and Sarah Stinchfield, Oct. 11.
Oliver P. Frost and Susan Stevens of Greene, Oct. 17.
Asa Knapp and Mrs. Sarah Thompson of Kingfield, Nov. 28.
Charles Peare of Turner and Martha E. Grant, Dec. 5.

Davis Francis and Rosamond Lane, Jan. 3.
Augustus L. Foss and Caroline E. Lothrop, Jan. 16.
Alphonso P. Richmond of Turner and Roxanna Owen, Feb. 14.
Russell Carver and Elsie Ann Banks of Saco, Feb. 26.
Samuel Hanson of Mount Vernon and Harriet A. Bates, April 2.

[p. 343]
Thomas S. Harlow of Canton and Jannett Carver, May 7.
Charles Jones of Livermore and Elizabeth M. Jones, May 21.
Calvin Campbell of Jay and Jane Carver, May 21.
Andrew Mason of Augusta and Hannah A. More, June 11.
Eliab Sturtevant of Charlestown, Mass., and Lorania Parcher, June 29.
Samuel P. Torsey of Winthrop and Clarissa A. C. Morse, Aug. 19.
Lloyd T. Boothby and Louisa M. Spear of Standish, Oct. 9.
Daniel A. Lane of Manchester, Conn., and Pamelia Jennings, Oct. 9.
Joshua Lothrop and Mary Jane Campbell, Nov. 5.
Elbridge Francis of Turner and Cynthia D. Millett,Dec. 31.
Samuel J. Bonney of Winthrop and Allura L. Larrabee, Dec. 31.
Joshua H. Sumner and Clarinda Ann Maloon, Dec. 31.

Jason P. Fogg of Monmouth and Hannah J. Libby, April 22.
Silas Fish and Susan D. Millett, May 19.
William B. Curtis, 2d, and Augusta W. Sumner, June 19.
Job C. Dennen of Greene and Martha J. Brewster, July 1.
Oakes A. Jennings and Martha M. Stetson of Nobleboro, Aug. 12.
John R. Libby of Monmouth and Evaline Keene, Aug. 19.
Samuel M. Parcher of Winthrop and Clarissa Day, Sept. 30.
Seth Howard and Amanda Additon, Oct. 28.
Ansel Curtis and Minerva L. White, Nov. 11.
Caleb H. Rose and Mary A. Page, Nov. 11.

Phineas Neal of Fayette and Amanda A. Carver, Feb. 17.
Lewis Churchill and Ruth Pettingill, Feb. 17.
John Packard, Jr., of Dover and Elizabeth Knapp, March 3.
Joshua Elder of Lewiston and Araminta Pettingill, Feb. 24.
Cyrus Alden of Auburn and Mrs. Charlotte Lane, March 10.
Abner P. Campbell of Bowdoinham and Olive S. Curtis, March 12.
Nemiah B. Bicknell of Boston, Mass., and Sarah Millett, April 15.
Lucius Andrews of Livermore and Sarah Moulton, April 21.
Ward H. Jennings and Almira Parcher, May 5.
Leonard C. Lothrop and Sarah L. Judkins of Fayette, April 28.
Henry C. Millett and Olive B. Rose, May 5.

[p. 344]
Hartley Gray of Embden and Lovina Fish, July 21.
Charles Owen and Martha A. Adams of Litchfield, Aug. 12.
Azel Burnham and Rosannah Sturtevant, Aug. 12.
Benjamin F. Lane and Harriet Herrick, entered Sept. 8.
Gustavus A. Jennings and Elvira A. Jennings, Sept. 28.
Josiah L. F. Grant and Rebecca Rose, Sept. 29.
John H. Hanscom and Marinda J. Gilbert.