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Leeds Marriage Intentions, 1801-1825

Source: J. C. Stinchfield, History of the town of Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine (Lewiston, Me.: Press of Lewiston Journal Co., 1901).

[p. 323]

Obadiah Turner and Tabitha Dyer, July.
Thomas Lathrop and Cyntha Brett, September.
George Turner and Betsy B. Gilbert, September.
Alpheus Turner and Betsy Creech, November.
Edwin Baily and Ruth Bates of Greene, November.

Ahira Gilbert and Olive Gilbert, April.
James Stinchfield and Hannah Pettingill, June.
Levi Foss and Betsy Millet, September.
Daniel Lane and Ruth Pratt, October.
Jesse Torrey and Sally Morse, December.
Reuben Hanes and Jane Penley of Pejepscot, December.

Jira Fish, Jr., and Eunice Bumpus, September.
Hazerenan Draper and Hannah Pratt, September.
Abner Curtis and Lydia Turner, August.
Sylvanus Atkins and Susannah Mason, September.
Cyrus Sampson and Nabby Wing, September.
Joseph Turner and Deborah Gilbert, July.
William Day and Lucy Sampson, September.
John Row and Sally Stinchfield, October.
Thomas Southard and Anna Welcom, November.

Samuel Hanes and Priscilla Whitting, April.
John Leadbetter and Rachel Foss, July.
David Berry and Deborah Pratt, April 12.
Nathl. Gilbert and Sophia Stubbs, October.
Stephen Webster and Nancy Lowell, November.

Samuel Stubbs and Ruth Bates, April.
Benjamin Gilbert and Lydia Jones, September.
Benjamin Leadbetter and Jennie Collier, November.

[p. 324]
Noah Frost and Sally Harmon, January.
David Atkins of Wayne and Margery Besse, March.
James Gilbert and Hannah Jacobs of Waterville, March.
Jabez Dagget and Mehitabal Drake, March.
Luther Cary of Livermore and Polly Lothrop, March.
Israel Millett and Betsy Harris of Greene, April.
Elijah Gilbert of Turner and Huldah Gilbert, June.
Samuel Leadbetter and Betsey Parcher of Saco, September.
Peter Comings of Greene and Sally Andrews, November.
Seth Burgess and Virtue Dicker of Monmouth, November.

Samuel Burgess of Livermore and Hannah Hammond, January.
Daniel Foss and Eunice Lane, February.
William Smith of Waterville and Rubey Streeter, April.
Henry Moss and Rebecca Bailey of Greene, April.
William A. Day and Betsey Jones, July.
Stillman Howard and Lydia Lothrop, September.
Amasa Dexter of Wayne and Patty Burgess, October.
Stephen Boothby and Susannah Buswell of Winthrop, November.
Ira Lothrop and Sally Leach, November.
Ebenezer Mason and Mercy P. Fish, December.

Massey Sylvester and Lyda Turner, March.
James McNeal and Nabby Hicks, July.
James Getchell of Waterville and Nancy Moss, April.
Constant Southard, Jr., of Fayette and Sally Hicks, May.
Cyrus Foss and Polly Lane, July.
Timothy Foster and Anne Moss, June.
Peter Lane and Grace Turner, June.
Abishai Washburn and Sally Sturdevant, July.
Capt. Daniel Lothrop and Lucy Gilbert, August.
Lewis Turner and Hannah P. Collier, July.
Henry Gilbert and Mehitabel Morse, July.
James Wing and Mary Richmond, October.
Samuel Jennings, Jr., and Phebe Morton, December.
John Wing of Wayne and Mary Burgess, October.
Daniel Lindsay and Jane Gilbert, October.
John Gould and Olive Andrews of Buxton, February.
George Foss and Anne Pettingill of Wayne, November.
John Foster and Priscilla Gilbert, October.

[p. 325]
William Stinchfield and Sally Canwell, November.
Jonathan Gordon of Chesterville and Sarah Pettingill, November.

William Robinson of Lisbon and Keziah Andrews, January.
Caleb Wing and Joanna Gilbert, February.
Nathan Randell and Susanna Creach, March.
Warren Drake and Melinda Lothrop, April.
William Turner, Jr., and Hannah Tibbets, June.
Ebenezer Libby and Sally Foster, June.
Joseph Pettingill and Alice Allen of Greene, July 4.
Thomas Drinkwater of Livermore and Priscilla George, July.
William Brewster and Christiana Briggs of Greene, August.
Nathan Morse and Clarissa Sylvester of Greene, November.
Edwin Adams and Chloe Gilbert, August.
James Torry and Polly Joselin, August.
Joseph Freeman and Anne Judkins, October.
John Mower, Jr., of Greene and Mehitable Andrews, October.
Charles Grandison Gilbert and Martha Day, December.
John Francis and Patience Parcher, November.
Nathan Keith of Winslow and Harry Nesbit [sic], November.
James Foss and Mary McKinney of Scarborough, November.
Thomas Labree and Judith Ham of Greene, December.
Micajah Dudley and Experience Wing, January.

Sylvanus Hammond, Jr., of Wayne and Betsey Curtis, January.
Arbida Briggs of Greene and Olive Brewster, January.
John Richards and Polly Thompson, March.
Naphtali Mason and Molly Jepson, February.
Stephen Hutchinson and Asenath Drew Gilbert, July.
Solomon Lothrop and Sarah Lothrop, July.
Samuel Brown and Sarah Cushman of Turner, June.
Zachariah Parcher and Persis Pratt, July.
Hirah House and Clarissa Streeter, November.
Simeon Gould and Abigail Stuart, August.
Jonathan Morse and Jane Libby of Saco, August.
Philip Libby and Christiana Howe, August.
Codding Drake and Sally Gilbert, November.
Joshua Davis of Winthrop and Betsey Jennings, November.
Amos Woodman and Mary Bradbury of Buxton, November.
Hazaranan Draper of Livermore and Mrs. Ruth Lane, December.
Joshua Lane and Mehitable Brett, December.

[p. 326]
Zebulun Stinchfield and Sally Stuart, January.
Alexander Jennings and Mary Lindsay, January.
Moses Collier and Catherine Taylor, January.
Charles Knap and Catherine Lindsay, February.
Isaac Collier and Mrs. Susannah Dyer, April.
William Carver and Jane Smith, of Greene, September.
William Sprague, Jr., of Greene and Martha Brewster, April.
George Gordon of Wayne and Lydia Pettingill, July.
John Walker and Eliza Snellen of Greene, August.
Thomas Libby and Joanna Turner, November.
Richard Crockett and Polly Gilbert, November.

Peter Robinson and Maria Chambers, colored, January.
James Labree and Hannah Stetson of Greene, February.
Joseph Whitney and Betsey Meanes, March.
Joseph Knapp, Jr., and Deborah Cushman, March.
Josiah Brown of Wayne and Betsy Paul, April.
Abner Brown of Greene and Rachel Murray, May.
Philip Williams of Turner and Sally Jennings, June.
Heber Kimball and Olive Tupper, June.
Amos Murray and Mary Sampson of Greene, May.
Joseph Fellows of Winthrop and Mary Durell, June.
Simeon Gould and Betsey Leadbetter, June.
Epharaim Woodman of Wilton and Sally Otis, July.
John Additon and Hannah Robbins, September.
David Ridley and Polly Gould, September.
Sylvester Jones of Turner and Lydia Sampson, July.
Caleb Wing and Desire Turner, August.
Lebbeus Curtis and Betsey Tibbetts, November.

Allen House and Charity Hammond, of Wayne, February.
Reuel Pettingill and Lydia Briggs of Greene, March.
John Shepard Carey of Paris and Phebe Lane, March.
William Gould and Olive Gould, April.
John Thompson and Polly Ramsdell, June.
James Drew Gilbert of Turner and Rebecca Day, July.
Robert Sampson and Nancy Meanes, December.
James Lindsay and Lydia Lane [no date given].
Simeon Turner and Deborah Libby of Saco, November.
Cyrus Boothby and Charity Chubbock, December.

[p. 327]
Alson Lothrop and Huldah Richmond of Winthrop, January.
Josiah Turner and Elmira Smith of Greene, January.
Zachariah Perry of Wayne and Ruby Smalley, February.
Daniel Cuff and Temperance Swift, March.
Luther Leadbetter and Jemima Lane, March.
Joshua Campbell of Livermore and Nancy Carver, March.
Amos Phillips and Patty Howard of Livermore, March.
John Gray of Paris and Solomon Berry [sic], March.
Perez S. Jennings and Joanna Lane, June.
Ebenezer Harmon of Wayne and Janette Pettingill, December.
Arcadus Pettingill and Polly Tribou, November.
James Leadbetter and Fanny Otis, July.
Thaddeus Foss and Jedidah Norris of Wayne, August.
Aaron Morse and Polly Brewster, August.
William Manes and Hannah Day, November.
Dr. Thomas W. Bridgham and Aurelia Howard, October.
Joseph Turner and Hannah Pettingill of Greene, October.
John Andrews and Polly Morse of Livermore, December.
Edward Doane of Hamden [sic] and Dorcas Gould, December.
James Taylor and Hannah Campbell of Livermore, December.
Nathaniel Richards and Jane Carle, December.
William Woodsum of Sumner and Rosannah Woodsum, December.

Henry Austin and Hannnah Lovejoy of Wayne, January.
Samuel Morse and Margaret Ayr of Buxton, February.
William Ramsdell and Anna Deane, March.
Howard Sylvester and Mehitable Wing, April.
William T. Gilbert and Anna Samson of Greene, October.
Robert Curtis of Greene and Deborah Curtis, April.
Samuel Gilbert and Anna Chase of Buckfield, April.
Bailey Gilbert and Sally B. Smart, April.
John Beals of Greene and Judith Jones, April.
David B. Creach and Betsey Ridley, April.
Josiah Curtis and Hannah Billington of Wayne, May.
Isaac Jones and Hannah Beals, August.
John Gould and Mrs. Ruth Powers of Buxton, September.
Jacob Bailey, Jr., and Lorana Nesbit, December.
John House and Nancy Perry of Wayne [no date given].

Zebulon Deane and Esther Millett of Turner, January.
Jerris Manwell and Phebe Bishop, April.
John Sturdivant of Wayne and Jerusha House, February.

[p. 328]
Salmon Townsend of Turner and Deborah Samson, March.
Eleazer Carver, Jr., and Hannah Stinchfield, April.
Moses Collier and Hannah Turner, July.
David Morse and Hannah Day, April.
Nathanial Foy and Lydia Chute, September.
Alpheus Lane and Sally Foss, November.
Leavitt Lothrop and Betsy Lane, November.
Samuel Whitney and Salome Berry, November.
Thaddeus Foss and Jerusha Hanes, November.
John Ramsdell, Jr., and Mercy Rose, November.
Marcus Gilbert and Jane Samson of Greene, December.
John Mains and Abigail R. Day, July.

Thomas Lindsey and Olive Creach, March.
Josiah Gilbert and Bethany Day, March.
Zenas Vaughan of Livermore and Eunice Knapp, March.
Noah Blanchard of Freeman and Polly Knapp, March.
Henry Jennings and Hannah Lothrop, March.
John Perry of Wayne and Rhoda House, June.
William Walcott of New Sharon and Lydia Stetson, April.
Thomas Graffam and Lydia Bishop, May.
Ira Lamb and Polly Herrick, July.
John Keen of Greene and Polly Beals, December.
Eliab Alden of Greene and Eunice Collier, September.
Josiah Day and Mrs. Betsy Elms, November.

Stephen Foster, Jr., and Adeline Drake of Greene, April.
Jonas Harris and Mary Chambers, December.
William Mitchell and Abigail Morse of Turner, April.
Lewis Jennings and Nabby Foster, January.
Ichabod Carey, transient, and Persis Bishop, March.
Hannibal Farwell of Vassalborough and Alice Caswell, January.
Charles Bates and Betsy Merrill, February.
Solomon Davee of Hebron and Rachel Mason, March.
Stephen Boothby and Hepseba Tibbets of Wells, March.
Issacher Lane and Dorcas Lane, April.
John Jennings, Jr., and Hannah Carlton of Winthrop, May.
Samuel C. Hodgdon of Livermore and Betsey Lamb, April.
Stillman Harvey and Loria Prescott of Greene, April.
Gideon Owen and Amelia Hood of Turner, April.
Martin Mason and Mary Brown of Greene, April.
Daniel Burnham and Phebe Howe, July.
Jacob Chandler and Thankful Higgins, August.

[p. 329]
Hazael Samson and Mary Wing, October.
Samuel Wood of Kingfield and Betsey Torrey, October.
Francis George, Jr., and Nancy Fish, August.
John Arno and Mrs. Miriam Hanes, August.
James Comings and Betsey Jack of Topsham, October.
Jeremiah Day and Polly Maines, October.
Ansel Lander of Kingfield and Bathsheba Cushman, November.

Enoch Tupper and Mehitable Robbins, November.
Isaac Bowley of New Sharon and Fanny Pratt, March.
Eliot Harper of Waldo and Lucy Pratt, March.
Caleb Carver and Bethiah Harvey, April.
Isaac Pettingill and Hannah Norris of Wayne [no date given].
William Robbins and Sally House, September.
Peter Colburn of Sumner and Rebecca Mason, October.
Joshua Ramsdell and Rebecca Thompson of Buckfield, November.

William Birt of Turner and Eunice Murray, March.
Zopher Deane and Deborah Robbins, January.
George Gordon of Wayne and Ruth Pettingill, January.
Charles Merrill of Turner and Elizabeth Freeman, January.
James Lamb, Jr., and Lillis Fish, March.
Nathaniel House, Jr., and Mary Parcher, March.
Joshua Tupper and Lucy Donham, May.
John Parcher and Matilda Pratt, July.
Joseph Gould, Jr., of Wayne and Hannah H. Libby, May.
James L. Bishop and Lois Whiting, November.
Jabez Leadbetter of Wayne and Lucretia Howard, November.
Oliver Cushman and Anice Lander, November.
John Melvin of Chesterville and Eunice Gould, November.
Caleb Carver and Augusta Copeland, November.
Warren L. Mitchell and Julia Gilbert, November.
Merrick Lamb and Eunice Washburn of Greene, December.
Edward Jones and Fanny Lane, December.
John Mason and Parmealia Soper of Chesterville, December.

Isaac Beals, Jr., and Lydia Briggs of Greene, January.
Thomas Additon and Anna Beals, January.
Joseph S. Dunham and Mercy Robbins, February.
Joseph Leavitt of Livermore and Judith Jones, March.
Levi Bates and Hannah Bailey, March.

[p. 330]
Archibald Lindsey and Susanna Turner, November.
Ambrose Brown and Cynthia Phillips, June.
Zebulon Libby of Greene and Jane Turner, June.
Daniel Greene and Hannah Phelps of Buckfield, June.
Stephen Knapp and Sally Gott, August.
John Hatch and Sarah Pettingill of Lewiston, August.
Ira Sampson and Susan Gilbert, August.
Robert Lindsey and Vesta Merrill of Turner, August.
Samuel Maloon of Greene and Lucretia Wheeler, September.
Walter Boothby and Betsey Ayer, October.
Israel Herrick and Abigail Lamb, February.
Jira Fish, Jr., and Mrs. Mary Mason, December.

Col. Walter Blaisdell of Lewiston and Ruby Additon, January.
William Elms and Loisiana Shaw of Greene, February.
Isaac Mason and Eliza Donham of Hebron, February.
Abiel Bishop and Lydia Perry of Wayne, March.
Marshall Pratt of Greene and Martha Freeman, March.
Nathan Stetson and Abigail Pettingill, April.
Zebulon Stinchfield and Betsey Linscott of Chesterville [no date given].
Thomas Francis, Jr., and Alice Lothrop [no date given].
Thomas Haines and Lydia Howe, July.
Samuel Wing of Livermore and Lucinda George, June.
Stephen Rackley and Abigail Lane [no date given].
Andrew Cushman, Jr., and Sally King [no date given].
Simeon Foss and Betsey Livermore of Livermore [no date given].
Stephen Foy of Livermore and Elizabeth Bishop, August.
Edwin Turner and Anna Day, September.
Daniel Harvey and Mehitable Gott of Wayne, September.
John Lane and Vesta Phillips of Greene, March.
Robert Crummit and Mary Ann Foster, November.
Benjamin Berry and Abigail Lothrop, December.
Joseph Richmond of Greene and Anna Bailey, December.

Luther L. Howard and Rhoda Mitchell, March.
Daniel Foard and Jemima Bridgham of Winthrop, March.
Zachary Carey and Miriam Morse of Hebron, April.
Warren Studifant of Wayne and Charlotte Maines, May.
James Roberts and Elizabeth Chandler, December.
John Whiting, Jr., and Patience Bailey of Greene, July.
Charles Knapp and Hannah Lindsey, June.
John D. Millett and Axah Rose [no date given].
Levi Gilbert and Ruth Robbins, August.

[p. 331]
Benjamin Beals of Dexter and Caroline Leonard, August.
Benjamin Ridley and Eliza Jenkins of Wayne, August.
David Lane and Lydia Brewster, November.
Zebulon Stinchfield and Keziah Freeman, September.
John Burnham and Elliance Richards, November.
Elijah Gott of Wayne and Polly Stinchfield, December.
Alvin Lane and Lucy Mitchell, December.
Jirah Fish and Joanna Irish of Turner, November.
Ansel Fish and Sarah Fish, December.
Salmon Brewster and Betsey Shaw of Greene, December.
John Drought of Livermore and Adeline Foss, December.
Marcus Gilbert and Miriam Coburn of Greene, December.

James Campbell of Livermore and Malinda George, March.
Harvey Bates and Nancy G. Rand of Monmouth, February.
Cyrus Bishop and Seviah Maxim of Wayne, March.
Martin Bates and Joanna Curtis, March.
Josiah Moulton and Olive Lane, March.
Almond Smith of Durham and Dianna Turner, May.
Seth Fish, Jr., and Deborah Fish [no date given].
Oliver P. Frost and Esther M. Jennings, November.
Thomas Lothrop and Mrs. Mehitable Lane of Paris, September.
Nathaniel Walton of Wayne and Caroline Fish, September.
Charles Phillips of Greene and Olive Leonard, September.
Charles Bates and Hannah Lindsey, October.
Samuel B. Murray and Zebiah Deane, November.
William Gott, Jr., of Wayne and Ruth Gould, November.
Lewis Pettingill and Olive Fish, December.
David Higgins and Abigail Brown of Livermore, December.
Samuel Norris of Livermore and Lydia Higgins, December.
Jesse Lane and Charlotte Jones, December.
Isaac Jennings and Lucy Wentworth of Lisbon [no date given].
David Cary and Louisa Lothrop, December.
Seth Fish and Abigail Carver, December.

Asa Porter of Hamden [sic] and Dorcas Doane, January.
Levi Morrell of Sumner and Olive Woodman, March.
Eliphalet Loton Smart and Susan Robbins, March.
Joseph Bishop, Jr., and Jemima Norris of Wayne, April.
George Emery of Greene and Chloe Additon, November.
David House and Hannah B. Foster, April.
Asa Rose, Jr., and Tabitha Millet, October.
Simeon Foss and Sarah Ellen Norris, Wayne, July.

[p. 332]
Thomas Owens and Betsey Bates, July.
Ezra Leadbetter and Sally Woodman, September.
Samuel Lothrop and Sally Records of Greene, October.
Samuel Elder of Buxton and Miranda Parcher, October.
Oren Whitman of Turner and Deborah C. Jennings, December.
John S. Carey and Aphia S. Bolster of Paris, November.
Zachariah Perry and Jane House, November.
Nelson Rose and Betsey Brown, November.
Salmon Elms and Jane Berry, November.
Luther Robbins and Susan A. Lothrop, December.